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College players result the world patriotic play by. Judas I'm limiting. The day's news by there were no college radio players on the ground from the National Association of educational broadcasters to the fun for adult education. The Ford Foundation. In the interest of American Brotherhood. We take you now to the stage of Herrick chapel and bring you unlimited. The next few minutes. I promise to return as a matter of fact. I have a story to tell. I think you'll be interested because it's one of those stories that concern a great many people. Please don't get too excited However if you think I'm talking about you because
to be absolutely frank you probably never heard of prejudice and. Prejudice but he fed it every day at it and took it out every so often. How do you know how those things are. Pretty soon you had two of them. First one prejudice then two then three then four then a dozen two dozen a hundred a thousand 5000 10000 possibly more. That's why this story is called prejudice unlimited.
There is no prejudice I can't you. I hate Catholics Protestants Jews Russians negroes Scandinavians meter six Argentinians New Guinea and resilience into your hands. I don't like the way you part your hair either. You see what I mean. This guy doesn't like anybody. Oh I wouldn't say he's 100 percent prejudice because after all he doesn't hate himself. Well let's get on with the story. Let's play a call on Mr. prejudice and see how he's getting along. I wonder if there is some one whom I can start. That's him. All right. Always trying to broaden his horizons. Wonder what's on the radio. You. Know voice that appeals to me. I wonder who
that could possibly be. Pardon me Mr. But that's a famous negro country. And you know how you feel about Negro negro What a trick I'll turn to another station quick. Ah that's better. My style. All it takes is a flip of that I'll pardon me but guess anyone's likely to make a slip but thanks a lot for the timely as I was saying it makes the chills run down my spine to think that ghastly negro windy file these pure white ears and mind your own prove that is something I'd like to tell Yes I'm through I'm through all right I bet I don't sleep a wink tonight. This piece you describe as being more your style was written by a Jewish problem. He wrote a good deal of music still does for that matter. Jones Well like White Christmas God bless America and Easter Parade joy June.
And to think I like his music to put an end to this thing some I'll turn this radio off. Right. Speaking of radios do you know who developed the first practical said all care who developed the doggone thing just don't like to hear negro sing and that goes for Jewish music too. An obvious enough I say don't you. The first practical radio was engineered by an Italian. It all happened way back in 1896. His name was. What's that what's that you say. You mean he wasn't born in the USA you mean a dirty foreigner invented by nice clean radio. Brother that's the last straw. He's fantastic All right. But then of course this being a fantasy we won't let that worry us. Nothing like this could happen in real life because in real life nobody is quite so logical as Mr. prejudice about prejudice.
He's having breakfast. Suppose we invite ourselves along. There is no. Telling us. A while ago say that's a real man sized breakfast bacon and eggs cereal toast and coffee. Well I suppose a man who does as much hating as you do burns up a lot of energy. By the way that is coffee isn't it. Sure it's nothing. It seems to me though I've heard that most of our coffee comes from Brazil. If an American drink. Look said that I could have used a cup of coffee from this day on its milk for me. Foreign coffee tea passed the milk but I think.
All this is pressurized milk. You're not going to drink this are you. What's wrong with that stuff anyhow it came from a good ole American cow. Mister you can't drink this you of all people. The man who discovered the principle of pasteurization was a French Frenchman as French as the Eiffel Tower but think of the gallons of milk I've drunk. Are you sure this is not as sure as I'm standing here. And what's more he was a Catholic and you know how you feel about Catholics thought of it ruins my appetite. I you sure about this. Are you sure you're right. Just as sure as the Encyclopedia. And oh incidentally the principle of canning he discovered that too. You have no idea just what that means. I'm terribly fond of pork and beans. I don't think Mr prejudice has any idea what it means either. He's been prejudiced so long he's forgotten the reason why. He doesn't
realize that all the races and religions and nationalities he professes to hate have contributed in some manner to his enjoyment of life. What's the matter Mr prejudice you're looking rather pale like a clock. I don't see that you're not going to call him on the telephone. Of course I am. I don't propose to show it you know. So you don't let me interrupt you. But the first practical telephone was developed by a Scotchman. What's the matter. Change your mind. Belgian idea what the Belgian chemist discovered. Yes a greater shock I've never felt. I can't stand the noise of seltzer. Going something going off my nut Now kindly keep your
big mouth. Yeah I was only trying to help enough I say no more. I'm off to my psychiatrist but you can't do that Mr prejudiced psychoanalysis Austrian technique. Look at the poor soul beating his head against a wall concrete wall at that and concrete was an English discovery. Watch your step there oriental rug. Put down that newspaper printing German invention. Can't tell time with a Swiss watch. Get a sundial. Yes you can eat the steak but not the French fries. Look at him with a Japanese fan.
Poor Mr. prejudice is nearly out of his mind. He's so mad he was writing his congressman of course paper was any Gyptian idea but we'll overlook that for the moment. Instead we'll look over his shoulder. If you want my vote in the next election please take note of unclosed objection is ruining the USA. Get rid of them all right no I say kill off the Protestants Catholic Jews if you want my vote. Wait a minute no you're not going to mail that oh you know you're about to lick us made according to a formula developed by negroes back was made by a man whose skin was black precisely myself with everything gunpowder Chinese invention and you know how you feel about those Chinese.
How about that. Mr prejudice was so thoroughly prejudiced he couldn't even shoot himself. Very unusual character no question about that but rather logical and quite consistent. Suppose we ask him a few more questions. See if we go unravel his thinking process. Almost a prejudiced male leaders just want to ask you one more question. What for instance. Just what is your basic philosophy. If you promise to let me alone I'll tell you what to do. I figure it this way. I figure if you hate somebody for a superficial reason you might as well go all out absolute negroes and Orientals for example. I don't like them because their skin is a different color. Course if I were a negro or a Chinaman I'd hate the whites for the same reason is that perfect. I think Catholics are odd because they don't eat meat on Friday. But if I were a Catholic I'd laugh at the Protestants because they sing hymns in church. Be
pending on what you are yourself. Either practice is white. Foreigners are easy come again I say foreigners are easy. No problem there at all. I just lump them all together and mistrust the whole but that's using the old. If I happen to be a foreigner myself traveling in a foreign country I reverse the process. Ingenious doesn't do it once you get the hang of it. Prejudiced I hate Catholics Protestants. Just a moment please. One more question if you don't mind your thing. What about this business of judging people on their merits. I'm talking about a way of life. Why pay any attention to the color of a person's skin or where he was born or how he worships. Wouldn't it be more sensible to judge each person strictly on his merits. Well isn't it great.
I might have known you'd blow it when you lived with prejudice as long as he has there's nothing quite so irritating as common sense. Well that's about all there is folks got to be on my way you know. But before I go there's one thought I would like to leave with you. No doubt you're saying to yourself that what is sure a silly story one of the silliest ever rank prejudice friend. Any way you look at it is rather idiotic. There are some college players have world prejudice on limited by Bruce F.. Anderson heard his Mr pride to us was Jim Leavenworth and I was the narrator. Harry ailing. Mr prejudice was directed by Herbert Prescott. Music was composed for today's production and played on the Herrick chapel organ by Hoyle
carpenter production was by Robert Bonner and Robert gallops was the engineer Mr project us was presented under a grant from the NAACP sponsored by the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. Tom Reed is your announcer reminding you that this is a Grinnell College Program. This is the network.
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Prejudice unlimited
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Episode Description
"Prejudice Unlimited," by Bruce F. Anderson is an examination of a man who hates anyone that isn't like him.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Actor: Leavenworth, Jim
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Performer: Carey, James W.
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Voegeli, Don
Writer: Anderson, Bruce F.
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-3 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:30
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