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it's because of the pay to play well and all day that it that
is less true that stuff in the area's crumbled my front steps spain maya wrote in rome but it even given my door the smoker's cough or whoever heard of those pickled be easy and eight you're aware that i can't turn off well i don't have to put up with something just watch myself over than a day as big critique is both fb
for clunkers bill you are so oh no thank you i don't but you would have if you wish and know the smoke from your factory it's destroying my home life my half later we are concerned about a pressing problem here let me show you some of our bad air pollution loophole out cleanly outcome mind just look out the window please not wear a very community minded forum and greatly concerned where pollution why we've
spent millions on just this ad campaign will run of causing pollution and one who would include the most dangerous gases you can't even say like this smoke coming from your spending their sons are developmentally pollution devices that will about what news shows right now lively is going to still live albums day all right but why don't you were twelve bodies were but when was considerably older that millions of people who depend on those to protect their interests well you take a look i think you'll see the rider oh it's possible to make the air were using clear when we're finished and we started playing it you're still unsatisfied and they do a libyan who are considerably rule co produces air pollution from a live electric power for one's pouring out the side
lee yes it's an impossible job lee rose no means passed this just i want you to read the agency reads it might be that we do have the hubble which
is always a certain religion when they were you might get close to sing for a year republicans but why talk to our web smoke and so coming from your incinerator and i'm a doctor or an engineer parked the divisions and all the smoke pollution control will it was all right to go call it the sanitation
will notify cds los angeles some regulations well you wear when did at what is this you're building an orange red beard home just a man who wonders what can be done about the air pollution from these apartment houses generators well it's not so much new building is the old one room and he's not much you can think oh i want to can read the image is less consumption which
is that the stuff that cause lyme disease and you just let it flow i will accept for windy days alone there were nearly a full year's master so we can terminate those an option a construction site losing a war ii rose is the kimchi when seeking treat common when my heart to say nothing of it you know if you really wanted to take the passion he lived there will fill in the shady what field japan
team well a dose twelve while but of a lovely lovely lola for them were guys you know it's and if you go talk to the car manufacturer which is very little another grocery only american automobile you eyes although it is roadside stands and sighs yes but it's also wearing my eyes will thing i was very active and poisoning like party
josh oh you're changing word beautiful new breed new who wear dress or so mo you is a revote over the automobile you it says american a frozen apple pie or are you some kind of not a prepared and know i got a call i owe i headed woman the true opens a conservation is where it needs to go the ocean is beautiful babies court at all precious changes the exhausted the poison gas when you issue will be your new crusade taylor all of the open area right now that's why i started excuses excuses excuses every one of these people following year and passionate walk somebody to produce something
lawyers you know join us hi larry you're going to vote for the proposal you
know i i've been reading in the paper is that sort of thing as libel raise taxes or knows i'm doing other by air pollution that will hire them it's been fb is by
others it's been thank you
it's been fb irrigation water with increasing demands there are times we can
get now let's hear from a few other witnesses there was a similar to this is used here at those desalination plant of the united states department of the interior in san diego california raw material for this conversion is salt water taken from the ocean it is right that these distillation chambers after hitting the rhine flows into the forest that relationship europe some of the salt water clashes in the steam which commences when it comes in contact with pipes that carry him leon heated salt water ryman goes into other chambers where clashes under pressure lower the map in the previous chamber the
the salt creek and that water is collected and the brine from the final stage of this process has returned to see the method of desalination employed in this plant is called multi stage flashing evaporation two and a half million gallons a day of fresh water used here other plans for diesel things you what are already in operation throughout the world in the future plans using nuclear energy would make the salvation more economical these plants would produce both fresh water and are changing the weather is another way in which the problem of water scarcity is being attacked seeding clouds with dry ice dropped from aircraft is one
way in which weather can be modified or precipitation can be artificially induced to supply additional water from the atmosphere in other ways by the use of ground based silver iodide generations under the right meteorological conditions cloud seeding will increase precipitation while leopard's continue to increase the water supply in arid regions we are also experiencing a problem of another sort of many areas this is the problem of water pollution why waste of industrial processes and bypass to these materials contain organic and inorganic chemical compounds and a variety of harmful microorganisms when these compounds decompose they act as nutrients switch or enrich the water
and promote the growth of small underwater plants called algae again lt wow the water of oxygen destroying aquatic life and preventing the water from purifying itself when ingested or other waterborne wastes may affect man because they are toxic some back to the pollution from these plants has affected the entire southern end of the lapel in many communities insufficiently treated sewage and industrial pollution very ugly but the beaches off limits to swimmers in the waters of green bay the north the pollutants are raw and partially treated waste from the windows and the cities along its short it
wastes running the water was really nice lake erie is almost biological event that is desirable aquatic life can no longer survive here only algerian various scavengers find the environment hospital admission processes such as those used at lake tahoe california emily powell planned the primary and secondary treatment given the incoming sewer water is similar to the kind provided in most sewage systems settling thanks permit sedimentation of the larger silent part in this demonstration you can watch sedimentation and raw sewage water with the help of a time lapse camera the sewage water is then carried and police and the
composition of the waterborne excrement then the water passes into another settlement that which emerges look unlike the end product of most sewage treatment plant in this plan however water passes on the several hundred stages a great year on airline has added as a collective and remove phosphates the algae need for growth limas added a phosphate rich water the lime combines with phosphates and may precipitate out there's calcium prospect after another stage which remove dissolved the morning as another algae nutrient the water passes through several layers of gravel and sand these spillover effects moderation also removes suspended
solid materials that you can see in that demonstration no filter into the water is clear what he's going through these tanks are filled with activated carbon granules which absorb still more chemical and biological impure water has now been treated to a stage you're not ordering only a small amount of nutrients and trace elements renee we're out fb
has been known for more than two thousand years the salt water can be made that the old technique evaporation is employed in sophisticated technological experiments today convened these had relatives in mexico dealing with an absence of purifying water from the same opinions the line this question
the big problem all over the world use to get fresh water out of the sea and at reasonable cost so many methods of being tested new business hours we produce electricity into power of a diesel engine with the waste heat from the diesel evaporates the water we purify six thousand gallons a water and a dilemma where leon leads because we have a population of five thousand people in town truck and water in here from the mountains costs six dollars or one thousand dollars we get that much from the sea or two
but that isn't door if there was one line from a naked we pump in carbon dioxide ways from the diesel it is fantastic the way that makes our crops grow the freshwater reporting here we use one obviously this whole multipurpose project is experimental not a big production a challenge for us and a promising start in the western part of the united states and the water is lost into the atmosphere and take care of the needs of nineteen million people
this hyper logical project at lake or reservoir is an experiment in a method of keeping the water where it is needed down in the way that there is a main water supply for the three hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants of oklahoma city this setup as an elaborate one involving a wide array of scientific disciplines evaporation is an elusive problem and a costly scientists have been struggling with evaporation for more than forty years back in the twenties they got rid of that michael evaporation here they are trying something now that seems to do the trick putting lipstick on the water exit of economics a soft like scene that you used as a base for lipstick doesn't smell it doesn't taste and mix of the water
system pipes under the light is equipped with recruiting spray nozzles exit back and i was a curious mccary it spreads out over the surface and once a ski only one molecule thick but economically because it only takes one one big problem is that they are the key for whatever reason insects and some animals like ideologies are admirable and keep a close eye on the when there are several ways of checking the amount of time covering at any given time something can be told from the height of the waves just as world columns troubled waters so this exit back and the
maintenance boat makes more terrorism so they quickly he acknowledges the temperatures of the light appears where there is from the heat of the sun is trapped in the water but the big question is how good is this as good it seems to be radio waves beamed from one short of the other are affected by how much water is evaporating out of the way so radio waves give one to us laser been shot across the lake analyze the moisture in the air the results can be seen schematic what the us or scope in the upper righthand corner shows the situation on the light without the material the laser and other measurements tell that with the material evaporation has caught on a calm day by fifty percent most experiments like this one in australia argentina and south
africa have not proved to be economical lake hefner i'd rather just have saved enough valuable water to pay for the experiments the pumpkin fb fb to
or if
boehner no no fb no as a the
piece be fb is bad population
urban planners recommend a study of metropolitan open space commissioned by the california legislature has recommended that entire city since its release in nineteen sixty six hour lines freeways in parking lots have continued to intrude on the existing parks section to pay fb to
pay however it is going to be hard pressed to meet its demands on his hair on a
nineteen seventy five after that we don't know what already because of developments like this one the quality of many of our food or five years ago and made some of either baltimore county was iman nbc news's of those options that i designed the whole lineup were just waiting for somebody whose son the pistol and it would come into the city and the day already because of developments like this one we have lost a great deal of natural beauty in our lives in and around urban areas that would explain the exit with and only piece of youtube is important because inevitably ago that i spoke because of easy to develop with a least of all possible investment you could accomplish the greatest modernization and the good news only if you can accomplish the least profits are released number of people with the maximum total loss already because of developments like this one and of course many others were still miss
california has has squandered a fifth of its primary or cultural lenses will work or listening to what you're saying mr eller it seemed very strange here were in the business of building residential communities in we think we've done a reasonable job near the public response has been quite good it's inferior right and proper place to live and you're almost suggesting that so we never should've tested it should've stayed in agricultural uses only the response in terms of a public acceptance is been quite good why shouldn't we go to community here you're damn right i am suggesting that the year when i i lay the blame entirely public agencies would determine land use policy we cannot rely on local government too to preserve our our finest joke natural assets it is a lesson that the
stale why you learn infinitely when it adopted in nineteen sixty it's a land use law which withdrew from local government that our workers alliance a stable ally itself and one of the things they did was to designate all lands in the state which should be preserved for agriculture industry talking about something like this to come pretty close to home and this theory anyway the notion of putting rule where people want locally to govern themselves in a very fearful of giving up some of their power even a regional government level well it seems to native students suggesting that we usually substitute one resource for another the resources is a matter of fact there's not really not really agriculture after all is land and we're talking simply about to use to atlanta because you're suggesting agriculture i'm suggesting residential development we get into a subject to discussion whether you're uses that are minors better
know it is not subject of my friend prime agricultural lands and objectively definable and they're at it because it is the image of the great one inch of topsoil some confidence building out any real world where millions of starting today and millions more will start tomorrow is the most profound stability to sterilize the irreplaceable results of the obvious question and maybe i'm not here or more the proof be he's
behind me i'm sure he sees sure well quite frankly director of my teeth smell all my breath is a lovely people comment on it made strangers and i think matt embry on the strangest thing to make amends you live well i work hard and my backpack you know the place where your tongue joins a rise is that in the lawn you know i mean that i presented with immense re get a magic meeting with us sir
ladies and gentlemen the play opens commission on air pollution has finally released the long awaited exhaustive studies of the research team headed by dr theodore whitman into the problems of air pollution which plagues so much of the year over so many of our leading an uneven i'm leading cities and hamlets all the networks tonight of private lenders that time so that we may bring you a doctor with one himself in his laboratory is in princeton new jersey dead dead can you hear me quite clearly son of an hour yesterday we're just have a word from a sponsor year our way and you mean you're leaving me because my next males who thought that it isn't that and a baby
girl so fine we're going to go over the breath of life is quite important to wall concern voters to what results as the committee come up with a little levity in this but quite frankly terry i and my family are a holding my breath quite frankly sen my report from the great many eyes and changed quite rightly our thoughts not so much on air pollution as on its source the source of air pollution quite unfairly air pollution has been blamed on the automotive industry the gasoline industry an industry is vitally important to this country's go by exhaustive research equipment reveals that the pollution in the air caused by major industries is a
paltry two percent two percent but ted what causes the remaining ninety eight percent people people oh a lot of people take nh as they can to put this goes into big business what science can't lie we all pollute the air all are smells and the sweats and are gases and belongings move at will poison into the skies but dr i thought toenails with alaska voters safe part of a woman but what can we do more products more sprays more appeals walk me was so we've got a pigeon they sprayed by rob ourselves until there's nothing left corinne corrina ammonia rob ammonia in our skin skin can
take a skin has to take it below six washed twice a weekend in now frankly parent your radical case scenario well this certainly has been eye opening ted and i just hope that all of my constituents out there where they're with me or against maybe we'll open your mouth is and spray for peace ah ha's is you said you saw in keep your
ear the pay to
pay the pay to pay
Earth Day
Producing Organization
National Educational Television and Radio Center
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Program Description
Coinciding with a nationwide observance of Earth Day, NET will devote the entire public broadcast schedule to live coverage and special programming on the theme of our environment and the forces that threaten it. In its scope, it will be reminiscent of an old-fashioned telethon -- encompassing teach-ins, marches, demonstrations, and exhibits on campuses and in cities nationwide. NET's coverage of the events will be made possible by the most extensive use to-date of local affiliate stations. At present, the schedule is as follows: 3:30 to 4:00 pm EST -- Live coverage of activities in Philadelphia, Washington, and New York 4:00 to 6:00 pm EST -- Regular PTV program for children will deal with ecological themes and will form a part of NET's "Earth Day." These programs; "Sesame Street," "Mister Rogers," and "What's New." 6:00 to 8:30 pm EST -- Regular programming will be pre-empted. Live coverage of Earth Day activities in the East and Midwest will be interspersed with filmed and videotaped portraits of the problems besetting the environment. From Chicago, there will be a report on air pollution; from Madison, Wisconsin, a report on water pollution. Black ghetto dwellers in St. Louis will also present a play that has been written especially for Earth Day. 8:30 to 9:00 pm EST -- A special edition of "Book Beat," the weekly series originating from WTTW, Chicago. Its host, Robert Cromie, will interview Frank Graham Jr., author of "Since Silent Spring," the newly-issued study which updates the late Rachel Carson's finding on the use of pesticides. 9:00 to 10:00 pm EST -- This portion of the program will span the East, Midwest, and Far West. Tentatively, the schedule calls for excerpts from a special play by the San Francisco Mime Group. There will also be live coverage of the Survival Walk through the San Joaquin Valley. This 48-day trek dramatizes the extent to which people rely on the land for sustenance. Another segment planned for this hour is a short documentary on the internal combustion engine -- source of 60 percent of all air pollution. Technologists and members of interested groups will present their viewpoints on the engine and air pollution. NET Special -- "Earth Day" is a production of National Educational Television. Executive producer is Jim Karayn, Emmy winner for "State of the Union '69." (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Program Description
While NET's unprecedented "Earth Day" coverage explores the broad spectrum of what is happening to our environment, one segment of the program (8-8:30 pm, EST, April 22) takes a close look at an area where something can be done and the politics involved in whether anything will be done. This special documentary by NET producer John Wicklein focuses on the pressures exerted by the public agencies on industries to clean up their operations which cause pollution and the resistance of these industries to making costly changes. As a case study in the politics of pollution, Wicklein examines the automobile industry and its noxious internal combustion engine. Among those interviewed will be Edward N. Cole, President of General Motors; Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-ME); Secretary of Transportation John A. Volpe; Dr. Lee DuBridge, President of Nixon's science advisor; Rep. Leonard A. Farbstein (D-NY); and William Lear of Lear Motos, Reno, who is working on a gas turbine engine to replace the standard internal combustion engine. Efforts of the State of California to control auto pollution and the success and failures of these efforts will be covered. The documentary will be part of NET's executive Earth Day Programming which begins at 3:30 pm and runs until 10 pm EST April 22. Jim Karayn is executive producer. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Program Description
NET will cover events from coast to coast reflecting a national outpouring of concern about the deterioration of the environment as part of its all-day broadcast devoted to Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22. The unprecedented day of live coverage and regular programming on ecological themes -- the most extensive program of its kind ever attempted by public television -- will run from 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm EST, Wednesday, April 22, on some 180 public television stations. In its scope, it will be reminiscent of an old-fashioned telethon -- encompassing teach-ins, marches, demonstrations, and exhibits on campuses and in cities nationwide, and featuring appearances by personalities from the entertainment, academic, and political worlds. Beginning with live coverage of activities in the East, NET will then follow the sun across the nation reporting on the magnitude and variety of events of what its youthful sponsors call "a day of illumination." "We will try to provide our own ingredient of illumination with analysis, explanation, and commentary," says Emmy-Award-winning producer Jim Karayn. "We feel a great responsibility to go beyond the rhetoric to examine the realities of what this nation can do about its environmental decay." In Philadelphia, viewers will witness the "Declaration of Inter-dependence." Partaking will be Lewis Mumford, sociologist and author; George Wald, professor of biology at Harvard; Ralph Nader, lawyer and consumer watchdog; Senator Edmund Muskie, (D-ME); and the cast of "Hair," who will perform from a moving garbage truck. Cameras move to Washington for a rally on the Mall, featuring folk singer Pete Seeger. Participants in New York will include Mayor John Lindsay, anthropologist Margaret Mead, Arthur Godfrey, the "Up with People" singers, Dustin Hoffman, and the Baroque Choir who will perform on the steps of St. Patrick's cathedral. From 4 to 6 pm EST, NET's "Earth Day" will tie in with regular children's programming on public television. On "Sesame Street" Gordon introduces children to a "Plezuzmis" and gets the litter-covered street tidied up; King Friday the XIII starts his Clean-Up Campaign on "Mister Rogers" Neighborhood," and "What's New" take viewers to New Jersey's "Great Swamp," where a 12-year-old city boy learns about the balance of nature firsthand. From anchor studios in KCET, Los Angeles' public television station, hosts Maury Green and NET Washington correspondent, David Prowitt, will talk to a number of experts in the field of ecology to probe into what can be done to alleviate the problems. Regular programming will be pre-empted, from 6 to 8:30. During that time, live coverage of events involving student and citizen groups will be interspersed with filmed and taped reports. Playlets about the environment from the Television Theatre of WNDT New York's production of "Foul," by such playwrights as Arthur Kopit and Jules Feiffer, are to be presented. Emanating from the Midwest will be a water pollution scavenger hunt on Lake Michigan. Black ghetto dwellers in St. Louis will also present a play written especially for Earth Day and satirizing the politics of pollution. A short documentary on the internal combustion engine -- source of 60 percent of all air pollution -- in which technologists and member of interested groups will present their viewpoints is also scheduled. Producer of the documentary is John Wicklein. At 8:30 EST, "Earth Day" will present a special edition of "Book Beat," the weekly series originating from WTTW, Chicago. Its host, Robert Cromie, will interview Frank Graham, Jr., author of "Since Silence Spring," an account of the writing and reception of Rachel Carson's book, its immediate consequences, and what has happened in the pesticide industry recently. From 9 to 10:00 pm EST, "Earth Day" will span the East, Midwest, and Far West. There will also be live coverage of the Survival Walk through San Joaquin Valley. This 48-day trek over a 400 mile route dramatizes the extent to which people rely on the land for sustenance. A demonstration against pollution in Minneapolis will also be reported. "Earth Day represents an ideal opportunity for public television," says Don Dixon, NET director of public affairs programming. "We have the interest, we have the air time, and through our affiliates we have the community involvement for this project." (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Program Description
6 hour and 30 minute program, produced in 1970 by NET, originally shot in color.
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Anchor: Prowitt, David
Anchor: Green, Maury
Executive Producer: Karayn, Jim, 1933-1996
Guest: Muskie, Edmund
Guest: Mead, Margaret
Guest: Nader, Ralph
Guest: Hoffman, Dustin
Guest: Godfrey, Arthur
Guest: Wald, George
Guest: Mumford, Lewis
Guest: Graham, Frank, Jr.
Guest: Linday, John
Host: Cromie, Robert
Performer: Seeger, Pete
Performing Group: Baroque Choir
Performing Group: San Francisco Mime Group
Producer: Wicklein, John
Producing Organization: National Educational Television and Radio Center
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