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the pope yeah i when i thought a presidential debate preview court watcher jan crawford greenburg the line relations with north korea a domestic fuel the revolution in yugoslavia and another favorite pong tonight on the newshour the light
no anything i'm when i fall jim lehrer has the day off to prepare for tonight's presidential debate in winston salem on the newshour tonight a preview of that debate and shields and hugo supreme court watcher jan crawford greenburg on today's challenge to the americans with disabilities act i thought in us relations with north korea syrian americans view the revolution in yugoslavia and the california bookkeeper read her favorite poem it all falls are summary of them is this wednesday millions of the world's oil supply he's been
a pain graham was also made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to pbs stations from viewers like you thank you the two major presidential candidates completed preparations today for their second debate tonight in winston salem north carolina vice president gore and governor bush made separate visits to inspect that the debate hall on the campus of wake forest university they'll have a final face off next tuesday we'll have more on the story right after this news summary the house voted today to ease a longstanding embargo against cuba to allow food and medicine sales the compromise plan was part of a larger agriculture funding bill a president clinton and the cuban government criticize the measure because it also included new restrictions on travel to cuba the bill now goes to the senate in the middle east today efforts to end two weeks of fighting between israelis and palestinians failed again we have a report from john irvine of independent television
news the people of the holy land to people like this palestinian woman find themselves caught up in the middle of a conflict like most find absolutely softer than in the west by anton of nablus a gun battle for the funeral of a jewish settler but for several people would do during the exchanges between the palestinians and israeli troops click on ramallah is once again confronted the israeli army and in this part of the west by such clashes have become routine and israeli prime minister is accusing the palestinian leadership of inciting street violence but for the palestinians state of iraq has become a hate figure on this effigy of
hitler of israel as for any piece homage of yasser arafat's is refusing to attend because the israelis or really aren't any international inquiry into the unrest in washington president clinton acknowledged that his hopes for a summit had fallen through but he said us diplomacy was still focused on trying to end the violence the house passed an auto safety bill early today over industry objections to follow the recall firestone tires used mainly on ford vehicles under the bill the federal government would develop vehicle rollover tests and executives to conceal safety gate i could go to jail for up to fifteen years a similar measure is tied up in the senate a california state judge today ordered the recall of one point seven million ford vehicles sold in that state he accused the automaker of concealing an admission of law that could cost some models to stall that were laying in oakland was based on a class action suit it was the first time a judge in this country has ordered a car recall ford plans to
appeal the supreme court today heard a case pitting states' rights against the americans with disabilities act it involve cuts to state employees who soon alabama for damages under that federal law lawyers for the state said congress overstepped its bounds when it passed the law ten years ago but a lawyer for the workers said protecting the disabled is not just a state responsibility in the area of disability discrimination all fifty states have laws on the books when the americans with disabilities act was enacted there was not a kind of a predicate for this kind of comprehensive legislation by the federal government even if alabama was this we're talking now about violations of the fourteenth amendment of the constitution congress doesn't have to depend on states to find was to police their own discrimination congress isn't going to enact laws that forbid discrimination muslims we'll have more on this case later in the program
tonight in los angeles today nearly forty two thousand county employees went on strike demanding better pay each sewer jail and lathering workers were on picket lines county officials said service to disruptions could affect almost ten million residents the walkout came on top of a transit strike in la that's lasted twenty six days so americans were awarded the nobel prize in economics today they are james heckman of the university of chicago and daniel mcfadden of the university of california at berkeley they examine how people make key decisions including when to marry where to live and how much to work their theories had helped to design mass transit and employee training programs that's it for the news summary now it's onto a debate preview the supreme court lawyer relations with north korea serves in chicago and a favorite poem and eighteen a
preview of tonight's second presidential debate and shields as you go that's syndicated columnist mark shields and wall street journal columnist paula to go paul let's assume this is a big psychological standoff tonight between these two fellows their second debate what to expect about the psychology of this well the psychology shifted from a week ago there's any evidence of a doubt that the debate can influence elections last week to sean last week or came in with a lot of momentum and they were dominating the polls released by little bit and that and that switched the bush comes in little more confidence this time unlike the format better seated around the table like this weekend when the children don't know where you can and i'd be more comfortable in and that he doesn't think the war is as affective and gore has to basically and allies and no size and has to somehow come across as a lot more likable than he
did last week first a disclaimer note three of us a particular we don't know what questions has been asking but one who has no justice for suggestions law and so you're upset about that a little bit over one who has the most to prove this to guys no questions or the apollo one ad what paulson is this going that the expectations were high for a couple reasons george bush heads apparently dr debates now go wanted lake city where al gore was this killer debater it was the format that was best for al gore's standing behind a podium separated now where i can go out and bush's trip and let's be blunt about it that night and the pulse that night consensual commentators was that al gore that won the debate and they're within forty eight hours of different opinion said and among a lot of people would somehow the bush campaign make no mistake about it but with material that people responded to that was that they felt more comfortable with george bush than they had and let's come to help or i guess we call this what he does not have to establish what to believe that they are gorgeous but he has to raise people's comfort
them there has to be a sense that i can that i can somehow feel comfortable with al gore and my citizens like that likeability that were recovered with a number number of presidents this very few presidents like ronald reagan was like i have been that jack kennedy was liked liked it was president it was a comfort level and barring some sort of national cataclysm all things being equal americans thought the president they'd like there now when a horse race polls had this shifting all of the place all week but one of the interesting things is that it sure is that a lot of so called democratic issues have been shifting toward boyish medicare education house they're having one what happened last seven days they pushed them stronger well i think one of it is the personal side which is that honesty and trustworthiness did has of mergers adapt its reemerged on bush in bush's favor about ten points now awash in post abc poll over bor i think that does tend to slide over into sheets but the other thing is where bush i think would push ideas started to do last week in the debate was and began to draw and ideological contrast
big government versus small government for the first time really in this campaign a consistent basis that he's done it the rest of the week dick cheney re enforce that and i think it's her core on just to some extent he's now identified as being favoring bigger by sixty nine percent of the public in the wash and post abc poll on i think that that has helped bush make the case for change and raise some doubts about or that maybe gourds to the left a bill clinton would've thought that you know the from our mind's eighteen points bush was a month ago on prescription drugs now it'll be true so it's really making some headway on that argument to that is because of the credibility that it could believe it really the other surveys of state have not seen a similar closing that gap and it i really think that the issue to rein in this campaign or prescription drugs medicare so security patients don't write still favor al gore that's why he has to return that night but i don't use any question that day but the issue the honesty
things done something very serious to the court can see and that is up until last week's debate this democratic ticket was gore lieberman after that became clint gore again people's minds that they are the question of that ambiguity and lack of candor and was he more a continuation of what the definition of is is and i think he had has successfully passed out with his own independence on autonomy at the convention i am in los angels think he lost it was compromised in that first debate last cow disease a debate to try to do that to fix that ah i think it i don't think he can go after bush i really don't think he obviously has to be answered bush's charges of criticism well i think that the best thing for him to do quite frankly is to begin tonight to say i understand how important trust is i can i will never whitey hobby emslie candid this and that again and again about to take that issue away so that it was george bush and the chance to win the debate say they go again alan whatever and i think that he just has to go straight for this and can
fill any anecdotes that verifiable the document that upsets me that had three eyewitnesses beside an anecdote result would push us the bees were announced to be active issues aside what is it that these folks have to compost they didn't it would be an icy dicey cheney lieberman model tonight or do we see the art the attack on it i suspect cheney more like change lieberman the gore campaign of course is the last few days really gone on the attack with bush i think they sense that it's not really al gore's argument to take that that's not it doesn't help him to do that and he won't do it and i don't think bush field right now he has to attack that much so i don't think i don't think it will look for bush the big issues it's as simple as competence knowledge experience he's doing every very well all pursell characteristics except for those in if he can make the sale that is up to the job that is really going to help him in this contest a little more
attention for a simple reason many many chose george bush went and met this is elected the student body president on you like that only now the goal of all game with double date with then george bush beat cycle and on it out and bits of that was on prosperous i be surprised maybe beat him among of our volunteers so i think he has to crouch he has to establish giffords high end and can't and integrate retreat on them and can't be chewed it we agree on this or whenever i get to know it you can't be too chummy once again without any pre knowledge of the question's a song for a moment that because of what's happened in israel and yugoslavia this week that there are a few foreign policy questions or least one of them brings it up and who stands to benefit who said saloons no question the gore was better on that issue that subject matter last week or so george bush can only go up and i think he has to it has to show any designated almost as are dozens doesn't matter so much as that evil which he delivers the comfort level there that the fluency in insomnia just the us is it gave us we clicked formulaic
twenty one around the room when the subject came up and people understand that you can't ever present does that it so yes to show more more fluency income from foreign policy and i think the comfort is the key committee last week he did look a little bit like a deer caught in the headlights will subject raised and was didn't think of cinema watch it was diet that's in you know an al gore can sit there and start rattling the nato countries either to say why it is going to speak demonstrate an understanding and i was also and this is what i would do this is why would do they present here last night about it at this point are looking for the vision thing again they're looking for someone who could just reach through all the numbers and actually appeal of them is that important is born a certain direction to set a tone i think that's right and i guess i would argue that bush but we lost the debate on points at least i thought he did he did a better job last week of establishing their vision in particular did very well at establishing that he but he can put together a bipartisan coalition that they had had a chance for a
plan for eight years to get something done on medicare and so scared they didn't he can do it i would take it beyond so security medicare and said this is what it means in two thousand to be american this what we owe each other is your rights but these are responsibilities and then these as the sacrifice and the estimate is we have the better your body's more humane and if he believes that the candidate who taps into that will find an awful americans eager to listen to you to follow our sponsor though that's very much the letter as a states' rights versus civil rights case at the supreme court and it's a race for us at issue today was whether public employees have the right to sue state governments under the americans with disabilities act the federal ban on discrimination against the disabled was passed by congress ten years ago but that congress exceeded its authority with the aba we get more on the case and today's proceedings
newshour regular jan crawford greenburg national legal affairs correspondent for the chicago tribune would jen walk us through how this particular case in this argument got to the court well this case actually involved two separate lawsuits filed by individuals against entities the state of alabama where the lawsuits involve a registered nurse who allege that she was demoted when her employer discovered that she had breast cancer the other lawsuit was filed by an employee of the state's department of youth services who said that the state hadn't done enough to accommodate his severe disabilities severe chronic asthma didn't and foresight no smoking bans for example so these two individuals sued the state under the americans with disabilities act or that a dna noticed they stepped into didn't contest them the merits of the case you just said look you can't so ice under this law because congress didn't have
the authority to make it applied to us in the first place so to be clear what was talked about in court today was not whether or not mr ashes asthma had been accommodated or nurse garrets problems were well recognized and dealt with but whether they had any standing to bring these kinds of it whether they can tighten the slaw and seek protection so what do the arguments before the appeals court and then how i got up here was that the federal appeals court ruled against the state and it said congress was within its authority i would have said that the aviation apply to the states and that employees could say to the states if they feel they've been aggrieved i'm so today that the lawyer for the the state of alabama told the justices that the appeals court was wrong and that the states were protected by an obscure amendment by the eleventh commandment i whisper says police when it's our federal lawsuits against the states so what does that what sovereign immunities that's and it's these that this
is a very dry and this is a very complicated constitutional issue the kind of issues that you're fascinate law professors but obviously neither has significant implications for american life because at bottom as as we saw today this is a case about power congress has power over the states congress' power to interpret the constitution congress' power to seek redress for constitutional violations and beyond the ad a if the state's prevail here some suggest they could lead to attacks on other lawsuits against states under other laws such as the fair housing act and certain anti discrimination laws that prohibit actions that might have a discriminatory affect sort of the justices have to say this is a tough argument you know that they looked at these issues before in fact there was a case last term and which sound the court ruled that employees could sue states for violating the federal age
discrimination law when is a court right poignant intimate sound of the atlantic that play slash year was pretty clear that there are at least five justices in fact there were five justices who would side with the state to date there was a little tougher on i think to car where the key votes on the court justice sandra day o'connor who wrote the opinion last term in the age discrimination case suggested today that maybe disability was a little different maybe our would it be different life there are more evidence that the states have been engaging and discrimination against the disabled that you didn't have in the age discrimination case from last term other justices were little he's yours or did they can attract the opinions that they've held for years as the court has begun taking up these issues a federal power the liberal justices
suggested that of course congress could step in and remedy these violations the conservative justices said seem to have sympathy for the state's argument that the state wasn't discriminating in that state laws were sufficient did the state of alabama maintain either in its filings before today's arguments war under questioning from the judges today that the federal government cannot pass a lot of this kind of enforce it in the state of alabama that was the bulk of his argument and the reason it's sad that was because there's no evidence that a disputed the evidence that the states were discriminating against people because of their disability the attorney said there's there's no evidence that the states were engaging in widespread discrimination and her state laws on the books and the states are enforcing those laws against discrimination so congress didn't need to get involved here in congress you know couldn't just step in it's a sure we can get involved here despite his eleventh the minute that you cite
aren't because we've got to address these constitutional violations the state's lawyer said that argument is false because the states haven't violated the constitution federal laws against other kinds of discrimination very unseemly invoked in cases of disco yesterday pointed different sources of constitutional authority one thing it's interesting i think about these cases is that for you for of our first ebola senate congress could pass any law if it were important issue but in recent years this supreme court led by chief justice we request has said no congress has to point to a specific place the constitution begins at authority to get involved you can just go in and pass laws that might interfere with concerns that states generally handel and so under that that thinking the core in recent terms has has served in some ways quite
dramatically and steadily scaled back congress' power these heavy the states it said that you know congress can order on state officials to implement federal programs it said congress cannot point to that its authority to regulate commerce to pass laws that really have nothing to do with commerce like we saw last term in a case involving a law i the federal violence against women act and in these cases that said in the past that states have a right to be sued over their own lives in their own courts now whether or not that will apply in his disability slice of what the court has to decide what to just so i'm clear on what's at stake here if the court finds for the state of alabama put that dream da da of much of its enforceability at the state level the states were saying no while the aba on some level yes but at this they say you know they have their own lives and the states are violating or discriminating against people on
but because of their disability that people can always and this is a little tricky legal aspect people can always sue a state official and get the state to stop it's bad behavior i mean what there were arguing today is that people couldn't file these private lawsuits for money damages so the state says no this doesn't mean that states are just want to wholesale discriminate against people because they're disabled we have protections and are on the books on the states and you know if some state does happen to discriminate a person can sue and get the state to stop and get an injunction what each day and i understand that while states have a version of the ad on their own but could follow their own law and in effect exclude the federal law i mean cesar chavez was troubled by that today he said you why would the state law preclude the federal law the attorney for the state said well because the state law means the federal law as it would apply to the states
is unnecessary and that's wyatt on the eleventh minutes about a pretext dates from for you know from congressional actions that was subjected to federal law says and that's why i am dr carson's argument here wouldn't would hold way because there's no reason for congress to get involved in crawford greenburg thanks for coming by and still to come on the newshour tonight north korea serbs in chicago and the favorite poem and well north korea's top military man visits the united states' margaret warner has that story on his arrival in san francisco sunday vice marshal joe mule not picking the highest ranking north korean official ever to visit the us joe's official title is vice chairman of the national defense commission is widely regarded as the north korean leader's right hand man the former fighter pilot war an
ordinary business suit to his first official meeting yesterday at the state department but he changed into his military uniform before his next stop at the white house us officials read much into the gesture he was also i think conveying a very important message to us and to the citizens of north korean of the region that this effort to improve relations is one that shared not only by the civilian side by the foreign ministry about by the military as well joe's visit is one of several signs that north korean one of the globe's most insular countries has begun opening its doors to the world ever so slightly the us and north korea don't have diplomatic relations with president clinton sent former defense secretary william perry to pyongyang last year to discuss us concerns about north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program then last june the leaders of the two koreas kim de jong of the south and kim jong il of the north man in a first ever summit the two sides still technically at war declared they would ease
tensions and promote eventual reunification within days washington followed through on perry's recommendation to ease some economic sanctions against the north the sanctions or easing will our most important export of nonsense and consumer goods also committed anything or direct financial transfers from one person to another in the next few months the koreas took steps to rebuild a cross border railroad line connecting their capitals and arrange free for unions for dozens of families separated for some five decades since the korean war washington is looking for more from pyongyang to stop testing and export in long range missiles and to abandon it's now frozen nuclear program north korea wants to receive economic aid and you're removed from the us list of countries that support terrorism in july north korean leader kim told russian president vladimir putin he might be willing to end the missile program if the west would
help north korea launch its satellites those topics were among several show discussed with us officials at the state department dinner last night both sides expressed optimism and we're optimistic that our statement that we can have improvements in the relations between our two countries in the years ahead that is wholly in the best interest of our two in most of the world the cold war ended a decade ago on the korean peninsula and has lingered but what was frozen can fall and what has been contested ground can over time become common ground joe is due to end his official visit to day and returned home tomorrow for more on vice marshal chose visit we turn to james lilley former assistant secretary of defense during the bush administration and ambassador to south korea during the reagan administration tony nam khong chairman of murray hill company a consulting firm advising companies doing business in north korea he's also served as an unofficial liaison between the us and north korea and down over
door for author of the two koreas a contemporary history and formerly the washington post's northeast asia correspondent welcome gentlemen down the white house the state department seemed to regard this visit as a very big deal it's very significant do agree certainly do i think it is a big deal we've never had anybody of any rank like joe come to the united states are he is the right hand man of kim jong il r and it's the number not in isolation even this is part of a trend of your therapy show that's been going on now the ticket with the opening to south korea now they have begun opening in south korea listening as kyle we hear very clearly when i have an opening with united states they are taking a step the state department was quite surprised that he was going to be the person to be sent from pyongyang and i think it's a great opportunity to move forward with a country with which we've had very hostile relations almost went to war
history six years ago why did north korea sent someone so high level german kim jong il the leader of north korea sent to us to show us his prose envoy to strike a certain tone in a certain position with respect to north korea's relations with the us i think the picture is even larger than the way then damages portrait of the picture that is emerging now as of this as it lays the foundations for a fundamental shift in the in the us its security posture in northeast asia the court is over with ferns and also sells us position has really fallen to be one of the harmonizing to stabilize in the region no longer does the security architecture of the cold war in which the us had two strong alliances bilaterally with south korea and japan and a strategic partnership with china no longer does that apply from now on the us is the entire roll in the region as politically do you see this visit
as laying the groundwork for something that radical change i do not i think i'm i'm entranced by my colleagues romantic versions of what happened i think that they're probably struck a note it's accurate they made the symbols were very good confusion and that not the north koreans are very very confucian requires the sort of symbols of rights that we got and they got the black limousines in the police escorts and the president and the banquets that's fine that's good the symbols are there and i think that's important in order to make a relationship move ahead and i'm happy with that and it was the right thing to do what hasn't changed is the north korean military what hasn't changed their economic system in fact secretary cohen said in japan at the end of last month he said the military is stronger and more aggressive and also that in order to get economic assistance we would have to see some kind of movement on the military front now last night marshall joe said in effect which they said very frequently where the small country where the beleaguered country
where the country under threat from the united states you have to show us first which are going to do and then we might do something when you get into the sort of tough bargaining there on these issues you're gonna find the romance will go out of the relationship very quickly and you find yourself in a good tough game i think united states is going to play a very strong will agree with telling them i think that will has not been defined yet and i think both sides including present converge amanda chairman can do you both want the united states they say to stay because the real threat as they realise historically allies consider particularly dangerous time for twenty nine can what does the chairman joe mctighe you all three were at that dinner last night and one thing he said that generally just refer to has become kind of controversial today he said well the north korean leader was ready for this new friendlier relationship if and we haven't north korea was given strong and concrete assurances from the us for the state sovereignty and territorial integrity
of north korea what is it what are they looking for the security area will simply the removal of north korea as a military threat to united states and establishment friendly and normal relations across the board called for trade people to people it's over i think he suggested to me martin i don't agree with him i don't think he was talking like small country better about the village or something i thought his remarks were very straightforward and i thought what he meant was they want some kind of assurances of their security and sovereignty they've been saying this for a long time us gave them some assurances in july nineteen eighty three again in nineteen ninety four i don't think this isn't something that's going to be too hard to do we had no designs on their territory or sold they want someway to normalize the relationship has been talk of some kind of a treaty or agreement that would succeed the
armistice in korea we never never had a peace treaty it's just an armistice and i think that's what he's hitting around four to of course in meetings are going on today we'll learn eventually what what he had to say but i think it's a perfectly reasonable request and i don't see it being too difficult to be beautiful again don i would just add to that that the north korean position at this spoke last night but one of the leading diplomats look i am soldier he says that's all i am i get orders from the top but i do i'm told and he said i don't know anything about martial joe and yet he corrected some of the facts that i had which they were not true but what he said is that what you have to do is to get people over arching agreements first and then we can do to confidence building steps and that says you know that's exactly what president jimmy johnson york what we tend to want to see is some confidence building measures from the north we watch really hot wines investigators motor exercise notification military exercises challenge inspections also
transparent say transparency which we would like to see happen to give us confidence right off the bat and give them confidence they can send their inspectors and south korea they could go to close on prince on the cover his bases there and see them c'mon talk to him don't you think it's not being romantic to say the fact that they sent a very very senior military force over here to negotiate and talk to us rather than a foreign ministry he's the military issue is really the key here and rather than differing literal issue whatsapp and by virtue of marshall total visiting the united states is that the stage has been set for three way talks now between the us north korea and south korea to talk about replacing armistice with a new peace mechanism or agreement and that's where the urge will be in the mix as it what i had and i know the meetings just ended he had a meeting at the pentagon secretary cohen it's a little early but what can you tell us about what concrete came out of this
particular year of us is interested in which is some assurances that the nuclear and missile programs are really can be pulled apart from guns i think that the joint statement that is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning we'll just we'll put the relations on a brand new fully and it will probably contain some language i would hope and i don't think about the concerns of the us would respect missiles and nuclear programs and the military and the military confrontation and this is the man to talk to because he went to iran in nineteen ninety four with the military nuclear delegation the reports are that he gave her spare parts of the note on drafting pieces of drafting a long range missile three years later they have a shot three shot his predecessor check on what pakistan and ninety nine five three years later they shot off at war now there's something that this man is intimately involved in the missile and nuclear programs i'm very
glad that amanda had that responsibility sat down next to president clinton and president clinton told him directly are very deep concerns about this do you think north korea is really ready and these programs were is this up a carrot they keep dangling in front of the west as some believe and but really they never intend to give this up oh they have a moratorium another were surveyed agreed not to fire any more missiles as long as talks continue and i believe that in the current communicate more a very likely that is going to be made more definitely more formal and so forth so that they've agreed to rate now well they stopped developing missiles will they stop selling missiles they've made clear they're willing to stop it we will pay them because that's one of their principal source is a foreign revenue the united states has not been willing to do that this is the kind of thing that could be talked about as we move down the road and why our own missiles let me mention one other thing is very significant if you
have a friendly relationship with north korea this kicks the props out from one of the justifications for an early national missile defense program that is the thing that has been used to say we have to do this right away because north korea may have been in two thousand and five now jennifer immigration north korea what is the right to have a national missile defense program i don't think it would be a rush is one thing but on china we're going to north korea in the first place let me get back to to pray here ok what do the north koreans are really wanna see in concrete sense as quickly as possible i think what they want says what they will see tomorrow morning in the community and that is the end to their of adversarial relations and hostilities between these two governments recent rise in libya is that it is long on political symbolism that is it's very significant philip desautels what they want they want money food and oil and they went in big doses because that will sustain their survival their system economic systems not change it's in
very very bad shape our imports over the last six years have kept that going for war or food all these things done for them they want food and they want substance they want it now and they wanted on terms or they can keep their military strong and keep their system in a way that they can keep control and we can make a deal with a man that i read we have so far in the last six years perry's done a very good job but you have to look at the very mature real requirements for survival you make it sound like this is something new or sinister something but in fact yes i think they want to survive on the routine i think that's why they are they are what they have soft really realizing that you know open up united states they've sent letters to every single country in europe asking to establish relations they would have to pay as much stuff coming and investments the more economic activity and investments they have from the western from the outset far as i'm concerned about or everybody will be because it'll be a different kind of
regime well i think that's that that is romance again see i think that's very nice i hope that's true of espressos be sometimes it isn't that does raise the question ok could this regime stay in power if it were to really open up and people north korea were exposed people in the south and a democracy and capitalism of course entirely certain kinds of north korean society are very much familiar with was no question that they would adapt very easily to these changing trends in his poor make a point about the requests for full day there have been no official request were floated for some period of time suggesting that food aid is a diplomatic because it is not a response to an economic situation really want rustlers investment is not only that they want something similar to us japan noodles are security treaty believe in the long run by which the north korea would enter into a very strong positive relationship with us and of course with the us the south as well the same time also be a very very natural for the us to provide lots of assistance
to just an option here then they got five hundred thousand five hundred thousand times from south korea corn and rice from thailand in china for just myself there is a tradeoff i generally that they are very very much very anxious but now the revolution in yugoslavia as seen by a group of serbian americans in chicago elizabeth bracket have been eu te te wu reports oh in chicago serbs still didn't used serbian orthodox churches gathered in any serbian restaurants and sat in their living rooms glued to the images flickering it was their television screens and the milosevic regime in serbia collapsed this official says the overall reaction was one of joy first
response very spontaneous was thank god finally after fifty six years of communist tyranny and oppression of yugoslavia of the serbian people and of the awe all the other peoples in yugoslavia now the communist party and its leader in the person below switch thal i ring the church bells for one of our people were falling home people were in tears they were happy hearts were on high chicago is home to the largest serbian community in the united states more serbs live here than anywhere outside of belgrade as lawyer robert habits ginger jones say he thought back to two weeks earlier when he had been in belgrade for the national election selection and no one knew how it would turn out by the next day people realize what they've done they surprised themselves there was a sense of awe a sense of wonder of what they've accomplished
many of the cyclists are overjoyed with milosevic his ouster and in protesting the nato bombing of serbia last year the bombs began dropping anchor serbian troops were accused of using ethnic cleansing to drive ethnic albanians from the province of kosovo the most of the serbs agree with a rally organizer and greenwich and that was not the bombing that hasan milosevic's defeat the bombing campaign probably couple ocean region power and kept more people loyal to him than what had happened and i think it's very disingenuous and arrogant of anyone to even try to make an association between a bombing campaign and the events of the past few days that bombing campaign did nothing other than to kill people to starve people into this story the economic and urban infrastructure of that country a record low with a big surge and the slogan on this activity has spent many hours on the phone with leaders of anti milosevic forces having our house
cleaning is on the way and that the michael size of some people around them and saw some people wrote that the hands in uncommon as the fearsome for many many many years the longer for our own souls service or has an ear for example in the promising at all and didn't bring the sun richard koo quickest way to let the free syrian season of the series is that serbs and not the international community is either fate of milosevic and his supporters nine years ago after being persecuted by the milosevic regime he too is in daily contact with a united opposition leadership to give it is pushing a new push to get a government to have milosevic tried in serbia it will officially tried in serbia and he has to be accountable concerts he did the a lot of the things he did the obvious he didn't destroy it to say serbia name for now right now serve opposition
announced and the service throat over all demanding creation of commission and truth and reconciliation i think these commissions should be formed in a form like a commission on the south africa that the us been pretty successful most of it has been indicted for war crimes by the international war crimes tribunal at the hague don't know chicago serves on the most of it should be turned over to the tribunals i pushed an eater yes some very basic fundamental questions about whether it would be right under the circumstances to simply turn this lawsuit over to the day which it is perceived the serbian people pleaser perceived as a political creation and at the indictment itself which was brought out in the midst of a war was a political indictment if koskinen said justice analyst fitch to head to terminate time with the political in the case of that would be for one british empire are going to be that he is so speaking are becoming in that those forms of the us
that has been any he does that then there and then that it is that your fingers along the cause the report she got was also home to a large albanian community including hundreds of recent refugees from kosovo the community was very vocal both before and during the war with his cousin later became president of aids here are very reluctant to talk prefer instead to take a wait and see attitude toward the new regime it was impossible to resolve kosovo while there's no legitimate government of right now that there's a legitimate government of rape that can work out a political structure that would be fair to all people with a goal toward developing malt isi democratic possible the revolution in the streets of belgrade has brought a dramatic change in the reserves are viewed pretty clean the media sees a girl asserts that says that's too i am from being from war mongers rapists bum demonize the end in the
worst way through the media both on television then and in the newspapers all of a sudden the serbian people are freedom lovers he rolls i'm courageous sir bringing down the sound communist power and domination and all of a sudden we went from a rags to riches so we went from rats to angels chicago serves like a changing perception though they like the new government of the yugoslav republic even more as ben finally tonight another selection from former poet laureate robert pinsky is project asking americans to read their favorite poem tonight is by stanley kunitz who tomorrow officially becomes the nation's new poet laureate
cronin i'm looking for a kind of election for california home for the first time or the first five lines and i immediately burst into tears and i because they reflect and some and about myself that i had never articulated where thought about their weight that was so deeply true as i continued reading got very dark and towards the end it made me laugh and i think that a poem that is true to the essence and can make you laugh is extraordinary i didn't know what a horn were moments when i first read the poem i had to look it up
and i consulted my a former friend who immediate survey said that slaves were ally on my tomatoes and what i found out from him and from reading was yes it is a particularly ugly worm one norma on homeland and patients by stanley coombe it's since that first morning when i crawled into the world and naked grubby thing and found the world unkind my dearest base has been that this is a trial i shall be changed in my imaginings i have already spent my brooding winter underground unfolded silky powdered wings and climbed into the air free as a puff of cloud to sail over the steaming fields a liking anywhere i
please fasting and deep tubular flowers it is not so there may be next year in those cups but not for me all day all night i carry on my back in that it in my flesh two rows of little white cocoons so nice that they look like eggs in a crate and i am eating half away if i can gather strength enough i'll try to burrow under a stone and spin myself a person which to sleep away the cold though when the sun kisses the earth again i know i won't be there instead out of my christmas will break and robbers from a tomb a swarm of parasitic flies is leaving my wasted husk
behind so are you with a red slippers in your hand hovering over me casting your shadow i greet you whether you come as an angel of death or of mercy but tell me before you choose to slice me into who can understand the wages of the great warm in the sky mr roose expectations are not necessarily old oh and his imagination because in nature one room has a caterpillar kind of animal that is spencer's a cocoon and on gay marriage is quite a beautiful loft it has always been my dream to be
transformed some always on my entire life and so the tidal thinking that the future would be better than i would be better in the future i can pursue that in many different ways to religion through spiritual practice through therapy and i have never been transformed yet i am i'm in my sixties to recognize that in myself and to set my age to say that town maybe not ha ha made me weep and when i read this poem it reminded me that's life situation my life situation poetry this poem mr croon it's using the voice of the horn in such a loving accepting wei
allowed me to accept that part of me that isn't going to transform and again the major stories of this wednesday the two major presidential candidates completed preparations for their second debate tonight in winston salem north carolina and the violence erupted again between israelis and palestinians despite efforts to reach a ceasefire and before we go tonight a follow up to our report on the dispute between a conservative talk show host and gay activists dr laura schlessinger issued an apology to gays and lesbians today it appeared as an ad in the trade paper daily variety she said she was quote poorly chosen words was she called homosexuality a biological error and deviant and she voiced regrets her comments were perceived as hate speech the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation rejected the apology we'll see one line and again
at nine pm eastern time for the second of the presidential debates which will again be moderated by our own jim lehrer and will be back here tomorrow evening with full analysis and reaction i when i four thank you and goodnight modern practices rep dingell has dreams like dreams is helping them seasonal sea the silence by the corporation for public broadcasting this program was also made possible by contributions to pbs station from viewers like you thank you
it's been this because it's been video cassettes of the newshour with jim
lehrer are available from pbs video call one eight hundred three to eight pbs one out now yeah the pittsburgh the pope
light no anything i'm when i fall jim lehrer has the day off to prepare for tonight's presidential debate in winston salem on the newshour tonight a preview of that debate and shields and hugo supreme court watcher jan crawford greenburg on today's challenge to the americans with disabilities act i thought in us relations with north korea syrian americans view the revolution in yugoslavia and the california bookkeeper read her favorite poem it all calls are summary of them is this wednesday millions of you read the world's oil supply is who is helping the world with renewable energy sources it's both
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