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Within a single lifetime our physical environment has been changed almost beyond recognition. Yet there's been little corresponding change in how we as individuals relate to the world and experience reality. New tools and techniques of the human potentiality and presenting to us an exhilarating and dangerous frontier renewing in our minds the old question what are the limits of human ability the boundaries of the human experience. What does it mean to be a human being. Symon are Big Sur a series of discussions focusing attention on the front tiers of human development produced by the x K x FM in San Francisco with the Aslan Institute of Big Sur California Center which studies those trends and religion philosophy and the behavioral sciences which emphasize the potentialities of human existence. This week we present this second of a series of discussions from an excellent seminar led by Dr. Rollo May on the unconscious. This week we present highlights from the session on the scientific are a
phenomenological approach to the unconscious. Here now is Dr. Rollo May as he met in session with his seminar at the SLN Institute. Can I have a g is that the bridge between nature and the word person the immediate rethink of the I think that many of the important development in modern world. I believe that it is the basis of the science of the chair and I think that because to truth to preserve your individual personality in that then we all go down the drain with the tremendous atomic destructive power that our net has to grow up. To the left then I'm
in an op ed this morning. The constructive thing it's not an easy at least I hope I can live up to my event or my reputation and credit. Sure I was afraid if I make it to make it simple either way so that the greedy were at work and then to dive in and do our best. If I am asked whether to Paypal and then I'm thinking and planning to naturists and I think that is a hard object and then. Life in the reversed Planet of the word is Adam and the farther I go to that then
I go into that movement and the more I go into the mathematical abstraction and the more I learn the more the table becomes have entirely different from what the table means it will mean to me that here that is very high and hold my nose and I also hold the technology that you bring to our. Seminar. The problem then is that the method has been the great in the magnificent method the modern man and the more it pursued the more I think you are aware what you are and what your own being and put into action and formulate. What it is then we would take a house
in the suburbs. The native word painted and I think chemistry of the weekend. Who knew that it almost everything about the wood. And again we end up with chemistry and then air. But I live in the park and brick and concrete and what I do practically never in New York and never even a blade of grass around. Went through it can turn with concrete but I think the point they're doing on the shore of the Pacific get big intrusive a girl that would likely find herself and turned with. Again and the object that is entirely different. And we
then arrive at a formula that are entirely different and a mathematical abstraction. Or if passed over so that the people live. Then if you ask what that is and the point is natural. And again you arrive at something quite different from the other three. The thing it has become an abstraction. Women of the make up of matter. This is the method we have you in West and in the running and it's in there that have made in the last anybody trying to get me on the side of being. And I think no.
But I am here to say that it's only have a life and less than half of it and enough with putting it in the larger context. I think I will for the time of the run after the thinkers who formulated the point of view that we had had everything were beginning they cart they cart that night that all the life was divided into two parts. One is the egg and then nature with candy measure weighed them and they control the other the invention. It cannot be measured and if it were in their home or in nature that can't be control measures put into mathematical
form that they carved in light and then in the period the term infantry with men the mathematician and the guru of the new. Now the trouble is that I thin a man from his work. Now Descartes knew that when you read him enough to put it. But the curious thing that they all believe when they cart that meant that he was trying to be. The band and the multitude are satirical but he said her are we going to make a connection between these two. He had turned in the theory that you cannot in your method make a connection with him because he's going to cause you to the connection between the body is measurable and is in the back here. Now there
is a cream your friend back there. Nothing is relevant to either God or experience in this little pin your gland. I think the other is of the symbol. I've often meditated things that God makes a connection here. I think it that interesting symbol of the struggle of a man turning to understand reality and knowing that the body and mind connected happens between that and he didn't he was before behaviorism when this turns out to be a body or two up here and he would be trying to say. Now I think in modern mythology of that time comes and was called God and I think our ego psychology is too great a sophisticated form of the map namely that there is an organ. It's a function that can make a
connection between freedom and the worst enemy of the ego. Seems to me to be an endeavor to primary which can be guaranteed freedom being to do with experience and also at the same time we can get into the Body World and again in the soup. I think this is in St.. I think freedom can only be it to have any other theory and for him be a wreath meant in the hated terms of the endeavor to bring it out of there were that can be measured were the act and the worth of intention.
A typical American. Now what happened there. And then I think it is with freedom for the does it not. As an oracle and not against natural death as the are the basis of human experience. I'm in that well below that between. What we are hunting for the very base knowledge base in relation to the base of life the total experience that undercut could come from a level within us that at which point we are not separate from the table or nature or the house or each other. Not going to be frightened and we're going to do our best. Other big
and lied then in the mind of the moon and it has been allowed to go alone and then we separate from the world and of the thing they could do about it except believe that God would see the connection. We often forget that the Medieval man believed he came from heaven and once again in the earth he had his own soul and evil and the creator. Thing is I don't understand. But we got on the air. We no longer had a relationship on the whole this is a particular faith that soon and in the 19th century were blue light when it came for the day card or the reality that God is made up of small particles
and no net has anyone to deliver it. The more her description of the word the I'm going to attend here it happened and I think it does because I live in the moment and come home to roost. We have we know now what it means to live in a Wherever we have no power whatever you and I got some other place. Now you may not be intuitive We don't know. But everybody deals with people because of who and who deals with. Or if I may it would be you. We move more.
And come with a life and I think the point of real death experience to do I really have and in were a rock lived. Again the connection then you read the magazine poll. Well that's when you think somebody believes that nobody I know lead men did believe in God and they were trying to understand God. He could have a kind and caring thing. I think what we have to rediscover. But in the 19th century it became more and more laws are the compartmentalization the Victorian culture were the
shrinking and the crew of the endeavor to believe in door because everybody knew under the surface the threat from the right. Why it is that you get more anxiety before thumb because that is where the whole Victorian period of control Victorian more of what we call Puritan that the curtain the Puritanism made over in the form of and I thought nation of man and that this Victorian in that it provides the rather Victorian in it with clinging with great anxiety and rigid underneath a new do. The children knew it but there were others they knew it was do not act it was doomed in court but
everybody knew it was given that the collapse of the world and the world in which they were separated and we are aware that this in the article of which the more we try to understand reality by the method harder in school the more we are isolated from the life. In reality we want to understand and I think when I read this and I have read the great. I do not have a good time but great believer in having money I mean in this kind of business I think it's a relatively minor thing in life but never a great convenience. But I think what you hear in modern life if you listen with
hope we can learn to do here. You listen to the the the the great you know everywhere if you compare people will live longer be healthier richer travel farther travel faster be more secure and you know what is more. And this is what nobody know because the belief the faith in what like me. If you're going to have more of that that I will live longer like I want to live. That presupposes that my meaning and this is why we have law. We have so much power we have so much prosperity almost nobody knows that he would you believe were his goal in life. No I'm not trying to make a bunch of mud and
cheap and be done with I'm trying to do a good cry. The fact that the problem we're talking about is now the problem here. It is there but it's much more than Then there's the problem of how modern man can find the world of need and which you can feel at home at and can feel at home with the nature that is him and his body his love his experience and can feel that this connection doesn't it began and or legal or some other item. It is a connection. Manger and the other three and who they knew the phone connection with what help him to be. Now this is the problem with that phenomena. Ok then I think the question of the house
whether the House of the poor that I don't I'm going to analyze where I was who in my core courses in the department I was taught and invited him to get into the mathematical framework for that or that or that I want to know what how I know the words I start with the only thing that God is an actor that I happen to know how. Then I asked to be in the House and the house from the house. I want to know what I'm talking about when I say the word house and so I stood with integrity to ask what this mean. And then I find myself saying that a home is a place of shelter. It is a thing
that I'd like to be going in that I feel some secure curate House's protection and I can go all the way down the line about the things that the House means. Now what I did then a run at the border then I want to do that for myself and for that you got to do it for and with others too. I go to the end of the big day in my bed and other you do whatever the in the end where after all then my best effort. I would then leave the NBN up and nothing but a beautiful girl who'll be glad to have a new thing to me in training. Thinking about this even without the good of the important brother in New York
and that I want to get or damn concrete in even the creek and then I go to the new. And again the description given the protected the other the center of the castle there that you can now go in the room and you come undone to run the deal. They rammed it up the room and you could get them feeling the building up at the top of the hill. This is the place with Again we have a lot of them into new beers when
we're back in the right. That continuity means that thing and the way the human foot crack that if you know that and then I come up with my definition of might have to do with being and have to do with quantity of experience you know other protection continuity then more and more universal and there for the white men the red men and the other men the black men in Europe or the poor in the village in Michigan where I grew up. Another prodding for another one grows phenomenological more and more a universe
that in the natural way because you are all for arriving at a for Adam in the lawn when the poor form in the poor in the Cold War. I think it is the form of the form that I threw the hit point if you happen to be a proponent of who and what I am proposing for that will know the truth but rather will give a form with meaning that is a right that beginning not with them but the wrong beginning with the only thing we really we don't know and that what we have and we act within
and relate. For the moment the table. Now I put in a put some of your getting worried here whether you were ever to know that mine and I have come very close to this like Heisenberg and Bohr very much than we've been talking more than good could Will that fix that and the magnification of it is combined with the math and the army that hit home with I think a lot of them in that the great make me sad for them. He tried to.
Grab the crowd like that for I love them dearly and it is a real threat. Nevertheless I'm not going to give up what I happen to think that the Nobel Prize winning Physics University of Washington grad of the public book called and Bill that the Nobel Prize and all over the place couldn't throw a number of other men and they invited me in and thank God and for God and for me that climax
that I thought we were talking about. And I put that in to put it out because I think that convince them in my conviction that the logical approach sooner or later become central to the threat that we can approach in the event that in hood criminal operate. Now you see I am not asking something again you are getting power over an aid which is what happened in the 19th century and then the 20th. A tremendous being
controlling him getting power over no care and I think at deeper things that we have rate that we have in controlling and getting power over the amount of natural force. And what we're left with is like and then when you read where we got that sense of power and destroy the human race and I think this is what we do. If you get in mother and over and over and when I am afraid that one will die with the cool courage but I'm afraid that in Vietnam at the very end
that we characterize with mode the one thing about the Vietnam War nobody can make a decision about anything and nobody we've invaded and the more troops more stupid kind of more crap more and more by more control and dignity and only around to say that what I'm afraid of in the end the lack of capacity to see the horror what people feel in the minute they can take a stand in the world and they don't do anything except with their with his her could turn out the truck.
Seminar: Big Sur
Scientific approach to the unconscious, part one
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This program, the first of two parts, presents the second portion of a discussion led by Dr. Rollo May.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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