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it's been in the senate of the united states individually he's like me they
want that committee went back to work today after a long memorial day and after rejecting numerous attempts to stop or alter the hearings before taking their places before the television cameras this morning the seven senators met in secret session and voted unanimously to continue the public hearings in their own time and in their own way that was a blunt rebuffed or special watergate prosecutor archibald cox who as senator irving to postpone the public hearings for three months because he feared they would jeopardize later prosecutions but the committee did agree to day not to force g gordon liddy be convicted watergate conspirator testified that he had said he would take the fifth amendment when he refused the two witnesses today we're selling harmony former secretary delighted and robert resner chief assistant to jumpstart magruder the deputy nixon campaign director they're just a miniature a lot more light on the mystery of gemstone the code word for a political intelligence gathered by a clandestine or illegal means today the nation got its
first look at the so called gemstone paper and file folders they were introduced into the record by staff counsel gary lindsey is eighteen and where is this sixteen wanting this information i don't know the
rest of you will feel about it later but my personal disappointment my major pursell arsenal disappointed today was gordon liddy his decision not to testify and it doesn't have anything to do with and a startling revelations he may or may not drop on us i would just like to sing this man the super sleuth in here and talk and watching an action begun because obviously he's a man who lived his spy and intrigue fantasies and realize and live them laden to the hill as you will say today's testimony of his secretary sally primary and is former associate robert rieser only had to the fascinating history surrounding this man is obviously the gun came up with is code named jim stone with a confidential agents are informants with names like ruby was ruby to crystal there were also those specially printed envelopes with all kinds of james bond warnings on the outside and research tells us about libby's given a secretary huge poster a picture of himself in russian into office suggesting that the nixon people are warm and opposes a mcgovern supporter and then
this robot the democratic national convention in miami beach and there are many other stories about this man g gordon liddy and his name is probably come up more than anybody else's thus far and the parents and his flat apparent adamant refusal to tell anyone anything just sweden's ministry so lady is for the moment out and the next witness tomorrow will be huge sloan jr the former campaign treasurer who quit his job early in the days of the watergate cover up in hearings slow now the committee will skip over e howard hunt who have been ordered to testify first computer code this afternoon talked with committee counsel some dutch on why the battle was deviating from the original schedule and whether and would be seen later what happened that's the moment that it is true that we're not and i think the chairman is a purpose not sure to
give testimony which for fulfillment for the purpose and it's really through his counsel himself very clear executive session yesterday he was shown the executive order ordering the testifying under still refused to answer questions on the fifteenth air force the committee's position i am we'll hear more of that interesting peter kay interview with chief counsel sound as at the end of our coverage this evening the closest the committee will get to lead and in this round will be the people who work for him and they presented more circumstantial evidence today helen barth a longtime observer of congressional investigations here in washington to watch today's session ellen not want guidance would you offer as to what the
look for curator night's viewing i believe that the people who look at these hearings tonight though were getting the late great sensations out of today's testimony but they'll find a great deal it's immensely interested the hearings today what characterized i think by and methodical development of evidence necessary to work in the development of this inquiry there was and there was no law man standing by committee members no no breakdown of the a bipartisan attitude which they took but there was by councilman by the committee members themselves at a steady careful preparation for a future testimony from more conspicuous and and and famous members of the administration i like yellow not helen barth i will be back at the
close of tonight's reply to be joined by the major investor of the georgetown university law school here in washington now we'd like to give you an hourly breakdown of today's testimony so that you can plan your viewing this evening in the first hour lead off witness necessarily harmony admits that she typed up telephone conversations on special gemstones stationary she says the conversations were often dictated by her boss gordon liddy and these auditions issues shredded or shorthand after his arrest in the second hour mrs romney says she took somebody special materials home with her the day he left the committee to reelect president under questioning she testifies that she was not aware of the gems phone logs came from telephones and our number three robberies no tells the committee removed files from jeb magruder his office that lamont sensitive some contained information on democratic presidential contenders reason as another mystery figure of a
cast of characters he says he was aware of cash payments going to an agent inside hubert humphrey's camp is code name was syd then chair to in the fourth hour reserve testifies that he had several conversations with his boss jeb magruder on the day of his first grand jury appearance in september that warned him that people's lives were at stake in the investigation listener's question about whether he thought these conversations were aimed at keeping him silent and now to the hearings which today followed a lengthy executive session that chairman sam irvin reported on the opening of the session this morning the
committee's questions also lenders you can write about resolution unanimously listen to investigate and complications and recommend to the legislation it means this is inappropriate comments and for this reason has commonly these activities on a senate resolution so in your family and the american people
but there is more likelihood that any other person who may be in line will be able to claim a fair trial and that was a failed initial call after that in the perspective she wrote about it unanimously committee might only way that all of your special responsibility of the committee is to hear evidence mr mullins right chavez has been
we don't know when that happens that's right there is
money we are this by the way we're in the second question oh
honey analysts said the council for the committee for the reelection i can say that two weeks he changes and he had to pay to play when i think of it i think is the fact that he might be involved in these things now with the economy yes
yes i think this is as it was the week of april we got a fifth of a pill was invented maybe a couple of phone calls to the offices mr nate was going out of town to an envelope to him and regulate it and brown envelope that the lark and senate senator leahy asked me to give it to his to slow the following morning and activist a return to jimmy i would come in a war that yes i was working at my desk on one particular day went to another office close the door on them and came back
out to get the telephone call he asked me to come into the office and transfer it this it was a memo with a list of maybe five or six names that was the first time yes yes i did i tend to that i can recall the current and now that have come from senator mcgovern saw its headquarters of
the memo would you describe what the memo refers to a conversation that this was a question and the answer was key to people and put out and i type in a question and answer form it dealt with the services of the democratic national convention yes no question these were taking it apart
yes annie he is now thank you so they were tough
decisions many many years ago there were two names in any community specifically yes another name
still uses on one occasion he asked me step in my business and it was me and as is a great day for the rest of its debt to me that's right yes we had been a letter that he had had printed stationary with the ancient stone across the time when i don't recall a scene that all these loans were tight on the stationary
i think probably it is different if beak religious
but i was devastated light like that you're using it specifically yes and i think they developed is i don't remember as opposed to the policy
this is this is true you know no way there's a point to them that's
right and his political action committee well yes they were invited lessons there were there was a lot of press that i've mentioned the number twenty or twenty five they're that i recognize that i have a thing with this one with the signature of say they'll brian's the type of tv they were being held i can't remember any given
item on that i would i think now it was a lock and that equipment i can give you any specific goals it is i'm renee montagne it and that he was looking for some stationary torch couldn't find ways that lasts an eight percent of the cover letters he dictated yes
to whom it may concern and it was this walk arrives there to enter the premises for some surgeries i was asked what the initials g h slash slower pace jp as a secretary what message it was as it was sen kerry thank you i was in this position mr ashok gupta something that really worked in his office door closed three point to his own phone calls that i have occasion to enter the
ring he told me he was going to do it it's all right the only thing that was interviewed by the fbi i try to focus tensions i didn't
get his things together when he was leaving to check their files he did ask me to check through the files i've done anything with his handwriting on and what it means that's the problem yes i think there's the political support i was talking to a securities it's going to go ms miller indicated to me that he had
this was acting he said i have no reason to be concerned about yes i did then enter enter that in ways that committee took to listeners as payment plans he has a prayer and he
in his own handwriting was authorizing payment to at close associates for a certain amount of money so mr mcgregor yeah the chinese market thanks bill
as bad as the polls but yes a psa test anyway this individual
is thank you now it is good morning and it was
yes thank you yes there's no yes
yes i do not decisions last week
yes it's the first one he gave to meet with an envelope and put honest and that is that it was not a second one he didn't ask if i just have a little sheet of paper thank you i just assumed it was anyone can do that senator clinton
next to him yes exactly nissan yes twenty two funny poses and two
i don't know do you remember yes i have well one time i was out of its assets that has to find a job working at a
us women's it's necessary the law is funny no i didn't no there's no way the pain is
it is there were telephone conversations with the newspaper these
services the united states no really none of the information to the national security it's b because
there's so many secretaries she was given positions he was sixty nine it has been there has
been it was not set trudeau wants to listen to them is chambers' years i think that's not our position at least i can think that i would use the workers are at all yeah i feel that i did and that means they use it i don't really buy and listen online also for it
will not know where we've been he says conventions became does this by saying at the time i have taken another position working with the lawyers took their places thinking that this is not working at the time i was asked to go to the convention it was on short notice i was not very happy with my job and i was not so i was a lot of people want to
go ahead and actors used to ask me to someone on the domestic staff so you were this is we
have no idea the ponies i was interviewed by chris and other activists after ellie originally i interview she took me to mr levy i talked with him and then i went back for a reading yes that this delay he said that he i can give you a quote that he might be
involved in clandestine leaders not about me when the us is not winning la going to say no unique no private lives do you recall
my socks and if you do the only other people and one that might have been the state of this work the state finance chairman art treasures who had been an accident i was too the state finance chairman or treasures from individual states was to set out and register with the general accounting office all state finance committee's ensure they were properly chartered and authorized to take in many industries occasions when i was making a payment to make it
a little more that was given to the sitting on a scenic patients when he may have given when anybody else i'm the only communication about it they just do it do you think it was monumental messages
fb the pipe lows millions of downplay the day you talked to a number of people i think at the white house and mr dean mr crowe is just trying to calm mr barnes i think there are things the irs he had conversations with them he's unique you know i wouldn't know
no i wouldn't need you this is big you think this information is coming from i have no rhyme or reason with who you know what information is going from home with the information about finances now when the intelligence information and i like i can't hear that song that notion of what the intelligence information all
right i give you three reports that i have that is right i do report and doing one that was on the subject of that was roben preston and that dealt with some sort of a servant girl in hospice is about all i can tell you about it you
know so when i receive mcgovern headquarters was just a fact that the employees are receiving it's a cast on a volunteer basis and this is thank you where's the peace mama i don't know that it was on their mind where there was somebody and i would have assumed that i had something from that the reason i'm aware of that was one hundred and mr davis just talking and he said i'm taking someone from headquarters and moving into towns this
facility could you come the surgeon he had a profile in the final event and stationery i had an envelope that i had saved and i guess the secretary stands had been solicited orders for attribution that was given ms vivian i guess because they don't have to make so he's fine
actually no thank you we really do many companies that was the argument that you
unintelligible president terminate a november that why is a nineteen seventy two when he now works still the people here
it is do you have any contact or something fb it's typical other than the loneliness and living can
be a lot of businesses that telephone conversations it's only a conversation very nice we had to you're welcome feinstein
reporting but financial stability is it is right yeah i
really do it's both in
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Part 1 of 5
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