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The National Association of educational broadcasters in cooperation with the British Information Services presents a window on the world a tape recorded series of talks by eminent British citizens. This week our speaker is Mr. Frederick Lloyd general manager of the doily card opera company and his subject Gilbert and Sullivan and oily cart. Here now is Mr. Frederick Lloyd. You need hundred seventy five. A very famous printer to begin the show time. The combination of Richard Doyle a card. Who introduced. William S. Gilbert Sullivan. By creating one of the most famous combinations that the theatre has ever known. Richard Doyle a cart. Was the son of an instrument maker and was an impresario. And as an idea
was put to him. He asked WS Gilbert to collaborate with also Sullivan in putting forward a small opera. A curtain raiser known as trial by Jodi. This opera was first performed in 1875 and as a result of this work. Either are present or written and. In 1880. This famous opera company came over to the United States of America. I will talk to you more about this a little later on. I want to talk to you now about. Gilbert and Sullivan and Dolly card. William Gilbert was a barrister with a dramatist. And one who was considered to be one of the best brains of his time.
And it was an extraordinary thing that a man who with so much. Of a serious side to his nature should have so much time to write what to some people might almost. Amount to complete nonsense. But these are pros. Well you and I are completely. Imbedded in the hearts of the English people not only of English people but of all the American people too. Martin Sullivan was. A much more serious minded character although funnily enough. As a human being he was probably much easier to know. About. AS. A composer.
It was his great to write serious music and to stick to serious music. On the surface. He loved the good life. He enjoyed entertaining and he was one of the most popular people in society during his day. Many people will wonder. Why Gilbert and Sullivan. Got together. And stuck together. And of course many people will tell you. Of the many quarrels which Gilbert and Sullivan had. I think this has been greatly over rated and of course. In the film The Life of Gilbert and Sullivan which many people have seen there is the reference to the famous carpet cortical. But it must be remembered that. Gilbert's temperament was in totally different from Saddam and their relationship was an
internal business one. And. It caused a great deal. Of hard work on the part of Richard Doll a cart to keep these two together. Many people have heard how Sullivan wanted to concentrate on writing serious music. And. He did. He composed an opera Ivanhoe. Which was. Performed for the first time at an opera house which was built for him by Richard Doyle a cart called the New English Opera House. This. Opera only ran through a few hundred performances. Disaster this. That. Richard Doll a cart again managed to persuade. Gilbert and Sullivan. To forget the troubles and to collaborate again.
And write another op. In England. People will say. Gilbert and some of them write is kill themselves. It is not a grand opera. It is not Opera Comique. It is not. Opera buffo. It is Gilbert and some of them. The English. Some people think of it peculiar They have their own way of doing things they can't behave. And I think we can safely say. That some of them music and Gilberts. DeMatteis ocean is something which is absolutely as English as the Cliffs of Dover. Richard Doll a cart. Who was a very very little man I realized more probably than Sullivan or Gilbert. How valuable that collaboration was. He knew that the music that Sullivan
wrote and Sullivan had been trained. As a cornerstone in the Royal Schools of Music. When. The music that he wrote was something essentially appealing to the average Englishman. The wit of Gilbert was something which appealed tremendously to the people of his time. And sometimes it is necessary for people today to read a little about the operas and the times as references are made in these works by Gilbert to certain things that were currently happening which today the people who are unfamiliar with the period would seem rather peculiar. For instance. There is the famous.
A reference by Gilbert. You know I lent it to Captain Shaw a lot of people wonder wonder who on Earth Captain shore is Captain Shaw was the first head of the London Fire Brigade. That is the first official of the London fire brigade to receive a salary and at that time a great deal of controversy was being raised about this man. Richard Doyle a Copt who formed the Opera Company bought some land down by the Thames and built the Savoy Theatre. And in this theatre. They are pros played and performed. There was still a good deal more land around the top.
Very briefly I would like to tell you how Richard only card. Began to. Build a hotel next to the Savoy So at that hotel today is one of the most if not the most famous hotel in the world. The Savoy Hotel London. I could talk about the delicate Opera Company at very great length. But I would like to tell you that when Richard died ecarte died his widow Helen Darley card carried on the company. And very brilliantly too. She was a very good businesswoman and a very charming lady and the work of the Opera Company was developed at her death she was succeeded by Rupert dial a cart the only son of Richard. At the end of the first well wall.
He entirely renovated the opera company. And. Carried on the traditions. That put in a great deal. Of new scenery and new costume. And up to this day that tradition has been faithfully carried out. Rupert Doyle ecarte. Died in 1988. And he was succeeded by his. Daughter Bridget dial account. Who has also maintained the standard at the same time continuing to put on fresh productions new scenery and to maintain the costumes of this great organization. I want to talk to you a little bit about the first visit of the Opera Company to America. Seventy five years ago
Richard oily cart brought a company over which opened in New York in 1880 with the opera HMS Pinafore. And both Gilbert and Sullivan were present in New York at that time and ever since over the years companies have been coming over and playing not only in New York but throughout their cities in North America. Always with outstanding success. I would like to tell you one particular incident which I think would be of interest to all. One of our great supporters. Is that great Englishman so Winston Churchill So Winston periodically comes to visit the daily kind of opera company and when he came to see us the recent Savoy season he attended a performance of the gondola. And during intermission he
told me that he had not seen this opera for some time but nevertheless. He was able to recite to me. Large portions of the second act which he had not seen as he said for some years. From memory. Many great people have been supporters of these are pros. It's very difficult to say. Which is the most popular. Of the operas. The Macondo has always been considered the most popular in England. It is difficult to say in America. I think at the present moment HMS Pinafore is possibly just in the lead. But this may be because it was 75 years ago that this work was first performed.
Personally I am fond of them all. I came into the dining car at Opera Company in 1951. And about all my life I have been a good looking Sullivan enthusiast. When I saw the first opera myself at the age of four. And that was the gondoliers. Since that time I have been a great. Fan. And enthusiastic or whatever you like to call it. There is however one thing I would like you to remember. That the music and the words. Of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas is something unique something which will always live. As being part of the great heritage of the
British people. You have been listening to Mr. Frederick Lloyd general manager of the doily karte Opera Company speaking on the subject. Gilbert and Sullivan and early cut Listen next week when window on the world will present. Professor Denis Brogan author lecturer educator whose wartime broadcasts from Britain to America won him countless friends. His subject how should we educate. This has been a tape recorded presentation of the National Association of educational broadcasters in collaboration with the British Information Services. This is the end E.B. Radio Network.
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Window on the world
Frederic Lloyd
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Frederic Lloyd, general manager of the D'Oyly-Carte Opera Company, on "Gilbert and Sullivan and D'Oyly-Carte"
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A series of short talks by well-known British personalities on the subjects usually associated with them.
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