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Over the Sea to Sky. Is the title of the music to which you are now listening. And it is the musical theme of this hour 11th the last report from Scotland. All over the seat of this magical island of the Hebrides off the northwest coast of Scotland. Many contend that the beauties of this island. Cannot be excelled even by the islands of Greece. It is unusual in that its coastline is three hundred miles in length and get at no point on the island. Is it more than five miles from the sea. For sea locks might be deep into the land. Its cliff bound coast. Its bare but rugged mountains. The crofters with their white cottages sparsely scattered and its castles all provide a special charm. For the most intriguing element of the island of Skye. Has the ON IT role it has played in Scotland's history. Nominated first by clan McLeod and then McDonald There followed
centuries of feuding. But the most intriguing and perhaps romantic episode was the role of the island. And its people in the 18th century rebellion led by Charles Stuart the bonnie Prince. Let me tell you that story briefly now. In the middle years of the 18th century it was Prince Charles Stuart who made a valiant attempt to regain the throne of Scotland but was defeated by government troops in the famous battle of Kloden in 1745. The money Prince had won the loyalty and support of many of the Highland and island clans and they were loyal to him even after his disastrous defeat at Cologne. Thirty thousand pounds was offered for information leading to his capture but loyal Klansman showed their contempt for that reward by assisting him and his a scape. It was Flora Macdonald of the island of Skye who achieved fame in risking
her own life by hiding the prince when government troops were near. On one occasion she accompanied the Prince who was dressed as her maid in an escape from one island of the Hebrides. She and the prince with five oars men put to sea in an open boat. They spent a fearsome night at sea when a storm blew up. But finally accomplished their objective. Escape of the bonnie Prince of the island of Skye. It was this episode that inspired the words of the now world famous song over the Sea to Sky or the sky Boat song Speed Bonnie boat like a bird on the wing onward the sailors cry carry the lad that's born the big king over the Sea to Sky. Now song for you by Alex Campbell.
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Let's see. How did this story end. The Bonnie Prince did escape to France
and that was the end of the Stuart line of kings in Scotland. As for Flora Macdonald she was arrested and for the time her life was once again in jeopardy. She was finally freed by an act of government in 1747 and for her brave actions was lionized both in Scotland and in England and lived happily ever after in her castle on the island of Skye. During our stay here in Scotland we paid a brief visit to this and chatting Island and to the McLeod castle at Dunvegan a co-operative guide permitted us to record his commentary as we moved about. I would like to take you there briefly as we listen to the guy describe a few interesting items in the drawing room including a painting of the present occupant and chief of the clan Dame Flora will also hear his comment on the famous ferry flag. The
drinking harm and the Dunvegan Cup we are now there at Dun they can castle on the island of Skye. This woman was due back putting all nobody to trial and the latest portrait of doom for the present chief. Taken four years ago by an artist I mean Ramsey and someone at the moment the castle. And another big framed in the center between the two letters you have the most interesting of them a cloud of drugs and one of which he is a clown. Very proud of that sort of means off the famous ferry flyers according to an ancient tradition. The flag was given to the Macleods of value the fairies during the era of fourteenth century it had the magic property of saving the clan McCloud three times when weighed in times of battle in times of distress in the clan. It's some record that the flag has actually been beat twice but those occasions were battles fought by the clouds against that old enemy a neighboring clan the McDonnell's. This fire was plotted to these
battles carried by Stana bills and waved the waving off of the said two of trying to take a victory in favor them upon us. It's made of brown silk and a little of my darling's you see throughout it there are known as pale spots of course being a ferry flight that's not known definitely have them a close came by in the first place. There are many traditions as to how. Fire came into the possession of the Macleods. One tradition is that one of the chiefs had a fitting wife Will Cortlandt leave him. I'm leaving our chief she presented him with our panel. This is said to happen at a little but it should come in two hours and then on the Portree main road known as period bridge that's where the flag is said to have been handed over to the fourth chief in the clouds and the last case below. Brought any more drinking harm. The story that is that Chiefs when they came of age who are supposed to be able to drink the feel of that harm at one draft as a test of chieftainship. So you had to be pretty good in those days before you became a chief.
The drink was cut not whiskey. Nevertheless it's a pretty stiff I sack contains well over a bottle the air dangerous grandson. When he came of age in 1956 after finishing his army senators had to stand up to this test and as far as I know he got on all right. Well there you have Rory more drinking hard. I don't fish in that case they wish I'd taken a castle there done that and that was the way back to 1990. The car came originally from Ireland and was given to the great whatever remark he had been over there was a time spent helping an Irish chief Shane O'Neill as a chop shop and that would rock in the center Irish bog set on silver lace. That's a no text in Latin. I'm not in the more modern part of the world that was fitted many years later in 2:46. Well yeah practically everything in the drawing room and a minute or two from the crown of the one you are sure
that was the guide at the Council of Dunvegan on the island of sky sometimes called the misty aisle more than any other Scottish island sky has inspired the historian. The writer and the song composer and as we bid farewell to sky it seems appropriate to add a romantic touch by listening to a love song of the island titled sting as sung by Kenneth McKellar. And now we come to the time when we must say goodbye to Scotland.
It has been good to live among the Scots for these nine months to experience first hand their friendliness and hospitality to come to a little better understanding of the people their problems and their hopes for the years ahead. It seems fitting in the last few moments of this series to listen to the voices of a youthful choir from one of Scotland's high schools. Not long ago the high school girls choir at air on Scotland's South West Coast was rehearsing in preparation for a British Canadian tour. I was invited to attend the rehearsal and was presented with a tape recording of several selections in their repertoire. I was somewhat surprised to learn from the director that members of the choir or accepted solely on the basis of their interest and no audition was required. I hope you will enjoy the brief serenade which follows in which the choir sings without interruption or
group of light hearted songs titled Yellow Bird banks and braes happy wanderer follow. And finally the familiar worldwide favorite Loch Lomond. Why.
You have been listening to the high school girls choir of air Scotland in a brief
serenade. This concludes this the eleventh and final program. In our series about Scotland and its people. We now take our leave of the land of the Scots with many pleasant memories. And with best wishes for all the people living there. I am. I am. I am. I am. This is where your healing my mind was gone.
I am. This has been a production of The Ohio State University telecommunications center. This program was distributed by a national educational radio. This is the national educational radio network.
Amang the Scots
Over the sea to Skye
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A visit to the Isle of Skye and some of the folk music associated there. Includes a visit to an old castle. Features songs by the high school girls' choir of Ayr.
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A documentary series about modern Scotland.
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