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National Educational radio presents a series of broadcasts of regular subscription concerts especially selected from the archives of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Recorded by the 100 man organization and its permanent home the Henry and that's a Ford Auditorium located in Detroit's Civic Center. The programs in this series are being produced by the University of Michigan broadcasting service for national educational radio under a grant an aid from the National Home Library Foundation. And in cooperation with management and the orchestra Committee of the symphony and the Detroit Federation of Musicians. Concerts in the series of 13 broadcast will be conducted by 16 Elling. The brilliant young Swedish musician now a permanent musical director and conductor of the orchestra. Poper a distinguished French musician musical director and conductor of the orchestra for 10 years from 152 to 62. And multiple associate conductor. Today's concert the third in this year is of special interest. Conductor pupper A
has chosen to present for shorter works by Bell iOS 4A and Ravel. It is more his interpretation of these and other similar French works. That means you have power a has earned unstinting praise from critics everywhere but the recording of which the Detroit Symphony has been awarded on two occasions the Grand Prix to discuss the work of symphonic proportions which we shall hear is the Mozart's Sinfonia concert Thompson E-flat Kirk of 364 for violin viola and orchestra. I've been tormented by the idea of a vast opera which I should write both words and music pro tect about ios toward the end of his in Pittard career. Several years later he wrote again I am resisting the temptation. But in 1058 He added This note to his memoirs. Alas no I could not resist. I've just finished the book and music of late why am the Trojans an opera in five acts. What is to become of this huge work. Bette has probably had a
well-founded premonition that very little would ever come of it in the giant work rivaling Wagners marathons in size required seven hours for performance. Creaky 19th century stage machinery being what it was. The Trojans called for no less than 20 principal singers two choruses ten different SATs hunters on horseback ships moving out of the harbor. And of course a large wooden horse. It's quite understandable that the composer himself never heard the work except in truncated form often heard on concert programs is the mushed Y.M. to the accompaniment of which the huge wooden horses dragged within the walls of the city but much less often heard is the Royal Hunt and storm music from the opera. Conductor Paul Pillar A is now taking his place on the podium and today's concert is about to begin. For the performance of the Royal. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Thank you.
Thank. Her. Why. Thank. All Thank you. Who had.
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the. They were. Like. Orchestra. With the performance. Of the Royal. Store. Folks. Really. Want to work the system with the world's most sought for new concert Tom to play for 364 violin viola and orchestra. It's not necessary for us to concern ourselves with the musicological debate which surround such a work as this one the subject of its form is discussed. Words of the title notwithstanding the composition is actually a double concerto a concerto for two instruments. It's a curious fact that Mozart too in his letters could literally go on and on describing works from his passion as a powder left no comment on this super composition. The date of its creation is not certain although Mozart scholars generally place it somewhere about
1779. This is about the time Mozart returned to Salzburg from a lengthy tour which included Paris and Mannheim at Salzburg Mozart was in the employ of Toronto must call the radio the Archbishop of Salzburg a man Mozart thoroughly and openly detest it and he lost no opportunity to speak or to write his feelings in composing this info on a concert taught Mozart certainly did not let his feelings get the best of him because it's a happy light hearted joyful piece almost at every turn. Will now hear Mozart symphony concert taught in E-flat curricle 364 for violin viola and orchestra. Today's all of us are distinguished members of the Detroit orchestra Mischa Mischa coffee violinist and concertmaster and Nathan Gordon first chair violist workers in free mobile and so they grow my store so non-pay Cresco Dr. Paul 4am the soloists are now on stage and we are about to hear the symphony a concert.
By Mozart. And. You are. Thank. You. Thank.
You. Thank you.
The book. The book. Thank you.
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Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Berlioz, Mozart, Faure, and Ravel, part 1
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the first of three parts, presents part of a concert that included performances of pieces by Berlioz, Mozart, Faure, Ravel. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Paul Paray.
Series Description
Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert series, recorded at the Ford Auditorium on the Detroit Riverfront.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Conductor: Paray, Paul, 1886-1979
Performing Group: Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 66-42-3 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:27:59
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