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yeah yeah that was certainly the inadequate response by the communications you know the white house says no and you used that conversations you're welcome
who is going to be now we haven't made it to the effect that the feral man who listens and a mancession you roll we have testimony the swiss
bank account anyway in negotiating an agreement december january charlotte seventy one you will have to go back at all this summer or someone's nineteen seventy one now you were also in the western desert and out when you were operating when you made a few mystical what's real and what's recommended occasionally as
it or do you rent you know yeah yeah you recommend and no you know a blow to those who complain that go oh oh oh oh
a show about them senator singing and the objective the objective of the summit this isn't going to the office about the human souls was
the records ato records and sentimental support for that record held this up thank you
in the interview it has to pay the patients oh yeah the conversation no it doesn't
but yeah mckinley and they compile a very recent report which we have presented to mr young and go and whether it went to mr krugman is another matter you know more about how you spoke about that you spoke about this to continue that he had received no medication but so was follow and vote for you i believe it is so hard to get a really received up on how
to answer yes who do you have do you as a whole if you think that time was that it
was kept during finish line for season and there's possibly the search engine for a fairer standards which he was trying to adjust as white house counsel i wont extend our conversation about that much for other except to say your employer sponsored cause i'm happily un's goals then now associated in the er are have been together in the alumni association of brown university oh and that the obstacles was aware of your previous history and background with the central intelligence agency in his predecessor what you
were doing information is around in nineteen forty and they discharged after being injured in action it's the nineteen fourteen points or you're more time along correspondent rely on it in nineteen forty three nineteen forty six she worked with the opposite strategic services using the un here of course it's a dry you're saying they're based for a while an opening in southern china and you're or ss you not won a presidential citation of nineteen forty six he obtained a guggenheim fellowship and spend a year in mexico ringing spanish reading learning spanish i'm writing for two years
from scripture cia was created in nineteen forty seven and in early nineteen forty nine join that agency the american embassy our during nineteen forty nine to nineteen fifty you were in vienna austria in nineteen fifty nineteen fifty three year in mexico city in nineteen fifty three to nineteen fifty six your conversation was that of a political adviser to the defense department what america japan's claim in several european countries during this period you're actively involved in the overthrow of the guatemalan regime in nineteen fifty seven and nineteen sixty you were a cia station chief in montevideo warrior carter was first secretary of the american council of when the cia sought to
resign from that position rumors he does have a disagreement feel free to tell me so your song from nineteen sixty to nineteen sixty five and nineteen sixty or back to washington and we are going to display the preparation the cuban invasion are you resigning from the foreign service in nineteen sixty just more effective government of mexico in the miami posing as a writer and suddenly a common to us the next ninety nine years was a lack of the cia's representative the cuban revolutionary council respected post castro
used an invasion brigade was being trained in guatemala you sent your job when the when certain as usual to have to censor people to the provisional government of cuba and went to miami with the cuban council after the invasion of cuba they'll use served as a personal assistant to cia director allen dulles are certain activities are not entirely unknown in nineteen sixty three the american ambassador in madrid refuse to accept us deputy chief of the local cia station however we were in nineteen sixty five and nineteen sixty six going into my shoes that was a nineteen sixty six nineteen sixty seven edition of who's who list of jazz retired government official living in the area he returned to washington in
nineteen sixty eight on april thirtieth nineteen seventy from nineteen seventy nineteen seventy one company we continue to work until you became a white house consultant on july seventeen la jolla the dismissal of june july seventeenth nineteen seventy two news that first get your career recovery various it was cool the agency and all that to get this gas as a precondition you and i discussed with him over the years that company for you
oh really i certainly not foreigners asians knowing what art connection with the job producer back in the fifties they don't talk on a number occasions cia officials about your biggest responsibilities the white house during her ten years so i know on more than one occasion on how many
people it's a half a dozen years have investigations are top of that of the medical office is an injunction security john kavanagh connection with the reflection of americans running a financial extent it's unlimited the home secretary
mr helms no conservative supporters of this protest began with the bureau's seemingly ever given access to cia personnel records recruit no i have gas service is present certain qualifications what will all that hadn't known photography and the show occasionally the agency recruiting volunteers they are logistical
support for the positions now within gaza none of those mr pollan no now to author secretary general disgust with the notion that it was just a question you have to conserve
richard thompson service requires a telling the nation that there and about three minutes there is a conversation there are substantial portions of america it is you know what
some houses and businesses in the conversation to the acquisition of certain practical victory about it nina totenberg but you know at that time i did not know us or the journal of yours today and circumstances that no i don't believe i can measure ms cindy xerox copies of photographs taken and your feelings all things that were supplied with his record
and inside buildings have you seen any i may have said that this is really what i want to find out to deliver the photographic film or someone delivering for the cia to be processed in the private sector and i'm renee montagne so the kurds at the negative image or you know whether cia still has not return it i have no idea fb freak these business and being out in language that
works carter for his foreign intelligence community did you have a letter of instructions are equipped with respect to do in general operations in the intelligence field and with the watergate and feeling situations to you now you understand it a lot of instructions of years later it says its instructions in writing on the general description of the jagger about undertows and an authorization an opposition does it also include what to call it for a conversation about the general question i believe about certain given you that was not in the ellsberg situation and with that material is travis i describe the interest licensed ostentation first waves tape recorders
cameras and why do they want to know where that is the party is it do you know anything about that general election money to pay there's a specific date
until the public in the play the piano the point so it was a relatively short day and watergate committee terms at least as we heard at the beginning homs physical condition is not the best and it was clear that he tires he's like oh peter kay spent the day on
capitol hill would it howard hunt today now peter is back to talk about the mood of these hearings and what happened that day along with that use it was watching bureau chief of time magazine and jack murphy interest and rituals be a gentleman a lot was at stake at the hearings today the future course of the committees where the possibility of future network coverage and not least of all the arab public acceptance of the need for future hearings and i was arrested on the first witness on e howard hunt there was a feeling where i set up in the committee room and i must admit i shared it but can't bomb not productive enough to interesting i think you've been infected by that the nixon virus that is to turn this down turn it off i seem to believe that the american people want this but i honestly that some people persist in this idea that the kerry should be a star television turned off there are a few polls suggest this but by and
large the preponderance of scientific evidence the polls show quite the opposite the network show higher listenership for the hearings your network here shows our listenership i think they still want them quite honestly i think another factor is that as i suspect many washington has grown more bored with the hearings and the people out there and that's perhaps what happened with mr hunt he was in his explosives were used to around here but i think it was highly significant deeply moving from a human standpoint another fascinating in detail well as far as the nixon virus you're closer to the man than i am so i suspect that if all you've avoided the virus maybe the russians have to look at seriously even send that few remember the testimony during the morning session how disjointed it seemed to be in the fact that when we went over and over again they'd pick colson really know or didn't they no nothing ever seemed to get pin down and finally we talked with this during the
lunch break and he was he admitted that the house was a sick man a broken man and that he just really hadn't panned out in public session as a hopi have an executive session and sensitive and that anybody they want him for the lead off witness it seems to me that they have something something of a dove i would inescapable as point of view i was going to be born with the proceedings today this is a slightly different tact than into discussing a question of the public's dissatisfaction association with rather the man on which these questions were asked and the answers a listener that church was not shot that was not focused and neighbor well beyond the my dear colleague in kind hearted friends and it was somewhat the condition by hans weakness and was not coming through as strongly as firmly as with previous would assume but had this been a case before a jury i'm sure that to the jury confused what was going on like a checkpoint that first line i
disagree with the un and they are the first place i don't know who you are there and in terms of our witnesses and i'd like to get to that the substance of what was a very rigorous abuse order to do that would you characterize what was said today by johann terms of the cracks here in this one that comment first i greet us let's not cast it in terms of show business i think that's an end insult to the american public and i think it's gone far deeper malik spent several weeks contemplating this thing i think their perception of that goes beyond what we understand from it made it much better it should not be viewed in terms of fuel that's right and i think that in terms of that i thought i found this bassam and i found howard hunt personal story to be at one of the crux of the tragedies of this whole thing that here is a man carrying out orders as he thought for whatever lapse or whatever reason from his own government he stands to spend the rest of his life in jail he has four motherless children and there is and to
the best of my knowledge a statement of remorse from the white house from these people but going into this business i have not detected it from the past and i have not protected it from food or from any of these people clean from mile from alec mr haldeman i find that just appalling and i think out in the american public as one of the things that makes people so uptight about this or disturbed them so much that there is no expiration of what was done wrong to these other people not only that not only harmed but the people were victimized by this are no expression of remorse about what's happened in the country they still stand there say i didn't do it let's cover it up a school on art i would agree that the human story of howard hunt was an interesting one but substantively thought that he had to the total of knowledge we have he didn't implicate for the first time charles colson and i think we'll talk about that in a man with i think we'll talk about it in the context of who cares about charles colson right now really am now getting underway about
spiro agnew were wearing about a number of other things the presidential tapes but what's the drama europe and howard baker his own words or to paraphrase and we we can't hold a hearing on how much the charles colson own one that you know who cares what we're beginning to penetrate go little by little a little deeper and you feel that he's a man who's denied all implication up till now here is a man described by some as the president's own man it's just where penetrating just a little more when i had that feeling i think that's right you do have this notion of course i'm more evolved as we thought that there is some add a dimension that you have confirmation of the notion that there was no discussion of clemency between paulson and the lawyer for the smell of confirms the other side which was that this was not an issue ever between these respective parties no i'm just checked checked what about this
long and somewhat hard to follow argument on the attorney client relationship i know i got lost after living as an attorney eugene cordero i think it was confusing usually the rule is that if you have that affect labor provision respect any portion of general information value wave as george you could send her to its disclosure of buyers so important to return to someone else in a way that has to all wrong information this is that i can read you a lot about a person who would otherwise have approached to refuse to disclose or to prevent another from his closing unspecified mater has no such problems with respect to that matter if the judge finds that heat without corruption and with knowledge of his privilege made disclosures many of the matter and that i think is is the critical question without question the suggestion today was that because of the outstanding provisional sense of judgment that coupled with joshua this injunction that mr khalid cooperate ms johnston in a
position i think to his attorneys that he is being coerced into speaking contrary to the right here as prevalent and that should sometime arise later when the question is does mr butler speak about the moment with respect to china's not justified in america take the position that the collection involves a regular invoke this exception to the rule of a waiver i'm a very clear that it's an unusual proposition legally and normally what hundred said center that would have waived the privilege for but i think david may be back supposition that was of mr sachs was talking about and they ask a much simpler legal a question that mr had testified that one hundred fifty six thousand dollars in legal fees that's an awful lot of money to play the client really is the legal rates become that inflated it i was born and that's a good point inflation the kind of the legal profession i can go to college
thank you we so i think more partisanship in the first hour this morning with everybody set senator wyden from republicans fred thompson center for any senator baker olive and chipping in snarling a little bit of those the most ambitious questions and some of the procedure you think that's going to be the pattern oh probably i think you know these things change and nature as they go along there isn't any question of that and i suppose of the cast and more participants mark partisan tones and bb that's part of this offensive that we talked about earlier to try to picture this that you know but once again you know in this nation of ours not a somewhat have that you don't have to listen to these hearings in all of the american public can get out with a minimum amount of effort walk over and with a very slight further effort turn the television knob and
turn the hearings off they don't have to read about them in the morning augustine self innovate is it might be that we have about what's involved arson charges what should be broadcasting steamy analysis we can leave those who honestly those of dough and walk away from people for a much jam ok you've heard what and the four of us think about today our sons first date and now you take and take that any way you want to inform your own opinions and draw your own conclusions we will be back tomorrow night for the committee's thirty ninth day any hour one second and tell them or peter kay an impact on jim lehrer thank you and goodnight from washington you've been watching devil the devil videotape coverage of the hearing of the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 5 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 38 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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