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yes it's b you forgive yourself what'd you have a man returned to the consideration of policy and i think the republicans hope to the considerations that would come and avoid that next generation come to light one consideration common way of this both views govern the phone by which is to question too well i don't ever recall being any political considerations i'm sorry mr richard ryan referred to that are
stating that there was no question in your mind kennedy was just one private matter he said the phone banks and the question that is a question is you know many incidents where a local campaign organization that has abated in a demonstration against the procedure would be promoting your questions you're welcome virginia
which was written as a popular was a mailed me during the campaign are unpopular with your live on one of the assistants novels and eight one two three the market i think this is one of yours general motors ford have thought he was a gentleman with
its own interests in elections in order to the planet who knew the copy of the contrasts for quite explain why we would not use material like and as i find them reason we didn't is that we had that we had on our own homework we didn't need not anyone on his own initiative gary barber yes sir but not on a matter that related to a summit of us at one time astronaut sponsored a meeting between the lens we chose them and mccarthy forces of which i was one of the yemen representatives at that time we tried to discuss ways that we could anonymize hostility among at least those four groups which are seen as the liberal wing of the party did you provide that any documentation or any information whatsoever voting record we're certainly would've been a time you've seen a copy of the amateur are prepared it is taken mostly from
the issues produced by the senate itself it's a matter says factual description center mosque is voting record there's a summery couldn't infect her a call in the summer a number of points i commend senator lost his records on a couple auditions a couple places in point out that his record of the senator mcgovern says the respect for that completely neutral and i think very professionally done well i can't in the state senate i think they're reviewed something like sixteen hundred thousand votes over a nine year period during which you have a copy of that did you have any expression of march after must be accountability project came out about mara liasson it was really about
the questions there's been the peak as the senators break for lunch we're also going to pause for a few moments the next witness will be mcgovern's number two man in the campaign frank mankiewicz over television coverage of the senate hearings will continue after plans for a station identification on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service by your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service it's
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select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and bad correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings chief counsel stand that calls on its weapons thanks bye mr meyerowitz do you raise your right hand is that a testimony about it will be the year before that committee i do not you have a statement to read the committee yesterday committee just one reporter committed to prevent this statement and answering questions i can about the nineteen seventy two campaign the
series and other investigations both public and private a wide variety of dirty tricks of sabotage and espionage and in an unprecedented assault on the integrity of the political process itself i should like to take this opportunity to describe what is in my view the most serious of loses all it's one of the most dangerous all the attempts to cover up what was done by the nixon campaign in nineteen seventy two i refer to systematic attempt by administration witnesses before that committee in a president in the white house recently of the white house or controlled either by the white house or the nixon campaign to convey to the american people the idea that the actions of which they were admittedly or prove guilty or some out that's common to american politics and to political campaigns i think an important for someone to state clearly and firmly with these dirty tricks are not politics as usual that american politics does not include
any history of our tolerance for sabotage and espionage perjury forgery or burglary political process does not and has not countenance firebombing of government institutions for the slander have an opponent by accusing him of sexual misconduct board is you're slandering the memory of the slain president will use of a forgery which accuses him of murder american politics as usual is not include stealing documents from an opponent in order before the ref and pass them on the favored journalists were plotting to kidnap those with whom you may disagree those are traditionally include wiretapping or bobbing filling stink bombs are hiring people to create disturbances arrives in the name of your opponent and it's certainly never included at the presidential level using agencies of government repression punish enemies really use a special white house gun shoots a couple bottles of the senator's track
he says the hearing centered culture the comedy ranks remain depleted all their command committee was forced to wait for senator montoya has returned it would have required presiding officer as you'll see later it was montoya who asked the most questions of uncertainty at this point sanders is a bison would you conflicts using agencies of government to harass and punish on saturdays values of special white house come shoot a couple bottles of senators treasure as a journalist
i think we're going over the nation to survive watergate and the conflicts that war is now for associated i doubt if we're strong enough to survive very long the widespread belief that those actions are the normal things to expect in the practice of electoral politics yet we've seen over the past months one witness after another recalling the notion that both sides do it that this is typical politics in some politics and bagels activities were justified because the other side and on the same things and with no action then the already low esteem which many now have a political system will sink even lower and the final watergate very critical of the way a politician but there's only one example in his prepared testimony h r haldeman listed the following his testimony of pages twenty eight and twenty nine while demonstrations and disruption tackling are shutting down speakers burning are bombing campaign headquarters visible
damage are trashing of headquarters and other buildings harassment a candidate's wives and families about sandy's destruction of the national convention by splattering dinner guests with eggs and tomatoes indecent exposure rock throwing assaults on delegate slashing must die or smashing windows setting trash fires and of a gas tanker was nothing policeman from their motorcycles unquote from stalin and went on to charge that these were quote all activities which took place in nineteen seventy two against the campaign the president united states by opponents some of them took place all women continued with the clear knowledge and consent of agents of the opposing candidate in the last election others were acts of people who are clearly on sympathetic to the president that they not had direct orders from the opposing can and call as false and whole and in each part of the listed there which have the knowledge and consent of any age of the modern campaign
and no evidence of any kind of the presenter will be provided for nonexistent country furthermore we know now and testimony before this committee that shows that are in fact the middle ages of the election campaign for ire for that purpose of an astrologer that an expression that some prospect of violence addiction rally was both in his words good and great we can only conclude that marlette died activity was actually promoted by the nixon campaign itself mr chairman of calm and be more intent that on more than one occasion according to memorandums year the leak of veteran newsman the story that the mcgovern campaign financing these activities says while there was a self financed by sinister foreign sources now when he made those statements mr allman them to be false that they're widely believe nevertheless what i'm trying to express here is that this kind of activity and all the illegal unethical activity we've heard
described here is not typical american politics at all but it was done in a democratic campaign in nineteen seventy two and the campaign which animals familiar lot of sen mcgovern i could say categorically that was only for you each of all the dirty tricks the crimes with the seats and the coverups the nation has now learned more committed and gatherers opponent furthermore i'm my own knowledge as well as extensive recent research there was also the politics is usually on the democratic campaigns of nineteen seventy two humphrey senator jackson and it was kind of politics is not present in other recent democratic or republican presidential campaigns as kind of activity may well be politics as usual for nixon campaign not for any other democratic or republican presidential campaign which i have and how i believe it to be the greatest disservice to the republic to suggest that it is as the effect on the nineteen seventy two campaign in the so called dirty tricks
they would have been successful but there's a little slimy letters to forge press releases the fake leaflets seems to have been not influence the result of any single primary election but to create within the democratic party such a strong sense of resentment among the candidates and their followers was to make unity of the party impossible was a nominee was selected that the average age of the most successful workers and senator muskie's campaign have told me that they believed the dirty tricks played on senator muskie in new hampshire who have been the work of the mcgovern campaign and certainly there must've been those humphrey and jackson partisans hussein the filthy letter about their candidates in florida for jurors to appear to be from the muskie campaign a lot of money this was i believe particularly true in the later stages of the primary campaign deliberately false statements about senator mcgovern its positions on such matters as the legalization of marijuana and the state abortion and even the legalization of prostitution or put out in ohio nebraska
and california there were maybe seen the work of the campaigns or even the statements of the candidates themselves though senators jackson i'm free in california leaflets deliberately distorting the record of mining the characters and senator humphrey and mcgovern re issued in the name of the other rival candidate senator mcgovern and senator humphrey were led to believe the other was involved in a vicious campaign of distortion of vilification and a real uniting of factions normally the course of the democratic campaign after the primaries beacon for more difficult i think it is a reasonable question whether senator humphrey let himself to the socal california challenge in june and july of nineteen seventy two it not become convinced because of the nixon campaigns planned sabotage listener mcgovern's campaign attack him unfairly in maine we know that i'm selling telephone calls placed their socio president george meany in june was someone masquerading as the
mcgovern campaign manager gary hart how much of history these hostilities senator mcgovern campaign can be attributed to the us or other such incidents is difficult to measure so for that matter is the impact numerous similar a fake telephone calls a local union and party officials during the fall campaign all of that and selling major all from people purporting to be mcgovern campaign officials unsure what was created by the sabotage effort with an unparalleled atmosphere of rancor discord within the democratic party and as visitors a great perhaps unwittingly reveal before this committee that was me and the only name of the campaign of illegal about ethical activity largely executed but which had been carefully conceived by the various assistance council's special assistant and special counsel to the president of the united states that's for the record and the committees of purposes which you a grave mistake your professional
background leading up to your career and political activist i am an undergraduate degree viewers to california los angeles in the class of nineteen forty seven along with stalin was for the glass because the stars fell on the journalism from media columbia university school of journalism and a law degree from the university california berkeley i practiced law in the los angeles from nineteen fifty five through nineteen sixty one and in nineteen sixty one idea when the peace corps i was a young country director and crew for two years in london and regional director for two more in nineteen sixty six until in nineteen sixty eight ozone the secretary senator robert kennedy i worked briefly at the
democratic convention in nineteen sixty eight and a half of the senator mcgovern in collaboration with family in a syndicated columnist television commentator until nineteen seventy one inmate nineteen seventy one eyed giant senator mcgovern campaign the election of nineteen seventy two political activity and it began i suppose in california in nineteen fifty i was a candidate for the state legislature then after i was elected two and became acting family in los angeles county democratic central committee and i was acting in a variety of ways as long tearing the number of presidential campaigns in california but my idea is or official political activity consisted of the service in the campaign of senator kennedy in nineteen sixty eight to nineteen sixty eight and then as the political director senator
mcgovern campaign of nineteen seventy one seventy two you say publicly what their function was that last well you played the presidential campaign has to be true for some no gen petraeus well as i think just this morning leah cable organization was not as our investors perhaps people believe in a presidential campaign in general i was the inside man merlin campaign through conventional wisdom financing of raising funds to some extent a checking on expenditures or media press reading things in the national headquarters
until the convention and from the convention on it and traveled with a year southern governors are traveling party was gone probably five or six days a week in a general election as i just continue with a question related to indicate it responds to function which made him very well like a human cannon it's true letters with digital mr buchanan mm hmm says sometimes there are thinking process and that fact was on a lot of your friends from the cameraman city did you want to wait to hear the testimonies of the candidates it is not what the
wild like that have to do with my parents to react to some of the the memorandum that as the vividness of the camera in the book some of it the ante with this committee at the american comedy that islam is just a greater thought but as the way that we have that through mr buchanan says the money in my mind or that were that were presented in a record what in effect was a grand strategy of the republican party in the campaign of seventy two when i want to make clear but the strategy as presented at cannes and it could be prevented this time the purpose of indicating any wrongdoing
unethical or improper conduct to demonstrate political strategy that was an effect in fact sit down in the form of memoranda and was later commanded by certain age and social security in the eighties worked for an hour in a memorandum which was the orchestra address to the president from the canon and five the mosque you are how does make clear from africa the campaign should be to identify the front runner which is the sentiment that muskie and to use the resources of the republican party to affect his chances in the primary in such a way as to at him not come out as the democratic candidate and one of the strategies suggested this weekend was a
memorandum is that the attack they should come not from the right but between the center left of the democratic party it should focus on those issues that divides democrats not those that unite republicans it should excessive rate be an elevator those issues on which democrats are divided within must be to be this travel or come down on one side of the head and then out a number of those issues are identified on the page for a special effects of weightlessness personality is as an individual who cannot react on the pressure and the racial issue and his stand on abortion them further on on a memorandum was repaired
adjust to the attorney general and most of all know and kind of dividing the democrats began as a foursome strategies on how during the primaries actually more divided democrats and that number of things such as supporting sort of liberal or left wing positions of the repairs rather like to write well when physicians and the venom page a recommendation for top level consideration two ways and means or motor system fonda for party can see the left democrats and a black democrats there's nothing there and so that's the president's chances for reelection not a trip to china nor for half percent unemployment as a realistic black presidential campaign i'm not following
recommendation black compliance as we did with muskie we should continue to champion because of the blacks that within the democratic party that their complaints as being taken for granted and finally the alma mater at what are referred to in the memorandum of april twelve nineteen seventy two from buchanan to john mitchell holliman which states an opening paragraph our primary objective prevents animosity from sweeping the early primaries locking up the convention april and uniting the democratic party behind him before have been achieved and the likelihood of great three months ago at the democratic convention to become a dignified coronation ceremony for central cavity libya not a party in the election is now or more than a reference and that memorandum was the migrants do december theory on page eight of the
memorandum our next goal is the caption what we need now the decision and we want to run again if we believe that the governors are candidates are dozens of reasons set forth in a memorandum alito that memorandum saying that the governor there long shot at the nomination of a long shot but if you win we win let's let him have a lot of the nomination and assist them in everywhere we can the day he gets five percent of the democratic vote nationally and why are anne richard nixon swanson and people do not yet know is that while now that was with us you can identify these memoranda and indicated that this was recommended by they've been indicated he himself had any operational role but was an idea before the committee we've heard testimony from mr donald cigarette i've ever come across
the main golf during the nineties that the campaign is not to loan again i don't think this was a member about some of the regular i'm a very republican operative for a campaigner california campaign know but i believe the leave our california headquarters turned ugly a volunteer kurdish facilities under in the primaries what we have testimony from last december and it's already in the record that he was a higher body and mr chaikin it out president clinton secretary or two ago a hiatus and go into at a covert operation simple drake campaigns and to reduce the demonstrators picket some amount of activities that would specifically is the strategy that is wrestling with committee
the var democratic candidates in the primaries and the assignment was to go to the various important primary states and then list the editors agents in those days i guess i think of it you a copy of the album exhibits which were part of the record momma's was a great testified at the end of the record you have a need for you and you will turn to well i'm your tattoo and that was the night of there's a memorandum which has already been reported his record which is a live memorandum of the minute that vote was ready testified that when you see this element of his jacket and that at least now we want to have at least one must resign in amman demonstrators were demonstrating against the president issued the musty for president in big letters should be held a location so that is clearly visible it must eventually events but other democratic hopefuls there should be assigned to which
gets them for example in a musty rally there should be a large why not a black vice president for perhaps we prefer country or something else that would go to them along tom perrelli should be mostly science and the kennedy rallies issued muskie or humphrey silence on the science should be well placed in relationship to the press areas of a picture is easy to get out of the sweaty that testified to follow this advice now and the primaries in which you are well did you see any of the evidence that that this particular recommendation it was carried out well i think i think people get over thirty years as mr buchanan the
least one occasion to really do there is a tendency as events develop to have to make them self confirming him to point out that what has happened is hollywood and predictability about that i have a feeling that some of the claims excessive and apolitical knows who probably does religious and the memorandum your principal saying everything i don't let them was turned out to be wrong it's much better for the other way on april eleventh londoners to be a canon was saying our objective to weaken the senator muscular role as leaders read that has now been accomplished there is a suggestion that he had accomplished and i'm feeling that was published by other forces in the desired minister began and so we're supposed to live it's also significant that i think at the time that he was saying was now
<unk> the nomination in april he was in the leading candidate and that it was also about that time as i recall that's the situation of the right hand didn't know what the left was doing the restaurant was transferring an honors student from brigham young from history of spying on the muskie campaign in to perform the same function that the mcgovern campaign but all through the primaries we saw this kind of activity that's related to me beginning early in the regime during the campaign and after the primaries they're going to kill you a summit government in a discussion review or in any discussion you had with the professional says if any of the other candidates that there was working in the primaries a republican agency operative to do undercover work with kyle know it did not and as a matter of fact early think we all drew me in
reasonable conclusion aisle in new hampshire for example or the buildings that desire must be oh i've since discovered but laski a campaign people believe the mcgovern campaign and on those things was a reasonably that the report was to memorize in california for example is a little more aggressive buildings would appear out occasionally talked about three campaign manager dr ellen we had not done those things and vice versa about the year was believed the other because there was no reason to we believe that perhaps wasn't any one of you but perhaps a lot of the ideas of the opposition meaning the opposition party who in fact was well i think it was today as opposed to when i mean originally in california for example if a va document appears as a bit of stan simply from a group called democrats for a peace candidate and if all of us senator humphrey describes his position makes him appear a ludicrous and
that indeed is the author of every atrocity in vietnam beginning with the beginning or ending with new law mr humphries people believe that that is going to be about over his opposition his opposition mr benson and we believe that we did that you feel that it was reasonable for them so that this is not politics as usual but we've had testimony before deciding to be up all the canadian a record before this committee to find out whether or not this issue or not i know you've also by the white and asian research and testimony before says that an astute politician politician such as a senator i was out quite of an experience in political campaigns that should've been aware of the fact that this is the way things had the and that rather than look to blame one of his opponents in the primary with liberal democrat sherrod now that perhaps there was a i'm an agent from the opposition
party of work now at precisely the point i'm trying to make it if this were indeed politics as usual of memos experienced in american politics and senator humphrey and senator mcgovern believed that this was the kind of thing that wed all time that it might have occurred to them the press of the nixon forces were doing these things but they didn't believe that it's not a customer in american bodies museum while the food becomes obvious of physical jr bono if anyone but certainly not from some distant campaign predictive its president united states masquerading as your opponent senator mcgovern both at least worst films of they had not experienced with past the nixon campaign and maybe the vision of immoral or that they were not the point i make is it's not politics is usually ordinary assumption wannabes literature like that comes out is not to assume but it's anything but what appears to be a well you also indicate i think of your statement and your information if you're
going to commit consenting your professional background activity and on vacation with jonathan your vision research and in a book involving a presidential campaigns and you found in your research in addition to their activities in political campaigns and a tradition of this kind of activity it i had a couple people who were active in the republican and democratic presidential campaign since the fifties and all of them have told me that they find astonishing and their dangers the notion that somehow this is not all campaigns are people like oak cliff white for example managed the goldwater campaign in nineteen sixty four i spoke to jim carrey was served one of the leaders of the campaigns and fifty two and fifty six and others were in the democratic campaigns in the sixties and also the same thing and then the experience of others is the same the necessity and i've this deception this putting
out literature clinging to be in those support one candidate when in fact it's financed by another is unprecedented all about what we want to sample which i think you refer to in your statement which was a particular leon scott it's a piece of literature and a statue of europe exhibits they're there and record their taxes and that the nest is a credit to testify before this committee an identified this particular item which is eight i laid out that is tight on citizens from mosque the station i which was to survey said that he and every breath every every photograph and eighth reportedly any message from the citizens for must be a nasty campaign added to your fellow democrats and is a letter which i will not re years ago the greek ministers and reading this year because
of respect for both senators and three and jack jackson was a must be what this is the letter which forcibly accused sanders the senator from jackson and humphrey of the serious sexual misconduct and other acts which would be quite shocking to the fellow democrats to receive it and let's agree so the nominee photographed a made up the stationery from the busy at what actually made up the ladder many other names and was i'm sorry for statement about the accusations were true and that was walking on a large number were distributed resort to that the candidates and their states got now you have that before you were that we are aware by the way of this particular so the citizens from us the letter that they're certainly in florida is so honest and you give us there's a description of the impact of that letter in the
florida primary among the candidates as you know it as a worker in that election i think there were two reactions to it i think the limited something move audiences and services is robust you didn't come from an official rescue organization that i don't have a remedy people because the letters or so while someone would've had to be relit a narrative muskie's a record and the year as any of the people were foreign to assume that i think the general feeling was that someone lol some low level muskie operative perhaps and unauthorized taken some of his own campaign stationary and i made up this name but i think there were also others who probably thought that since this is at a letter which simultaneously the famed senator jackson senator humphrey and senator muskie for having circulating the letter was created by still for a candidate who would benefit from those three being smeared namely senator mcgovern
that kind of made some of the people who worked for senator muskie told me that that was their conclusion of the time it's an actual letters jacquelyn to have produced a result i think that is why at a notch here was was that sophisticated but i think the year i think the calculated result of this letter was that people would either get mad at senator muskie or at senator mcgovern and that any of them that enable would get mad and creates friction and the rancor among the democratic candidates and that was i gather of purpose that i'm even individuals will to understand there were circulated twenty or thirty eight mail them to the right people's a living thing to let this fall and the guy at the testimony was just reading about his purpose oh it was to do this kind of activity and
connectivity to create bitterness so that the fact he said that was the usual a tradition among the democrats who may fight in the primaries but they rallied behind each candidate comes out of the convention and at his job with his agents was to sow suspicion bitterness that whether canada and then she wouldn't be able to get the others to rally around them now we have six but this is the leaflet on these two occasions the forearm has committed fifty five on two occasions i was about i was a leaflet york city four in a liberal and want to have a photograph of an asylum us he's mostly because of our and a slogan wakeup liberals this than anyone in the oval office and such states must be so publicly list of political
opportunists and opposing abortion reform what kind of a man is it must be as a wheeling dealing war given politician ed muskie would be no different from the next and the jewish families we have now added to the right on a group that's now i don't think we have a minute if you're not using this valley saw this leaflet been a campus club for the first time when you were at the time you saw them that it was prepared as have them testify before here but as you can picture him the chances of the canon and actually was spread widely divergent president of those and also a testimony before this committee for that he paid eight hundred dollars i believe approximately and author roger stone a mortgage and
going i am here the lead a leaflet i believe senator mcgovern headquarters out with the colonists <unk> form of interviews with news that the committee was left at governor walker's i think it's a reasonable motors today is that the white house was playing dirty tricks on senator mcgovern in jerusalem literary even though lately with this leaf that caused a lot of trouble because the government orders is i think the testimony here show that a copy of it was taken i believe to the manchester union leader where the people did as they were told that they could find that the mcgovern headquarters limit the muskie campaign people complained of this case to me about the leaflet i must say reading it my impression really rather sinking feeling was that it had been prepared by historic march you know i'm not that
i was not a mcgovern supporter but he was at a musky opponent mr martin taken on for himself the job of xena you know when the nomination here it was so serbia's making small contributions of time to senator mcgovern congresswoman chisholm senator mccarthy and i believe mayor lindsay and he had set up a number of committees and then serve taken on single handedly the job and he thought i'm attacking the center muskie and this leaflet seemed to be to them is the stamp on with the committee citizens for a little bit more about what kind of agreement well at that time in new hampshire is certainly only by senator mcgovern he was
the only candidate who could be described i think in new hampshire the liberal alternative to federal government would've been fantastic cleveland but i am convinced that i was going to serve that time in and later that the muskie campaign believe that senator mcgovern was indeed responsible for the divisions in the country are i think we thought also in wisconsin and perhaps in the photograph pennsylvania primary up to the time that senator muskie withdrew from there it was this great offensive five it received three thousand spreading all over the primary states including california's well if you look at also set of votes he getting preferred soon as tomorrow cigarette
testified before this committee in this particular exhibit was an actor they took this pairing that mr mott the place in the various newspapers attacks senator muskie lithium at a disgusting secret money in presidential politics and calls on some animosity to him make accounting for the money because of the committee for honesty in politics it is unidentified man yeah there is a division of two paragraphs or two sentences that was just recently added to this that and there you are next quote now he says he will disclose the fact that you haven't returned a musty every week was barely in florida and cried in new hampshire why the waiting for political odor is that the fix up his books and analyze them there's a few sentences the committee will look for your
names as part of my skis that get it better be there no reference by the way that less couple seconds is is that this particular and political interests and his testimony was out in los angeles at a musky fund raising dinner and get into the people attending there and so they would see that the bottom that the committee will look for your names for months that they've been here everywhere i was aware of the basic outline of the images of the bottom of what it was being indirectly of the drivers of that they're set causes that as the moderate been identified with and supporting violent death this week may happen is ready republican nation under the chickens supervision the people attending that dinner without reasonably what candidate it's only one of that reason on people attending the better but tanner muskie's campaign he wouldn't additional reason to believe that senator mcgovern was at campaigning in an unfair manner of again senator most
candidates only now i think you may be aware of all of the term to work that morning like one out so this committee for our involvement with mr motz all creation had no connection at any time that the mcgovern campaign and the periodical don't try to dissuade most remarkable in these ads in the newspapers without felt that there was no help to the position that he is a spouse so that point really you're noticing another lethal in which there is a similarity to believe that we just talked about what was that this report this one instead of being must be that being a us citizen for a little time is reportedly is as a committee vote democrats against losses them he wasn't ready to testify that he was at
and it has one says so the picture of mr trump really big fish and says shows trump ripped out and the slogan of this you smell the white house a question mark and seller and it i'm free statements of charlie would blossom and making him through video that by human activities and things of that nature of that do you i was i guess i came across that in california california was to memorize this was one of the things when the leaflets i think that the and rage the center on free and is less partisan because they believed that it came from the head of the mcgovern campaign there was another leaflet very similar to this in which that fish that on the cover was was president about the your face of center on freedom and crop and a lot of fish
and the line underneath instead of safe as she smiled from the white house said that there's something fishy about senator humphrey and instead of being from the committee against losses and p wilson chairman of the scholarly democrats for a peace candidate jean wilson chairman another copy was saying i think many democrats have already been cut by otis redding also benefits to read write and i notice a bumper sticker years twenty five why woods's humphrey he started the war don't give them another chance and that's also used in the day which turned out to be was to the bumper sticker and it was that dramatic those things were all relieved by about three people during the california primary to be the work of a campaign and nothing the market aisles for much of the rest of them as well are these kind of that very
serious their counterparts a similar tight leaflets about senator mcgovern from equally fictitious committees which we believe to have been a product of the humphrey campaign and we'd leave their denials i had a number of a close friend's political associates or working in the humphrey campaign and most friendships were severely strained in that campaign and impressed not totally restored i think senator humphrey and senator mcgovern themselves who have been close friends are that campaign considerable strain placed on the literally given as i said in a prepared statement i have a feeling it was this kind of thing that made senator humphrey more willing to support the so called california challengers immediately after the primaries economies and you also have the us to have this kind of activity which also attacks animosity with that how that effected center mosque is relationship with the senate and won think of the things that were done earlier senator must get a similar effect in new hampshire for example
or a late night phone calls were made from people work imitating what they believe to be the accent of the black americans claiming to be representatives of our own committee for muskie and these girls came around midnight and made people uninsured in areas where people the tibetans and here considerably earlier they doing we haven't had testimony of that particular incident and i'm like that do you have any particular evidence to who the source of what this was but i yeah i do i know it was not going to campaign just as i know the campaign was not the source of the famous a canuck letter i don't know the source is that i think that we have a pattern of activity here now which would at least cause the burden of proof to shift and requires some kind of proof that was not the work of losing the blue put out
these kind of this kind of material and you have to use them really love and there's a separation of a version that concerning senator i've been told that the people were those of the muskie campaign that they believed that that was the source of literary tricks again senator grassley well in new hampshire but there are other bombers that says well i have no way to probe things affected those decision but i know literally a million california primary colors their musky spoke here at the national press club and it was widely believed including by his campaign managers leaders before i think that course of the year nineteen
seventy two campaign when he had as i say i don't know how much that contributed but i certainly think that a man who had spent the last four months believing that senator mcgovern was out to work and saw them who were playing this kind of dirty trick to make him seem out kind of person that he was not literally been less willing to make that endorsement i think it may have entered into his decision just letting it out into the center of his decision to join him at a california town let's listen we've had an end to that event for the committed and references to get up at what was being done here in the kinds of activities that was the real deal i met him i guess in the nineteen sixty campaign
in california we were together at work for me most of the time in the nineteen sixty eight robert kennedy campaign and he worked in the nineteen seventy two campaign briefly and i was responsible for his are being hired in the seventy two campaign and in the interim ideas seem from time to time in the us they were friends as well as an associate our evolution of them of a minister really going to other campaigns other than i consented to campaign but knowing what they cut during a campaign including the senate campaign it was actually other things that i showed you in january's death of witnesses the gravy has identified with his handiwork are would you say are actor as these things as picked up five of activities no i would not and will not remotely quotable the conservative well these activities that would not be accurate but that the effect of the first place
a total lack of the humor and the second place so these are serious giselle occasions with respect to other candidates college that functionally in campaigns is to it was to lose to restore sometimes i needed those sense of your whole campaign patients quicker it was an important part of the activity duty was doing things there was a stamp they were done in new hampshire which i thought to cover done for us visas he did not but it seems to me a year to be a lawyer
all week or absence of the things you did religion or maybe that was new hampshire was that and no in new hampshire winning candidate files for the a presidential primary the governor sponsors at a certain for coffee and cake reception in the statehouse after the candidate without papers and that was our muscular up their january nineteen seventy two at this reception and as the guests finished her coffee they are discovered that under underneath a coffee as it turned out their cubs pasted on the bottom looking up it was a replica of the mcgovern campaign now oil that doesn't end the leaders of the things we've been talking about here but it is in my view for the bottom ranger pickup type operation and i like i called obit that afternoon to congratulate him on the civilian disciple was the thought that in fact
five iv of mcgovern campaign and the seventy two campaign used early nineteen seventy one years and the remainder of the campaign i think until around the spring of those seventy two about a particular activity recommended with them are you going to get something for damages reputation that the say so but because of the political campaign on projects that are considered straight he's a research men is a good use of the president and he did some research for is in new york and the seventy two campaign compiling some of the material from the newspapers and other sources on the maryland zoo he'd come up with a big cup type character in nineteen seventy two and that we were able to do it because we didn't have the money and i couldn't convince other people in the campaign sometimes the troopers into some odd jobs
i meet with a number of republican contenders have a big barbecue lines to the airstrip there and cut proposed to have two trucks it appears to have a lot of rage trump and the other is simple white panel truck with the spanish words for mexican laundry and on the side look at that it's been fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 5
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 45 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Rick Stearns and Frank Mankiewicz testify.
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Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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