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i reviewed one hundred the un intervention here in these conversations and i thought that it couldn't touch with most clothes and so that i could explain the situation in notifying i classify and we haven't gotten the testimony before this committee the division within the white
house so the mission of the chairman and diesel oh man to suggest that i see how much mr mitchell had been the progenitor of the tangible plans and he's been very responsible for saying that these chances are implicit and explicit intentional and are carried out mr buckman no to my knowledge to get in touch with the office of the losses yours and the representation maybe have it but when they're not singing we
would sing and he would sing the following friday i believe the sixteenth february and i did and they did some session the same things i did and it including the other activities that you engage in the white house i didn't specify that i might get it in the context of a different mr o'brien approach me and an apologetically mr shapiro we rather aggressively interjected me too lengthy monologue which i consider to be highly self serving all i can understand
oh yes thank you virginia now that you'd use on this question of certain portions of my conversation as you chose to convey to the polls
can they tell the rhine it is with a refresher just a couple days before the session i mean eventually eventually some of that money you what
i paid the answer two thousand dollars of being insurance policies the pope's been the peaks but the pickings beans beans bean the problems with the plans
i want to the truth that i didn't in fact can inform mr abram of the fact that i had taken part in other senior activity in behalf of the white house i didn't specify israel well no in the end you know
us for me he respected me and this time well what i'm referring to the ongoing it to the attorney general of the united states by the united states i'm
well and the information fuel i'm steve inskeep links between
and plantation here's a question that up that aspect of gemstone program has not approved and the time considered to not receiving information concerning the seat by the democratic national committee or the receipt of families because
in november prior year whitney jones he having the thing that changed patients oceans of the operations you
know the family mr feith right yes sir he was japan's
needs i can twenty one years in cia prior five years with the armed services to question the issue of legality propriety the attorney general of the united states
opposition that's a fire specialist and also the conventions that situation that you work and the situation was that in your attention
i believe it is mrs bean has been daily
the oscar case mr lydia had an aggressive fire association the fbi a private can't tell him listen in time time providing information which is not distributed a journalist in the white house that's a really through channels from the fbi and the white house thank you and information
the source of the country yesterday individual all the normal procedure video visitation and his family the practice so lonely and our president instead it's because certain judicial agencies in the government had been doing in the performance of their duties yes indeed
no no no millions of others and so he's making it
research cuban americans corporations really you know in the region
information compensation it's morning edition i know
information no information we do he hid information again demonstrations
danger zone and the demonstration before mrs it is
this is neat the piece i mean there are some speculation among those nobody would listen
right right operation in fact many things
that's true the meeting sales that
means patients it convention
it's beef season that in addition and tennessee
i don't know that's right gina i don't think anyone else and so
the problem for a given situation he's been
fb at the time and so anything goes
the operation for years the truth i did not go to the white house and spoke with a man who might not previously seen what mattered nine million barrels and in japan and here
turkey that's right yes sir and the defensive in diversity and an end to the committee for the reelection the burden to say construction sand pile
revelation i'm going to try to be certainly believe in giving interviews the first of which was the los angeles times that's right truthfully i don't know thank you
when you all right and that was the basis the peace between
the parties but it is big the peaks beans beans bean but there's no question and i'm reading from
the civil rights law and then that that's ten days was it for me any connection there who is it at the same time i'm renee montagne in order to make my presentation oh jesus
anything like that there's also been working for me and when you have it introducing the manager might be able to be available to him quotes and within the limits of mind for the capacities and seven i assumed i would maintain the white house office of safety questions
this is the backup perceptions really about a month later i knew that i've been living in fact it either didn't understand actually finance the feeling in three when i learned that forty three years the money's there the polls
there was no money circumstances jobs gemstone program and that i was living in israel it is a genuine i was
that's a nice summation of the conversation i had set another person that has been conceived in which he said that he was in fact in jail so then yes the infant with the sessions that
inflation was that this is a lot of the transcripts of them winning wallow in a
reasonable time and so we're looking forward to the age fourteen certainly want of
the senators the senate floor for a vote on a military aid bill and as they do that we're going to pause briefly public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this pause for a station identification on average coverage of these hearings as being broadcast as a public service or your local public television station this is pbs the public broadcasting service fb has been
the piece be the point is by the police bomb
you are ms brennan the polls again and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and bad correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the areas howard what is being questioned by minority counsel fred thompson you know we see about how the us to believe that he would be able to conversation
about women who lived in oh you know that's right welcome i get the impression that you were saying that i think that we're meeting was the first time you will do little oval well
at that time yes sir i'm melissa block thank you the preview thank you
working with yes in venezuela oh yeah we need you
the pain i mean in january what would you do verse both
yes that was true both and there's a word of this activity yes sir
a matter of some two weeks ago less conviction that there have been no substantive knowledge concerning the following day a thaw was art which led to my recollection of the january when those people would then became significantly and that the basis of the january my reconstruction of our january meeting i was able to postulate meeting with myself and to that reason remember
those you know i consider the base you have to give that information on the center will give the kinds of provisions stated that forty forty five not report you have
executive and information previous conviction
which are over the poles will almost none of which electronic you a copy of the few thousands of your nose as the finest villas this this is an exhibit shows that pulse inability flutter true cofounded almost mannequins and to do so mm hmm
for association with the superficial an occasional of association well for visitors you know because he was being a patient
it is to play the pan state
senator and that says that this is that is that the europeans are in this situation it will save the state in that position you do
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 38 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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