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it's been i thought that was really was looking for some sort of signal he told me that he got computers and i believe that the president had the impression that libby with looking reasonable guess that's my understanding also that mr libby looking for some sort of signal i said what might be the signal is if you were to meet with ladies at this point he picked up the telephone and called mr peterson even the president it is and began his conversation mr peterson about the fact that he was willing to do necessary to give mr liddy the signal to talk
mr peters maduro the near the other end of the conversation he talked about some other things mr peter smith third man and what they were able to do that is correct i didn't ask good morning i was a man you get a good assessment of circumstance
his own situation and that mr peterson was a very very well respected imam at the department of justice who were going to write down little you know give you the best advice and woe what else appreciation for my evaluation i recall and this is not in my testimony because it's not something i remembered at the end of the petersen conversation there was also some discussion about my feelings about appointing a special prosecutor and he said something to the effect that i don't think we need a special prosecutor it is
time for you and i said i think that mr peterson as an honorable people men and what job was there anything else because be at some point in the conversation and it was a conversation and the question came up as to whether i had immunity from the government prosecutors and with the government invective too surprised me when i read a sentence statement of president michel the president and i have no deal i can assure you with a government of all the help
i will do nothing i assure you interfere in any way with your negotiations with the government and that would be the word reviews the president has given him the report on the implications of the watergate nice at the church before before i got my answer that he set i think that was on march twenty first day of the recall if that's correct or not and he said no i had to check my own records true to find out what they thought was on they examine where the president asks you what he he asked me i remembered what
day it was in march in my report on the implications of the watergate words that affect him and i before i got my answer out he said i believe it was on twenty four hours and i said to him i would have to check on my records are checked the records to determine exactly what date that was i might have and that came up again on monday afternoon when he told me he had checked and determine that indeed that was the twenty first water is better security matters six years
on national security matters indeed set conversation to the prosecutors that it was going to be the end of the conversation that he raised on his own eye and asked me if i remembered when he had mentioned them but it wouldn't be any problem mate a million dollars
remember me he said you know he said i was i what i was really to talk with colson about executive clemency for when i was nine and i don't recall making any statement turtle response to that was declarative statement an idea i said nothing we began and as i was leaving you said to me something of that nature he was like we're the same time and also but it was as i was standing by the door to open act and the president who was standing not ten feet
away from a handful of president that i certainly hope the fact that i was going to come forward and tell the truth i did not result in impeachment of the president and i heard i think the thing would be an all right and he assured me that it would be an all right i'm a comedian just the last conversation with him next monday morning and then the next minute of an april when i was sixteen or and is that the lowest notes or whether to leave in april sixteenth one call on a media seventeenth and then a call on easter morning
it's three dollars the slightest intention of perceive and my second question to ask for assistance and then applying the honorable areas of conflict in your testimony and the other witnesses mr chairman i thank you for this time i'm telling you common briefly on monday on your second question i quite aware of the fact that in some circumstances it my word against one man's word can be my word against two men be my word against three men and probably in some cases in my word against four men oh my word i know the truth is my ally the truth is going to come out as i might say that the reason i had intended to formulate that question
was in anticipation of conflict in the very point that should make the alternative way to handle that of course would be to have this rebuttal our survival from us we receive the of the testimony that is if there is conflict the committee may wish to call you too just find other work my not but since that is moving on i think it's better way to make that judgment later and i assume that you like every other witness would be willing to return to the scene i stand that's right ms bier no
the owners it is part two i don't know they voluntarily thank you
well paul made initially question which confused atheist with his dating as his room and that the stolen paragraph supplies to the herald about what the presidents who have poured into this more about automating and whose nomination for lieutenant says those old assad refused for the scene in the white house and said the amount of oil on a point three seconds whoa whoa whoa you're welcome was all while or parmesan or be a
certain amount of light volunteer that that i might say in that same respect all my president nearly as over here that i believe in nineteen ninety in conjunction with the efforts to ratify the treaty ever saw but rather than a president going before a committee on the average that in fact the president invited the committee to meet with so as we say in tennessee also it's going to get i do there is visual information on his resume mr ahmad i said one of the an unrelated matter congressman gary graham has written letters of this committee that references directly to certain statements made by mr cain that's about as also indicated to me that
he wishes to file a sworn statement in compliance with the rules of the committee i would ask if there is no objection but will letter and the statement and brown my letters that included record the program works so well so with those precedence for bringing the president and the congressional investigation we're going to take a short break next up a senator in our public television's complete coverage of the senate hearings will continue after those plans for a station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service fb to pay
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area and pike continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent robert mcneil as an agenda that hearing's the committee's going into a dispute over wanted is empowered to investigate senator illinois is about to examine the witnesses the pain i have two questions and you're going to have some of it on the top forty which time you justify that he had a discussion with the president on another thirty years on a lot of community you have the president you know
issued a statement the new finding i'm sure he was aware of the conversations have indicated the committee and because of the nature of the conversation because of subsequent events i had i had reason to believe that that conversation with being taken my subsequent events that any further confirmation of that work that prosecutors indicated the president had indicated that mr peterson my conversation with my conversation our friends and enemies
friends you've indicated earlier that the white house was looking into attraction out involving a very involving a person very close to the president and i believe you indicated that he was guilty up with peas that is correct was this madam of that moment in the hands of the criminal investigation division i was i then he told me that one time said well that means that as individuals all said that he thought that he was being harassed by the agents of the internal revenue service this guy raises mr wallach he
said he assured me that could not be the case that we looked into it is that there are very strong case against this individual and that all needs to be transferred to the activation of the department of justice for further analysis i don't know yet and he kept advised because that is the case because they felt that the president may want to know because as an individual president's olive great regularity and i got question with considerable regularity president bush which wasn't used to it it isn't the case dozens of that as well
to the division of the department of justice i have devised on the status of the case i do yes as possible she was seeing individual with an individual who was subsequently to her and he was right russia and other places as was the case
one thing more we can do and that is there are some weaknesses in the investigation we may sound of that internal revenue service for one last look to make sure that it really is a solid case they get that it came back in as they sell a case i support nonprofit center right on through and that what they did in the case of brazil for president i don't know jewish settlers and another
these patients the ferry and west is by activities allegedly related to activities and white house no statements you mention that on february twenty eight nineteen seventy three us to look into the case of mr bateman as michelle by mr clark molenaar the recall and this gentleman is the one with a look an air force department vehicle that is correct and is the person who was requested by you authorize senate committee to testify on the sci fi a that is correct i mean it is very important that mr sterling to learn whether
he was re released on fire because the reduction in force in the air force as the air force planes or whether he was fired it about airports or not the white house all the president because it all the truth about two thousand two billion dollar cost around a busy friday if we can clear the reputation of one man and that it would have done well so i'm asking questions the president of the united states concern about the show it's a map that was my answer but with because i believe it was in the generally be here mr ma please visit a press conference the president
was caught polio the answer and which might say is he's the as we know how to respond and misinformation they've gotten to get into the record that was in a very confused to israel because he was a welder and remember the name joe and as a result of that mr ziegler have a conversation with the president after having another conversation with your mohawk also i had to minimize that analysts i was not directly and women and as i spoke with him on oct twenty nine on conversations that right yeah
there's not much money i'm here with his case it'll be very difficult for me to answer those questions and i had pulled the pension law of looking into the matter but before i got to him i would certainly from the white house the reason why he was imprisoned he really is all were interested as a rather extensive file in the white house on mr fitzgerald out that was retreat one point where i remember my that was bringing the material and so i couldn't let read oliver twist the hearings and a book that
fitzgerald had written and i was like i never got the opportunity to read those materials to make an assessment based on my conversations with mr wilson my step and i thought it was you've indicated that this case was assigned to someone who's still in the novel sophie now at it has now gone to i believe the cost of living was a german lager is totally unrelated to the watergate year and went with it because he was looking for another job you know in the job he was in there was a journalist that production of the white house i was also the players
he still actually make the lives of the many wealthy would re examine it might be able to be of some assistance to the senate on this matter ms chen of most of the show's reputation of vermont and of this committee can in any way up assistance the first show him because we were discussing i don't know mr fisher oh was once again senator
i think that her route mr dobry races that one into more reasons maybe intervention again just to clarify the record in a morning session the most of being him was to enjoy some of illinois questioning the members of the committee you did mention that you have to have private dealings with the chairman with sen bernie and so the whiter though this came up in the context of pressure being brought to bear on the committee and also know as i've my recollection of the question was i when we were assessing members of the committee
my reputation were you no question about it welcome senator mr jim of my own personal contacts with you is only won although he was the true one occurred inside rusk his office during a climb these confirmation hearings when you met with the republican service and i was among those on the judiciary committee and disgusting it requires
anyone else their job is to testify before the committee in response to requests by janet southerland on the committee that was one of the occasions that i recall it really so simple that i have a vague recollection of it as i wasn't the principal actor and that evening i recall was during the since the games when you are going to appear on either face the nation or make us for one the national television shows and i was instructed to provide you with the material for you and your staff do over in preparation for the barons and we have a cordial meetings
with you and on national television discussion was another time as i recall it on the whole matter of executive privilege that came up during a kind experience is the item i think that's correct and that we have to at the end with the climate here in chess like somewhat like oh my god as well it is permitted and this is like that all that
all of the students if you do well john madden as the president's long lines the president cited by the chairman the vice chairman and that appears in their carl sandburg book on abraham lincoln the war years where he writes that the talk of a southern inspired the white house or either the point where senate members of the committee on the conduct of the war have said a secret morning session for attention the reports that mrs lincoln was a default so the story goes oh great we authenticated one member of the committee told him what happened we had just
been called order by the chairman when the officers stationed at the committee room door came in with a half right and expression on his face before me an opportunity to make the explanation we understood the reason for his excitement and worst selves almost overwhelmed with astonishing for the foot of the committee table stood solitary his hat in his hand was formed count abraham lincoln it was there's an oath and human sadness in the eyes and about alan's got all senses complete isolation which the committee member phil had to do with fundamentals senses of the abolition known spoke for no one knew what to say the president had not been asked to come before the committee there was a suspected that he had information that we were to investigate reports which are true fastened treason upon his family and white house
alaska morning caller spoke slowly with control over depths of sorrow and the tone of voice i abraham lincoln present of the united states appeared my own volition for this committee of the senate to say that i have my own knowledge know that it is untrue that any of my family or treasonable communication with me in having a test of the us you went away as firearms alter his income was that for some moments speeches and by class agreement no word being spoken the committee dropped all consideration the rumors of the wife of the president was a trainee are so greatly affected the committee adjourned it's been a peak to peak
one of my colleagues some senators like in nineteen seventy three a friend of mine if you gentlemen set the record straight for today's hearings are completed testimony that effort to feel about going to questioning by senator illinois regarding attempt by republicans to go find their clothes will also they said that area that have been contacted but now instead of that mustard that suggest that this be brought up the questioning that permission to insert a number of news stories which appeared the president indicated that the
climbing any of that research center thank you now i appreciate it follow
jeff bridges i like that thank you thank you i believe we've had a general awareness about the specifics of the fact that all the recollection of mr wertheim testimony was that in fact i think we probably had a general awareness without any specifics of the fact that involved in the system to cover up which is correct but the latter is only statement we'll see if the
record the record this record to reflect that now i think that and as the mid september thirty nineteen seventy two you have significant was it as the fall i mean you had to it was the date you want to have a meeting doesn't it what was a realistic version of the meeting and perhaps an idealistic version that may have come up
in question in ensuring that mean then that what you testified to want that when you came in and meeting out other areas of getting to the specifics but the president told you that bob hall internet kept and posted on how you would handle the work ethic and raised the question as to whether or not the president had in fact told you about his knowledge of the watergate era cases have indicated any knowledge on his part of a cover up the question first of like as is would you have expected and any relationship with president for the president of the commission and said that goldman had told me about your covering up of the watergate days existing weapons it wasn't a teenager that conversation so i would've expected that type of
further questioning mr abbott when the president told you that bob haldeman at all imposed on how you have handled watergate case and he also indicated from your testimony very appreciative of the test that was did you did you tell the president what you in fact that you have this is the route are getting perjury that you had persisted in the cover up if you have limited the fbi investigation actually got this yellow now wouldn't have been realistic in that circumstance if the president said about composing for unicef and congratulating you on how you handled your job or you say that's right cause the president you know what you're telling me is that and what i want you to know is that i have that is typical of the country before the grand jury and that i have also limited the fbi investigation et cetera were there any realistic response of yours and such a meeting and i don't believe that would be no
when you were told that bob haldeman when the president told you that bob haldeman have kept imposed on how you have handled watergate as you know very well how you handle the worry that his career and in fact that that involved here is having the recruiter term self before the committee and other types of things that they offer anonymity on investigation has corrected and you know that that is correct from your knowledge of all the relationship the president and you said that when you're with the president and in the oval office you never lie to the president you're not the most important relationship the president wouldn't be your opinion the most appalling and like the president i don't have anybody else
that is correct then you tell the president according to a statement at that time that you have only been able to contain the gates and that you could not assure that some day it would not become unraveled that not right for the president is what you meant by that now also at that time you discuss the civil case and isn't that the time to tell the president that the lawyers for the committee for the reelection the president of developing and exploiting relationship to influence of the judge who's correct and in the present where your statement that time say that latino voters are out and during the course of that meeting on september fifteenth got into the committee that right now and i'm melissa block
the white house and investigators right now i like that and these attacks a list of individuals that were to be subpoenaed before they hadn't been at it now was writings of that in a list of individuals are gonna be subpoenaed before the vatican yes
russian relations right here the grand jury you swallow ari stand now what will this is heaven all by the time those years one of the ultimate answer for that subpoena want that was the concern of the white house after reporting
and myself i testified exactly what effect those hearings never went for that is correct and now you're all those events after the president having told you live the hole and onto the composer and your handling of the war you have to appreciate the statement the president that you don't contain items on that might unravel no state in the president but in the civil case and explore a relationship had been established to enforce the job and then the discussion about franklin on authenticity when you left the president on september fifteen just had an impression as to his knowledge of the cover in a convention center there was there was no doubt in my mind that the president was aware of that and i would
have to use your language so i had a conviction or i was convinced now if that if i can send a discussion about the report that the possible requirement million dollars presence response to that i'm a discussion and a committee that had in his possession some confirmation the white house of that at the least the subject matter of the million dollar discussion that occur as well as the discussion of executive honestly i think we know now that the rebels are contacted committed by phone call and the monarchy mr thompson is no and it was those have been reviewed in my office minister
and as with some minor obsessions with the do not relate to this particular reference to review our list of as art and instagram and for me in my office that they were not more detail but roughly accurate read memorandum of the conversation these were submitted to us for use by this committee and the purpose of question you at this time might have been a fight i'm using them for the purpose of this time according to the memorandum that mr thompson prepared based on that goal this meeting when the discussion according to the white house on a million dollars in revenue how are you reading on a range of topics
it is review the reconstruction of this meeting from the point of view of the white house in that meeting was set this is from that knowledge he's putting down there i was trying to be stated about was trying to blackmail portman about about guns prior palmer activities unless he was paid what ultimately might amount to one and now the president said how could be possibly pay well what makes you think it would be satisfied he would be satisfied with that and pull the state presence there was black now that withdrawal that would not work that the truth would come out anyway it again i'd said that a cuban group could possibly be used to transfer the payments out is that your recollection a correct think about it
seriously what they've done is taken what i could've written a tony for regarding mr kunz director of blocking a letter to john ehrlichman and confused it with an earlier meeting which occurred on march thirteenth when the main the conversation came up and put the two together somewhat now you recall president ever tell you that was wrong to dismantle the convent at seventeen open to raise a million dollars also the next item in this memorandum states that the president spoke of you think this was mr deans local parliament's return of the three hundred fifty thousand dollars mr dean said that halderman ehrlichman possibly have no legal goal with regard to the money matters that makes is that most or as they said back up again
it has to be said that nothing of israel said nothing of his role with regard to cover money he said nothing about his discussion with a good are helping them prepare for the grand jury he said nothing of his instructions to appeal for executive clemency now there's another reference dominating the first which we have found this communication from the white house mr dean said paulson had talk about a second time that the way you would put it to the president as i recall this imagery came up on it he was the first time it came up and second time it came up was around fifteen test but several times when it would occur and i respectfully disagree with that
interpretation as the things that it in fact be a mr dean had said that paulson had talked to how about a second running for in this memorandum if the president had not authorized exactly would you have expected the president to have raise a question about that and have poured upon you or somebody would've gotten to have this because i retract that diplomacy mr postman in his white house mr
dean said calls in to talk about it like a common saying there's no reference to any reaction on the president whether he had said that he had not authorize that i well in fact indicated that would ever done that with the paulson with this thought that that was to be retracted the record these division does not have that in the reconstruction of the so called white house thought mr sheridan i like to just have this introduced as for the record which is a sort of genocide as a memorandum based on a pole i think that's appropriate like that for the record i think it's character on the really understood this does not as i understand it representative kind of statement of a quote white house position but rather for the train's location ko member stations bus or an attorney and must return of
investigation reviews subsequently the most dominant that was their reconstruction a lot of apparent in these meetings between the president basically reconstruction ivins was for the purpose of using questions that i think vice chairman of that as i said a moment ago mary taking their as a state park a white house position or presidential statement this time in order to keep the record obama prefers accept that moment that it is even the right thing the same state
at home know what this is not a statement on this that was art olds all for some years that the committee has been on and this and that and i think as the present moment and
other information in the raising of passion and a so called playoffs to maintain silence of the advent of your questions i mean just what he was doing when he was being asked to raise money you indicated that you clearly understood that he did understand it was you had fully informed them as to the circumstances the question really was raised whether or not to come back what about the impression that this was for humanitarian purposes sort of the rise of the fans out with a game it to testify that he told us to come back just prior to asking him to undertake define what the circumstances were they were
just briefly very briefly tell us what they could tell us to come back every time this could be like that and i didn't have any part of that was incorrect i explained in all the seriousness of the madder i mean even the fact that some rappers have been destroyed and i mean i think his mind about the sensitivity of the situation there was a general feeling that i think that's the reference that is if somebody working for you and there for a libyan or did work for the committee to reelect president of anything wrong or somebody works for you and gets in trouble we're not really picking up their expenses their lawyer or something like that i mean defense funds have been right now that that would be added to the white house and that was the attitude of the committee for
their alleged the president regardless of that in this report and talk would they not have at least tried to dig up a collection from all those were working at the white house and the comedian out of the race i am not from a lake grazing defense fund is covert mean fewer raises or humanitarian corridors you raise money has been given for the campaign the election of a president in a covert mission in and raising defense fund for those of an unfortunate from a lack of their work committee that election campaign funds have been given for reelection the president's announcement i imagine now asked me
if i would when he returned to california come on he had developed what he called code names for various individuals i think i refer to these very called mr hamann the writer he called her mr haldeman you know it is not you know you know people use the rivers come back and i lived i think i'm suffering from history come up and he had referred to him as mr rivers again
on the basis of decency about ten is and what rate of defense fund would one go about using code names of the time the secret to make these payoffs it will have to come back here to testify he told me that he was going to meet current atmosphere last words it that one time and that he was going to have the money laundering and that's the only thing i know about that it never did tell me exactly how money was laundered and i asked him he said i don't know i don't know to go to the racetrack and
the money was laundered especially concerning israel the only time i heard of any discussion was when that numerous discussions with mr obama i was aware of and they would just come by when he would come into town would have made a list that he would keep in his pocket and he would check it and with each individually want to talk with me a very thorough man you know in california forty the president to visit he said to me he had met with mr bergman that we discussed the fact that he was concerned that when he appeared
before this committee that he didn't want to ever have a name the contributor come out of the first group raises money and he gets a discussion with and then what other discussions i know he met with mr eckman on countless occasions still use your knowledge that indicated that the president and approve experiments come up no he did not you list misunderstands i think it very well i'm gonna fight and none of the other reason i think it made the engines of the committee i'm having testified before this committee why this is a list of people you'd made up new ideas with a list to recall korea that would put certain stars
by those who were lawyers and there's a list of those people had problems for its criminal charges was just ends with well this was based on that the fundamentalists that question mark the sites are people out on some of those people i knew what i knew i didn't know question mark because i hadn't had any direct dealings with and that would indicate that there were certain circumstantial situations and how i wasn't sure about why the question marks on some of these testimony concerning fifteen thousand two hundred and get into
sex is in our power to strong people who say that and the fact that you had taken from that an amount of forty eight forty eight hundred to millions or i this is not been brought up in as much like to ask you this question could you tell the committee when was the first time you told anybody about who we're removing four thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars from that fifteen thousand two hundred and therefore you have to speak first an opiate doing that from you is correct if you want to conceal that by now the minority term has been used in film you want it to be concealed
your use of that money could you not just as well before turning you were telling you about that have replaced that money and just fold it were to get fifteen thousand three hundred and five what white and i thought that would be a government backs where they were now that i might also add that i also asked my lawyer to go to government disinformation right away and i think it's important obama because the account and positivity for fifteen thousand two hundred which was the question on principle checking a lot of empathy with your life
some transactions identify them polls by the pope you won't be the first documented that a checkmate of april twelfth nineteen seventy three would not mr obama mr schaeffer trustees reported fifteen signed by myself here's a receipt right now by mr schaeffer of that amount know if it's for the format that i can even really right here the city today for months by
cashiers ten three fifty now a war that has gone on medium run media in suburban trust company it represents a big catch that was a positive it's true and mickey were being placed on the trustee as a result petrol and having to withdraw other reasons than the kurdish or signature car the next argument the peaks boy looks like the next couple of years a repeat of the iranian government were the suburban trust that the number of the same club
and then there's a separate subcommittees you check when mr obama threw the case and that with us mr mckeever on to check out and check on by me to the order of his chapter of mr mckeever over forty eight fifty out the next year to be important because these checks i am alas document reporters a lot of mr schaeffer yes with chemistry i haven't gotten the ins though suburban custom made to fifty five north water district rockville maryland april twenty four nineteen seventy
three you're fine clients check dated april twenty nineteen seventy three numbered sixteen forty seven there will your vote myself and mr mckeever is just these new model forty eight fifty which we have so that we employers to the bank too banks treasures chair at april nineteen nineteen seventy three he not ten thousand three energy dollars covering the caf at liberty university the on friday april thirty nineteen seventy three and any open an account and three the two signature pauses outside the mystery myself and my partner mckeever as you know when we discuss building account i can imply that thomas holden as quirky coal country with myself and as much as he then also represented mr dean however subsequent developments conflict of interest in currencies have required mr hogan to withdraw from the
representation and a quarter mile wide receivers at unesco capacity this change also require been dishonest in his enclosed lumberjack sixteen forty seven for his check number sixteen forty three original gavel to open myself as draftees it hadn't been that are telling his signature they're from and remains a half hours should you please do thank you for your cooperation
right right and you're like at that point oh yeah after my intimate and the big n m intro and with that
i got two and it was in eight and chrissy and an optimist who knows them all right nearby in a small camp near the trees and others that another one happened over the weekend so he said it mirrors the well on monday and today complicated interest problem and we never got the signature thought that i'm going to give you so that i can and that's how
they came to be paying you know the beans i can't resist temptation to let the record note that you claim and continue to stand on way for the pie we are dealing with whether that means mr mccourt unfortunately
it was not mr mccourt yeah in which mr mitchell was going to call mr bailey mr bailey was going to fly in or call or visit with mr mccourt and thomas mr mccourt that he would represent his case on appeal that was i don't know and the question put to the president is the president wouldn't be a good idea for special prosecutor even from your standpoint to be appointed to investigate abusive situation and the president go
now i know and present the senate banking committee an investigation well the white house mr dean is they don't get out now you stated that the lawyers either election committee will call of slowing down the democratic national committee
issued a contract with jell o was the extent and source of your information on the subject in a meeting with mitchell's office ii and which i misspoke there were some arrangements have been made to have somebody at that time i didn't know who the president's reelection i later learned he was present when mr macphee had a direct discussions with mr mitchell about this subject and the fact that he was going to go visit with the judge that and then as late as march second of his ear <unk> them out or settled and up mousy came to have lunch with me at the white house and tell me that day weekend that he was going to go take up a matter which he said can the refinery can pardon some have said was an aspect of the
cases he was concerned about i think the workers timothy geithner now that you know that at a hearing on september twenty first nineteen seventy two before judge charles alleging that the judge in the case was assigned counsel national committee as a practical matter families we
don't really know he was at the scene physicians should cease to be taken over time being on the ground that they're taking their positions might jeopardize the pending criminal case i was aware that the job about that time actually the deposition said it was nice you have no idea you indicated on april fifteenth meeting with the
president the president and cleaned up the question forgive that he was joking when he first mentioned that you must have been really indicated any way to the job interview do you understand them to be joking it's just a matter nothing we raised mitt romney it is i was just joking i think he says that fighting unit given us information on this that you believe that
that meeting with the president was taken that you have been asking questions and address the white house if you take any official white house mr schmidt my marriage i don't know what i was not taken suggested that the government might want a lesson that a lot of innocent that they had some idea of the dimensions of what was an all and this is the exhibit
reference memorandum itself porcelain close includes issue of women and from the image of how the gazans says the amount that it was the person that is correct yes i'm here on a second the opening line is how are not effective for us in understanding what he meant by that was caught no i do not i am not a lot i recall i recall this committee that i saw in the files of the trip and related mickelson in fact he had a close relationship with mr colson and he did
i think they do in nineteen seventy seven joey johns at this moment after all it is well who is making statements
he was working for at seventy one he was monica mountains you're welcome let me review the opening part of the memorandum which perhaps some pressure might have to be brought together and celebrate more secure than other whether a problem with what's your
interpretation of some of my more china and others well not exactly that given the given the head of an agency continuing the place of people and their agencies could mean that people would want to know about the rich awareness which i don't know if mr jones that anyone is that mr mcgregor head when i read that to him or not i certainly did not so that's exactly what that phrase means and i think that's not what they can of their estimate is it your testimony that there's a man on the guys that just did not know
anything about and when i was talking about this really is one of the jobs it will go after talking with the jet that he might be interested in this job and that was a number one which was the assistant to the secretary or deputy undersecretary of commerce for policy development maybe relate to mr jones no i don't work for the government that when the reader came by i mentioned that i'd heard of that job and he was exposed to be interested in you testified as a writer that i'm the truth that and that you've testified said no but you shouldn't
let the true facts you're welcome most of a silly song and dance i could to leave him through the problem is going to have down there and i recall about some of mr mcgregor will have a press conference at the white house would get three at the ceiling because he would say something that what he's saying and i'm renee montagne the president's speech
and with them the possibility to become it in a week
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 4
Producing Organization
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 16 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, John Dean testifies.
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Event Coverage
Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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Moving Image
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
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Library of Congress
Identifier: 2341667-1-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color
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