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The following program is distributed by the national educational radio network. The old record box. This program consists primarily of selections played from cylinder records Edison frequently called talking machine. These records were issued in a period extending from the late 1890s to 1929. Your host is a red herring. You're welcome to join the party beside the phonograph and listen to some smart alec stuff. At the turn of the century transportation was still a problem. Metropolitan areas where there are entertainment centers where beyond the reach of most of the nation's population no movies no
radio no TV no bowed out and Repertory Theatre reached only a small segment of society. But the phonograph brought all kinds of vocal and instrumental selections into the most remote households. Heading the last we place Cal Stuart often called Fatty Stuart. But the phone a scope a trade magazine of November 1898 said. Kalle Stuart is the most popular man among his fellow artists and we know of no one who gets a better word from all this versatile man is best remembered for his many hilarious Uncle Josh monologues. Done it yet and and and won and we won and here we are rounding up and running
and anchoring but in order for I had been born and I ran and I didn't. And thanks and thanks for anything. Well for no man
and I don't write it and say and then and there are not. I got out the book and I've already read. I never said I had the right turn that right. I said the colonel was ready. In that kind of yes. And you were right. I went in all for it. And then I pretty well until it got water yet. And really.
Well I read already Frank and when I said I had said yes. And then Aaron that thing that I read it and read over and over and I and I were never really read and I never want to find that you were really were right and it would
read man and it sounded like you were wrong. Now that we went through ramp when we fear enshrouded on fire and I Manish I don't wanna turn right. Well that didn't help matters any more if you don't want to know where I am at or down until now. One sided Robert break then started all through. Yeah I think your rant here and feel for you when I can and then run into a tank. That's all I remember now all I've got to show we're not your I read your brother and I think that Robert Frost to random walk in our forum Nancy said it well yeah I don't want where you're at right here on it and I say in my mind I'm getting a feeling that oh my you are right there will be no I mean do you want you know.
Steve did a number of Irish dialect pieces Berettas and it was sad. Always had an angle for himself and I do well to a man as a result of an invention. The particle my hearing aid. Flanagan was probably his most famous character creation. Writer you might be right on. Byron Harlan was primarily a singer. But here is paired with
Frank Stanley who was getting quite a reputation in 1898. This is a dialogue I don't like the temple floor you. Are on. Why am I going to write it. Why do I want to thank you and I think you are right. I go out. Or are you.
There are never far off. Harlan and Porter joined in the song about farm life as might be imagined but probably never was. And Uncle Jasper. Oh. Right.
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The old record box
Producing Organization
Flint Board of Education (Flint, Mich.)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features songs like "Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile;" "Flanagan on a Farm;" "Rube and the Country Doctor;" and "Down on Uncle Jasper's Farm."
Series Description
Cylinder recordings of music and spoken word from late 1890's to 1929; historic recordings of music and speech.
Media type
Host: Harrington, Fred C.
Producing Organization: Flint Board of Education (Flint, Mich.)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-36-7 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:15:18
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