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it's been so what's your interpretation given the head of an agency continue to place people in their agencies and it could mean that the people would want to know about the root awareness which i don't know if mr jones that anyone else mr mcgregor had that i had made that phenomenon i certainly did not thank you
see that times had not himself and you imagine no problems were anything about the monarchy and when i was talking about before is one of the jobs it will go after talking with her jabs that he might be interested in this job and that was number one which was the assistant to the secretary or deputy undersecretary of commerce republican development and apparently a true he was interested in you testified as one of their fellow the true facts
and that now but you shouldn't let the truth that well the most of a silly song and dance i could to weave him through the problem is going to have down there and i would call up her son of mr mcgregor will have a press conference at the white house with three at the ceiling because he would say something that and i think what he's saying actually yes
but it was not nothing to be concerned about the president's speech nasa speech of the sort of the report another possibility you know it was and if a statement i crumble within a moment and say that everybody is as clean and this is something that didn't exactly law and the word begin to a couple people about am i being put up one time
and he assured me totally incentive once we've never seen any sign of that you testified of course this week festival that statement and all these days of examination cross examination money in it for instance and that's unfortunate and which was a cover up of the watergate that some publicity and word gets out of a major reason for this committee setting sun is not that of a prosecutor but i immediately said to come forward with legislative recommendations especially this case legislative recommendations to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again in this country a major figure in so many
animals parts of this massive cover up an activity which became the watergate scandal and cover up and you give this committee and recommendations in our disappointment grief and later than writing for the committee which consist this committee in formulating its recommendations to the congress so that this kind of thing could never happen again in our country the purpose of this committee is legislative and you're looking for answers to problems as a man who's been right in the middle of those problems and that way the mission as i thought about the
last several months has to pretend to legislative steps that might be taken but his committee had under consideration and i feel like the right some answers to subsequently what would be a rather extensive discussion of minnesota ryman is in essence the bottom of which are the government thank
you hello hello michel i'm fine that's right it was
and if you're referring to one there was a time during his meetings with that obama and mature and discuss that guzman a comedian another word any meeting these individuals i was not at a general understanding that <unk> i have had frequent contacts with mr auge and he intended that mr mitchell i'm not aware of any
contact much and information that as these weapons of what he received the fifteen thousand two hundred are blessed and say that you understood that part of the money came from the nineteen seventy a little campaigning you know what is that it went to new york during the nineteen sixty eight was kept in a safety deposit boxes in the er it subsequently came from
safety deposit boxes in new york or safety deposit boxes in washington i think that it was the annual ai i believe it was in combat yesterday in new york but i don't have the actual facts at the actual boxers might not be appropriate to live coverage of the only congressional campaign committee time and money thank you and these things that's right
every day i don't know what happened all that money and what happened to some of the polling that i mentioned earlier today this summer we spent a payment mr wallace's opponents campaign and that was it campaign i mean
true mm hmm that money individually and is in the transaction this discussion about was i guess it was in late but the way in which he was retiring to me generally what happened to the money had had in his custody because he was trying to reconstruct his own mind that he had no records at this point in time he was trying to reconstruct the year is the term he could
imagine james bond i'm not sure i do not familiar with what i know that there was an extensive fundraising effort in the nineteen seventy congressional campaign and the records of those fundraising efforts and the spokesman says well now that's right anybody
what was the question the reason today proceedings and it was
the chosen to a statement from the here now are stuck out a copy of it would ms ba ph fb to pay on average coverage of these hearings
is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs public broadcasting service the pain the pain
and fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent jim lehrer to go back to the committee's final hour with john dean minority counsel fred thompson hasn't questions about campaign money to pay the paintings by i
have had a standard practice of not opening is infected with hiv they were not to be sent to me they were sent to my ex wife's house where they remain anonymous like min vol and opened an economist at attention we just file it this is a margin account were talking about and i have not a lot of expertise in the market the arrangement at my broker is that he had a total discretion iran are handling of all trading i would sign at the outset of all i think more recently a cheetah simon on trains i've never been able to fully interpret the shape so i thought oh that somebody else can look at them to be played i think
what it is that's it if you were to do it as of interest to you that they will find that there were ample funds including more than twenty six thousand dollars and occasionally one point one transaction that occurred in this period of time that's true again
really well millions of them he was is any of it i sometimes to carry cash with me
and i am a ligament out of my best to do my entire records and reconstruct this with the committee investigators questions that you know mm hmm which is it because of you
you know and i didn't think it was funny well because it was
we wanted to get the information but there's a situation that's true it i like my job
and i would keep in mind now keeping count you have what you need i
do and i yes you know and without minorities we can discriminate
i mean the circumstances of the highly unusual for a walk through interpreter many
many na when you knew you're welcome would you rather not be some question that you have to destroy the only got millions of microbes of thirteen potential well let me repeat something i think i have no time too many people it's huge the money we discuss
the moves to open up because you can tell that really threw inadvertent rather than serious thaw first that based on a common mike it and they said that'll be negotiable it used to be my mind prosecutors thank you but you did
do you agree so i no one would have known any money in that is not my intention when i knew that i had and all that money at stake that any of that money i am and that's the way of course you weren't no difference you won the commissioners
believe me solicit my testimony as to what it was going to be another seventy one night might say to disappear so i don't think that that is a firefight with us for the situation on october eleven one of our emotions first and
alleging that an affidavit his party's motion that certain mr ryan and then thank you
stevens says you know prosecutors
you have to these things you remember that for many years
so the situation specifically there's money and geneva i mean i had a conversation women
listen to me you're welcome today's news his position of money he's seventy and there
may have been some sort of a county it was you know one of them you're one of us
i did not mr mcgee with that mr simon sneezed in libya again a lot and all of this is not being an anonymous versions of the plan the reason i think
just two weeks ago i didn't it's beautiful did you really yes
there is a prisoner thank you that's i'd say the basic thing that my office was the number of the
filing required by the president requires search of the state laws to find and describe exactly what the president himself would have to sign as a candidate for it these days you're welcome the campaign that's
it fifty eight it wasn't a baby it was but i would say in the weeks preceding the election were some of the slowest we set during my house with campaign contributions of overcoming
we didn't receive campaign contributions to what you know what the situation is today miller says i had written plane that privately rather than double expense obviously been an awning that runs a hundred dollars a day i also get that because when i'm in florida you have the entire signal upon system as i think my wife can attest that was at the white house a time that i wasn't a contact with the remainder the step
anytime and as you well know i you can conduct business by telephone and your staff doing things and being pleasantly artist not talking you operate the office i also had a great festive deputy to handle things in my absence and if he had a judgment that he wanted my attention to ice and was available for him to call him on that judgment there were inventions i'm renee montagne these
you know you know it's been jane your mr and mrs john dean threatened to someone for humanities its eric you
know and sweat one month late october fourteen soon return to october eighteenth any comments i have no idea and i have no idea about that was capable of american poets i think that's something not be checked as the authors of that that monitors that's right
new questions about the couple does indicate to me that the well as i said is my intention to go down there and spent two weeks in several weeks then i pray frequently if you check my other travel records when i went places like the immediate template for the whole purpose and opt instead beyond that date a burden and then in cabin that
employ three main routes thank you you're right no i'm staying i'm saying but there's not
i mean what happened patients do we know we need to do you leave woman twenty you know
that's one of i have not sat down and tried to reconstruct this i'm perfectly willing to reconstruct the committee and the committee for the committee's you sir i would like to have the opportunity to check my own bands and would be very helpful and reconstructing it for the money but they couldn't find them
but you know on the twenty that is correct in succession we do you bet this meeting of my testimony and
then ran again you know again you know this must be that the evidence is that an iowa fb mr zimmerman in comparison with president alvaro when you stayed in your statement plans of weeks and that if we're going to put it very difficult just getting his money now suggesting
people thank you oh jesus oh to be a player and that was made a mile i mean the fact there's an anti immigrant his committee was right you know
macy's and today the cash in the check will not then we're going to do i've never seen this procedure we never discuss the destruction of the missing jet with a check for it on the next day when i decided to live i said on the technical middle and so and the country which he provided me at another location and florida law and also an artist living off with this committee that we don't have here today for you that year and i actually you know that was no intention on our part
almost begins to destroy that document it for the record it is true that we did receive the voters that a couple thousand us know about that i agree i have a question you know you know
and back in the day and indiana it is money that's right that's right
checking account i know i think it was just
because the committee's bill oh my earlier fires a lot of the committee at that time cabinet
and i'm here and if there's no objections well will receive a statement under oath but mr brown has indicated he will submit to commit a letter is addressed the chairman of this committee many members of the banking committee and twenty alleged was a big celebration mike art letters shop gemini and indicating to mr brown that would be it
it was a test i think that people need to be i understand the implications circumstances that mission and i'm aware of that situation and what that would really like to do is read this one at mass over before you can come and her testimony and mike you're closing statement to choose to have an opportunity to come on that's well into the latter second for new ways to be contacted amo the committee's
majorities they're going to get a message out to the allegations of organ involving me and the state i met with your mr carson and partly because catlett mutually beneficial i thank you for this opportunity to at least it used to have a position relative to churches although i think that sells budget committees that members that that lehman had no factual just like that link the house banking committee action that he has testified when white house cover up activities is irresponsible statements with respect to have costly and other members of the committee are without equivocation i can say it was not known to me or to any other member of the committee to mine out and opposition detailing has been that one was in any way nor could be planted it in any way about what mr james just i personally vehemently deny the truth
most of his statement that a lot of september eighth nineteen seventy two the attorney general was quote in fact that the kinds of workers well this isn't true statement latter having been dictated by me and having containment or not although i am especially in a successful of nigerian and subpoena power in october lives here the marathon such as the committee and even be giving of the same for the media will not oppose the given the most dangerous job i therefore respectfully requesting says that i've got an opportunity to improve for many years and the allegations by saying that reading of this request mr chairman is the loser committees should do it seems to me to attempt to correct and wanted her that justified damages and that they're trapped in favorable response to the strip we appreciate it
mr chairman i will lay this letter has been accepted the record and the un now record at the request of powers right now caroline discuss this matter but the same token we understand that it is a million sworn statement as the novelist letter i would propose them as chairman that we take it under advisement the matter of whether the other person here's
sisney iowa so do you relate to welcome i'm steve inskeep one it is i've sought
to provide this information with all the facts and information that i know about is murder answer all of the questions have been asked of me and to buy nothing of my own involvement in this matter and provide the truth as i know this has been most difficult for me because i had to speak against the president not a staged some of my friends and some of my former colleagues i attempted in those initially from working within the white house and then when that didn't work i took it upon myself to work and without and i honestly pay that this committee reaches the truth of his entire matter and replace that as quickly as possible because i think there's a terrible cloud over this government must be removed so that we can have a federal government i think there
are many reasons or that it's about a real test of the way you think that to me always bring patients with you having to spend quite a while on the show i'm associate myself with your remarks and express i believe the appreciation committee for exchange patients in a prolonged slump obviously not an easy test test on matters of this importance and
delicacy and i think mr dean has provided a great deal of information and will which will serve as the basis for the ongoing inquiry of this committee and we might think speaking german in the last three hours thank you you mentioned this
building i would think so and he testified in a new law is a very complete john dean story the committee won't be back until tuesday july tenth when john mitchell will be to witness his lawyer is already stated that mitchell won't implicate the president it's don't follow the watergate worried temporarily forgotten during the holiday week it'll be interesting to watch what if anything the white house does during this
period this week there was an attempt by fred was out this special white house counsel on watergate his response was a negative and everyone involved quickly insisted that was odd position was knocked out of the president so the white house defense beyond adherence to the president's lengthy may twenty second statement citing national security problems remains unclear next week america was celebrate the second fourth of july since the watergate break in an instructor on a new techniques of those under investigation and added to the american political system as the committee takes time for its staff to catch up on its work the senators tapped a deal the problem of getting better information from the president after today's hearings impact correspondent peter kay yeah senator weicker more about his desire to hear from his collection like her hearings and on sort of the plaintiffs note with several members including yourself wishing the president would step forward or somebody from the
white house and try to resolve all of this apparent discrepancy why as i've indicated the president should be the one to go it chooses for speak now some committee to environmental needs of the communities here is the president of the state's regular respect for the office of the presidency and where he chooses to make history it's a matter for him to say i'm going to speak out and speak out now on a dramatic needs to speak out every day for the last more than the last couple months old that i think that there's no question in my mind most of all on the country as best serve the president mr president speaking very forcefully to the matters for the fact that seventy four hours she put the
company out of business and i'm sure ej we do it's just true what's your appraisal of john dean's testimony how he stood up under cross examination it so overwhelmingly examination of the committee has yet to be seen how well it stands up to the testimony of all the witnesses because has to be pointed out i think it's all very important story about a few things that people tell you what i think that one i can cross examination he stood up next now out of many others who must be tempted here sort
of see where the concerts exhibits and then people can make a judgment special watergate prosecutor archibald cox is now in total charge of the ongoing investigation and the resignation today of the three dimensional assistant us attorneys working on the case that's it has been inspected overseas cox was named also today there was a different complaint of interference from white house aides ehrlichman and haldeman this one came from john ingersoll is quitting is director of the federal bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs five days of john was leading the third that obviously adds up differently that they're from people such as steven hess former white house aide now senior fellow brookings institution and an oscar former justice department official now a lot back at georgetown university law school here in washington this rostrum which your assessment the stage five days have shown a lot of questions asked mr niemann i'm afraid that if you added up all of the
questions they will be repetitious and they will be repetitious succeeding in the acceptable limits of questions there can be repetitious but they say generally however that four days have been cross examination of the witness and the first day was his statement no freeways basically attacking a witness of cross examination was to attack his credibility and i think we've seen that tonight and in prior days in the cross examination by for instance mr thompson referring to the checks referring to the credit cards and referring to the length of the honeymoon the second wave attack the witnesses to take his version of the facts and fit it into your own version of what really happened and i think we have seen that in what senator kennedy has done and to a lesser extent perhaps to what senator baker has done and the the third wave an attack a witness was so confused the issue that nobody really has any idea what he's said when you get finished with the cross examination i don't know this was deliberate but i'm afraid because of
the repetition is nature's some of the questions we're perhaps seen that happen and that the issue some of the issues have become very very confused as often as a lawyer haven't looked at what's happened over five days is there any way that was the story that we heard from john dean could ever have come out in this fashion and a koran well it's really not come out in this fashion in the courtroom because i believe almost without exception ms didion have been permitted to comment and offer explanations for most of his answers that of course to a certain degree flushes out the answers and gives meaning and indeed editorial comment from his point but there is no way that this kind of story would come out at least not in this form in a courtroom particularly beginning with the first day the two hundred and forty five page narrative are your thoughts at this time rather than being tired after five days in korea yeah david
here is an amazing situation former counsel to the president united states was charging the president of the united states within engage in criminal activity here for five days we sat and listened to a petition sloppy cross examination year there were long stretches during those five days bored out of my mind i concentrate just as hard as i could actually listening and pay attention to what was being said i think part of my problem and i'm lecturing myself maybe some other people share this is that i was expecting entertainment and politics as entertainment has a long history in this country but we don't expect to be entertained by a vote in congress we don't expect to be entertained by supreme court decision i i think that we're involved here if we will be once the government committee goes back in action the most serious business we just watch force ourselves to consider it in that light and just not nearly as another form of entertainment i don't like it very much
in that same regard was that they are so many of the senators when faced with these incredible charges against the president of the united states were prepared to go off and all kinds of side alley some things and forget the central issue that was before them almost as though they had lost sight of its importance and senators are even bigger like her also read a little history as you know into the record today a not too subtle try telling president nixon that they they would like to hear his side of the john bain story well that and the promise ii the history the raising of history of made me wonder how john wesley being the third is gonna make out in the history books in the future right now the options are many and you know the visuals are you can get a major write it up as the valiant young man who startling accusations led to the resignation or the impeachment of richard nixon as the thirty seventh president of the united states or could get just an average size
paragraph is the talkative young man who made some charges against the president concerning some scandal called watergate charges that were never really proved or disproved that had a crippling effect on the remaining three years of a richard nixon presidency or i could get a slightly shorter mentioned as the despicable young man who told vicious lies about president nixon in order to avoid blame for his own serious criminal acts allies were exposed to such an being served many many years in a federal prison and there is one other option course john dingell fight now a word about what he did these last five days before the urban committee and the rest of us the american people in the summer of nineteen seventy three why not about to offer an opinion at this point in time as the words of the options will eventually be the case i'm not reluctant to forget that the last possibility no mention of all seems very unlikely well we'll be back on july the tenth or robert macneil and peter kay i'm jim lehrer
thank you and goodnight from washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities as coverage is made possible by grants for special event coverage of the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundation and has been a production of unpack that a vision of a greater washington educational telecommunications association sal erin know in a human
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