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The book coming out a programme on the serious ways of mankind presented under the supervision of Walter Goldschmidt anthropologist at the University of California Los Angeles by the National Association of educational broadcasters a series designed to show how human beings live together in different times and places. The coming out is one of three programmes prepared to offer you with the experience of living as the people of Bali live within the framework of their traditional culture. First Dr. Goldman on the island of Bali the western world of imagination and the Eastern world of reality meet and plan for Bali has this sound and fragrance. The beauty in the people of traditional South Sea island green and luxurious with the lofty mountains it is peopled by golden skinned Indonesians and colorful sarongs the island is never silent for the Balinese love music more than anything else save
perhaps a cockfight and somewhere an orchestra is always at practice on xylophone tuned gongs flutes and stringed instruments. But we must push beyond the pageant of tropical market and Stone Temple and examine the Barley of everyday life to the Balinese. This island is no exotic place but the very center of the world. People are born and die. Family live their lives within walled compound. Men go to the rice fields to work share for share with their neighbors. They propitiate gods and wide off evil. They live in fear they hope and cherish. We want nice three stories built upon Balinese life to learn just what they feel and how they express these feelings on the island of Bali. Did you get did you brother you know stop drop the fruit. I see that they have. Their harvest.
Over there. Yeah you can't really could do that. Foreign to the field even. Look champ long. They've harvested almost 1 0 0 0 fields in Sunrise. It must be hard work in the hot sun. Yes and they'll be more than ready for the food. Here take this pot and start on rolling the maps. Where do you want them. Right there where the rice is piled in the shade. What a lot of rice they've gathered. It is high is the holy month. Oh right you ARE SO PRETTY GOOD TO BE AFRAID. What have I done. With done that rice How dare you touch rice while you still have a few even asked the rice goddess to excuse you before she gets angry and walks All right Bonnie. Excuse me rice goddess. Good. Now go tell the guy you know we've brought the food and the chub can come and eat when ever it's ready. Glad I don't have to. OK and on his way here he is a role model live right on his back. He
looks like a rat carrying a grasshopper. Doesn't he look like an. Age. What is it going what's the matter with. Me. I think the little baby has decided. Your baby has decided it's time for the coming out. I'm afraid. For you. Brother. Her auntie and uncle to her want come home go from here quick. I'm afraid. Which is Damon's birth attracts them like flies. Yes throw some food for the witches and demons quick. What's up wife what's the matter baby has decided to come. I think right here. Wait just let me put down this. You should have stayed home. I was lonely. It was safer behind
out here in the open or no sharp turns to battle evil spirits. I put out food for them when I put out food. Satisfy them. I asked the other members of the harvest Cup to come too. I feel better if there was any more people the other members can come there's too much work. So as we finish with my food we have to harvest field and Ronnie's and then the coming up. Do you suppose we could get a jump on the home before it happens. But all of the OPI afraid where are your brains. Why is she lying in that direction. Her head must be toward the north star the Holy Mountain. Quick move around and you could do to keep the flies off this point on the west side of her face pressure way. How do you jump. Didn't we care for a chew of tobacco. A little beagle not he. I wish the baby could have waited till we were safe behind walls. I guess I'm unlucky uncle.
I must have offended the gods in a former life. If this baby lives make them a nice offering we will have a shadow play and a fine feast. Which one. He's had no luck with me as far as children are concerned. Not one lived so far. You must be sorry by now that we were never married. But I'm not sorry. I want him for a husband just as much as I did the day I suddenly first realized I wanted to be yours when I was only a child at the time I remember in the club where I danced like a gong. Guy you know was my teacher and the best dancer in all the villages around. We were rehearsing in the pavilion of the orchestra top of a village. Most of the Orchestra Club was there and teaching me some new steps in the dance of the raising. No no no you're not doing it right.
What's the matter with you chump long the way you're dancing it's fit only for the tourist to say it's really very simple. Watch me. Three steps east one two three. Bend Southwest. Lift the North hand. And there you are. Now try it again. Music. No. You're slow in turning off the beat Jon Blunk. Do you know why we have festivals to entice the gods to come down it and entertain them so that they remain and you sing to a you're dancing at least the gods will be so bored they leave almost before they've arrived.
I can't understand why it's taking so long to make this dance go into you then you must be blind guy you can't you see your body is thickening. She's no longer slender and quick the way a good dancer should be. She's becoming a woman. I'll go with your coming out chapter I don't know five years ago maybe. Maybe And I think it was on a Friday walk a few steps I mean look at you. Sure enough you're becoming a woman. Well it's too late now to start training someone in your place. You become too old to dance to the gong and we must look for another to take your place. After the festival. Let's try that last part again. We would never have this together Rick and. His hands would never again touch me guiding my body for a new dad.
I saw him I was so for the first time. And as I saw eye to side. Just relax John Blume how you and your have a good life. She hasn't grown cried out even one stronger than she looks. She has foresight. She's a razor a baby is what is right where you're going. I'm tired of waiting. Going to have crickets you stay here and watch and learn. You'll be a father to one day and then you'll have to help your baby to be born. It's taking such a. Long time it is taking a long time and did you neglect anything. You bought the necessary charms that the pigeon with a natural bald spot over its heart. You didn't by any chance forget how you had to be cut. Of course not. I took care of everything and so to jump especially you know what happens to women who don't have children. What happens to them when they are dead. They are required to suckle a great catch up fella for
ever. Why why is that. Well after the world and the mountains and the Four Directions were created the gods made four people out of. Have I forgotten anything. Have I used all the magic I should use. Perhaps I should also have used forbidden magic just to make sure I once Dick used it and it worked like magic is powerful. I brought the black magic I remember from the witch Randy who was alive then and who lived near the cemetery. It was late at night when I went to her house. Making sure no one saw me. Back in the village some musician was playing the song gained me all the way across the fields tonight. What do you want. I've. Brought you a gift. I accept. Well my name is Trump young daughter of the Brahma. And I want your help. Well. There is a young
man. There is always a young man. He's name is Kai Ewing and he is head of the dance club. I've. Seen. I want to. But he doesn't want me. For a year two years now. Ever since I grew to want to dance in the club I've tried to make him look at me but he doesn't seem to know I even exist. I'm not unattractive. I have lots of admirers in the marketplace where I have my stand in sales suites and cool drinks. More young men cluster around me than any other but. Walks past as though I were made of air. My skin is smooth. I rub it every day with coconut oil and saffron to give it a good piano. I wax my hair so that it stiffen up pretty well. I spend so much on oils and perfumes but I can hardly save enough to cremate my mother. Had your father no money for your mother's cremation. He has he has money but he's saving it for his own cremation.
He's had poor luck in this life little land and only girls for children. And he says that when he dies he wants to be sure he'll be burned immediately so that he sold his feet at once and ready to be reincarnated into what he hopes will be a lucky your life show. You want my help is that it. I want. That will make me enough to marry me. You say you want my help. Do you expect to get it for nothing. I have some money almost enough by now for my mother's cremation almost a hundred pieces of silver. I'll give you. 20 20 if you wish my help. You must give all you have. You know my mother's soul has been waiting a long long time for her body to be burned so that you can be free. Agreed. Good. Nalby silent twilight consult the spirits to.
Watch through the night we performed a ritual around. I was frightened and wanted to fall asleep. I'd still rather not think of it. And DAYBREAK it was done and she gave me a child like an old coat. Covered with coat fumed and shouted to us. And she told me to taunt him about a girl named shipping. Nice nice sweet Do we know right. Oh right right. No you are not. Oh it's been a long while you're here
for make you strong enough for that crap. They're no good really. I can't make them as they should have their good play tonight. Would you meet me there. It's the company well. Oh yes I see two children I wanted very badly. I provide for the parents and old age and they take proper care of their parents remains and are you listening to what.
Look Andy I've got a grasshopper jump long. Why is it taking so long. Stop pestering us. She's having a hard enough time of it as it is. The child will come off as the gods choose and when they choose and not otherwise we will just have to wait. I don't have all day work to do clubs harvesting rice for my own field and I'm not even helping. I'm ashamed as though I had no manners and I really had no luck with my wife. Not one living child is born and they all wish to return to their ancestors and this is the first decent crop I've had in a long time and my water buffalo is getting old and won't be able to pull a plow. And where am I to find money for another to speak of I know you like the Founding Fathers. My bad manners. I'm ashamed for him. He's unhappy poor man. And that's always his liver but still he shouldn't talk about his wife like that. He didn't talk like that during our courtship. His would to a sweet thing. And they were sweetest of the day he kidnapped me. Well I ever forget it.
The way he grabbed me as I was going to mock at Justice we had arranged and that wild ride on the bicycle on the handlebars and pumping the pedals like a madman and the sound of the alarm back in the village. You can you can you my friend this way over here my friend is everything arranged everything you can hide in this house no one will suspect jump quick get down and that want to hide the bicycle. Her father and her uncles close behind all the rest on my tail Don't you hear the alarm. They're giving you very little time to hide. I don't call that good manners and jive enough is there enough food and water inside. You didn't forget Lamson oil enough provisions for three days. I haven't forgotten a thing. QUICK You can see it coming. Will you stay and give them false directions. Yes yes yes. Quick before they see you inside jump. Can you see them. Yes. Can you let my father looks very angry your uncle seem a bit upset. You look at the Montreux just standing there as though we didn't know a thing. How could he keep a straight face.
Don't tell me. Yes your wife daughter has been kidnapped like ice. Have you seen your daughter. Yes kidnap yes yes yes. And you see them. He snatched her away on a bicycle. Have I seen him. Yes. I'll give him such a drubbing on a bicycle. Oh yes. They passed only a few minutes ago. Heading that way this way. Come on my brother slowly you know he's not telling the truth. We're not. There in the heart. If I wanted to ask you a little stick bug. I hope you come on one of those families like. They've gone. We're saying OK you know that. Nice you smell like hers.
So so so three days on a sink. Three whole days right honey. And then and then we get married. There is another sheaf of rice thankyou montra. Here let me help you. Good crew It's Hard Working out there in the sun. We've almost done with your field. Now we're going over to Ronnie's field is the coming out of hand. It's been at hand for hours. A. try again. All right. Oh no did baby. This is your father speaking please on Node baby. Be so good as to come out. Now we're
all getting tired of waiting and we have a great deal of work to attend to. It doesn't seem to want to have done well but there feel this. This guy you have enough rice for your family and a lot more besides. You should be able to sell it for at least 50 pieces of silver. And I won't be able to keep any of that silver even though I could use it. You see I own my taxes and then my water buffalo was. I know what car you wanted money for pieces of silver is what he paid my father for me with 50 pieces of silver he could buy another wife a wife more likely to bear him children. He thinks I don't know he has that in mind. If I'm not lucky with this child but I know I've known almost since the moment he himself first thought of it when I first learned I was again with child I was sitting with her in the market late at night watching a play and gossiping
game by carrying his favorite fighting cock. Wife. I've just been consulting a temple priest. What about well. Things haven't been fortunate with us. Crops have been bad mine and others too. Evil spirits seem to be finding their way into our village. You know the storm last week blew off part of the temple gate way and we've been married so long and have no children but die now with China. Yes. And I feel an easy. I've long felt uneasy about your mother's ball. Who knows but what her spirit is responsible for our bad fortune. She's still not purified. Her bones have not been cremated have young been uneasy to the temple priest reminds me that the old priest who died some months ago was to be cremated. Many of our neighbors in the village are cremating their dead at the same time.
Who knows when such a favorable day will again come around and who has money for the costs of the ceremony to order the cremation coffin to pay the priest and to pay all the offerings. Have you no I haven't. I know you have. I haven't been able to find it but I know you have. We really should free her spirit so she can join our ancestors once she can hover near to do harm to our child. I think about it. Well. I've got to bring my fighting. If you have the money John why don't you put my money and this guy will divorce me. No has been no children no parents no home. Not even you. Any more. And no money to make it worth another while to marry me. All right are you ready for another wife.
Perhaps if the child changes mind. But I think he's right about the cremation of your mother. Once that is done her soul is freed and purified the child could come into a safe and purified household. I know you think it has begun. CAN YOU TAKE MY HAND IF YOU DON'T. But I maybe have and if I am then I agree you ought to have another and look you know I don't just ring a second wife in this post. Is this the proper DuHaime to trouble you my head with talk. I want mine too much. I've even begun to feel the need for another woman in the house to cook and fetch and
carry him. Stop. I can think of so many things at once coming out another wife. The harvest makes me sleepy. There's no harmony in it it's disordered it makes me feel I don't know where north is but if I am again you won't be. We've cremated your mother and she no longer has any reason to show displeasure. Why must you have such sobs thoughts. Think of happy things think of good times think of the excitement that cremation. Didn't we have it was a fine cremation on a clear bright day with no rain to keep the cremation fires from burning. I was glad we had decided to join the other families of our village even though we had less time to bear the offerings. In the afternoon sun and our wood workers really outdid themselves. Our own coffin was this carefully finished as the handsome cow and coffins of the high caste family.
And the tower that carried the body of the priest was taller than the coconut palms. It must have taken two hundred men to carry it to the graveyard. But before that when we went to take the body there I laughed and carried on just like. You drill the flute and see the way we all snatched the bones from each other and threw them around before we
wrapped them in white linen and brought them home. But the day of the cremation. I am. Called the great priest from the window. Pane and sprinkling holy water as he was carried on his
high tech form down the road to the cremation grounds. How noisy the parents brought the homes and placed them in the town. Isn't Kerry listen let's build this road. Let's carry that one burger with the rest. Look out we're coming to the crossroads where we are evil spirits. Her room till close to yours ever. Lol uncle your drunk. Your so drunk that I have to keep an eye injury you don't fall into the fire and get demoted yourself. Even I only you know you're certain your kid she should be I should say. No one doubts at all that the Mavericks fight enough. In the Graveyard fires were already planning when we arrived. Started by those who had gone ahead.
I myself lifted my mother's bones from the pit when they brought it up and placed them in the cuff. We sprinkled him with holy water and get the wood beneath. And as the flames began to rise we set off firecrackers. That evening when the fire had burned out. We collected then she's sick and can come back. So that later along without us we could cast the ashes of our mother and the sea. I waded out as far as we could before we set a few of the offerings of a final. Yeah when she's free yeah. I thought my mother was free at last. Jean King.
JEAN. In the serious ways of mankind presented under the supervision of Dr. Walter Goldsmith associate professor of anthropology and sociology at the University of California Los Angeles. You have heard the coming out one of three programs designed to offer you the experience of living as the people of Bali live within the framework of their traditional culture. Colum McPhee selected and advised on the recorded music from the island of Bali and was consulting for the script. The script was written by Walter Newman and was produced by Andrew Allen in the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto. These programs are presented by the National Association of educational broadcasters and are made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education. An
independent organization stablished by the Ford Foundation. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Ways of mankind II
Coming out
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This program, "The Coming Out," is the second in a series on the Balinese culture.
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This series is an exploration into the origin and development of cultures, customs and folkways in various parts of the world. The second series of Ways Of Mankind is concerned with a specific subject area and with two specific cultures.
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Bali (Indonesia : Province)--Description and travel.
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Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Music Coordinator: McPhee, Colin, 1900-1964
Producer: Allan, Andrew, 1907-1974
Producing Organization: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Producing Organization: National Association of Educational Broadcasters
Speaker: Sarrel, Philip M., 1937-
Writer: Newman, Walter
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