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and lulu neural well well well live from washington and back when few gavel to gavel coverage of the house judiciary committee proceedings impeachment a date july twenty fifth nineteen seventy four years and our correspondent jim lehrer at a lot of public affairs forests in los angeles california and live coverage of the president's think funny ladies and gentleman
for major california business organizations have joined in sponsoring this meeting here in los angeles to hear an economic address to the nation by president nixon eminem association the california manufacturers association los angeles area chamber of commerce and the california chamber of commerce on behalf of those organizations and i am pleased to present president of united states three the peak week
mr smith all that very distinguished guests on the podium and in this audience and all the millions listening on television and on radio i want to discuss the day the major problem confronting our inflation and i want to discuss where we are in the fight against inflation how we got here and what we're going to do about of me begin by touching briefly on the nature and cause of the inflation we have an experiment basically we and the other industrialized nations have had a generation of inflation because the government's all over for a long period of time that permitted and encouraged that demand for goods and services to outrun the capacity to meet that demand with rising production governments have repeatedly increase their own spending more than actually they added to that demand without
making a balancing cup in private than they had created no money for veterans more borrowing and investment and people were willing to finance other say all of this has added to the upward pressure on prices the rate of inflation one of a kind of bad weather another was the oil embargo together with the action of the oil exporting countries and suddenly quadrupling auto plant and if there is a simultaneous economic boom and the industrialized nations which increased demand for goes far beyond the capacity to produce them in those missions no fortunately all other inflationary pressures
continue production numbers improved the oil embargo is in that world oil prices have leveled all the worldwide economic boom as like in particular are we must recognize however that the higher price level that have been reached by oil and other raw materials will continue to exert strong upward pressure is for a crime as they worked their way through the economy we're also now appealing effect of it and understandably strong driver large wage increases as workers try to catch up with the earlier part of living increase confronted with an acceptable level of inflation on the one hand and with the emperor is slackening in economic activity on the other many voices
that might even raised an american demanding some sweat spectacular action from asked for re imposing wage and price controls others recommend that we went out with higher taxes or sharply restricted monetary policies even if the cause of a severe recession and then on the other hand there are those words that we should more facts in order to follow up the economy more at and still others suggest that we should simply give up that we should accept a rampant inflation as a mysterious an incurable disease and concentrate on learning that well we're not going to do why not what we will do is that experience teaches anything
it's an economic policies aimed exclusively at short term relief too often bring long term great we must learn the last in terms of programs and more in terms of both parties have respect for the basic laws and portions of the marketplace and a recognition that and those policies why the keys to our economic pitch so let me tell you first what we are not going to go we are not going to restore the discredited patent medicine low wage and price controls i return to control not recovery really would only create new diversions and that's intensify our long term difficulties and in the end even more and twenty one of a broken lock
we're not going to respond to the short term strike and the economy by priming the pulse of inflation with no deficit spending or revenue easing of credit are with tax cuts that would only make inflation worse these actions would be like pouring gasoline on a raging fire and neither were we administer the shock treatment of a sudden traffic ringing out of inflation because of work in terms of increased unemployment for millions of americans we are going to be our aim is to control inflation are continuing to produce more of the people who live there the key to this live in keeping our eye squarely on the long term and keeping it there even as we actively manage our short term difficult
life and using the sense of a realistic course and sticking point whatever the pressure and that's exactly what we should do we will continue to monitor every sector of the sequel and i can assure you that we will take what actions are necessary to prevent undue hardship in any sector of the law but we will not reacting there a general order specific needs with gimmicks or emotionalism and we will continue steadily on our basic anti inflationary courts a policy to check inflation is fundamentally a policy to curb the growth of the man rally for the growth of supply in the short run the country must focus on holding down the increase in demand because seconds increasing supply take a considerable amount of time there are exceptions though where changes in government policy can result in rapid expansion of the plot
examples on what we already active include the turning back into production of tens of millions of acres of farmland which had previously been caught and the sale of excess government stockpiles of certain robert are in the longer run we can focus more on increasing the growth of the aisle on producing more rather than on demanding let your credit you must have two l's mainly restraining the man in the short and expanding supply and along the turnout of the world are the most obvious thing the federal government can do to restrain the man it's all about its bones and for the current fiscal year expenditures under the budget item it in february would be three hundred and five billion
dollars a variety of course the most important being penned in congressional legislation in excess of the budget threatened to raise this route three hundred and twelve million dollars over seven billion dollars over budget isolation undoubtedly more spending proposals will be pressed in congress in the months and i will not accept this in violation of the federal budget the poem i am determined the couple of three hundred and five billion dollars less than the january toward a goal of three hundred billion i intend to veto congressional actions that would raise that spending above the budget and beyond this i have directed the heads of all federal departments and agencies without
exception part of the goal of three hundred billion i also ordered a reduction of forty thousand in the number of federal employees' provided for nevada for the current year this alone would save three hundred million now for the nineteen seventy six and what we are now preparing a budget year which begins in just eleven months i was amenable to that will not only be in doubt but that will actually reduce the rate of growth in federal spending so that the increase from nineteen seventy five to nineteen seventy six will be less than the increase from seventy four to seventy five rather than more and when necessary and proposing this budget i show up or call to repeal of existing legislation that makes spending nine weeks ago i
know and for the first time in our nation's history this law provides a mechanism for the congress to consider the whole budget comprehensively not just its products it will be essential if there's no longer used effectively with a clear continuing objective of reducing or eliminating expenditures that would help some other people because higher prices for all then one day that means the congress and the president and work together to accomplish that goal and i am not that a majority of the members of the car will support the efforts of the president to
balance the federal budget so that millions of americans will have a general sense about their family budget at the other principle weapon in the government's arsenal to control inflation is monitor blocks that is the control over the expansion of money and power it is a function of the federal reserve system to maintain an adequate supply of money in credit but the present prevent that why i'm writing to facts but over here holding down money in credit in the face of a rapid inflation call it high interest rates which nobody lot but i am more rapid military expansion will soon cost even more rapid inflation and even higher interest rates and therefore the course of the federal reserve
thank you like any other part of the money very rich it can be over and it won't be overdone we shall provide the expansion of money in credit necessary to support moderate growth of the economy at a reasonable price chairman burns of the federal reserve are churning of the intention of the federal reserve global oil it strains of respect and the effort to combat ineffective and i didn't mention or a monitor about an effort which every american shrimpers there will not be a credit crunch and watch the money
for essential economic activity becomes unavailable so as far as the federal government is concerned we look up to grow the federal spending we will hold on the road the money and credit to provide fighter jet private spending and i call on state and local governments and on businesses and consumers to hold on their own and increase their own savings as their contribution and the fight against our prize i recognize that and i recognize that some expenditures by persons cannot be caught without cutting production now and thereby increasing unemployment without it and every
business has some fat just as every federal agency and local government spending has been rising rapidly should follow the lead of the federal government and putting a necessary step other senate will say the second appeal the public spirit of the american people as you why don't believe that we saw the american people say during world war two and when we saw the american people conserve gasoline fuel and employees was all yes read all the consequences that flow in my recent meetings i don't mind that in the american people not only that that means there's more
may is more investment and new housing in new production and therefore lower prices from our and the consumer and as everett when people what it further significance of the twelve billion dollars difference in the federal budget a cut of only one and a half percent and personal consumption expenditures that remain like putting away for every dollar we make in the fight against inflation how rapidly we succeed in cutting inflation will also depend on the us and if they continue pushing prices and wages rapidly for this will continue the inflationary pressure sales will sell and there are in their own interest
and will act responsibly and their private wager man decides that we shall not return their price and wage intro but i intend to use every influence of the president and the federal government to bring about how all voluntary return on the part of both business and labor in this particular in the short run as i say we must focus on majors to restrain the man but to achieve prosperity without inflation and the longer we must focused above all on producing more so that we have more goods and services without are correct to assure a vigorous wrote a part in the long run a number of critical make or not that happens that
day less than five percent of our population at all about the animal meat much of the rest of the world as well we must keep our agriculture programs focused on the positive about ethanol rather than an apology we've seen really the importance of energy's the box and energy prices and the us account over these past few months we've taken on the old reliable why's the energy of the lowest possible yes it's the product and the point on which we're now moving steadily fall whatever the united states will never again be hostage to look awful bio energy supplies by any foreign country
fb and here is another area where the president alone and under the job we need the cooperation of the congress on many pieces of legislation in this area which would act we need to ensure adequate long term supplies a couple of her and that's another area we're discussing great line in recent weeks and mate i directed the chairman of the council of economic advisors to undertake a special study of long range capital means to provide for the continued growth of our economy and how to ensure that these leaks may be that to open today the creative energies our economically viable vibrant over regulate it behind or an earlier era
government regulations often require prompt the romantic there's ways you and it raises the cost to the consumer and everything we fought many other leading review what the objective is i'm recommending those changes needed to bring the regulatory agencies and regulatory policy is in line with the needs of the new year when increasing productivity must be a primary means of achieving our primary economic prosperity without inflation and our regulatory agencies it's because of obsolete rules have the effect of restricting a
production rather than encouraging those rules need to be trained and they will be some of the most important regulations from this standpoint are not federal state or local searches are building the airport this review on campus the reforms needed all that at the same time i entered the camps to enact the regulatory reforms that i wore a typical with respect the transportation financial institutions for example in order to make our economic system more about you and less inflation and i would come to a very sensitive political it is time for us to really evaluate the trade between increasing supply it's increasing production there were
improving environment and reasons that those goals or more but we go on recently about a tendency to push particular social goals so far and so fast but other important economic goals are on belief that and consequently these policies must be reevaluated and adjusted to the movie the pain fb craig reform negotiations to reduce trade barriers and to get there sometimes sounds like an esoteric subject of interest only to those who were in international
competition from abroad can be a powerful force for increasing productivity of the united states' creating more jobs making more supplies available for american consumers and in holding down prices finally and most important we must reach for the idea of america that the way to have more is to produce more ernie green difficult because their people accountable ie that the way to get to mars to have the government spend more even mullah omar's privilege that often untrue and this is often said that we have world wide inflation because people of enamel that's just a half true we have world wide inflation because people demand for more is not matched by willingness
and ability on their part to produce more but the man who often has translated into a supply of boats not a supply of more saving initiative and innovation the pain and it may only be this way a power of government is the power of the people and therefore the most important responsibility of each american than fighting inflation is your response was until in this room and the main question on i can assure that your government will take on a major hit will be unpopular with many
your early morning all this argument that we leave in this country the one lobby window at an anti inflation hawk they should not be allowed in with the washington operations in it at all and are not reflected on any the people make the obvious here this law they should have an office in every home in america and every citizen should be an awkward when every government official whether an executive branch congress or state local government know that this anti inflation low will reward anti inflationary action and punish inflation or in the fight against inflation will be one
we bought the american economy today but we must also recognize that despite its troubles the american economy today is the envy of the rest of the world one needs only to drop in recent months over the years to other nations particularly those provisions to realize the truth about that painful others are on inflation it is less than that a plan civilian great britain in japan must not a mostly in the ocean nations of the world and that time and again i have grown in recent months the leaders of other countries martin of the great economic strength of america and wishing that they could exchange their economic difficulty for arts and consequently as we look at the troubles of our economy today
we must not overlook ensure we have the strongest economy in the world by far and we can win any economic battle that we determine that when we are out to win the battle against inflation and with our strong economy we have the resurgent liberal the peak we mr calvin america today than ever before and those jobs pay higher wages real wages and in any other country or even a variable costs which we all those one that really strikes home to work except that we want a smaller percent of the wage earners income goes to vote in the united states than in any country where young americans today
the pick and unemployment earlier predicted it is higher than we want to do is let us be thankful that those who are not facing the draft and not serving in any war overseas i add that we can be thankful that are problems but they are the problems of peace rather than the problems of will we will win the fight against inflation over not by a single set of dramatic action but by the cumulative effect of actions that in themselves are often undermined actions that may not make headlines the morning newspapers but that will be the
right actions in economic policy in patients is the great irony of song if you look at the history of inflation or more than anything else we could be laid at the doorstep and patients in patients spend morning we're not no impatience to satisfy all our social wants it wants without regard for the fact that we cannot afford everything at once invasions with the short term those locations are on a part of long term adjustments needed to keep the economy growing and healthy rather than on healthy way people fighting inflation therefore is putting this is that innocent except the need for our decisions are occasional impulses that they're six and even a measure of
sacrifice in the short run without inflation i agree and the kind of things that rejects demagoguery that rejects immigrant and that gives the enormous creating for clues i'll be a marketplace in america a chance to work that is our strength the free marketplace in america and we must keep it the pope so i say to you that we're on the right will forego global prosperity without war that other village we're going to stay on that road we will be steadfast in holding down federal spending
and slowing the growth of the federal budget will have moderate but firmly strain on the growth of the money supply we were creatively with other nations to do with motion and it's worldwide dimensions we will take new measures to encourage productivity and this is perhaps the most important long term and we have to encourage him and in particular we are going to press forward and increasing supplies of energy into the biggest components of the reason we shall stand firm against efforts to press assad and the steadiness of course is necessary we intend to devote a full allegations of the federal government for the fight against inflation and i ask for your support for the full support of the american people in this great caucus
nineteen seventy six and apple will celebrate its twentieth anniversary of the night that our goal for that anniversary be an america at peace with every nation and the world and here an economy of prosperity without war without inflation that is a great role it will require the united emirates dedication of government of business of labor and the individual americans all over this country you will know as you play your part in this great crusade you can be confident that
your federal government and together we can achieve the goal that all of us walk and without a plane it's bleak to pay to play the political arena pa it very much when i saw the list of organizations that were sponsoring
this opportunity i look back over my schedule over twenty seven years to realize that i have spoken before each of these organizations on one or more perhaps many occasions i only wish that time would permit to shake hands with each of you to thank you for your support and to thank you particularly for joining in this great that the battle against inflation the peak to peak but a president on behalf of these organizations and it's largely over an overflow crowd than express appreciation of all this or you're taking your time to make this important address and was not much it's
bleak that was president nixon's speech on the economy delivered to a business group at the century plaza hotel in los angeles we'll be back in just a moment for a brief summary of the speech and then we'll go into our live coverage of the house judiciary committee proceedings so impacts live special event programming we'll continue charlotte rose is bibi as for public broadcasting service the point the
pay to pay to play live coverage of the house judiciary committee's impeachment debate continues of course before we go to our impeachment debate coverage first a few words and unsavory form of the president's speech we've just heard on the economy delivered at the century plaza hotel to a group of los angeles businessman our colleague all because with me now and after the summer he and anna talk about a few minutes before we then go
to the preliminary for the opening of the judiciary committee night session tonight by the president acknowledged the problems of the inflated economy that he said he would not react to the current problems of inflation with gimmickry or emotional isn't it pledged to follow a two pronged strategy restraining the man in the short run and expanding supply in the long run the city plans to trim five billion dollars from the federal budget for the next fiscal year and threatened to veto any legislation that called for spending more than he wants is that he is aiming to reduce the budget committees from my project a three hundred and five billion dollars for a goal of three hundred billion dollars he said he has ordered a reduction of forty thousand the number of federal employees in this next budget he said that along with a three hundred million dollars he also called for reductions in state local government spending and said the federal government would take steps to cut down the money supply the amount of credit he also called for an anti inflation watching this line he said should have
an opposite every home in america and every citizen should be an officer of the president also said that most families in america could reduce order for some expenditures without suffering hardship ingenue and quoting the president has said when every government official whether in the executive branch and the congress or in state local governments knows this law they will reward anti inflationary action and punish in police interaction the fight against inflation will be one is a plan to follow this strategy of expanding supply of goods or curtailing the mandan plan for a policy of moderate growth he said there will not be a credit crunch and what's the money for essential economic activity becomes unavailable he said that he had no intention of resorting to the discredited that medicine of wage and price controls mr madsen also said you would not administer a shock treatment a sudden drastic ringing out the inflation the cost of which in terms of increased unemployment would be unacceptable as i say my colleague paul lukas when they're now calling contest this point
well john i could only think that the president's speech which i think insane rather standard republican fare was tailor made for a businessman's group the president said that he would not offer the country any spectacular action to deal with inflation and it's clear from his message tonight that he is not offering the country any spectacular action you said he would not react to the current problems with gimmickry and so what it really boils down to it seems to me is an economic program would certainly does not offer anything that is not what the president says that he intends to restrain the federal budget and plans to hold down federal spending in the new budget that begins early next year he also emphasized that the federal reserve board in his belief will continue to hold down the money supply now it seems to me that one what the president is doing is acknowledging that inflation obviously is a more
severe problem and must be dealt with more than unemployment there are many economists who feel that really the only way to bring such severe inflation under control which we have now is to take such stern measures as to raise unemployment president is obviously suggested that he feels inflation is that important what we have now is really runaway inflation gm we have inflation of twelve percent and in fairness to the president i think that we should say that almost all economists now disagree about what kind of solutions would bring down or also it rained out of a show that's exactly right and there is no easy solution i think that many economists now feel of a combination of measures as needed somewhere along the line of what the president suggested tonight but ultimately they believe that this inflation must gradually burn it so loud and it's not going to be done quickly and obviously the country is going to continue to have
economic problems probably for quite awhile it's interesting that mr nixon's the retiring chairman of the council of economic advisors was saying today that the president would not really offer any new solutions that he would preach more of the same old time religion well that's exactly what the president did tonight with his emphasis on budget restraints and with his wit and with his emphasis on controlling the money supply in other words to prevent people from having too much money to spend yes and of course as you said they were so this speech was to a friendly audience to stress the free market was to a group of businessmen in los angeles as you could say it was well received interesting we're not an interesting enough of course it did not mention in any way the impeachment proceedings that are now in progress so before the house judiciary committee we now want to just like wander
around and if i could've known as the president that had one mar bed at one point to make the remark that he would be submitting a budget next year well this obviously was predicated on his belief that we will continue to be an optimist that you will not be impeached and should there be a trial in the senate that he would not be convicted but also reference to nineteen seventy six in the bicentennial is that you must say also that the president to look well spoke well protected himself very well if he's worried about impeachment easily than projected right now and two because the the house judiciary committee session has to begin in a few moments and carolyn law susana reporter down at the rayburn office building where the house judiciary committee proceedings are underway standing by now with jack brooks democrat from texas a member of the committee ms brazile have even today when you think of those who favor engagement are winning a few extra body i think that we are gathering
strength sailboats have a feeling that these activities of richard nixon had not been in the public record with a lot of this country on its constitution i think we've been doing a little but yes i do and i think it went well and the democrats and republicans wrote to express themselves clearly and concisely and i think in the fall do you think that the statements of mr butler <unk> of religion other republicans today the so called swing vote republicans can help to fight on the floor of the past what we the kind of thing that they're crucial vote there were certain it would help because the only democrats feel the president should be impeached the people say that it's just a partisan activity whereas you have a substantial number of republicans on the committee who agree that it is not an interesting to read the the material and listen to the tape with an object the man and agree that something is wrong obviously as i'm an industry already know oh it would
help on the floor of the house certainly wouldn't i give him some credit for certain it's a little difficult long and i sympathize with them it's not and for anybody to write a sad thing spreads the president said time for an economics speech today to be put right in the middle of these impeachment hearings said do you think it might've been time because of the hearings or you think that he was just doing his job as president well it's one of those strange coincidences they thought alike that may even have made it on the plate rosemary lost or somebody laws and seventeen minutes that we lost and to exit where laws and other things that just happen ms ricks is one more question there have been charges that if you teach richard nixon will do great damage to the presidency into our system and i think it would on the contrary save the presidency from further defamation and degradation and that this nation would continue on stronger than any one man and that we would not have a republican
president very shortly the vice president would become president of his country would continue i think he would do a measurably better thank you very much jack rose of texas and mild texas charities required me to say that before the series began before the public debate began there was wide speculation the jagged rocks would be the man who would talk the longest almost that up till now there's been thirty people swear you stay three members of the thirty eight members of the canadians are spoken jack brooks didn't use his entire fifteen minutes and spoke for the shortest time of all i think the record needs to know that our brains up to date where are we going to go into the nights i think gm that mr brooks maybe saving his time for later maybe so but generally doesn't even do that for thus far we've had thirty members of the committee you have spoken last night and again today so this means that there are the congressman who
remain to speak and hopefully they will on the articles of impeachment a few members of the reporters on that caroline kennedy ms nolen in turn to the office of senator edward kennedy and she came over looking at this moment in history the crucial moments during the night well done republican maryland we
aren't publicly declared himself in favor of impeachment made a very impassioned plea for displaced and a few other republicans three other republicans are being called a name also seem to say i'm leaning that way very strongly as you just said the whole night is that they will finish the first general around the bag and then again the nitty gritty says because the nitty gritty in terms of what the wording of the articles and it might be there is a majority vote for him republican leaders now her articles of impeachment this majority which may be as
high as twenty six and that is probably the least twenty six maybe as high as twenty eight cannot agree on that's a very crucial time to get republican votes wins tonight to comment on the er on the night session with esther two distinguished her legal and constitutional forties bilbao spain the rebels the perkins chair of law at duke university law school in durham north carolina john creamer professor of law georgetown university law center gentlemen we do not agree that that is a very crucial step in terms of awarding these articles of impeachment we got thirty eight lawyers i could take a while i'm not so sure that will take very long of utah congressman been a lot of discussion by introducing to article listing of course of the discussion of that doesn't mean that they've offered virtually majority support for both of those that's very offensive the viking offered certain extent and i thought i'd be surprised if the
new formulation of two articles one of those down hard on the specific obstruction of justice count and the other that appeals more broadly the abuse of office for those without the fundamental issue appear in other words the article is almost certain to be broad articles yes but still a special occasion if you look over the bombing to grapple with the problem it's not a vacation out the counts on concealment or qualifications and obstruction become quite particular and reverse much of the evidence reportedly with a half of a specific sound grammar of that has come up with two broad allegations of use of our instructions i think the whole lot of the ashes of that i think of course that means it's going to your time who want a house for the kind of the house and the senate floor i do think that i was given this afternoon the crescendo on this violation of people did the republicans particularly in portland they were very concerned about
whether he is measured up to the standard of conduct the oval office expect tyler's to expect from listeners infinity that the most significant development today was the outspoken nature of the republicans who indicated that they might vote for impeachment and speaking of congressman schock new york colin of main author of virginia who said in fact that he would vote for impeachment frohlich of wisconsin it now seems rather plane at least five and perhaps as many as seven republicans will be against the president so that certainly constitutes a major defeat and it will be significant actions of some of them of course it's too early to tell whether to come for medication and part of the debate because then they would be able to persuade some of the republican members actually the way it looks now close to forty percent of the republicans on the committee itself which you and the republicans on the committee they tend to be more conservative and
republicans in the house by little bit twenty percent are leaning forward are in favor of the additional development to court in addition to the republicans is mainly to southern democrats to have thus far they have the force will have a lot of flowers or democrat of alabama james mann democrats of south carolina both of which are both film cannot say they would vote for impeachment but they certainly made the rather strong cases an end i think the economy
i have to hear congressman dale the letter and the letter we understand that you have been supporting the president very strongly maybe had some plans do something to maybe defuse this great for impeachment to what the government wanted us first of all i have to support the president on those programs never supported him of wrongdoing in korea we have been insisting they produce the evidence and giving the president as a man i don't think the american people impeachment and removal of their president based on the wrongdoings of voters as far as what planet planet yesterday offer a resolution for an amendment to the resolution before the committee which would make an order such a resolution the resolution and i could see something like this developing that are
along the lines of president didn't know should've known you think that would be adequate really to censure the president for for all the things that that have been alleged against them while you have to be improving so good to have you well we really haven't talked too much about the service members who will be voting against them with support from censure resolution based on that principle that was already delayed for impeachment committee just a word now
and so they are now coming up with the track of the centuries of the century wasn't stable offer is a compromise and it's a recognition is the recognition that they can't win inside the committee i would even go further and say it's a recognition that the tide may now he's starting to run very strongly we have heard rumors that some of the republicans of research center but this is the first confirmation we've been serious considerations being oh yeah two experts on constitutional law bilbao spain and jon
cryer what is the legal precedent for central motion a congressional censure motion of the president in august that i think they're frankly very little i'm an academic and i think they're not very good for what they did have happened once before in the state the president but in the case of andrew jackson i think congress intended review and now i think they'll your novel your comment because you know bringing down his gavel and tonight's proceedings of the biggest thing of being cleared debate began last night of course continued this morning and the afternoon and is now resuming thirty of the thirty eight members of the judiciary committee have given their statements that a general statement on the
subject of impeachment a more artistic and then the committee will turn to the crucial matter of voting on the articles of impeachment there is a german latino talking with congressman tom reynolds who spoke was not just adjust to the moment of the judiciary committee and he's not know that and i have the sequester than what the jury turnaround on buses and beyond lunch together in general do you know is moving again with his mic and then they will be in
order and i recognize the gentleman from the er as durango for purposes of general debate for a period not to exceed fifteen minutes thank you mr chairman and that phrase thank you walk on behalf of the younger members of this committee for the newer members rather for giving us the opportunity to fully participate in these proceedings as we collectively search for the truth i'd like to thank our professionals that it for no other reason than being able to survive being named willie's of thirty eight lawyers has to go on the stage and are a list of no's from mr evans and more especially with the delegates to that weather so often in the early mornings before the hearings during a lunch break and and late evenings after the hearings were over of
course i'm on jerry's the man who has worked so closely with the british respect like if i was the garrison who bought an expression i played the devil's advocate as he attempted to punch holes in the evidence that was before this committee but i suppose i reserve as a very special word of thanks to my colleagues on this committee because they've more than the subject matter of this inquiry has made it clear in my own mind at the top and the deliberations that are really necessary in order for us to make a decision in this case and while perhaps we may differ on the standards to be used to impeach a president of the united states i think we have never really disagree that the final analysis it would be an individual decision as to what that standard is and one that we must live within being morally right and legally constitutional
and going to the other side the president's case and so one of the first places to look to see what was the most dramatic thing that we heard on the president's i was when the us the saint claire came before this committee and as a nation and what there was a piece of evidence that we have never heard but he had indicated that it was a transcript a march twenty second conversation that the president was having witnessed alderman he said that this conversation would make it clear that the president of the united states he was not involved in paying off much money but rather was involved in a mission of compassion i take time to point out what happened on march twenty four nineteen seventy three a cake which we were fortunate enough to get women's the dean is talking
to the president united states in the presence of mr haldeman and they're talking about the watergate defendants the burglars that with stonewalling and mr dean says they're going to stonewall it as it now stands accept thought that's why the leverage is is not all the men said this is hans opportunity being that this is an opportunity and a president responds that's why you are for your immediate thing you've got no choice with on what the hundred and twenty or whatever it is right theme response that's right the president says well you're agreed that the pipeline thank you better damn well get it done with as the response i think he ought to be given some singles anyway so president says yes things as you know and the president says well for christ sake get it in a way that well was gonna talk templeton he's the one that's posted now ms st clair what happens to
believe that mr dean saying you should be given some signal and the president saying yes the price they get at the president was talking about a signal that mr deans next remark locally doesn't have any money you know but if we are talking about a signal there's a sink where several national television that he never thought important enough to ask is why president united states what signal he was talking about but if in fact this dramatic piece of evidence that we have on march twenty second a conversation which took place from nine eleven in the morning to attend thirty five that's a morning with the president as to hold him if in fact in this conversation it's going to really make it clear and i mind what the president was thinking about when i asked the president and his defenders the walk with me through this piece
of evidence and try to find out where the truth of that statement lines first of all the president is talking about letting the judge gave them thirty five years it is clear that the defendants when acceptance into the next day march twenty thirteen but assuming that this is an accurate troops were and assuming that the president has wisdom would not answer our subpoena the president's response was something about this that nothing at all to do with watergate is council comes and says it has everything to do with watergate and it exonerates the president the president says there's got to be farms are not being i don't mean to be blackmailed by her and that goes too far but taking care of these people are in jail my god maybe this will we are sorry for them we do it out of compassion it as the defenders of the president and the president of the united states why is my president talking
about paying one hundred and twenty thousand dollars to any calm in particular i asked why is it that my prayers that was authorized to discuss the payment of over half a million dollars to common parlance and i submit that if the president is talking about compassion and that if the president had nothing done it and a burglar could not threaten him and the threat with easily forgotten that indeed if the president has any compassion the of thousands of poor people in audio throughout the united states that have about the case and how about what is really more amazing about the activity of my president is as concerned as to when the last payment was made to the lawyer a biblical mr colton came before this committee in so the president telephoned him three times it's concerned was not national security the wealthy about country it was shot
one was the last payment made to the laureate of the burglars howard hunt and he was impatient with the goal being checked out any call back again and that have you checked with the lawyer do you know what date it was and finally got an auntie the morning here and it says he's changed his story obviously that's why he's not invited why was my president with all of the madison problems that he's faced with with domestic problems and foreign problems why should he be concerning when the last payment has been a more humanitarian compassion or any other reason be made to a man that's been convicted of burglary some say this is a sad day in america is history i think you could probably one of our participants
it could be really a test of the strain of the constitution because what i think it means to most americans is that when they're so any other president violates is sacred or oath of office the people are not left helpless that they can rule the house or representatives charge him and his field will finally be decided in the halls of the united states senate what is really sad about this guy is that morality is no longer expected and government in delhi it would not have been sensational news that my president the present of the united states decided to vary in order of the united states supreme court that should not have a nose because i can consider that any other citizen of the united states would even thought about to find such an order from the highest court in the land
i would be less than honest if i said that tonight i come toward this boat of impeachment without having bought indeed it would be very sad if this process was not available to me and the american people i know more thought about how i would vote against kennedy or a truman when johnson and i thought about how would vote against washington jefferson to lincoln facts in this case it allowed me to allow my consideration right but somehow it suffices to say that none of these men to my knowledge was charged on november seventh nineteen seventy two richard milhous nixon won reelection in a campaign that was dedicated to the restoration of law in order and our streets and shortly thereafter eighties what was won and as thirty six six presidents before him and said it would
faithfully execute the laws of our land one wonders what was going on to president nixon's mind as a solemn oath was being emitted minister was he thinking about the opportunity would have in the next four years of his administration to below the wounds of the people in this nation to bring together at least and some small plot the hopes and dreams of millions of americans what do you think about the aspirations of our young and i majored in the needs of the poor people white like other minorities i think not because vice president held secret the knowledge that he had participated in the most bizarre criminal conspiracy ever recorded made history of the united states for the planet more watergate burglars were talking that's when congressional committee was nine it has been pointed out the fbi had been interfered with by the cia
as he directs them to lie and said that the investigation would hurt them rather than the white house and that gray was so frightened it called a president on july six and said that his trusted aides were wounding more than a warning the president that the president did not respond initially did not ask the facts director clearly indicates that on that cold morning that the president to be all that he had been in conference with the people that were involved in that halderman called them at least six times in the two days following the reagan and yet he never asked the many questions because we'll never know that they should not be given to us one think we did get that was the take that we've got a conversation that the president had witnessed all women but a surprising that that's a rich camp david president nixon was there with rose mary woods and we got it we got the eighteen and a half minute gap you talk about the facts being
investigated yet we know it was never asked to investigate he said mitchell was investigating emmett till was a big importer true but rather covering up the truth these facts may never been known to the american people had it not been for the actions of an alert like night watchman name quite well well whatever was in the air or the courageous digital coverage of the son of an italian immigrant family jets on johnson revealed suspected the massive nature of the plot the path of his reelection is paved with professional careers of man appointed by mr nixon to assist them some of them were worthless others were blind we dedicated but all of them held themselves above the law john mitchell former attorney general of the united states and i think your alderman assistant and president invited john out of an assistant to the president convicted charles colson special counsel to the president and that a giant being counseled to the present convey that jeb magruder
convicted broken record one rule convicted chabon that mahdi evicted right model and ignited wright resigned minute invective i just say that the president's office named as an unindicted co conspirator and that this although it's really a sacred thing that he took it allows the people of all races in this country to really believe that the country belongs to them isn't all that it's taken by the highest to the lowest in this land is taken by pirates in general and it's a note that says that we will defend the country against all enemies foreign or domestic many big or die they're not heroes before the war begins well the guy next to me in korea but they died not because they want to die they want to live but eventually even apple with itself has become meaningless and this young country would have lost one of its riches resources the faith and confidence of its people any nation worthy of this beginning and that allows foods treasure it's more strength of these below underground which
we live or we allow evil to the uncorrected then it would spread in spain this nation and its people forever and then i'll pass will be meaningless and our future will be not we meet a real challenge tonight we don't hear anything about troop morale of the protection of the constitution and any other presidential conversations whether they be in the take or whether they be edited transcripts but we hope that our nation's white house will never again have a year of all the sort of crimes have been committed by the present the other people and i would uphold my oath of office again and called for the impeachment of a man who has not revealed act of our summertime i recognize the gentleman from new jersey mr maher is ed there's a general debate only not to achieve a period of fifteen
my colleagues i know that many of us on this committee at different view i respect the members of this committee and i respect their view each of us must do the facts and the law as we see and understand that and each of us must and idaho will make the final decision as our conference it apart from what we have heard that members of the committee to reelect president and members of the white have happened yet even prominent members of that white house that have been involved in illegal criminal activity at the gentleman from new york and just mentioned that they say that i condemn that illegal action and those are guilty
philip and i am sure will be properly according to law but what is the issue here we are dealing with a constitutional provisions relating to the possible impeachment of the president of the united states and his removal from office we must examine the fact in regard to his affable commission of the offenses prison bribery i crimes and misdemeanors i am pleased that mr dorothy thousand when the guardian with the st clair part of what a president both the great approved before this committee must be clear and convincing i realize that our vote on this committee is to consider the recommendation
of impeachment of the house of representatives and i realize also if this committee and the house are not charged with the responsibility of finally fighting the case this function belongs to the united states senate but with a camera i feel that we should settle for no less than hard evidence that the president has committed and regional effect because in the process of impeachment it is our responsibility and the house vote impeachment to act as managers of the case against the president before the bar of the united states senate to act as it were as prosecutors of the cave and in that instance we must present to the united states and not the suspicion
not theory not probable cause of hard evidence to establish the guilt of the aisle if this committee has laid happy with that have labored hard for seven months been a thorough investigation and it does not have this hard evidence at this time and move this case to the senate how can we produce and find a hard evidence in the next three or four weeks when we are required to present the facts to the senate for consideration i like to say that we have accumulated a tremendous amount of information a vast mass of information some of it is relevant much of it is not
and i must say that in many areas there is a lack of conclusive that a lack of certainty and a lack of the kind of evidence with what the heck if we seek to remove the chief of state of their government the kind of evidence we ought to have if we the house and the senate the house and the senate a quarter of five hundred and thirty five people it we we ought to remove the president of the bad faith elected by over forty seven million people this uncertainty have i believe an invented by the failure of this committee to provide from the very beginning with appalling of live witness we get a call that has
become a knife but at the end of the proceeding why haven't we call other witnesses why haven't we poor e howard hunt it must have plenty of information and given the demand a lot in the morning and leave them and only thing you the money and yet the chairman and members of the committee and most intimate that call mr hunt was ruled out of order why have we not avail herself of a device of richmond derogatory to the president requiring every posting him to answer a number of questions under oath and we know that there's a temperament the waiting to provide for this method of evidence was not affected by the committee
it's inconceivable to me that this committee concerned with the most important receiving affecting this nation in over one hundred years and not follow the rule of law and ruled that haven't recognized as fundamental to the american system of justice and your phones and beyond that they secured freedom of civilization for thousands of years we have noted that hearsay and innuendo and ak party ever that and we even have a newspaper clipping newspaper clipping point of our evidence on which we are asked to make a judgment we have resorted to exploit the affidavit and that was a very interesting development in a very interesting dividing at one point if you recall the
staff with about the euro's our own deposition and the fact that you have one or two or a deposition an examination of witnesses but when the question arose after the participation of this is st claire helpful for the president than they are depositions were too lightly and quietly and almost frequently dropped and witnesses were examined ak party an affidavit for the chairman i don't quite appreciate that you know i will not permit me he said to make a thorough examination of all the possible grounds of impeachment that members of this committee may present a rare for confined myself to the question of work there's no evidence that the president planned to break in that regard to the charge that the president participated in a
cover up i believe it is imperative that the time whether he had knowledge of the involvement of white house personnel before march twenty one nineteen seventy three is referred to the tape of the morning on march twenty one family trait in with mr being emitted on being hated for the president getting everything the reason that i thought we ought to talk this morning it because in our conversations i have the impression you don't know everything i know and it makes it very difficult for you to make judgments that only you can make and some of these things and i thought that let me give you my overall force i think there is no doubt about the seriousness of the problem
we've got we have a cancer this liquid being taught we have a cancer within within close to president think that is growing is growing daily it compounds growing geometrically now because the compound itself that will be cleared if i you know explain some of the details of why he is but today that fight for this committee that the president knew before march twenty one twenty three mr chairman members of the committee witnesses so why did with the dean tell the president on march twenty one that the president already know about why the veto of the cancer that the president knew about this within the narrative invention but members of this committee is the only one
with that in any way attempted to implicate president of the peterson trial if it's a very gentle and of the criminal justice division of the department of justice in asia to a number of questions and it's here again specifically to work with the knife by mr sandman at that there is no evidence there is no evidence to implicate the president of the united states in any criminal action against come from the head of the criminal justice division at the demand was made the investigation from a career gram and i'm from a man whose reputation and integrity are beyond reproach and yet lifted being alive i can only say that i do not believe that again and i don't believe the american people
will believe me baca to a victory with the dean and the president at the vote on a true i have no difficulty and that we will allen is trying to the tape of the morning of april sixteen nineteen seventy three and what does a president say to mr bing we've got to affect them on before the grand jury and i don't know it that is the thing i have told everyone here tell a true don't know i understand what i say don't lie about me either and that he said that iran both the grand jury but not to testify or down a chemical you're not claim executive privilege and do not play an attorney my privilege ii
way that the chairman and members of the committee that this sound like a man who wants to cover up what more can a president do but the town is that we get to tell the truth but the claim executive privilege or a parent but they say that i listened with interest to your opening statement i concur that portion of his statement in which you say that we must feel thoroughly with henry mance but in my whole life we adopt that principle it's bounded by you in our final and most brutal deliberation i look forward with interest to the discussion of that tequila articles of impeachment that maybe that four and i invite i invite those who proposed increase the
tomato are hard facts in support of their position they have a duty and a responsibility to do so and i met the chairman will exercise my duty and my responsibility to consider the hard fact that they can be shown that with chairman i wish to yield about my time at the lab the gentleman from new jersey has a minute and five seconds remaining which rubio the dumbest a lot at the appropriate time i recognize me gentle lady and taxes as jordan purpose of general debate not to actually a period of fifteen minutes it was channeling her as jan and i draw my colleagues trial in thanking you for giving the junior member of this committee the glorious opportunity of sharing the pain of this inquiry this jam and you are a strong man
and it has not been easy but we have tried as best we can to get you as much assistance as possible earlier today we heard the beginning of the preamble to the constitution of the united states we the people a very eloquent beginning when that document was completed on the seventeenth of september and seventeen eighty seven i was not included fb fb
1974 Nixon Impeachment Hearings
Reel 5
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National Public Affairs Center for Television
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Live and videotaped coverage of the debate of the House Committee on the Judiciary, chaired by Peter Rodino, Jr., on the articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon. Includes approval of the second article charging abuse of power. This is day 6 of the Nixon impeachment hearings.
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Nixon, Richard M.; Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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