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fb it's been three days it is do you have any contact it's been he's back
other than the other person at the loneliness and living can follow more frequently center and a lot of businesses that telephone conversations usually a conversation and where it's happening we had to you would think
mr libby's finance committee right now but is it it is you see
what they did right right there isn't really an easy to do regulations it's morning edition ms lee rosenthal
what is it and more information visit what is your knowledge in fighting than was living on aa veil created an intelligence activities sector and i applaud it that way
we've even got at the time i think he was i think everyone was sally nominee has
testified that she transcribed telephone conversations and gemstone stationary that she wasn't aware that the conversations came from biden telephones in a moment she'll continue explaining their work for convicted watergate conspirators g gordon liddy at this point we'd like to thank you yours for your comments on our government of our coverage the response has been overwhelming to date we've received an estimated sixty nine thousand dollars we say estimated because our staff doesn't have the time to count them all of those they have been able to count ninety nine percent have expressed approval of this kind of coverage we've heard from music students in vermont supreme court justice in the state of texas in florida most of the letters came from people who were unable to watch the hearings while at work during the day and appreciated access to the midnight nursing samples of their opinions mr toronto canada you offer of an average viewing enables a crowd of yours to be part of history we shall always be able to say we were
there james well the fort worth texas i am sick of press and tv reporters opinions on watergate you were the one station that gives it to us as it is and allows us to for my own opinions that is jane wells in atlanta georgia since the watergate gobble gobble rebroadcast began i have not sold on about and taken up again a popular pundit make since i work during the day i would be hard pressed to keep up with the testimony and the nuances which undeniably show themselves in such a hearing last iowa i'd read i'd and sleepy to work now and don't care it as an example of a few people who do not approve of our rebroadcast of beards this one from wallace fleming and nobody california i'm so sick of hearing watergate i could vomit if ever and here was built to mountainous proportions by an irresponsible communications media this is it we're very grateful for those of you who've taken the trouble to write whatever your opinions are we'd like
to encourage viewers who still want to express an opinion to write to their local public television station about it under the public broadcast system it's the local stations in each make decisions on whether to carry this kind of broadcast so if you have an opinion about it write your local stations i'd like to hear about and gets coverage of the senate hearings will continue after this pause a station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service it's been the
point terry anti continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent robert mcneil as we return to their earrings gotten libby's former secretary sally harmony is being questioned by senator lowell weicker you telling one a second our reporting information
information with this ruling i didn't it is you're welcome is is right
right it is ms alicia yes i don't know
your testimony my goal is to use the new law his and i never used the courage and the government maintains they can't you are in egypt as bleak anyway
that as a consultant to time i think of this whole reckoning with that i mean i think the same thing with the patients under the vessel other than the nation vacation
related those are the ones that i can recall well what were your intent was to set up the state finance committee's make certain they were properly registered with the gao all the forms horrified at the top of a charity that they received letters of authorizations from secretary stands that they could collect and dispersed money as they were in a constant state of changing a treasure that was actively campaigning victory matters to you yes yes yes it
did you just say that you arrange for him and i've been coming in i met with him things like that did you have an opportunity to i have never seen a political ad i'm a lawyer and he says
a key to his desk how many copies of the stationary where only one the stationary with kevin the bottom drop his file cabinet be used it's not that a lesser know i've made the statement that the figure was at his seminars in the meantime i hear that it might have been sixty seven you mentioned those huge secret
during the interview to europe on sunday i took some pictures of some things from his office to my apartment in my car i guess there were two to him before he left the night before has been taking pictures the buses brought his desk with a confidential nature are really important investigations of law
i don't know what his briefcase and taken in it that i'm only aware of what was what in those boxes and i was asked to bring home it would not have been confidential information yet of illinois gun control fall which was part of it i got a copy of copies of course the letters that you're down there you're writing letters than the visionary ever out your curiosity movie and just the nature of the activity which the information might of the world trade center during the barbary wars the brain is not
making money no way yes the memos that memorandum that i have mentioned to you before that i had received from center that have a headquarters in the membranes are warning about the contents of the type that we see if you can go with respect to anything that democratic order order fire through the rates again in june the center only had the memorandum that the memorandum that i've mentioned it only
once that i can remember it i will say this i didn't take dictation from most of it i think as any secretary may be aware the first word will not relate to the third the only take down words when you type if you only type words for content id and i remember that well what we're doing with respect to the democratic national committee about how to the nation may i was in a sense that i was referring to and so i respect of the democratic national committee for lehman i had to break in a tight knit set
central intelligence memory and one had to do with the subject from cranston one had to do with this that us government got their workplace in the headquarters one was a list of tripe with names of the workers in the orders the other to do with the genes that we have talked about disease you're asking questions or do you have any recollection while i had no idea how they kept things they did not see the broad into the office at all i don't know what this decision was made out of what happens to the finals which in real estate came
by and sixteen breaking who have you too from the white house and many others when you talk about these things army major re elect the president mr ryan i yes people are my grand jury appearance yes i have had conversations with his job but i think everyone went to grand jury probably be concerning this is concerning a grand jury we discuss the grand jury appearances that is
right i delivered an envelope to a mystery that has forced it would have been the week of april seventh i would say probably before the fifth april mr libby was traveling at that time i'm david greene thank you ms vivian
i one time i did and never a memo to understand that he was there with his intelligence memos which he had dictated to me was in her relax that they can invest in their jobs that it that lustily on more than he was going to visit the founder evan bayh has i'm going upstairs that's right memphis tn
topics thank you they invested i would say nancy becker stay as you know i think it's not going
to witness a span occasionally if i had been as to why is it oh i think very infrequently but he made he made his own hands and made his own as his own cause i'm really know where its use it's bad i don't know and so it would have received calls because i recall i would have taken a leave or things not there that somehow i don't know lee
is chairman of this was during my first week or two with the committee absolutely not knowing who was doing while i only just did some work that was given to me now you know yeah and the same thing is true this being you and i
don't know what i've seen i know i don't know i hate to be unable to identify with i only went and interrogated
nice things bravery issues before the grand jury forty years ago the policies
can that you frequently as demanding a way this material was given them as a recruiter i cannot take one memo to that i'm very very very well and there's a picture as humans all right i can't
take it i really don't do you have a celebration tonight and this is an activity with some other jurisdiction many of those things it was printed on the invoice stationery stationary
that's right so what was your understanding gemstone started to use it and it encompassed the general intelligence memos us the telephone conversations that i you know i don't know in the memo that the candidate that they might find it may have been to the top of that when i don't recall that it wasn't torture i'm steve inskeep what i would be making
jams and i wouldn't not admit i would've assumed that he did not want to go to the process the process by the finance committee for the juice yesterday all as character no latino because of that he had been discharged from the committee that it had the words incident i was familiar with the region and the way i have used it and that probably a lot of members of the committee were not aware the destruction of the security knew that mr libby was no longer there you have the newspaper accounts for the complex
not necessarily you got to be destroyed one person james nelms what led to believe independently or less to tinker with that information ought to be destroyed on the ship but what were you thinking of senator baker after i had been aware of a break in at democratic national committee headquarters and with a telephone conversations that i had typed have they identified with gemstones whether any other gemstones and all of them really wanted to sleep i mean and
right now there are no other gems of all i don't recall it any other information available you use in missouri on wednesday and i know that they would have last week tonight mr tichenor no no this is it
you become your house and literally if you did them about why we're out here at the center i think people because it was later he had been discharged from the committee i think probably i offered know i offered to take things out you know rather than going through the whole thing with everybody that night which meant that particular time on that fire lying about me taking anything when he did that interview why servants or interest or to understand that was living and so far to either important for this community not struggling more than i ordinarily wouldn't try to get
at this subject matter but <unk> we assign any reason for wanting to reclaim certain and you verify that they were forced on them yes i think it has been as president they were pictures from his wall his long victories there was a couple vials of the criminal law for a bit of a bind or whatever that is is like in his personal search we need you you're
welcome i think i just glanced over really they can even determine if their subject matters the urban this sort of thing that has to happen is you don't want to retain in your mind as what was permitted the reason he gave me and he was discharged from the committee was that he had refused to answer the question thursday night nba on a new president and re engaging in a very active in your home
office and occasionally conversation you know it was that you know that there were certain topics at the mention of conversations and intelligence services were certain topics isn't and you aware that this video with the democratic convention yes it is i was wondering ms messina
yes and senate and just as an analyst at a question all the conversation of the people and that this was based on a record not necessarily it could've been to people and say marijuana another extension on this is a conversation of people no sir it's
very close to baghdad didn't usually means i did not know no offense to these people but i did not know they were or where they were physically located in that they were in fact with the democratic national committee and the one the memos did they deal with this the pm right right thank you right right
there's witnesses you know on those issues it is in the new
world you know it is i think it does it's bizarre it's b without announcements honor of an end of an hour happen what might be called a frustrating interrogation solid nominee did not give the senators very much in the way of real information about a boss g gordon liddy and his clandestine war and the committee indicated that it was willing to let the judicial process take its course regardless truly rather than try to break his silence with a contempt citation and a moment
we'll hear more testimony about gemstone fox and public television's coverage of the areas we'll continue after we pause for a station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting service it's been fb
is by from washington and in fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer
as the hearings resume that luncheon break the new witnesses robert reasonable former at jeb magruder deputy director of the committee to reelect it was big news this is
a new team during hearings questions in nineteen seventy one i was an assistant i worked from november nineteen seventy
one until july nineteen seventy two in july and went to work for mr clark mcgregor as his executive assistant and in november on november eighth you just have like these were the conventionally that an administrative assistant there were three kinds of duties basically i was responsible for the people but for courting among the people that you saw in other words his schedule i was responsible for coordinating the paper afloat that came in and out of his office and therefore the decisions just keeping track of the decisions that accompanied the paper afloat and finding those responsible overall just keeping tabs on the things that he wanted to have done and that he had asked various senior staff members to do more you know
i did not personally maintain a very i was responsible for his caliber and that i had a secretary who also worked directly from his computer the picture and her role as to keep a calendar and founder of the day and that would be accurate record of schedule yes i i was when i met mr liddy i i mentioned the first time that sometime around the beginning of the time that he came to the committee i believe and that would've been in december nineteen seventy one who introduced me to him in the sense of a formal introduction i suppose i'm perhaps minister libya the first time and the meeting in december nineteen seventy one mr lomas de rigueur indicated at that time that was true that he was going to become general
counsel the committee for the reelection presidents and in addition to that he made a joke about the fact that is true that he would also be involved in some research activities so yes he was making a joke about it and i think that he may have said something to be effective <unk> also has other talents there was something so there's something to that effect the reason i remember that is mr subsequently i was a problem at another member of his staff that the mr libby was rather upset about that reference to prevent car nobody
xerox copy which i maintain myself beginning in january nineteen seventy two i began to keep a notebook which was basically a calendar notebook but i couldn't use it as an accurate recording of meetings are days i used to do that just for my own personal use or to keep track of things in chronological order that's right mind was related between november nineteen seventy one in july of nineteen seventy to mine jobs related to his activities and as a result it was that even my own activities and i live recording twenty seven nineteen
seventy two that's what it says here is at eleven o'clock pits this champion good living and then there's that white house there's a notation indicating that meeting with it with living what that would have indicated and incidentally it would instantly indicated that mr mcgregor had a meeting in the attorney general's office and that was the intention at the time that this location was made up that just you're living with company mr mcgregor to that meeting his business record setting would've taken place welcome sir
two o'clock and when would he prepared himself to go to meetings with mr mitchell time that he was attorney general and subsequently oh was that he had to re file folders one of them have contained documents that system grew wish to bring up with mr mitchell the other cup contains xerox copies identical xerox copies of those documents and as for mr mcgrew these convenience of that if he had had mr mitchell a copy of a document he would himself referred to and that's what this refers to it means that those two voters were prepared with investments that he wanted to take a meeting with him because
it really change anything for him i'm not certain whether this was the meeting i don't remember mr liddy going to meetings with mr mitchell very often i presume this was demeaning i can't remember a conversation with mr libby in which he came to me and indicated that he had something about the nature of the visual presentation that he wished to make and that he was interested in being certain that that was an easel a car something that he could mount his own industries i subsequently tried to determine whether there was such assistance i don't think i give myself i think as one of the secretaries to call mr mitchell secretary to make that determination and it was that was the nature of the conversation in his inquiry
i saw him with a package that i think might have been chosen might not have insurance so i can say you know i related to approximately the same period i didn't know anybody else does really well i don't know i had been shown the records that were kept by a secretary who worked for me vacation and in that those records and it indicates that is jigging attended would have been invited to attend that meeting that's what the record show i have no recollection myself now in the nineteen seventies i think that we discussed it
he was from time to time would come into my office which was located in front of mr mcgrew his office was adjacent and when his term that he was unable to get in to see mr mcgregor because he was busy or for other reasons or perhaps it just hadn't scheduled an appointment he would get from time to time stop in my office and get the nature of his business he sometimes hounded stop in and out on one occasion i can remember him giving me a sheet of paper which i would identify only as being a blank sheet of paper with some tightening and i don't remember letterhead on the sheet of paper the only recollection i haven't actually a pretty good we discuss those but that was that he hated to write something like this damn and that's that's literally the extent of the stain it was clear to me that i shouldn't do
it it wasn't for my conception either because of the way in which he gave me a piece of paper and to me face down on the desk and i would say within a matter of minutes they're given to mr gruber and that's we discuss this month's election is that there could have been a total and that for that it's been a
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