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it's b sane sane were owed and you mean to tell me and this committee that you consider private investigators going into sexual habits drinking i was domestic problems and personal social activities as it is a proper subject for investigation during the course of a political campaign center right no my own knowledge of incumbents in office who are not discharging their obligation to their constituents because of their drinking that distresses me very much and as a kind of an unwritten law in the media but that has not discussed and so the constituents at home had no way of knowing that you can go over here in the gallery and watch a member caught her on the floor
and it had a condition which at least partial integration which would preclude them from making any sort of sober judgment on the issues that confront this country i think that it is important that the american people now his political campaign and i think this is ridiculous the resolution in nineteen seventy two singapore's gleaming
today was the day that john erlichman didn't complete his testimony putting the select committee even further behind schedule and today was that evidence suggested that the committee that antony us what's the white house private eye first the laws of potential democratic candidates performed a legitimate service helping the electorate know of any defects in the character of candidates today also eloquent detail his investigation of the watergate situation in april the former white house domestic aids as he concluded that jeb magruder participated in the breaking point but the presidential lawyer barbara combat who furnished funds to the watergate defendants acted in good faith and ehrlichman concluded joan didion didn't really tell a president the whole story at a meeting in late march describing is just to monitor the contrary the questions raised a few days ago about national security hadn't been resolved and once again the committee and so we were with more new questions than answers as you will say it was a different date for john ehrlichman to the eye he was finally aeson
detail relevant questions about watergate and his possible involvement in its cover up jack murphy of the georgetown university law center and watch tennis are with us now jack what specific points would you advise people to watch for tonight jim we got away from traditional suggestion of it was about that particular attention of picketers was his examination with a pinpoint questioning of the critical readings of march twenty first twenty second of this year the point mr solomon rothman being in the president some like will follow that with fascinating detail about meeting between mr haldeman ehrlichman mr helms and gemma watters back in june of nineteen seventy two and in addition he will give you some sense of the way the white house view acting director petraeus well as boys march of this year prior to the great departure from post in april twenty seven but that was semi three families on urban will fascinate your audience with his notions of the possible presidential responsibility for interference from grand jury deliberations that was responsible for the break in thank you that
he will be back at the close of the match brought broadcast to discuss always more detail of the job of that time apart mom out onto prize winning investigative reporter the mourners and former special consultant to president nixon as professor murphy indicated a former aide to the president was pressed on several fronts today to help you watch those hearings and that's our by arguing guide to the hearings in the first hour john erlichman begins to detail is watergate investigation for the white house to announce he gave the committee he says he was told it was jeb magruder was pushing gordon liddy for more intelligence information he says in april of this year he learned that howard hunt had supplied a florida project or three bottles and reviews dirty tricks they're number two blanket immunity for all white house staffers and ehrlichman says when the top of martin's from there was not a scintilla of a mention of shredding documents from <unk> was also an hour senator bernie questions
about his meetings with b anonymously and answering senator why cruz questions about white house florist and find john mitchell is recollection an easy as he put it asked about cia's involvement in the investigation and says the president wanted to deal with jon walters instead of cia chief homes and the final hour senator weicker us about conversations concerning the troubles patrick gray was having getting confirmed as fbi director juan puerto rico and colby dillard graying hair
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 1 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 30 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Ehrlichman testifies.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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