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Within a single lifetime our physical environment has been changed almost beyond recognition. Yet there's been little corresponding change in how we as individuals relate to the world and experience reality. New tools and techniques of the human potentiality and out of it and presenting to us an exhilarating and dangerous frontier renewing in our minds the old questions what are the limits of human ability the boundaries of the human experience. What does it mean to be a human being. Seminar Big Sur a series of discussions focusing attention on the front tiers of human development produced by K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the excellent Institute at Big Sur California Center which studies those trends in religion and philosophy and the behavioral sciences which emphasize the potentialities of human existence. This week we present a discussion on self actualization and the peak experience led by Dr Abraham Maslow
professor of psychology at Brandeis University author of the motivation of personality. Quite a psychology of being and religions values and experiences. Here now is Dr. Mass Lo as he met in session with his seminar at the Aslan Institute. Let me say a word about that. If you don't mind my prefigure that. You were not given the proper current. Current when it becomes fact fact. Fact I think the common language
the language and language. Finding out who you are and where you go and with what. You are made of that how do you answer that question. That my beloved top of the right part of your left that part of who you are what we have as part of the
fact that you're an architect. Find out about who or how you are with numbers. I don't remember for many. Very.
Good that I don't want to bother with any more than I have every member. But that I can remember. That I can prove that part of my. Life good. Some people don't
like Mike. I don't want to be autobiographical about women who have been very good with or without ever coming. Back. And I thought back I don't remember where I could
have another put my money. Back in the rat. Hierarchy if.
I printed what we have. Put it in the corner. Of the print. There were other court. Room. The room that.
Night. I have a crackling thing in the corner and I've got. My gun. I love my children or even the I love. The group and. The car because it would be quote political. I remember that and I never ever.
But. There are very like them. Man could get rid of the bad political can. Happen. What who then become the
rock group. Very. Very little. Every crew member. The.
Fact that. Everybody. Everybody have.
Their life. I have. My brother.
I prefer to. Confront the inevitable crew who are having a problem. I think the problem with going to the problem in the river and never quite the people who are the one kind or another type of therapy. You come across that in the
group and in the field. Under many corporate certain path the people who make the craft A. Very good place. To have a wife and the. Kind of work I don't think compromise man.
There were very few women get back in the group. For the rest of the path that the group. Got to play in a particular kind of happy life. And were helping the problem
through a problem.
What if I don't like it. What I've heard.
And what I would not read fairly normal with my bad luck group you and your life too. Higher in the world. And remember you know whether you're right. About life
like that and then you might want to get involved. I don't want to. Crack the fact that fact. Back
to. The world. Everybody who happened
somebody coming. Back or whatever because. Of that. Let's
not leave the principle the fact that they get involved in fact little. Girl when the girl with the most prep or the like. And then with everybody helping him. To the help. That we would
Seminar: Big Sur
Self-actualization and the peak experience, part one
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program, the first of two parts, presents a discussion led by Dr. Abraham Maslow of Brandeis University and author of Motivation of Personality, Toward a Psychology of Being, and Religions, Values and Peak Experiences.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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Producer: Esalen Institute
Speaker: Maslow, Abraham H. (Abraham Harold)
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University of Maryland
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