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I was the best and supple of the US by own the land owned by the land on Earth in Vietnam who maybe now I knew ya batteries all that played up on the boat only sled and say publicly to the Vietnam need be but I'm lucky I went to we leased land to you in me because I'm going to leave in July. And according to this study make my IT BE make last year it goes only seven hundred fifty million dollars to buy own the land now owned by the people in Viet Nam. I need to do better and we spend 3 billion dollars a month to find the school I'm going to be a gun would have been not a problem and it's blamed on the bad and how they have to find America and he pleases be known how. National Educational radio presents as we see it Vietnam 68 a series of appearances of noted spokesman presenting their various views on the war in Vietnam.
As we see it Vietnam 68 was conducted over a period of five weeks last spring on the campus of Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Under the sponsorship of the Miami University student senate. Because of the time period that has elapsed between the time these discussions were presented and the president these speeches should be taken to represent the thinking of the speakers at that time. Even with current events in the South East Asian area these speeches represent valuable background on the Vietnam situation. Speaking today is Mr. Tran BRUNDIN chief Washington correspondent for the Saigon post. John von din is the former acting ambassador to the US from South Vietnam. During the years after the Second World War he was an officer with the Vietnamese liberation army achieving the rank of brigadier general and chief of staff of the Vietnamese liberation armies in Vietnam. After 1960 drawn van Dam became a cabinet officer in the Vietnamese government and in 1961 was appointed to the Vietnamese mission to the United States.
Here is Tron von din speaking in as we see it Vietnam 68 in Vietnam. It's a we say not to act is it easy. No it's not difficult but to understand it's a very very difficult. And when this comes to the problem of the war in Vietnam there are people who knows many things but let a lot of people who don't know this then what is going on in Vietnam today. The first question many Americans including some of you is least how come the U.S. is the biggest power on earth. How come the U.S. we
share fire on a tower. Saunders in Vietnam how come the U.S. housing the amazing we have now got to know when these were he's and him wrong with the U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. Is anything wrong with the U.S. policy in Washington. I have. Watched the movie the operation by the U.S. Marine Group. I have followed very closely the pacification campaign conducted by the American AC billions in Vietnam and I have come to the conclusion like you have the finest crop of American in Vietnam. When we see it here we don't know what kind of mission walking in Vietnam left problems lie honey.
But being would be true of wanting to be over there. But after having said I have come to out of that. It was a lot the U.S. got to know when the war in Vietnam was the first season the military bow out to us. She's now been used in Vietnam. Does not feed into the picture of the kind of war the US is fighting in Vietnam. Just look at the minute the US because some people said if you'd gotten out with five hundred thousand American Why don't we send them reinforcements. Why don't we have one million in Vietnam to feed to zero. But if the U.S. sent one million American troops in Vietnam
these men like the U.S. have to create more bases mean that the U.S. when be all over it and land of Vietnam would be very easy to act like only American out. There. Take the example of the last. New year of fantasy. Practically every city practically every American may have been hit at least morning in The Washington Post. The administration admitting that. Let me add in that there are plenty of The New York Times even South Vietnam 1000 American plane has been destroyed one power. So in all there was the US as God made that the war in Vietnam by sending multiple He's simply making the act back by the government only easier. I'm at the same time every time the US and escalate the war. The old
escalated as well for example the North Vietnamese troops have now about 40 to 50 thousand in the south. But the anti not Vietnamese army is four hundred and fifty thousand plus why don't mean end result. So suppose now the US sent a 1 million troops in South Vietnam to defeat the Viet Cong. I doubt the people who lend inaudible got all the information from there not to miss out. We have to invade North Vietnam. He's been at least out of the million troops but by last time the Chinese didn't end the war and there will be war between China and the US. So if you look at the military's geisha now people said all right why don't we bomb the harborough high power 80 percent of the Mideast applied to not get them from. Suppose we need that
Lenin the Soviet Union to supply it to the Vietcong why not Vietnamese. Groovy Shi I know we live in Cambodia. San Juan got more years where so you see everywhere you look that the US is engaged for the first time in a war when the military moved east producing a cow and he's become counter-productive as well. That's is why we must sincerely try. To bring an end to this war because he Stargazer US interests and there are gays in the rest of Vietnam as well. Many Americans believe that the U.S. is there to contain Chinese communism but the people of the US Len wife either Vietnamese because in the history of Vietnam the Vietnamese always complain the Chinese own way and
I'm very sure the Vietnamese can continue to convey to Chinese. As now as there used to be and now so it really will of the people of the US in Vietnamese to contain the Chinese and learn the best way to have a very close relation with the Gottman operation and human you know life I think when you look at these huge Asian in Vietnam it's a tragic. Like today the US bomb not yet now because in 1944 during the war it was the US which hand breaks and no human to come back from China at all kind I do not beat now and now. We have to bomb his territory many by satellite not Vietnam is a puppet of China. If you could find any Vietnamese who would be a public API and random I see didn't see it as a Vietnamese Beaven I never allow anyone and I gave the same credit to lodge in Ontario that North Vietnamese could be a puppet of the Chinese.
So it's a very ironic and not even trying to combine a Chinese a US news droid a very brief on who knows how the Chinese suppose now he did last May that not be at now. Uncreative a gambler who is going to move that many guns on the Chinese of course the Chinese. If there is no Vietnamese left their Chinese they're not Americans. Lassie's why did U.S. policy regarding the problem of China is counterproductive. The U.S. is trying very hard and I know how hard we try to be an insult. We have it nice and go it meant to be a damn nice people and good luck. I don't mean a nice in life. But the contrary did happen that God went to danger yet now he's composed of the people who fall the way the Vietnamese independence. There's been a new out today doing the Vietnam
are the people who are the silent on the run in the French army. So how we mean a nationalist government in the south with the Beeb and already betrayed their country. Lottie's why we have corruption in be it now got up and always got a bit of it man. We does not have any kind of pride and any kind of faith in their own people. Had to have faith in their own people and they should not have fought we defended the Vietnamese even in the least what lady that's not in the US could do about it. We know that corruption exist in Vietnam and only a few days ago the U.S. mission in Saigon discover they all been smuggling green in ways from Britain until this morning operations all know that. Land you should at least question why a landing we send American soldiers left.
In my opinion the people who gave the money wrong have to share the responsibility. It's very hard for me to say so. Because in the last two years I didn't pay taxes in this country to an American citizen. So when you play sleaze kind of politic and neatly So listen the US gun room and you look at the New Year opens even solve it now. Really the Vietnamese Bieber was partially behind the US effort for all the South Vietnamese got caught and how close how come nobody told us what was going on. Livy had come listening to Dany Heatley trade every part of the Vietnamese society today and probably you have KNOW THAT I'M ON THE be but here we are in the ass on the US Embassy in Saigon one of them
was a driver of a US embassy a Vietnamese driver So when you have an issue nation we have damage that we cannot go on anymore. When the American boy in these countries dropped out at the age of 18 to be sent to Vietnam and fight. The Vietnamese boy at 18 these not drop that if you go to Paris now you fire people the how the young we have nominees studying in Paris where that country's at war and who are living lavish in the not all in the big shots in Vietnam. But how to end the war. It's very easy for many people who said that all right. You make a mistake. Just say look you make a mistake and get out. What is wrong with that. I don't unless anything wrong with that except one thing. How you could be just plain to the eighteen thousand
family of the people who have given up their lives in Vietnam. All of us here how you do it how you were displaying to a hundred thousand families of an American well wouldn't be it now would be safe to say I'm not sorry you make a mistake you have fought in vain. Your motto nice very neatly going to look deeply impossible. Many ways to end the war. One. And I gave one drop a strand solution you know that today in Vietnam who is fighting again the South Vietnamese struck by the US till it be engineered and elections and dreams of a princess all the bears and the bad. If you look at that we have gone. Who is he. He's not a graduate of the Saigon University he's a panther. Why did the bears and in Vietnam fight against Americans. Late late never known an American before but lay no one to
every time the American troops liberated his South Vietnamese village and you gave it back. To the Vietnamese all patients the Vietnamese options we don't salt the hole fans are going to be burned and most of us are Vietnamese all vision on THE LEAD. I left all the bays and has my back. You know there was the Vietnamese Maisons seed behind an American victory a defeated polio almost ocean bubbles. Every time you read in the paper a Vietnamese village was liberated by the Mahdi and when I'm out in left the village become a bit go why you let. You go when the Mahdi left the South Vietnamese options move my leg on me. Allenby even had to fight back. So suppose now who really want to have the Vietnamese people and you want to end the war.
I was the best sleep in the US by on the lens on by the land owners in Vietnam who may be now in new yob areas or the place. Suppose we bought only sled and say publicly to the Vietnamese people and lucky I went to we leased land to you in me because we are going to leave in July. And I got into the study may go by at the mo x but last year it goes to only 750 million US dollars to buy on the land now ordered by the people in Vietnam and distributed to the bedroom and we spend 3 million dollars a month to find. I'm pretty sure that the Vietnam would have a lot of problem less blame to the bed and how they have to fight America and he pleases be known how. Just say not to yell even in July. I moved
to America and be by them as an ABM and now NBA commissioner will be steward on the land and land by June I withdraw from Vietnam in the next month to the all the war in Vietnam the United Nation I'm in Vietnam and B I'll be by the Bible you know five years and nine years by the United Nations troops and we can use the best way to end the commitment and humanity as well. We do not know. Of the one. Thanks. Because you know the heart of the problem. I know I know how you feel about it but the last few years
in many countries in the last few years rather into the problem of foreign relations program like how to have a good policy. I think the last few years American public have a tendency to rely too much on the news Newton of the center and Goodman in Washington point every facet of American life and I don't think he's who he is in a democracy and you had now. Who gave up a saw that pleasure like Washington I Love Lucy and only you know to even to read a book about Vietnam or blow up an election in Vietnam although you
might isn't even entirely with what I say and I'm not coming here at the company for for my son or anybody else so I didn't even really look into the back problem I think the US have a nice guy who had all the Bieber but somehow it has gotten to many she geisha and when he had to stop because the wrong people. But if you've got no demand the kind of problem I was just plain to you less out of the way to end the war in Vietnam. So Paul now. The US decided to withdraw from creation and write them but for now all eyes today are the bays you see now men by their five or six thousand U.S. Marines there are many people who compare with the NBN for me not a question for the US media feed them to be at now.
I don't believe so why question because occasion has no practical value at all. These have no strategy value and white ASA Marine to defend his time to go to a marina you know trained backpack not to sit in a hole and wait. I have no Timo gauge in the US model of the ATC Vado from Washington he did not do everything by his old but I can. Practically. I will say it was a mistake to ask the Marine to seek me in the corner and wait I mean subject to an ambush on the sly when he's not in the tradition of the Marines to fight. To open a beer and let the old army rant about me I'll provide it but not the Marines. But how about a question now. Now let me know if you date and when and if you happen to creation. Almost all we've got now the prestige of the US but I think we have to learn. I did in order to invoke the
occasion I suggested. I suggest not the US. Do you glare at a temporary ceasefire or Leoni border area and ask the United Nations troops to move in and police these cities by evil shall enter Soviet Union to do so he said. Mr. Gromyko tone is how much you love peace now I mean by you who know me I am valuable is the border between North Vietnam and China. Why not why let America know all the time so only thing would be don't even read in this country eat it up grind the divide between Hamas and all the green left and right. To work on one single problem the interest of the United States of America. After all you Americans you should love your country modeling you love it now. Unleashes a new interest because some people never could understand
why they us so much mourning we have now and then later on our our land they said that maybe the US has some underwear money all the while I should not have sent so much money. People said that why the US have 500000 troops in Vietnam. I said maybe the US No not want to leave. And every time we had modeled the South Vietnamese army become lazier and lazier. If you have 500000 Canadians coming to stay the bio and fix everything for you. I think that all of it was they home and must be beat up and walked out. So you see only a policemen when there we have issued Asian lightly to help the US Americans she didn't do this I. Wish to eat you ghosts of your country because it really does and to me has only one meaning a lot. You don't wait until your country go wrong I say not my country wrong all right.
You have to walk a mile in this we have to do everything in order to make you a country right. Rather nicely for a long sleep sound like you're going to be a new bra. I set my country wrong or right it's too late and very ghosty So I believe let me stay. The problem is not in Vietnam anymore. The problem now is an election year I think you have a power only here to end a war if you want and if you wish to continue the war it is your privilege but really you try to exist I leave here your responsibility and you empower the American citizen in an election year. I want to be sure Larry being a shanty up and turn at the lead in the last holdout over the state. Said the man of the war in Vietnam. Nobody's going to vote for anyone who back up and leave the result to be our friends in Vietnam
and be traded. People who die for Vietnam but I'm afraid that nobody in this country one least walk will escalate into the confrontation between the Chinese and American. So Lee here I wish that all of you bride to be born a deeply weird ACPI you made up a replica gun or Democrat I'm going to supply you anything not even an American citizen. But I didn't. Really Know What I want from Washington. I have an impression. BAISDEN Johnson Good morning. Biden he's policy E.P. knows exactly where the American people stand and Audie now you know in the bones saying that 46 percent of the American people in doubt about the war in Vietnam I did a poll and I know in part of what these teams found in these like the American public for one and then town and the reason they moan unfair to an American as a whole a lot and
done a deal to me is far do something in Vietnam for example about corruption now we'd be at now less Many study from the Senate or Congress but we kind of see that out and then talk about it. I didn't the U.S. government will sail through the Congress of the US. But even the South Vietnamese does not really know how in six months we have to we draw our commitment. We have to say all the what we are not main into do you need that kind of made. We provoke the same kind of put up so we have to leave me now all the problem Obama and the same President Johnson I would go to the Congress and the UN and say look I am going to go out and a treaty with South Vietnam. According to the US drop when we throw on top for every year in three years and every time we roll one cup of alcohol he can
be any plated by the South Vietnamese troops why not because not his only way to make the Vietnamese penis and the potency and you know you cannot mean an Asian part of the law you have to know an uproar. The federal the Vietnamese people we have been our nation pre-Taliban years we have defeated the practically on the foreign policy in the cold then gently when New Orleans invaded Vietnam. The Mongolian fossil of 5000 Vietnamese was 5000. And you need not have any American aid at that time he thought in the thought in sending. So why how come a nice guy. He couldn't make it. How come that that we have got homies and Vietnamese not Vietnamese who is a Vietnamese peace fighting but there are a lot of South Vietnamese soldiers. He's like communism a lot is communism a lesson he had to have made let the commies she's Demi superior which is not so you see we have to ask all of these questions in order and a
reasonable solution to the war in Vietnam which is already destroying practically the whole of Vietnamese society. I just gave you one. Seeing an examined to see how it may be done by Vietnam in the future the dreamy now sound. I mean our university in Saigon to prepare a study on the problem of the Vietnamese in the Limbaugh American G.I. and Vietnamese mother. Most of them I know and we have now according to what he could know about 35000 of these people. What would you do with them. And every day the walk on the new least number rolls and rolls when as many formula even to solve a problem they said that why don't we be and often are. But if we now open and back up only study 5000 people in there who are now one year or two years old when they grow up will
be nigh all 10 who are nay are now American of Vietnamese. Nobody you know nice in that lengthy stranger in most American Vietnam. So my recommendation is sleep right now. Nominee's family. Shoot I don't want you left family Graceland when they are there at the age of water so I paid up then let me come back to the Vietnamese family. But my solution couldn't be taken. We go into we now we sew in secret in Vietnam lane one dress to give you one example and I need to see how we can do to go stripes of Vietnam in the future. So if you can not win the war militarily we have to be as engaged house and militarily but good is engaged out and the military does not mean that to be a defeat that politically
you think negates all this show the OCC Union did indeed crash east of the median is the Soviet Union backed up Army. I do know what happened to out up the army was not fired in Greeleyville us an easy double booked in MA groups to back the Arab army. That Russian brought the problem to unite the nation and make a lot of noise there. And every report that Russian I mean if you did that you had a lot of time Russian has only time to move left leaning in that meet the needs.
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