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it's b two attorneys the three games of the reason i get i mean as a character and setting thank you at the time mr curtis jackson and twenty
first of june i am raised the question with him is i had several other people since then concern also furthermore a whole bunch of these really expensive so forth but you live he said don't worry about that it's now going to be taking care of just like the company or the agency to me that meant and traditional sail clandestine service of fashion you've introduced thousand dollars richer thing i know they continue that insight i said to him as a corrective the white house see it in the wake of the arrests must've had some extent please tell me who was the action officer now and
at the time that's right when you read it thank you i don't want that to continue to seek counsel and to make sure that there are the rest of them in those of us who are still out there would be taking care of the customer so that money counts to me
the revelations was associate with an acting that that had on the behalf of the united states in the united states that we have been apprehended them were in jail the money they owe money he needed immediately he does oh yeah yes that's
right immigration and patients and reaction to the law today with medication and mention this curious matter that i ensured the appropriate person to be in touch with
us and made into law yes but that means the public tolerate usage of public telephones and mr rivers would speak with each other which in fact they did i mean you weren't that made by the rivers to us about letting the records show that we've already had testimony that into rivers on the us in ways that you know either way at the time or it was a message of us know that you have at sea
and now i like to say hello i'm charlie committee i haven't shown the original revolution to the grand jury in the gate you remembering importance of water in the other persons who had been arrested the edge simon i had made up my mind following a buyer or in fact during my return flight from chicago my wife that was on december tenth my wife was killed in a plane crash at midway airport on december eighth
i do thank you and you receive those of the year talk a lot on the first occasion or if you have a certain you have you on remember that the peaks boy
kish a week to me as for the retailer he indicated the money anonymously post office that used to be using might have been considered as a retainer as beekeepers but for me joey it's been
maybe not then rossetti through a christian nation to a letter that he had received an envelope at his house he left in his mailbox for me and fifteen thousand dollars i get about two thousand dollars of those funds to the defense fund's of the famine on lamb and then my parents and the conversation my life today committee was having fun for the fans of the forum i am a man and i directed three thousand dollars which he had told me she had placed
in this position the other defense fund on farms and in mosul to extend three thousand dollars the restaurant as if the money is this view that the eu citizens but he was yes mm hmm
opposite the question will be lifted now did you ever complain about the problems of the benefits i get your goal when you made that for a november twenty four would not be at the top of the polls and native of uncle i do i'll follow quantum effects were you telling us to also want to be likable that's because my wife because she had been placed on a very fast and the opposition basically through bonds or the other people
who were or had become her clients a lot of shoes and when they continue to agree to playing the political game she felt was perhaps because he was the one where words were urging the television stations were receiving insufficient wade were being seriously enough received way and those years pastry of that if you say the following all right now we've set a deadline out of business in the morning and the lines steve
the resolution on the liquidation of everything and they said they're now talking about promises from july august it just has been an apparent and concern of course we can understand some residency prior to the election but it doesn't seem to be any of that now of course were well aware of the upcoming problems of the center and make a statement that for this was a revelation a second session so it's been a pleasant
i have no specific recollection that instead of the transcript i accepted in good faith and that was a statement that the cop and when you say well that's fine but we're protecting the guys who were really responsible but now that the senate was that the continuing clan of the same time as a two way street and as i said before we think that now is the time when a movie would be made and surely the cheapest model available this morning suicide
this conversation the more visible mm hmm sessions by i can tell curator jones that's it
and inclusions they need support the deficit i think that to interpret that as a team and found that he was giving the
mornings oh at that juncture concerning her that's a portion of that minority related to accept them and that's what they should be paid daily sponsored program they're going to turn to others for the universities that myself he's both that i don't know that i can say no no interviews required in a matter or as an action and that was that you actually did not bolster this is as a political action
yesterday announced i've known you the paulson and sending a study of problems that you were having a letter what was the day a lot of it is seventy one nineteen seventy two december thirty first this is a measure of all the way to this room where resistance but also
he's at the point now indirectly through college we'll be meeting with him and the result of that meeting
great great friend of mine peugeot shows mm hmm to understand that show me in making money
certainly is an active notion that the suppression of certain elements to save the actual drilling and surrealistic vision game company discussions any information mr costanza some changes of survivors benefits from other conservative activists are talking to the extent that he could do better as a private citizen that
was a question the second decisions be calm temperature
waiting anyway writer that assertion agreed to answer certain questions concerning compensation must been reserving the right not the way of his relationship microwave
state that his cooperation with this committee and with the grand jurors would be way by yemen the ultimate sentence which imposes and the force of that statement jets are again we have it we're going to have to answer for all the questions but we believe that that does not constitute a waiver that would allow i mean is this all right
jackson it's b now all this was going on that question i'm sorry is wait one room that is you that indicates maybe question first all you'd think well he is stating that by doing that he's not waiting is the situation now the attorney
three specific questions it's an easy confusion he is not refusing to answer questions as the conversation between him and his counsel which you normally would do at the same time he's not waiting to know i'm not confused i don't understand that but i'm not sure that i'm not sure that that's a discernible distinction body language or you don't like their well he is answering the questions i think the issue as to whether his answers to the way that may come up on africa's major question as the button there's witnesses
is not thriving village where as though has insisted that that was not releasing us to some point and survivors of other illegal purposes of this committee member we are confronted with an attorney client privilege we will be notified about that i think that could mean that if there comes a point in these years when mr hunt wants to refuse to answer a question that the committee on the ground a privilege you would like to be notified that is yes he will be notified ms burnett it was a party as the senators get an astronaut a breather also recess for lunch we're also going to pause briefly public television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this pause for station identification on average coverage
of these hearings as being broadcast as a public service for your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service
the polls bear the pain has been
the pay off bride and that continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings chief counsel sand that has fallen up those questions about one's requests for money involving his attorney and charles colson and the pain
is being said i was going to be a big question it was this is interesting
mr zarate this admonition as they enter and will continue to answer all conversations between a minister which because of a privilege he would not unlocking happiness is go those questions but at the same time that decision is that it is not and a state like beacons come on and i have been assessed down the age at which a more lengthy discussion of years and it is paid for fifty two of the september twenty such a law
this is a position as far as turning to the stand jews danger that otherwise my ears wavy hernandez to himself and the answers he just made it has not going to spoil some of the other statements by a concern on other subject matter on that matter beyond respect seven whether i would prefer to have not taken a position at this time answering questions he has waived the privilege as to himself i would prefer word phrase that he hasn't answered the question without taking the next step and stating as
his position the legal conclusion but one might want to in this episode he's right mr holmes right in his testimony
we recognize that we will take the opposite position any questions now i think it is that is syria's ruling today we have these days days but even so we said under the circumstances
on that is not as familiar with that complicated factual situations that surround this is not sufficiently acquainted with them to be able to advise mr not what consequences mike state of inadequate knowledge we were to advise him away the report that really wouldn't be competent fighters therefore feeling unable so we have on a country advised them not to rein and he has a huge following advice you're basically saying that
there may be other questions about his relationship with many questions thank you sales your letters it's one thing for the community
and handle the question and answer process within certain guidelines which have been closed out of a law it's quite something else just sit here and an implied that the committee is being forced to do something i don't think any committee or quarter earning the right to do which is to it take an individual of that firsthand view of law and civil liberties are his rights supporters say was not a lot i think when this issue came up in their decision that i made it very clear to counsel justice and white or just the mention that this committee did not walk council it
is that's right it was a statement of the facts based on what he was to give us recognizing that there was a fact industry the view is on there's such a sense of precision what i emphasized over and over again probably should not make any judgment that is committed based on a concept of going to make the decision based on the devices on council with your vision i don't think any useful purpose would be served at this time in trying to re enact the many conversations recounted a conversation three members of the staff
regardless of whether those conversations have included statements from which we might have been entitled to believe that it did not weigh this point he would receive a better word regardless of the verdict and i don't think anyone can do this that mr hubbard was sentenced by judge are eager for a period of more than thirty years under a provision of the law which gives judges are you have a right to demand that sounds to change his sons after receiving reports from prison apart jets are again in a lengthy statement included a very clear is that that he would weigh that was the word he used the
cooperation that mr hunt gave grand juries in this committee in his final sentence now we think that we have no alternative but to read that as a as a warning that if you as to how it does not answer all questions and if he does not wave his private jets to recognize that well you you you did not weigh the apprentice you did not cooperate your sentence must be more severe as possible of course that the answer it would not take that position that there is very definitely a hell of a likelihood if not a probability that you will based on what he has said so whatever this committee does with regard to use those lighting the notion that mr hersh oh
should not wait this is testifying and has been under the threat let's listen lee says the testimonials and no clothes it is if there is any question
nice to be here you do it it is possible as well as to his writing to his sentencing and i really doesn't suggest that you don't really get help yourself the edges of the pie
those images possible without going to a field and being in the position of violating other rights which he has in the attorney client privileges is that type of the situation is that by what i have said i do not mean to suggest that statement is not motivated also to some extent by a desire to do it now appears to be listening to this country require as he respects the heart of this committee and purposes and he does a desire to tell the truth is not well i think that mix one other thing i would have to say i think is that we have here is a secure at age pop transport
reflecting questions and answers that have already been made to him and i'm given anything new there was an interesting question i just have a couple more questions was chairman of the law shortly before your settings on march twenty three nineteen seventy three did you meet with mr paul ryan and as the results not specifically and
that meeting i mean they're going to have to propose be the second meeting i have a question
mm hmm information after the presentations for the payment of legal fees have been ineffective and i suggested to the commitment to speak about the matter that isn't that itself and these polls
i think at that time in the sixty thousand dollars it at the same time the government concerned about the future of my family people sort of tunes subsistence available to them was incarcerated incarceration into a short period of time it is he's seen the activities that i specified been referenced with him and i know the context of sexual offense was that if anyone was to receive the benefits of that time in the service
you know activities that invasion in the white house that he won at some of these may be it's because both
opponents by i would have to say that mr sassoon any number of things from a great deal of deference and the it does the first question and
communication information but finance these men have expressed himself clearly they are not saying exactly what was in that mine and if he doesn't the man who hears a different interpretation on the words and the men spell on all there has been it is at that time or money and that the major i knew was that there might be some other cinematic that it was a way so that it was like telling mr rhyne sixty thousand dollars a day and to you and engaging in certain other sunni matters
the white house to present a you make public the white house knows and the us is investing millions of the oceans and the first option myself in finding the names to defend ourselves that have been promised us is prevention when first i
should say that he was finding himself increasingly ineffective as a perfectly i think his position was very difficult recognize that i can imagine listen carefully thank you i am
surprised that you are a person's name and the killings at this late stage at a minimum close and mr ryan said the state out of this to that effect i now after that would you take it because i'm right because what one estimate is that
i reviewed it wants from history but in part or the substance of the conversations i told mr button and i had no intention of writing the recommended memorandum and i thought that i should touch with most questions so that i could explain the situation in notifying him a suggestion that have been declassified and before this committee but the divisions then white house so the nation the chairman and he's so close in i'm quoting suggest that i seek help from the person and much
mr mitchell had been the progenitor of the tangible plans at least in theory responsible for saying that these chances are implicit and explicit and gemstone are carried out mr bergman no to my knowledge get there get in touch with the office of the law says about and the question is and i guess the law says a person should go and the representation maybe have it but i'm not seeing it would seem that he would seem to fall on friday a levy sixteenth february and i did and they did thomas session the same thing i did and it including
the other activities that the invasion of a white house special and in the context of a different mr jd i have expected it it was absurd mr rhyne yes
thank you now and that you'd use on this question there are certain portions of my conversation as you chose to convey to the polls mail let's play it's been
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 38 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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