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it's b nice play the decision is was it i think you have taken measures many companies testimony
those but that's sort of the point where i just threw him for not knowing what the people on the committee were going to separate and then political meetings that are shown a while there were discussions about appointing a commission to tackle the warren commission to investigate this matter and special prosecutors and things like that i don't want to leave the impression that it was no surprise and information getting to know no no
oh oh yes sir mclean says potentially close do with anything but it's
true you have to support it and to the extent that i can help women and a consumable i'd be delighted to do so and as this was exactly the same conversation as punishment that's it the babies
and cicely waiting to see if there's some possibility of that other than some misguided councilman a piece of paper from which should cross examination is to be made a meeting you yes it was council this is tape of a conversation there
is a recourse question of the mind and the meeting was a quick run through the recollections of the individuals as to what was discussed fire before a grand jury no that was not that was not the basis of a whole lot of the election was most days it wasn't recollection of what had happened and how it will have the effect of misdemeanors it has a year to go back home and said they're going on one meeting when actually had been through and so for that was in the question of holding the line on the question of
what actually happened recently went to testify what your position teenagers in mississippi and he's right mr dean what happened and obviously is i think must have been justified don't want to discuss the matter all right here first served on the council and was looking after mass shootings venus eighteen
min well seventy in nineteen seventy eight mr dean was there any discussion about that and i said
right white house's response to this committee and i think that was prompted at least that was my understanding of time it was not the fact the president was pressed on the question of its second year with respect to the possibilities these so called white house horrors archie efforts to keep a little time in conversation and
consensus that in one person's read you know if i understand your question that is kirk all the testimony of this is the united states we're going to place bets so far
with that statement it's not i need it that's correct it's based solely on my association with the president have not conversations on either for the questions to pay so the final attempt to determine the president's knowledge of the watergate activity sandbags has concluded that his examination of alertness other senator spoke for lunch we're going to take a short ride public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue actor author station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a
public service by the member stations of pbs public broadcasting service fb to pay
fb to pay and in fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential
campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the senate caucus room now minority counsel fred thompson is about as john mitchell about government intelligence operations and then i wouldn't say
it's time for an interview on the consideration of interagency a violation of vision committee in the meantime avid fans nowadays and organization so the intelligence community we've seen orders where are you in
anticipation of violent acts in connection with vermont's version of other times just for violent acts as lazar mr lee is a very funny way implementation emergency evaluation commission take personnel from their intelligence gathering there is but women who had one where they
sort of exchange ideas and of course a very wait what intelligence or the government was a great deal of the collection of intelligence committee evaluation and dissemination like a great deal forget it it uses a way that and to find out that you were many events that happened in this the capital such events that if we have an appropriate intelligence in advance we might've been able to prohibit i know the connection with the demonstrations that
we have in washington while navy ninety percent of those people and we did that was the basis and it was nov twenty four nineteen seventy one well
job descriptions that kind of information or intelligence committees any discussion you know it
is this report and he'd meeting place in which literally these intelligence activities workers are being who i understand they have meetings may have made reference to the fact that he was gathering mr crowell yes sir thank you working on that scale program or so of december nine nineteen seventy one and there at the
anniversary series of meetings all places the americans mr chris yes because yes yes he was
very much involved in the white house relationship with mr cohen we're in there as far as these activities are american citizens the gemini deception thank you the money none whatsoever
what is your religious views according to managers and so forth one of the reasons former assistant prosecutor the grand jury nice that's right
let's listen thank you with this thing vintage and speculation a little bit more fire with people and person as this is the case
they are people's reputations if you go back to the testimony of mr dean conversations that it had mr mcgregor no yes well where on a number of areas like you're going into various magruder jill was having personally mr ryan poll mr dean that margaret had told him and then of
course there are the statements that the grooves of telephone calls from hell's heart i think that those areas of testimony that would be a great source of information for my conjecture you know he's a billionaire i have no way imagination
billy beane anyway our relationship at times
that's it you were a pleasure with that the nature of that to protect the open spot and that is no we don't know we're hearing
from people it really is nurse today
the campaign democratic national committee faith in medicine due process of the campaign re election at the time for
reelection there is substantial premiums low runners that's right nice nice registration democrats i'm not sure
and it might take america for anything people a lot laughter services
you ask this question imagine a less active in that discussion is reporting security and comfort but that's the question with this question of what she refers to the question do you have to reduce them
security securities lawyer i respect that i receive electronic surveillance on the russians concern in conversations that you know that's a question i think he's been
overlooked no need mm hmm this is really an affront mr kirn
that decision for my actions in nineteen twenty seven my
friends it really is there's different versions of the people fear of the years he was on horses spirit in her discussion according to
them that you voted for the operation would live in the white house you're just my memory or anywhere i'm inclined to think that he did say that he said i mean is did you have a gun laws are reasonable americans those specific factor that was at that time
substantially a thousand years ago mo
now twenty four how are these factors you're just what mr de facto mr martinez the room for further explorations of the vaccine at such as walk and germans and these many
things circumstances i believe it was anything
i don't recall the us well it matters in progress in an operation meaning twenty twenty it's a lot of money amnesty in
illinois all right reflect that i mean
thank you many many years that's right sources i'm still working they'll lose people
speaking spanish for years the facts into rather early on the discussions about routers for consumer finance you're going to make a decision
i understand and you mentioned a picture new situation fire alarm i want yes i believe that very seriously the fact that it flew across the country to get turned
all the particular reason this particular time because as you the particular you can set a vision of national security matter what's inside of all i mean when you more germany
thank you do you disagree with thank you
calls to others i'm sorry very own second part which is that there is considerable interest at that time a large area from mexico are on this is subject
matter that particular week in which mr stanton and perhaps michel and others were asking why ask you also first recognize that newspapers i'm so sorry see it and so we're interested in was there any sample number one injection to connections personnel involved and number three in connection with this gentleman from oxbridge silliness as well as activities but that
doesn't work you are no state level meaning of june twentieth or he says a mature asked me to use her combat the race in a sermon cool so true christine sneed no recollection at the request of some
twenty eight people are seated and this operation the camera time applaud those september october at first i'm melissa block human beings you know when they've expressed fears of human beings are a constant conversation was much later on august one
and you're going wow in the nineteen seventies this isn't a solution margie margie and you know
for the past fourteen years simon and
conquest as the supreme court foreign oil you can do it which you know
never mind any of these payments were john ehrlichman i'm any of the specifics of that nature with respect to any individual and i went along on the twenty second of march year or a year you think what was in season
that was a surprise i mean some of the confusion there's total picture changes sixteen some money
it's been it's booming
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 4
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 17 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Mitchell testifies.
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