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it's b i am a view that you preserve protect and defend the constitution to the best of his ability we cannot forget that we're all fallible human beings we must approach with a charitable added to the problems of any person who chairs the awesome responsibilities of the presidency but why we should adopt an attitude of charity in humility standard which we must file and weighing the evidence before it must be an objective standard not a subject of stanford in my view the chairman the fundamental test in an impeachment proceeding is whether the person occupying the office of the president as solo violin or ignored the limits of the law and the constitution or even sewed derelict in discharging his responsibility there under that to continue him in office would be to undermine the presidency and thus the constitution is member of this committee is a
lawyer i'm sure that each of us believe that our society cannot endure without a system of law it is generally accepted and believed in by the people nothing to do more to undermine respect for the law and disregard for the law by persons polling i often we have a different background my own twenty five user experience as a lawyer included work and numbers anti trust law investigation and trial many of which involved allegations of conspiracy on the part of the defendants in some cases like wives were acquitted in other than scientists say they were convicted or pleaded guilty in many cases the convictions were based on evidence that was almost entirely circumstantial i know of corporate executives who pled guilty and in some cases beyond a jail where there was only a small fraction of the evidence of their complicity that is before us in this case the evidence we reviewed and us proceedings overwhelming we have statement after statement of president nixon in his own words
falsifying and banning anyone directly a whole spectrum of misdeeds by his trusted aide ranging from violations of the constitution and corruptions of the internal revenue service the pattern of conduct revealed by the actor president nixon and his associate it's unmistakable president nixon was obsessed with the preservation and extension of his own personal power and then they were protecting his associates himself president nixon was willing to use the powers of government were destroyed anything which you considered an actual war or cancel threat who has followed this and he directed a violation of the constitutional rights of american citizens he directed the cover up of crimes committed by the fellowship and he kept his as it was with a man who he knew had committed crimes against the very common they were confessing to serve and which he was sworn to protect this is the one pattern of conduct that is consistent with the entire body of
evidence it is also spelled out of president nixon's own words let's look at a few of them as revealed in the transcript of his tape recordings on conversations on june thirtieth nineteen seventy two thirteen days after watergate the efforts of john dean john mitchell eleanor whitman and others to block the fbi investigation of higher ups in the watergate break in appeared to exceed succeed for the time being president nixon and robert tallman than having john mitchell resigned as chairman of the committee reelected president mr holman stadium for the president well the longer you wait the more risky jar bring you run the risk of more stuff valid or invalid surfacing on the watergate paper type of thing the president yes that's the other thing if something does come out but we will we hope nothing will it may not but there's always the ritz as of now there's no problem here at the very moment in the
future there that least afford to venture a problem president well i caught the last that iconic that they were going to do an iconic best that's my view generally speaking the president's expression cut our losses men according to john dean's testimony before this committee limiting the exposure presidential associates to the lowest possible level the factor undisputed that johnny and others during the first three months after watergate working constantly to cover up the fact and to limit the fbi investigation so as not to involve iraq's at the end of those three month being met with president nixon on september fifteen years what president nixon said to him at the time the way you channel that it seems to me has been very skillful because you're putting your fingers in the dikes every time that leaches from here and from there the cover up continue and succeeded until after the election one of the artists that i wanted to hang on what we
we've won first we practice this week by march twenty one nineteen seventy three months are being felt compelled by events to reveal the president that the tangled web been other presidential aides had woven was starting to come apart here was the president's comment on that again from the transcript i think it is frankly consider the various options and then once once you decide on the planned job and you had the right plan let me say i have no doubts about the right plan before the election you handle it just right you can change it and that the director didn't all of what he had been doing in case you didn't know now after the election we've got to have another plan because we can have for four years we can have this thing you're going to be no way we can go out for the next day march twenty second cousin nixon met with mr d mr haldeman and mr mitchell to discuss the situation of lima beans as to the involvement of being all of america and pollster
mitchell another presidential aide in the cover up and also the growing threat of exposure of their activity for the department of justice is what the president said on that occasion yeah let me make this way i thought it was a very cruel thing as it turned out what happened to sherman adams i don't want that when watergate the watergate matter i think he made a mistake the nation and in fact it should have been and for that reason i'm perfectly willing to i don't give a expletive what happens i want you all the stonewall and let them play the fifth amendment cover operating alphaville save it save the plan that's the whole point on the other hand prefers you said if you could do it the other way up to this point the whole theory then containment as you know john and now and now we're shifting that fall the leaves that language that sort of denunciation of president eisenhower's concerned he always be playing with transcript go on to reveal mr nixon's preoccupation for the next five
weeks in the development of the new plan to replace the open payment plan with diwali mr railsback and others have already pointed out that this plan as it was to block the department of justice from prosecuting the president's top aides but the chairman faith with this pattern of conduct we cannot escape the fact that what we do is going to set a standard for the future conduct of the office of the president if with this record before as we allow the president to remain in office without a full trial was in the senate and the presidency itself will open permanently damian integrated and the people's trust in the integrity of our future presidents will be permanently undermine president nixon wants us to believe that his remaining in office is absolutely necessary to preserve a strong presidency the truth is that we were permanently we get not only the presidency but our entire constitutional system if we failed to impeach a president who is so flagrantly violated the public trust and its own oath
of office idea but i don't recognize me gentleman from wisconsin has the rally for the general debate rick perry not exceed fifteen years for a german members of the medieval not we are today traveling on one path that may lead to the impeachment convection removal from office the first president of the united states for the first time in a hundred ninety eight years the obvious uncertainty that surrounds at an event frightens many americans the historical penalties levied against the man removed arouses great sympathy and other this course of action now said regardless of the final outcome will have a profound effect
on our system as several other members have noted these proceedings are more than a legal process they represent a political process which includes partisan considerations as a republican while to his party i've been eager to his sure the proceedings be fair in this regard i have sharply criticized actions or intended actions by the majority of this committee seemed unduly partisan to me i work to make these proceedings public so that the deplorable series of leaks would not be necessary and distortions of evidence could be a boy i work for a full slate of what just let the connecticut asked firsthand of all the involvement i supported down the line the active participation of the president's counsel so that there would be every opportunity to rebut incriminating evidence and
established the president's looking back over the whole proceeding there is no question the partisanship has been a real effect that the inquiry has been that as evenhanded as it has renee the ancestors as a concern american as a privileged american public service i joined the republican president with referred to be harry is required the service his party best to serve the country that i make my decision and conscience with no regard for political gain or was or partisan advantage or disadvantage a decision under the constitution and laws of this great nation as i am able to understand and interpret them those of us making the initial decisions today certainly feel the burden of art that we are indeed living with this i
haven't always been constituents and on that basis alone he should be impeached but they assure you that i am discouraged by the moral tunnel that shine through a backward tapes and transcripts at a transcript but that is not an impeachable offense hyundai colas and one of his misery parables because mr nixon's net worth triple while he was in the white house who should be impeached or should mr johnson have been impeached because it is that worth increased and fifty thousand dollars in thirty three million dollars while he was president of united's while he was a public service for over his lifetime i think that i think that is not a faces impeachment one is an impeachable offense are all kinds of visual trends i think not all impeachable offenses crying i think it is inconceivable for the congress to impeach president
franklin what's the grave offense and most instances these offenses will contain an element of them out on the evidence of misconduct the mandate that the president received from the american people should not be overturned acceptable gardener and compelling consideration i agree with all this the lawyer unnecessary or of the charges must be proven clear and convincing for now there's a million dollars per year before a committee has surged into every not been plenty of this administration every sensational every mistake every use of body every statement ever made contestant for vulnerability for impeachment i wonder where does a german company half the administration's path the staff about the direction control of the
full committee came up with various areas of concern which were briefed or brave been presented to the full committee the area's concerned cambodia impoundment tax fraud i t t sen obama thank you and one by one young without any formal action of this committee after the charge after the leaks at their pages and pages and pages of after words and words and more aware of media covering these charges well the articles of impeachment have in place before the committee but a majority sports minister dung and these articles not include the bottom in charge the charges that survive in the awkward articles of impeachment
alleged in general terms obstruction of justice and abuse now one of the more specific charges of abuse of power includes noncompliance with muddy city this is the case of the alleged russian forces the island absolute power of the congress regarding its the president claims concentrations for traditional executive privilege doctrine and the congress claims it's the exclusive power of beach what reasonable man would not properly ways this impressed before the progressive government or for fiber tradition and history or tending the information or substantially at the president's compliance or non compliance under the constitution or this committee so refused and therefore i must refuse to support this as an article an argument is really right for it and we made that even if there is evidence of
misconduct on the part of the puzzle martha nothing nothing worth an action this is an island that appeals to many people or anxious to farmers or depressed i'm convinced that some of our previous presidents have engaged in shabby be forewarned possibly illegal activity i say this only after i read some documents that played yesterday in the senate watergate committee which i've turned over minorities past misconduct cannot logically justify war was a congress interested in preserving protecting the rights of our people must recognize and condemn misconduct in office where ever occur and so i brought the evidence that troubled me i shall not discuss it here and all of beating well i must confess i am deeply painful but some of the things i say i'm concerned about obstruction of justice the cover up when it began on june seventeenth nineteen
seventy two or soon thereafter and continued april thirtieth nineteen seventy three a plan alleged to involve the participation of knowledge of the present a plan was proposed was to say the administration from embarrassment from those involved in the november nineteen seventy two election and another trying to save the longtime loyal aides from being charged violation of law and his underwater career that the place in california washington he does being on june seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth and twenty three natural mario the baroque wholesome all been slow and the relationship of what these keys their peers were doing through what the president could be reasonably expected to do and to know the presidential want to be a man concerned with eating a man concerned with a fountain at the banquet a man concerned with the pictures on the wall at the bank of a man who knew the powerpoint
possible connections with a white man we're asked to believe that not banana received a clear and true picture of the real situation by june thirtieth nineteen seventy two amanda watson june thirtieth about the rest of something coming out about cutting the lost that yes i am concerned about the references the march twenty four when the president told me you have the right wing and let me say i have no doubts about the right time before the election you just like you can say that now after the election we got to have another one where the president salva show on march twenty seven the whole theory has been contained yes i am concerned about a march twentieth nineteen seventy three order to do you to make a complete statement but make a very incomplete i am concerned about artwork on april sixteen nineteen seventy three to create a scenario with regard to the president well i am concerned about the president telling the the march twenty first nineteen seventy three just
be damn sure you say i don't remember i can't recall i can't give an honest answer messages that i can recall that it yes i am learn about the way the president has found the home on an outcome and through them for goldson information furnished to the president by henry peters from april sixteenth april thirtieth nineteen seventy three after reassuring pearson on april sixteen and of course as you know anything you tell me as i think i told you or will not be tested yes i am concerned about losing faith beyond oliver tate the deficit that i'm concerned about impeaching like there's a lot of that my decision away from the work of the article i recognize the gentleman from massachusetts other thriving resort this is a general debate only for a period of
fifteen minutes of the gdp in the long summer of seventy nine and eighty seven at the constitutional convention in philadelphia the delegates from my own state of massachusetts consistently opposed including impeachment in the constitution messages that i get on july twenty twenty about that idea that american law i like that of england would provide for a genuine separation of powers a review and a regular elections by the people and it was i knew the remedy of impeachment which have been frequently abused in england would not be necessary and america the delegates of massachusetts for the morgue reason on that day an impeachment would impose a penalty in the absence of any specific statute which would make known for those opposed to all citizens the punishment that they could expect for their offenses messages in that you wanted an actor to aspire to the ideal already stated in the
constitution of massachusetts a government of laws and not of men only south carolina bottom with massachusetts to omit impeachment from the constitution messages is that has softened sense stood almost alone during the summer with the gemini have wondered that was times whether or not the delegates from massachusetts in seventy nine and eighty seven or after all correct in their judgment and impeachment or the necessary and wise and indeed dangerous my concern over this question as deep and as i have witnessed the process so like the articles of impeachment on the bases whether they will fly i had been deeply troubled because the process of choosing articles of impeachment is not necessarily done in the order of a gravelly but to some extent on a capacity to play
in peoria has been no shortage of laws that they will discover why the greatest deception and possibly the most impeachable offense art richard nixon may not become a charge against him i speak of the concealment of the clandestine war in cambodia i do not yet reached that play merits of the bombing i speak only audience and say oh man we stayed in this series of events the same abuses of all and the same techniques of color are employed by the president and his associates in the aftermath all wanted it like the gentleman from new york is that i am profoundly disturbed at the massive cover up audie that's very end after the secret bombing raids well a six hundred and ninety five the
tippy toes went over cambodia during a period of fourteen months for much sixty nine to may nineteen seventy i remember well my absolute consternation on july sixteen nineteen seventy three when the cambodian bombings were revealed for the first time i lived on that day that president nixon had misled me and this led the entire nation when he had said three years prior to that time on it will clearly nike hundred and seventy that while all the past five years we have provided no military assistance whatever and no economic assistance to cambodia unquote we calculated cover up of cambodia like the cover above what it unraveled by accident we're not in the congress and in the country because they find that one and happened to report on his discovery in cambodia of the thousands of pages made
by it was in my judgment now or maintaining secrecy about their war ii no cambodians to the north vietnamese knew everyone knew except the people of america and this information was withheld from them until it happened to come out the only reason for the deception of congress and the country was the president's political objective audie saving and planning the anti war movement the president orchestrated a conspiracy to keep a lid on cambodia and so at least after the election of nineteen seventy two the facts of this presidential a direct a conspiracy to not come from cape conversations on circumstantial evidence on inferences they cover the testimony of general earlier another giant
sheets of stop he testified in july nineteen seventy three that the president told him not once but at least on a dozen times at the bombing of cambodia must never be revealed general li also acknowledged that the pentagon was following the president's demand of secrecy when the pentagon invented this system ought to a reporting why which is writing down gloria were recorded as having occurred in south vietnam james madison was very hard to declare war bested by the constitution and congress must include everything to make that are affected in the congress congress and congress along at the right and the duty judge well united states was justified in making or not making way in cambodia president nixon and like jasmine you say that right on the kindness and maybe silent about this flagrant violation of the constitution and we impeach a president or
unlawful wiretapping but not impeached a president on lawful or making family impeach a president or concealing a bribery but not for concealing a massive bombing many deceptions without it out on the congress itself in april nineteen seventy the secretary of the army told a senate subcommittee that no military aid has been given to cambodia in may nineteen seventy general really gave misleading if not all the money to a committee of the us house and made it hundred and seventy one the secretary of the air force reported to the senate that no bombing strikes have occurred in cambodia prior to may one nineteen hundred and seventy of those illicit that the president had the power to bomb cambodia and keep it secret for years that the burden of justify one has the second of kindness
to a baltic nation of documents and three a statement of melbourne lead then secretary of defense really affected the air raids over cambodia and revell and they all night and seventy really each person's it would justify the clandestine nature and the secrecy and the conspiracy to have an answer to the statement made by senator us to incitement and acting chairman at that time of the senate armed services committee that assignment and ask the question which every member of congress should close to insult oversaw senator simonton says the congress authorized a hundred and thirty million dollars for water in vietnam what they know the appropriated that sum of money for war in cambodia and around my congressional district in eastern massachusetts believe the descendents of those who wanted gawk at lexington those american
revolutionaries two centuries ago took up plans in a desperate and determined that the game the precious right of knowing and participating in the prophecies of their own government the men who fought in the revolution that prompted gathered in philadelphia from may through september nineteen eighty seven they came together to create a government we had no i'm ever again would have to enter into a mound rebellion to indicate is right to be free of charity and boy the framers of the constitution the ultimate tyranny was war carried it really by the executive without the knowledge or consent lobby congress as the randolph all virginia state in the constitutional convention that the president under the constitution that they were writing would have great opportunities of abusing his power particularly in the time of war i guess that all the maturity the authors of the
constitution adopted impeachment as the ultimate remedy within a thousand days we as americans will commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of that by offering in that began on the road project got it we'll be worthy of those who are not because in seventy eight hundred and seventy six if we fight for the rule of law as they said it or in what is now the oldest written constitution still in use in the entire world i mean as the general we will be with me of those who brought freedom to america only if we continue to remember as we have in this inquiry that impeachment is designed as the one way by richard president and vindicate himself pharoah george mason reminded the framers of the constitution at the impeachment proceeding is designed to
vindicate the rights of the people against a tyrant but it is also provided saw that there will be honorable acquittal or a public official should maybe i'm just whatever the outcome of this proceeding the american government will be purified and frightened and in that process all of us will become as that of the top free man in a free society we're going to pause briefly now on our replay of today's proceedings and that videotape coverage of the house judiciary committee's impeachment debate will continue sharply reduces pbs for public broadcasting service thank you
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judiciary committee's impeachment as we go back to the house judiciary hearing around each member of the committee is taking fifteen minutes to present his opening remarks i'd like i recognized
it gentlemen from california mr moore i was as a general debate here that fifteen and more my other colleagues and commanding view that you provided over these hearings i believe that you have been spared the republican minority and recognizing them and calling upon them their turn has come to speak i believe that on some issues we've been successful in improving the quality of the theory and resolutions which the minority has supported which has been adopted by the full committee i do is however to express very strong exception in the matter and that's the staff on some occasions these hearings for one thing i believe that the decision was made early that instead of calling witnesses under subpoena to take a deposition the staff determined that
instead they would call all of those people who want a volunteer to be called and i have an affidavit to the committee i understand the reason for that is because they didn't want the president's counsel having the right of cross examination which i believe is absolutely necessary that the committee got a route well rounded version of what happens anyway because that is not subject to cross examination certainly is able to supply is self serving testimony i believe also that was that was incorrect in the decision that they may not call a larger number of witnesses before this committee for the committee's interrogation i've read more than the thrill only thirty nine bodies have been presented to us not going to say i read every single word i have read eighty five percent of it was voluminous
from it could take a few days just to get through it but most of the mercurial of work in pain of nobody owens with testimony from other hearing opinions memorandum would have been set word from one place or another hearsay evidence materials that would not be admissible in a court of law and i want the testimony and the affidavit and the thrill that we consider to be thought that it would be mr bowen a quota law and something which we have the american people think how the words polluted and i just don't believe that the confluence of those thirty nine volumes can be judged and that no we had nine people it appeared before the committee we had some very important when this is all over with some very important ones that we didn't know i thought two or three of those witnesses were exceptionally candid
and valuable these hearing about mr colson it an excellent job and reasoning here's what to do to our committee and uncovering a great deal of ground that we needed to know about before we make a decision and in the end his testimony was almost all ex cult forty of the president the only area where there was any question about presidents responsibility was that the president had ordered as the polls and really think trails pertain to mr albert and through that appalls a letter later pled guilty to the charge of obstruction of justice on the grounds that he didn't really thought it through but mr colson testify this committee that every single word that he released is true and that the reason for releasing that material was about elbert was engaging in a battle in the protests against the administration's steve the american people and
that it was necessary for the administration to bring out their sides of the people would have a full picture what was going on and mr colson and giving the reasons for his plea told us that he was so concerned with the rights of the defendant to have a pretrial that he wanted to be able to come to this committee and tell us everything he knew without jeopardizing his trial about making an example for anyone who in the public couldn't let her any defendant we've been indicted and prior to trial i would submit that half of the rest of the nation would be in jail if that were a criminal offense for which a person could be guilty i was also the testimony that was given
he talked to our committee about his job in great detail about where his a particular office was a connection with the oval office not be right outside the door this true but those jobs among other things has to carry all of the materials the president is to see that that day and in the press the office that well as himself as an inbox and also get all the materials that the president listening back out with these notes and comments that he had made during his approval of whatever materials might be honest about our fear of an interrogator to testify that he had was for blacks and he also testified that he knew i know instant in any of the material that he had seen or anything that he had heard of any involvement by the president of the watergate before it happen anna questioning oren was involved in any cover up and he said oh no
absolutely not you are correct we have other testimony that exonerates or the presidency so far is culpability the future was testifying before the committee is allied with them he was that part of the door and bring that discussion with the president you have any discussion with him and respect to this country mr mitchell absolutely not a treaty absolutely not and did the president say anything to you about no sir i do any previous occasions discussed with president nixon of that money was being closer mr mitchell was the man who led route turn for permission to pay the last seventy five thousand all apparently from the testimony and whether it was on the twentieth of the
twenty first of march is not of april is not totally martin so it's not totally clear what those two real income for most of the un's office where you talk to them is to being announced his authorization to pay the seventy five thousand dollars after being told he wasn't giving money matters really have to talk michel in the conversation with mitchell the rube goldberg's a lot more money was needed for attorney fees seventy five thousand and another sign for the maintenance of the family of that growth while the total amount of the jet and a figure of seventy five with the assurance that with four attorneys at the metal testimony that he did not talk with the with the president president didn't know and then going through being
conversation with the president immediately follow which was the first time that the president of united states been thoroughly briefed on what had been going on supposedly being failed to tell the president this very most important fact i would submit to you that means a testimony outside of the pages the most damaging evidence against the president and that means failed to tell the truth so many times during the proceedings not just less than other hearings that you almost and so forth we were told by mr peters and roll here before this committee testimony that on december twenty second nineteen seventy two he had interrogated is being rethought hour as to what happened at the confluence of this different
say in polling about the things that have been turned over through the very thought about the things that have been turned over to the attorney general's office but absolutely deny any knowledge of anything further including these notebooks that were missing or discussed in the press mr dean it before the senate watergate hearing all at the exact time that they're the team got these two know what out of his safe and destroy it before the watergate committee fold them absolutely not one single word about the most important factor these are still involved but when he came to our committee he told our committee that he had documents that when
asked why he hadn't told the senate watergate committee he said it wasn't in his consciousness of the time how could a man forget something so very important that his own personal involvement remembered everything else under the sun and how when we believe in in the testimony he's given the president of the united states when he has the president's personal counsel didn't bring him up to be fully about being personal involvement and about the most important that at the steps where motion to pay the seventy five thousand dollars i know we all are speaking the truth and i'm most concerned that we do everything possible to make this government the most and us government honor i believe in a high moral standards for our government for president for our congressman is a matter of
high concern for me when i make my decision on the matter of the impeachment of the president i wanna make a decision i live for for the rest of my life because i fully believe that this decision is far more important than my political career as all of us have i've had many threats from people who want impeachment thing they'll walk the streets against me if i don't vote for it but when i consider how i'm going to vote on this matter and i know how important as the medium the company that we make the right after time with the va for the man i think richard nixon those who i believe in this i have to be sure that the testimony that are offered as a strong enough job to convince me that you've been guilty of a major crime against this country in each instance as we get right
down to the final point there's a big blow to have to jump across to the president while i cannot jump over that well i know it easy to vote for impeachment here tonight everyone here practically a thing before i began to suffer that for many people for it before when the magazine verge of media of all kinds when the majority of american people that people in that direction but i could not vote for impeachment and give up what is so important to me my own conscience and what i believe is right and wrong and i believe as the new law i believe that to come to the conclusion was that come in they have had in the upcoming to a false conclusion and so many of these individual instances i don't agree with the chairman he thinks there is only one side with case back to sinai and the most important
region of our country and our constitution as a writer to take a different point of view the right to stand up for the thing that you believe that i don't criticize any of my friends will become one of the conclusions but i think the president of the united states as in most instances although it for any element we hear the inmate and the tapes of any lack of moral not your feeling some instances but i believe that the president of the united states is trying to do the best for the legions of the party i don't stand for a cover up i think the coverage of wrong i think the men that have been convicted of these crimes should be convicted i don't think that we ever and keep things from our people perhaps as a third of the
vote i listen to the arguments on both fine but i've heard these tapes and then i want to see what's happening and so many instances in listening to the tape i'm sure something's going to happen at exactly the opposite make length the president offers findings fire the man and partly it he came and what happened was three days later the appeal is taken as that individual's going to fire the fire one of the people for every decision is made by agreement with it he thats absolutely contrary they're conscious of it and those absolutely in the other direction we're hearing my point of view i hope that great committee to make the right decision for our nation's future and the gentleman isn't
me committee world recess since there are going to be a series of votes on the floor on the strip mining bill and rather than to interrupt you the next speaker i think we would reassess them there until a fifteen at as the five hours of daytime debate disclosed it was not a good day for the president for two basic reasons first the swing votes on the committee that is the votes of those members who either were undecided or uncommitted continued to go against the president by and large and second three of the uncommitted were republicans indicating that as many as seven gop congressman may now be prepared to vote articles of impeachment against the
president one thing additionally became clear it no longer has any doubt now that a majority a substantial majority of members of the committee are prepared to vote articles of impeachment senate impeachment resolution to the house floor and had this very very late hour i have only one comment a time for all of us to go they will be back tomorrow night live coverage of the committee's move toward a final decision the vote on articles of impeachment was a little beyond videotaped part of it could be live depending on our committee schedule votes and depending on where in this country do it until then all the power in fact colleagues and him well thank you and have a nice breakfast from washington you have been watching video taped double the gavel coverage of the house judiciary committee proceedings production funding provided by public television
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