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The following program is distributed by the national educational radio network. The old record box. This program consists primarily of selections played from cylinder records on Edison phonographs frequently called talking machines. These records were issued in a period extending from the late 1890s to 1920 now. Your host is Fred Harrington. Today's program titled something different seems to be rather popular these days. So we just borrowed it. And hope to live up to the implication by presenting items different from the usual vocal and instrumental numbers. To begin with. We have Alexander Prince playing a medley on the
concertina. This Scottish genius appeared at the age of 10 and resettles in Glasgow and later at the great crystal palace and London pavilion. Mr Prince gained worldwide acclaim through his mastery of the concertina considered by many as an inferior instrument. Because Prince made many recordings for British and German companies there are not too many United States recordings now available. This Edison four minute wax forgotten melodies was made before 1912 and after one thousand eight with a comparatively low number of 259. Yes yes
yes thank us thank us. Aaron us thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You were on another program we heard a sample of the whistling of Joe Belmont sometimes called the bird man because of his excellent bird imitations. All oh
Bellemont was considered among the best. He was not alone. Jerry Sanford has done a very good job on this selection. Jerry Sanford's yodeling and whistling specialty. I am thank you are an amorous GR Thank
you. GRAHAM Thank you. Thank you Gary. Thank you. Thank you Arena thanks thanks rene. Thank you Aaron. Thanks Zoraida rank. Thank you Laura. Brous Thank you Laurie Garrett Graff Arirang Korea Iraq.
The sky. The sky. Dialect greetings and songs were very popular. Some of the most effective artist did not hesitate. In fact they seemed to enjoy a joke or episode based on their own national culture. That attitude has recently changed. James Brockman was an exception. As a composer he is better known for having helped write such well-known selections as I'm forever blowing bubbles and golden gate open for me. This is one of only five records he is known to have made a rock. Lord the Mahdi Army
and Marines will hear from our cameraman. Right. A little different story. All right. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Right. Oh me oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh and don't rattle. Oh oh oh oh oh. You may be surprised at the many variations of a versatile musician can get out of a simple melody like listen to the mockingbird Charles dad plays his xylophone. Oh.
Thanks. Thanks thanks thanks thanks.
Heard any good music lately. If not perhaps they Omar Amr
gars trio can remedy that situation with their selection. Just playing poker. And so we do fade out this red herring to be on the
O'Reilly box. This is the national educational radio network on to.
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The old record box II
Something Different
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