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it's both spanish spoken before send their stock price john mitchell about the money that went to god and letting we're going to take a short break would like to remind you that you're not missing any of the testimony is we take these pauses recently stopped videotaping and we restarted again few minutes from now some public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue after station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs for public broadcasting service ms ba pa it's
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pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert mcneil as we go back to the hearings in the guardian council sam dash was about to compare murray stands testimony with john mitchell's version of a meeting on payments to gordon levitt now should be a restatement of what occurred shortly after that lillian able to ask for an initial payment promises of song two on and then that initial meeting at three thousand that to be aware of that request that is not aware of the request and now i'm sure that the committee recalls dialogue from sloan says van in the middle dispenses long perspective in which amounts were not
discussed yeah witnesses' testimony of mr stein says the money but according to mr ronnie is quite concerned about the sizeable amount at three thousand islands in the suspense the civil rights act sixty forty four the record still stands although not mentioning a particular and now as well is any amount that most of the group wanted to get mr libby would be you'd say yes i said that american dream of farming and expenditures of money expenditure in general
in this particular case stands as you about living in the state party challenger dispute mr stone well that was testimony now you just the problem in atlanta and that was kind of money and they know that the fact that existed posed today in connection with the lady had been an intelligence and information gathering phil five the timing thousand dollars and it's true mcgregor has continued authority to authorize
money is respect to libya and taken on the same basis to authorize money in connection with the ongoing programs in libya in carrying out their mission in the abstract but this is that was that because there were no songs and bargain and disgust and that's an adjustment this is dan and this is your business latino i find a sizable amounts
we didn't talk about numbers wouldn't talk about sizable amount of knowledge of what we talked about was the continuing authorization spencer's to provide money for a living i say continuing authorization of that still one of its continuing authorization bill it why now well mr stanton testified that he didn't know the amount of coal and then discuss the uk it's binary it was just an
image on the rebel slow the baby's amounts or any amount of work for a living that issue to so and he said that right i will and it's a substantial amount of money and john major i don't know we'll have the rulers in charge of a campaign any direct spending sustains and i said do you mean john edwards' health longer babies amount any amount of lord levy they should do so and he said that is right i would respectfully disagree
only fighting substantial amounts are discussions have to do with respect to the authorization by rulers call waiting so when you wear that wasn't like in a new headquarters and that you know it worked certainly you're welcome
i saw a little holiday coleman genson filed i've heard testimony here i believe was mysteries here is that they kept a metal file in which documents would be placed for mr mcgrew the comeuppance that i think also it's about a file of documents memorandums etc etc testifying in fact that there was a special metal jams boehner and he says five image a lot our ecology research stating that he had documents in the various as the find that he had taken these documents show and i recall very vividly because it happens to all of them will offer
one of the largest in july well the samaritan forty years of my answer will come of this american i paid particular attention to those because of the fact that mr mcgregor said though that has regular at thirty morning meeting some time within a legal or a week and a half from the time of emotional breakdown that he brought a certain documents to my office at the regular a third meeting to this violent turn and that i was dissatisfied with them and i call gordon liddy up to my office and raised only tell them about the fact that they were not the type of information goes while back and picked up the facts with respect to the meeting first of all i had a major theme eating every day and the white house in connection with
activity or governmental but i said and secondly if you have my log splitter very very accurate and correct you will know anyone in america as ever seen or talked mostly following four day of february nineteen seventy two until the fifteen states in nineteen seventy two either in person or on the whole point of the spear dean's testimony firstly greek mr libby on the nineteen of june mr lotito mr demerit right there was one of the question concerning the second entry on the seventeenth of june and i can't conceive of any
money at that measure was a scapegoat well i would give them a ruler and use him as a woman and so i'm using that dialogue one of the reasons why this meeting couldn't have been a political leader might well guano of respect a little while longer february fifteen hello there's a number of years one of the
reasons why you know the circumstances and time in which he's talking about enemies of the referred to a lot i don't recall any statement honestly you indicating that you were working on a new ethics that must of that statement that i had conversation below four flagler and so is very they chose one single meeting in shows a monologue on june fifteenth nineteen seventy two where mr liddy was brought into my office by mr van schama the public information office to discuss with maybe a lighter note mr liddy who spends request of the washington post having to do with some charges of them may have been the general accounting office
true they're not if it doesn't mean a lot perhaps the likelihood of such a person the new president actually mean the government does not appear that such person a criminal i believe that david was latin america regardless of the vote was a caller who came into
office that was logged in that particular circumstance well you wear for all the money ms mitchell well you were that some of these new choral festival before this committee it is somewhat worrying and you're saying that while effectively told them and the reason they have to go into the dnc on june seventeenth was because you know there's the middle of our lives and effectively that's right there is fourth february fifth and
how many orders of seventeen nineteen seventies california round of activities in those recollections the oceans on saturday morning i'm not sure that individual wasn't only we were i was moving with governor reagan from a hotel to a place where there was a series of political meetings that's my recollection when i arrived there i was advised of it there is considerable concern about the matter is i was holding a press conference on their circumstances were i believe at that by that time when they had low mr mccourt
has named surface or or or mrs recorded call somebody at the committee about it and obviously that wasn't involved in particular election president wanting to do i do as much information i put out a statement through the fact they went out there after we came back from different to the effect we can understand those that this record was one of our employees are consulting firm it was busy information
read about it didn't cross my mind that the players were different person a lot of discussion about cia in cuban americans are involved it struck me that this could have been the same operation had a genesis back in the earlier conversation on in the nineteen nineties well now this is what actually happens in this manner however reviewers to what actually happened the next
six months no no i was and you use the word lawyers seventies the fellas use them well with other individuals are in watergate activity poverty surveillance
orders had previously as part of what has since become known as the plumbers group and extensively in certain areas while he was in the white house in connection with the ellsberg matter there matter in through what i'm referring to one survey one prosecution obviously a surreptitious and give the doctors also in what specifically now well
remember collins national committee clamoring for a response from the committee because the records involvement and we have quite a general discussion of the subject matter you're going to sample wiretapping files files that data most of that meeting i had not heard of the
fact that anybody there at that meeting you recommend so it was decided so during this period all
right you've indicated well and also aware of the little of the wiretapping of the soul talks with the question do i think we're going from july seventeenth july some voices which are really unaware there in june angelo mr mcgrew
many have been involved three different stories aaronson mr rhyne obviously when i get on a story that they thought were the facts as i understand the sequence of events was involved in her current involving everybody from her but there is a united states mr vargas
the position for the grand jury certainly for submission to the justice department so sure that mr ryan and it got to the point where i had a very very very strong suspicions too suspicion yeah july fifteenth for humans their injury
were you if those of falls apart it's not that their nominating you have used again in scott simon host listeners ms williams it
is recommended for reelection presidents and white house and i'm sure the wonderful mentors and then you know mr dean between two committees the campaign
didn't have anything to do nature's it was camels before before a grand jury i was a concern expressed by uniform is uncertain whether those stories would be revealed on his campaign i think that we all have an innate fear that during the campaign but it might be revealed recall specifically although you yourself for my
personal position as though well what should be done about revealing your iphone and in an acquisition i did not believe it was fired for the president to have these stories come out there in his political campaign and where you live sere program on the part of your cell with the men and two season the information about the grand jury or services that la and anyway include any of this information concerning be karen
there will be a series of civilizations you know so we were not voluntary in his testimony very strong and i am that this discussion i think the fire was a discussion of summer meetings with russell martin bayne and again i think that's what western recruits see thru reviews story mr mcgregor as best of course the us and he made up the leaders of free will
remember to be doing the indictment the kamau says the us and says opposition in the committee with no involvement i think your job and one conclusion they know that the bridge what we were really concerned about what the white house files nor does not have the kind of what you speak of health in that direction perhaps chastened for instance would you then say that i'm a lot to cover up was taking place at this point concealed information had to do with action and that piece of the white
house listen now well ms didion and that message is you indicated in fact the positions taken this fall and so forth lawyers for you discussions of oil billionaires in other
situations yes and that was somewhere down the line probably much later than the timeframe in which you're talking about a relationship the most gruesome parents before a grand jury about the wiretapping of the journalists and this business that has only sold locally but you will dissipate in the and those wiretaps that spirit that i find it hard to give a specific answer alone the fact that yes i was to what extent i do not know how this happened in nineteen sixty nine on national security aw they should have a full record of everything that i was involved in the department of justice because every security
national security dealing with foreigners or whether the court wasn't frowned upon his file in the department of justice the attorney general i would believe that so the fbi would probably not operate without i'm not sure but i would believe that that would be the case now let me go on the two other things i don't recall or being that many people involved there is some i love members of the national security council they thought were very what's that they use second point out unlike point out which is a main memory problems those newspapers council said that some of these were on for hearing and fourteen years national security
every ninety days i'm saying is that i think you're best evidence or not my recollection or the president's re election assistance mitchell president's statement make any second i'm aware of that reference in statement may twenty second i don't know where the information came from and they might conceivably be correct i read you're welcome gentlemen on
stage with your statements that come out there and i'm not referring to the president which people they get the information from their fight for president one statement of the president's that was to buzzard's think was quite important as far as i was concerned i think we can find out what the distinction was there i'm upset when the president was aware of the events after the break in the levy actual bugging and cover up at the wasted effort reason to believe because of discussions in encounters with the marchers may
twenty second of march very strong opinions that he was not locked out christopher athens i think i think it's reactions during the period of time information conversations
you said that statement first sgt when asked about libya it is now as the president's adviser and the president of working to not because i didn't believe it was
appropriate for him to have that because of the financial news listener question was richard nixon was concerned and less than other people were involved in connection with these activities i'm not saying that blizzard it's
b i do mr salmon season i mean discussions that had to do with the
destruction in the possession of the grand jury but i think mostly dean's testimony of la casa that was a question what was the purpose of the losers and what the senate to limit the impact of low does that mean it is international thank you and so
many have dreams of these questions you know we were kids this is exactly the question the museum these particular detainees defendants
weren't for him and individuals it's a responsibility because none of us are all now well leave your position as the electorate and then on the first of a concern and when you were where are you now he's the director of his campaign that was nice
potential before you the president of that that the man who was lines jet fuel in this campaign and that's a problem that was that we were in connection with at that particular time and it wasn't a question of living
slightly get with respect to one individual or another but it was that it keep a lid on a no information volunteer so the white house wants with the president united states in this effort to be reelected is that the campaign director orders and that means two of the parties that were involved you know
mr mr coles ms communications as an attorney i think
it is kroll says creative time since a military amateur choirs chosen someone that mary a seventy five thousand dollars which mr urbina question i'm melissa block this requires it's morning edition i mean
that's right march of nineteen seventy three agencies for that's right i
mean even though nice job i had a conversation with news i'm sure that his instance batman and which says that support i need ms niemann all right mr spencer
no right now the man this i know is true from january mr
rohde no that's it that decision mr colson nineteen seventy three mr it approached carlson or through his lawyer approached carlson on the subject matter in essence of it was a mystery what's the
plan discussions now there's no incentive i remember that so through religious
activities that's right as president and your mother has a certain activities that inspiration nice person the decision is imagine this
tatum answers nina simone testimony in these pages that's not necessarily the point where i apologize for not knowing what should've kept those stronger hand than what other people on the committee reviewing etc and then further on down the road and there's political meetings that are shown where's boyne city
special prosecutors it was a moment as that was and that will you up now yes sir i do mclean says
potential voters the it's
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Part 1 of 4
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