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it's b you're welcome now those services oh really mm hmm
you're welcome we made it in nineteen sixty eight we're conservative and what we don't know
is it we have to deal with these changes assemblyman carroll i don't know in nineteen sixty eight i don't know after the sixty eight
that was the definition of style if you win you know i was not in a position so to justify this this was this was a decision that was made
for paying legal fees are being made by people at the committee and people who were in charge of thank you the who oh no on my own i can make that justification i don't know what this is the justification for her reasoning was that on the part of those who did make that decision and i'll act and i don't know
we don't like the plan you don't know exactly who china's i said i can't speak to the reasons are four factors in the decisions that were made by people who like your novel a restatement and so i'll talk about jobs i think we've done pretty well
i'm afraid that in the course much he remembers what i ask you to think about a lot of things in the area know that that when it ended with words if you start with their creativity spirit of that someone on the exhibit on we haven't quite figured out what her past certainly who is responsible when they knew about those things are the things i'll write about when i get ready to write my partner or let china's all those things that we can start with your visible minimum i think that somebody ought not broken and the democratic national committee headquarters they certainly should not a vendor spots officials the republican party how can we re inject the president to president first family arrangements so that this thing ever want to come up against somebody would say that before and
i might you know that would still be there that it's not a matter of restructuring the president for the office of the president it's a matter of restructuring campaign structure the organization within which the problem took place and probably the overview of that organization from the motive was i don't know you said you're going to be doing some writing on this do something please the sign said that i want to do some thinking before the other end that's usually that it is which i think before i talk and i'm not always successful we'd have to witness present
you describe coral thank you diplomacy we'll be working but i wouldn't i would agree that there is as i said that on the basis of testimony before this committee that for years substantial evidence that i guess each of these injuries that period of the new novel from information received that these activities or
not on the basis of information i've received other than what i've heard of these hearings plus some information and here's a form that i receive and a lot of our march early part of april of this year the white house you know the supply of these activities cover up he also uses another word contain proteins but i'm thinking as i was a kid years as actions well containment effort is i would use that term did not involve any action obstruction of justice to the contrary hoping to contain the watergate in artifacts of watergate it was a constant effort to try to get the convention floor to get them out of sight it's the preceding describe the one of really a way i describe one of the cases
that's what we did security be an adverse publicity for charges here say so on arising from activities in connection with the warning such as the various investigations and so on answers that's right it is an attempt to try to celebrate in terms of containment includes not only illegal activities that everybody automatically assigned to the terminology now cover up and also activities that were not illegal or improper
and were in fact act liza that that were the logical steps to take in trying to deal with an adverse political situation the containment effort to influence the composition of the members of this committee i'm staggered their questions and your scheme of containment was an effort made to employees the composition of this committee i don't believe it was that while there was discussion of the composition of the canadians was an effort made to influence the compositions i don't know that there was discussion of the composition of the committee in the context of concern that this at the potential of becoming and was discussed in the precipice as having the potential of becoming a partisan political
searching for the past these recalls there was discussion also the question of the selection a puzzle raised yesterday but that containment effort that this committee it really comes later then in time the content of our employees and the problem in a political debate are influencing the vetting i think it related to the third the concern as to what the offensive about that investigation might be in the middle of an election campaign new video of the testimony will receive relating with suggestions that efforts were made by officials of the white house to stop the proceedings were
an attempt was made to stop the proceedings of the committee i'm actually any efforts were made i know there was discussion regarding the problem of the investigation the investigation of the watergate matter in the middle of the political campaign that they can jam and also into the square living members of this nature i have here a copy of an article which appeared in the jobs that made the seventies nineteen seventy three and the headline reads he said that i'd like to see him this is the seventies
i would have gotten from wednesday at the age of our common at that time president nixon's chief of staff made to attend the day got something to discredit blasted with it and all that there's been some of the others no i did not i think that this refers to a totally different i think it is a distorted report a totally different question arose there there was at one point suggestion raised which i discussed privately with her even as to whether the
republican party in north carolina i could not develop them and put into the field a very viable candidate to oppose senator in the in his reelection effort on the basis that the administration would it would be a good thing for the administration to have a spokesman on the republican side in the campaign taking that position as contrast the two senators position on certain issues he was saying was that not that there was any such an agreement would be successful and medium but really that the view of the site would be represented i don't believe that there are any calls regarding any effort to dig up there was no discussion that's not a very
good word to a candidate to oppose senator you've said you don't believe it their wedding halls he is the nominee and it's your testimony to discuss with the best of them all with a north carolinian and make an effort to discredit the chairman of this committee to discredit those are the vip this article goes on to say the people referred to deny state chairman was supposed to have contacted are you going to do that's so again i think it's a rather tenuous story i think
chairman spoke of this story and an earlier time in these hearings and stressed his view point on whatever and i and senator wyden terrible compare bernard l barker says the morning with white house now most public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this pause for station identification i don't read coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting service the
the power
and terry and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to that hearing sen weicker of questioning hr all them but us senate that time and i think by all law and his vision was that patients fall and the questions just as the question is the mating calls low to my knowledge he didn't want to go question of the candidate to oppose have you ever been involved in
any conversations going through our actions against members of this committee to look into what the reporters committee i don't believe me i was one listener question about the question of no time really involved in any conversations with them which conversations would relate to getting information it might be that are synonyms answer my question press reports in this area and i'd be happy to comment on if i'm correct in an assumption of what you're talking about is the question of campaign contributions to your campaign in nineteen seventy four talking to the question
how are the point where they don't have a question answered that yeah at some point it was my understanding that the comment has been made in that i believe it is an order that led to the effect that there was all this cash floating around in his campaign and republican candidate certainly didn't get any of the sketch and and reacting to that i ask you to determine whether or not the funds that come up that race for supporting candidates versus senate and house in nineteen seventy whether there had not been a substantial contribution to your campaign in connecticut at that time and in fact where there had not been a substantial cash that region two year campaign where
i was told by mr hadley that he was that it was confirmed to him by one individual that there had been a contribution and buying another that he was not able to give any information as to whether there had been or whether they have in fact been a pleasure i'm a republican now was there an information reporter not a question that that i was interested in is whether the review an aggressive new way of medicine i was
interested in finding out whether that was a good education as a real reaction to you i'm going to be honest i thought that this treaty that i think history at the people of utah i'm not sure i believe so that i'm not in contact on this matter i don't have over this so it was sort of a little league every night nineteen seventy three initial by you in a lab that on february nine nineteen seventy three oh i think
that we're in a nineteen seventy three year nine when joni mitchell holliman could you conceive of a copy of a german it hasn't already been and it hasn't been entered his pigs at the council this is morning edition every week literally
that issue we will be measures we've got to find a way to be sure we get requests and we can for counselor never concentrate on that sense what does that mean and although we let the committee memberships look out of our grasp what happened thank you and i think that if there's a fire
that's referring to be a nineteen sixty eight bombing mr nixon mr agnew and twenty others injured in the campaign or that campaign which took place at a time in the thirties to the loge was at major ms tovar official in the fbi and with which it was presumed <unk> was the message was clear well it was isn't forthcoming that mr campbell should fire these defectors as the gentleman is that supposed to go yes yes it will
hold on mr michal have a special relationship with mr gamble and i think mr mitchell had been in touch with mr gamble or mr delusion or both retiring this matter and not that the information that he was sinking and this was a question though applying the tape to get the information did you know and the person who citizens of this country it will be fired
that's the suggestion is obviously there was no ability to carry out where congress with the potential for the rituals have a venti and a memorandum the region ding ding ding ding ding as i'm sure you really get the photo ionization is what this possible disruptions occurred the campaign will need us for a watergate tactics your ribbon committee that is democratic plan activities at the century plaza together pictures
indications of violence and communist activity all that sort of thing the violence and senseless go that what was burning in phoenix various demonstrations at the statue of liberty a stutter so they're a familiar ring to it seventy three was pretty much i'm not mistaken is the wording of the testimony that you get this committee today one it raises money thank you the constitutional concepts of executive privilege or separation of powers as this was not in relation to get into that your income at this christian militia beginning today regarding activities by the opposition of the american
people in truth though the second memorandum of the return seventy three which you and i discussed this morning this is the one we need to get people to put up a story on the former communist money which is where the demonstrations against president seventy two we should tiles for a peace movement keeps on popping up near seventy dean hit the momentum the momentum of the new true today oh yeah this committee i'm i have great respect for most of the governors senators presidential candidates agree pursue the kind of a las vegas on a similar circumstance and cuban
communist a center where hollywood plays <unk> in jeopardy if you're not insured answer if we were successful and the government of cuba and the operation this is the only the nature of the evidence about government is impersonal and ask that this would be one of them i have nothing personally these people have no personal growth and i think as i said that last year and i i i i don't quite nicely also i spent that paragraph here and i'm repeating this on a comet is money that was used in support the demonstrations against the president certainly true is there some connection is there something that this committee has missed in its investigations why you
feel that in fact that there is a connection between mr mcgovern candidacy in communist money does apparently that same basis and his pregnant worker when i made my statement was precisely that i wrote the committee will investigate the possible to determine whether there was or not i do i understand that you were our nation and he goes to jail as the water is in jail today the zombies on the story of a connection you will glean <unk> candidates and communism given that's the reason why anyone in the water waiting for this committee
and johnny and means committee this memorandum or they've cancelled timing didn't put out stories that point or was to get the information or distorted information didn't exist it would be any store welcome
these days as with well this will point out that i mean that gave the victory of the real formal occasions that's
right for the position the parents do have one of this year to year on the fifth anniversary of the nineteen seventy two tate i don't have to understand as well to check
for and i believe it into washington on it and i have not justice i think that would be fine it was virtually certain that it was here even in washington on saturday july of this all right
right right the patient relentless pursuit not be ronald reagan i understand right now there's just a whole lot of that i mean geez does the president want to do
i'm not sure whether or whether this was another phone conversation with the rest of us are then there's the bizarre fifty three with rents are multiple data you have that interview for you i believe that's correct but i can't i don't think there's anyone else believe there would be any other possibility in general i was a kid you know i was going to be in washington anyway yes yes your mouth
i could have but i was i had a guest office that was in an open office week it would have been difficult and awkward to being and that's a reason to go now with the nineteen seventy eight you mentioned that you know what i'm not sure that i was asked that this morning and i'm not sure what they were they were with in that sequence of leading voices through it you're right that's why when you get over here over overnight
actually what we're providing what would be admissible decided not to because they had not attended and he's led and didn't feel comfortable listening but you were not that's right there was not now why do we have to record that what would a merger which ones they were a man in a while i think there were three three real so three three days at the same time each of these cases given the
total taste the cover design dates and other recent request apparently to the custodian of the tapes was for the paper that day and the taco conversations are recorded on different wheels conversations in the office so i did have both in april when i listen to the march twenty first aid and in july when i listen to the september fifteenth that i had thanks for that day also though i did not receive any job that we were all working day i have not listened to anything as to that except september fifteen am march twenty first we're going to take that they haven't won but i'm not sure i know what you're missing
in nineteen seventy two munich president a conversation and you'll get it a little more technical out the discussion on a dark stairwell of the invention of the village and the civil suit covered that in the state as much as i could because they then has this recollection of what that law and say so do you recall according to a statement to be here in the situation
he was trying to contain the situation you're going to leave well as i mean the commonalities of other hurdles like to say that but he said there would be other but the grand jury activity was concluded that that there would be other investigatory processes and they're really such as the gao on and congressional inquiries using the word on rapport i don't recall used the word and i as i said i didn't say that the people in these ongoing inquiries nothing would not surprise in other words there was nothing
we didn't already know how to keep a list of people who are giving them trouble later years the record and that the fact that he was keeping a list or keeping track of people were clearly not our friends this is where it was as i recall these testimonies a president of the people is for the people and the press were opposing i don't recall any reference to press i recall especially area steak and initiated by lina he was keeping track of people who were going on our friends of the president saying something about this that's the bureau of the comments
that i don't recall of its allotted that it's easy to i have to say i don't have a specific region he began the conversation by explaining that to continue to cover up it would be necessary to have heard or even more demand for money and all that during the conversation yes but your goal is to be the president that he would just give it real paradigm of the president has any questions as areas in
which information i know i went to the mitchell yes in the sense that he really at the latter part of the meeting he said he wanted bin to get together with mitchell mr mitchell mr obama may and in that same question of the meeting he referred to mr at the suggestion of one way of dealing with the situation at that point what would be for everyone on an answer here it is not
smoke it may have been either we can and in response to that without being with us yes you know what respect the mood in connection with the recitation of examples of what male or are many demands and in connection with the fact that he had raised crime you're right there have been some members of the many great concern and whether you want it
to be and revealing what you have heard on the tapes before the committee and the large estate your testimony and a mistake it made it very clear i believe that you are ample reason for the president's positions that yes sir i think you're also aware that the president has refused to our subpoenas issued by this committee or by the senate including specifically takes one was about fifteen and it was the year where the us and that there's a reason for doing so as executive privilege and separate our review it's an issue will be going through the courts i understand that i am a letter to
the president do not reveal the contents of the march twenty one day the committee out of the euro that was in need of us inside that concerning the potion it matters i get to my understanding of his intent was the prohibition was against testimony concerning any matters which i learned sewing listening to the tape which would in effect as we get the facts that were faced with what in effect mean that portion of the march twenty first at the beginning of my journey all alone and the president has at issue of law that is determined by the courts why why do not follow the president's
example and it's used on the german border and a way to work with a little of the council the committee this bill i remember that
you will probably be working not being president he said i can improve my pension activity on the president in an activity i did not maintain an independent federal appointments that is on how now i think the eu with this update it considers a principle i do that
making decisions about the privileges of the white house maj are you from john or john morton strong of oct twenty six nineteen seventy one of the members of video it's been the peaks boy actually the
memorandum about twenty six is a memorandum of the front of the mics on a company memorandum of october nineteen nineteen seventy one it only not either i am or whatever you're welcome i believe we did it
businesses now i know this is wrong send that information on the bubble says you have any action on political or you make a determination of what should happen but when it happens ally says but for now what would be number two in remarks following a no
witness the so called intemperate remarks though there's this is my property you receive this memorandum orange to make a decision that report back to him which i think are important that you were that the recall as i don't know that even as the us with little animated is dealing with this as an interview with the white house now then at la
va has been fighting with the minute that the white house auto workers time we'll call them the investigation by white house get information about as was the case with a number of major political figures have the stroke we received are there was received information from time to time that suggestions as to what mr o'brien a lot of people we're doing business activities we need people who knew in other areas that we ought to be checking into this or that that kind of question that runs back in january
twenty nine anyone were not aware and it you know the newspapers the caribbean tourism has become this would be the nominee
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