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In the E.R. than our radio network prevent the buckle of the week following by the president. There were robot hold on commentary that might have been expected in the electronic media in the print media all brought up again. What the vice president had that in other paper than by giving it sided with the president of the American body of newspaper editors with one of those who lent the fork with him in an attack on the new Norman the executive editor of one of the concrete form of the Courier Journal and Louisville Times Breivik Puddleduck remark arrogant have many. Broad communication our rivals have been openly contemptuous of the other. Whatever their difference they are now driven together as
the target of what can only be viewed as an open campaign by the national administration to discredit them and more importantly to bring them under some form of birth control. The vice president of the united with merely the bearer of the pact with the big party conference. It was cleverly primed and cleverly written and the white bread of the fall of the pic. It had been given a tour of the White House press secretary said that the president and the president had competent rather than any support provide more of the president
that Mr. Agnew elected and party competent by George Romney secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And I quote dominated by the thought of New York and Washington and by critics there who are of the new culture. If there were a paper man who had a new attack on the art of the attack on television becomes quickly evident that the record the vice president that the morning went rather elaborate the separate television about being in one compartment in another
but only earlier in an interview. World Report Mr Agnew concentrating on your target thing it had come about because he couldn't find a balance of opinion in the news media. That and here again I don't consider the media intellectual elite. Sometimes I think they're about the most I've ever. In an interview with the vice president made it clear you are talking about what the big liberal media because he commented that he felt he was doing with editorial writer in what he called being. Hard to drop on the air the
interpretation if you agree with the administration may be an intellectual and if you don't there are other members of the admin to put it in the attack at a newspaper meeting in Bermuda. Attorney General John Mitchell replied. And Mr. Mullen up and taken a leading role in a fraud in the reporting of about court neither the attorney general or Mr. Mollett up are quite united. They have already publicly announced that they are unable to support the nominee. Some of the senators that made strong comments about the record and financial.
It is one thing Senator to a packed and entirely something for the press to report but with. I'm not one that the political will from you know rightly what it is they want for their purpose. This new attack however it deeply disturbing an attack not merely an arm of thanks to God and which many of us admit but on the basic point of many of our political leaders going back even to George Washington have been angered by the press. But I cannot recall a drive mounted by and I can read of record and this one certainly that
Mr. Agnew one reminder of broadcasting dependent on government and we can only grow more brightened when we read Burke chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Direct support of the vice president. Moreover he pointed out that on November pep president telephoning the network to ask for the grip of the remarks of the reporter and commentator on November 3rd following the perk and if reported from the protocol normally followed by that regulatory point up to the time the written order from the secretary with the complaint in written form and 20 given
by. Make a comment with a good deal of reluctance because the kind of thing so often you and I do only because the parallel. I've been back with you and I wrote at length about that. There were many things in the time that surprised me. The writing event in the way the every bearing and they are commended. They want to get rid of the general air of the progress a willingness on the part of a pickle to pop. Frankly about domestic affairs and the shortcomings in that and I wrote that the one big disappointment within the partner of our colleague the leading editors in mock
up. It may be on my part but it did to me that they were the true believers of the undeviating loyalty to the government the government of Turner gently but firmly without any ship on earth when we tried to probe about Vietnam and we got a BJ. Later I speculated that probably was necessary if one wanted the whole form of life. Not that you support government or when the vice president of the Federal Communications Commission deem it proper
to correlate their complaints about what they term balance in the nude. I can't help but wonder what the difference between there and that in practice in the. I know that many people in the country are up and angry but I wonder if they know what quick they are stepping in when they write their report. The government hack on television do they really want to organize a campaign mounted on the radio and television like they welcome the idea of government offer judgment on what the vice president did that led to begin with. But he did it openly public control and what other interpretation
can be drawn then administrative support that challenge and when the chairman of the EP who openly welcoming that have one of the Federal Regulatory Commission supposed to be a judge and the role of a prosecutor. You have one of two options. An analysis of the motive one of control. But is there any point along the view that the end result mumbling of some kind. There are many people arrogant and in the prime of jeopardy and I much prefer the arrogance of the independent media. However much I deplore some of the arrogant the government.
Crowd I put my credentials in the field of communication of my colleagues are somewhat better than those of Mr Agnew in the post in the next minute. Herbert Klein the president director of communications can give ample testimony to how many of us have been open critic of journalistic practice over the years and how many games we have made in improving our various techniques and products we were being hurt for our profession long years report pyro Agnew started courting their paver in Maryland. Now let me help with the rent and I propose the post it applies to many other of my colleagues if not most. I have consistently packed all the forms of journalism because of what I have called a love hate relationship.
I am totally absolutely devoted to journalism at the way of life. I sometimes hate it because it is not always lived up to its promise and income is not even up to it due to dedicate or can wind up sounding like comment about something very dear to your credit man. An organization I work for them to return it called me the most important man a new paper every time of the week that we very willingly have our shortcomings. And I think that the fact that with critical before you were
evident that the men and communication are not in panic over the problem of them or helping them in a week to go before the attack on the news media. KLEIN And I shared the platform before the Colorado Bar on television and given the fact that it was made clear by the lawyer for the editor of the United pollutant of the long running conflict between prep and Barr over what is properly called pre-prep and where the members of the board of directors. In order to study the workings of the company
that is very big in the study of the problems involved in a grievance committee complaints about the performance of the daily newspaper the. I could add the significant point that long before we had any information over the red bird to even contemplate ever considering a complaint from a political figure. Who have spent our lifetimes in Journalism know Paul Well how ephemeral a politician for papers or for what he can do politically it would only seven years ago that Mr. Nixon was saying I can only thank God for television and radio for keeping the newspaper a little more.
We are told that the president watching approvingly as the vice president elevated and urged him to follow them or on a paper way of separating editorial comment or followed the PEC obvious otherwise. Or can we not even believe David learned the report. We don't have to go back to the political temperament after that that minute with lowered voice. Or attorney general or or commissioner or order the book Washington coverup and attack on the
government. Think with all the turbulence at the Barry Goldwater sentiment the overwhelming majority of American Goldwater. Ah. Well I. Mean at least the security of American journalism with a conflict of objectivity from the bird in the basic problem with outlined years ago by one of the truly great men of our calling. Then all of a Rhodes scholar he was with the
New York Times then analyst and commentator professor then director of the open of War Information and later again a network commentator returned he won the Peabody Award reporting in here with the good newspaper and a good broadcast. Mark walk a tightrope between the proper objectivity that everything at face value and let the public be imposed on by the front on the other the interpretive reporting would fail to draw the line between objectively between a reasonably well in fact and what the reporter and editor of the pack. There Eric Sevareid much the same thing. Much more bluntly
and Eric Sevareid our rigid formula of so-called objectivity beginning with the wire and report are one dimensional handling of the news given by the prominent and impact that they have elevated the improvement to that of the ignorant to the level of the Learned to the level of the good. Who admirable you have the heart of the in the core of all or when the public needed or pull information about the significance of like economic legal poverty and while their labor management relation the problem with the grain growing the negro equality of opportunity we were acquiring more
than ever and want to interpret it is simply an honest effort to reach objective approval. It had to be creaming in appeal on his knowledge of the. END. On his examination of the primary and the related from editorial opinion because editorial comment is subjective judgment of five. We've all known that many people do not like to read material with their president cover. Right and you probably find better in both management and labor. The management the union leaders the union public the management are
in Russia. The loud shouting match occurred when the problem with the printing lies. The lie to him were contained in government American newspapers. That problem with picking that line and he shouted We have the croup gold are alive. Why your point why we have it take it from us. We tried to explain to him that we had the wrong both of that ally. Now Mr Agnew added another agreement. He complained about the Brighton on their plate and that Karkare them of their response. Now Mr William Buckley and a common or not I wonder
if Mr Agnew point for Mr Buckley. And with the tone of the way and the sarcasm font. Now my point is that for all of our shortcomings and rather many for all of our arrogance we have been growing in our communicator and we are learning from each other. We are doing it the democratic way that our way toward the goal. The one thing I don't need at this point is the bombast and the pummeling of a political Republican or Democrat. I had no love for the community. May I
now add what those who now support Mr. Agnew would have said if Mr. Johnson had made the thing. And now I want all or all way to work on a pattern of priorities. And there are probably a hundred things which could be lifted with the various communication ought to be moving on with all deliberation and now right now I'm only going to focus on port the port it. If there is one thing all of a copper from the path of the packet of nude men who Bob Barker the Toronto Globe numbered up there with that there are group and group. But the trend being for right or
wrong has been the most bankable paper. Copied papering in regard to Auckland and Dr. And on top of that the children made which is a ranking and one on with that method. There have been too many and a lot of Lee have provoked violent protests and by what both can focus on action even their faction may not be representative of what is actually. The TV networks have recognized some of the people by adopting guidelines
but guidelines or wrong by networks mean nothing unless you import the guidelines yet not by letter. My second priority would be for new papers and television alike to be more clean cut operating and none of the two are better. We are marking the common but even there something to be desired. Newspaper men who read their journal they understand what it meant. The reader simply have to work out some patterns that give the reader clear signal as to what it is we are
preventing interpretation or comment. We can work on it when we are wanted never hurt. At what point the man is reporting or comment. The cream the great and up but the network and the property ought to be doing something about it up. My third priority had to do with opening our examination of what it is we do and why. And the corollary of adequate correct and my fourth and final priority of the moment the manner and the fact that I maintain it
is by far more current than that. Only an appeal to put our new paper that you have on and want to court and the great of men like Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley and other like them. And then on the other you havea brave who acted as if they were portraying attorney prompting on trial for multiple rape and murder. And you pity the poor character on the other end of the pack. All of the claim to being we have a claim to be responsible even reporting and then get public of being an arrogant that I recall the term
Democratic candidate for the predator in the Bing The New Paper line up again and it worked. Many of us had the can and now with the Dr who are not. But by the proper prickled of our government. Pretty Pat and then I have to listen to Mr. Agnew calling the other un-American. Thank you. Norman. President of the American fire of new paper editor and executive editor of The Courier Journal and Louisville pawn president of the Associated Press managing editor of The Nation. Here before the journalism at the University of Michigan November 9th any are the buckle of the
week blank WUOM in Ann Arbor for the recording of the remarks with our radio network.
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