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it's big a specific that i couldn't express a reaction that i can recall too that he was concerned as i reported our subject of executive privilege because he'd been here a little strongly the executive position amy dickinson you
know as a result we're realizing that a grand jury in albuquerque and i didn't know what was behind it and try to find out what was behind and then i talked with the writer and that is the first that i knew about this for meetings back in november and december and they weren't for authorities last july and i began thinking of us
as evidence he's a possible illegal activities ms vivian i don't know in the recording industry he's big anything else
you you were getting their information i did not this difference of opinion nobody knows nobody knows oh really necessary leagues and my community
i think this is wrong again and it doesn't usually do thank you i'm not either your head and he will appreciate at that point that we were in fact involved
senator i must say in the last so i interviewed ten minute sir i asked him everything you know it kind of is it was amazing as we sat in this firstly i don't think mr bhalla oral had a compilation that there was going to be a suggestion for
the president cited as two different opinion between human genome he said that he would like to have us have a meeting with government and said talk about that about the basic question of whether stack had a beard you know but also be casting the demonstrations the meeting likewise i wasn't only a part of the first meeting which was held mr collins was that was the day with secretary schultz came back romney monetary conferences and we were in the midst of a
re examination pastry economic and i was sent to various rules right back within the teleprompter in the automobile bring him up to date on what the president wants to meet with him about an arranged for a time that happened and when secretary to come over and we were meeting and getting into the work that had been in his absence the undersecretary deputy secretary treasury simon so i read it no sir and i use that kind
of testimony two and it was on tv there was no discussion that's it well the president's office again the question again and if i am not with the president signed them is to be
that he wants to be innocent a state has completely espoused out the facts oh this'll of this whole sordid levi when the candidate had some so he found it impossible to do this job when the great hearings going on the distractions and remain decisions against him and so that's what we're talking about now as the polls have been and these songs i was in a meeting the trains review a natural venue
in the president say many of these meetings again no discussion senator gregg of leaving the president was on his duties as a useful because of the president's approach to this which i saw in these two meetings now i want to be an easy decision that's true
one of two things really really at the white house he was setting and was appointed because he did not get into any of the market planning meeting this is all in the comments or any of those kinds of subjects which presumably mr levy he was in the process of getting information out from everyone it would be one of the two men and the assignment investigating
going right all us now with anybody i really want it where you at we cannot any longer and that's when he transferred the son to do and what they do is not smarter and testing and precisely what
was a fascinating in the president's options on the same day researchers and that one sentence and so
i wanted to do exactly did you lose any so want to step into one thing we've been doing here i need to know about executive privilege i need to know about the need to have somebody set this i mean and the only people that i had that there was a request from him and forty seven billion dollars yes yes they gave him a list of questions that he wanted to be an i believe that now
i mean you're using your file photo with findings don't point and i then went down a handwritten list of questions that the president put them at about the progress of the case mitchell possible any possible evidence that any possible evidence of anybody else being involved the committee to reelect any evidence of a white house that the embargo and president now as it was then anybody else but the wreck of the present and that message it is easy and you knew it we had those questions that he wasn't part of my notion of a meeting of the twenty seven presidents about
comedy questions whether well they're about these questions were i am because i think that the people are talking with mr feinstein right we have to we may have
it up actually the first five cents as i recall is on a party and that's one of the big problem with the gentlemen the latter half of their sentences it is it is you'll see let me ask you these events that i did yesterday about the plan to add about that side of it and then we go into an inquiry
so again no no well we the president designated john dean at the white house on fire and one in the white house war ii and also designated as an administrator back to connecticut and had asked the attorney general to be in touch with some of the record with regard to the committee rules and technical matters is that the liaison to find out what was that's correct so he was asking for a poor job on that highway it comes back to me that in the meeting that he and metal and all the president's office or the second
he's requested to ask some of the comedic timing and and that kind of thing so that he would be advised the facts you're not going to report back on that senator stevens so for me to say this is the best information we have is anybody awake he said it is counting on you to the line in with any information for the country or you just can pack into her house was a committee to elect is concerned he said that serious questions are being
raised and you're like any evidence or resigns from another floor vote this one inroads is iraq to the hearings on televisions covering the senate watergate hearings will continue after all for station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service fb the
area and in fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer that the hearings again senator kerry is going over john ehrlichman his investigation of the watergate that he conducted for president nixon links between
people and he said that he has been emphasizing secondly anybody information necessary did anybody in the nation and the significance of them and now we return to the question about
whether or not just a little wormhole and that led to a statement by it if you want to be and he says really have no evidence of this is that we should give some thought in such an event having special ask the dod would happen with his hands as information about the procedure we discuss the community
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 30 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Ehrlichman testifies.
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