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You're listening to music by Don Givens. And this is done give us wishing you all a very Christmas and if you think I'm a bit mixed up about the time of year I would agree with you except that I'm not. So I've decided to do an out of season Christmas show for this broadcast and I hope it doesn't completely upset the national educational radio network which brings you this show each week. I imagine they as well as you thought that Christmas was something to be put aside for another few months. But in my case you know I still got the tree lights on in the mistletoe was hanging expectantly right above my head. And so if you don't mind we'll call this program Christmas revisited and we will begin our Yule untied program by hearing something most appropriate a visit from St. Nicholas. It was the one. All through the house not a creature was stirring not even. This document one Jimmy would sing the.
Song would be. The children were molested or snubbed or been. Pushed and my cat had just settled down. More. With. Laura most of. Mine went. Away to the window I flew like a flash. The shutters and. Set. The Mood. On the brand. New fallen snow. In the last. Midday. When what to my wondering I play in the little old driver so lively and quick. I knew in a moment it must be more rather than egos as courses they had and he whistled and shouted and called them by name.
No national not answer our passion which shall. Come. Much of. The time we had. To Talk To. The issuing. National Journal. While. When I meet with an obstacle mom is gone. So what do the housetop the coursers they flew. With the sleigh for. Say the question. Of the twinkling I heard on the roof the answer and point a little. As I do. My head. Nicholas came. When. He was dressed all in for him isn't it. Rolled with ashes. One. By. One. And it looks like. Just opening. His eyes how they.
Put. His cheeks were flushed. Like a. Shot. His droll little monkeys drawn up like a book build on his. Wife. The stuff in the playfield titles to the smoke and inserted his head. Like a real he had a broad face and a little round belly which when he laughs like a bowl of jelly. It was new to me implies a right jolly old elf and I laughed when I saw him in spite of myself. With a wink of his eye in a twist of his head soon gave me to know I had nothing to do at. School where we can fill all the stockings then. Laying a finger aside it was No. Giving I'm not. Sure. What you're. Trying to say. Was TDM was. The way I. Like the. Sound of a bus. Heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.
Of the Christmas toy dog. Good night. A visit from St. Nicholas better known as The Night Before Christmas was the opening music on this out of season Christmas program which comes to you under the title of music by Don give us. As I mentioned we're holding Christmas a bit later around this program. But maybe you missed it too and if so join along with me. I was out of town myself. For our next music. We're going to hear a score which as far as I know has only been heard once before and that was when Milton Katims gave it with the NBC symphony orchestra some long years ago through the confirmation of the American Federation of Musicians were able to bring you that performance. And through the equally kind permission of the American Federation of radio and television artists we are able to bring you Nelson Armstead who narrated the original version. The work is based on one of the loveliest of contemporary Christmas stories. The shepherd by Heywood Broun. Here now the shepherd.
We. Know. The host of heaven. And the angel of the Lord had filled the sky with
radiance. Dorian. Was gone. And the shepherds and the sheep. That honored. The men were shaken by the wonder of the sea. And like the animals. They had a. Phone. Yellow is one of the shepherds said. Let us now go even into Bethlehem. And see this thing which is come to pass. Which the Lord hath made known unto us. The city of David Blaine behind a far high hill upon the crest of which there danced a star. Men made haste to be away. But as they broke out of the circle. There was one called Amos who remain. He dug his book into the turf and clung to it. Come. Cried the eldest of the shepherds. But Amos shook his head.
And they marvelled and called out. It's true it was an angel you heard the tidings. A savior is born. I heard. Said Amos. I will by. The elders walk back from the road. To the moon which is. Good. And he said. You do not understand. We have a sign from God. Angel has commanded us. We go to worship the Savior who is even now born in Bethlehem. God has made his will manifest. And. Amos replied. It is not in mine. And now the eldest of the shepherd was angry and said. With your. Eyes you will see the host of heaven in the dark hills. Did you know her. Car was like the thunder when the glory to God my highest came bringing to us out of the night.
And again it was said. It was not in my right. One. Another unbroken. Because they Hill stand still in the sky has not fallen. It's not enough for Amos. He must have something louder than the voice of God. Amos held more tightly to his crook and then said I have need. Of a whisper. They laughed at him and said I'm. Sure this this voice saying you're here. He was silent. And they pressed the bottom and shouted mockingly tell us no more says the Guardian Amos. The little shepherd of a hundred sheep and meekness. Fell away from him. He took his hands from off the crook and raised him high. In a loud strange voice. Amos said I to limit God. To my hundred I am a savior.
And. When the dim the angry hungry the bottom slacken. Amos pointed to his hundred. And he said. See my father. See the fright of a man. The fear of the Bright Angel. And of the voices is still upon them. God is busy in Bethlehem. He has no time for a hundred sheep. They are my sheep. I will abide. This. The others did not take so much amiss. But they saw that there was a terror in all the flock. And they too knew the ways of feet. And before the shepherds went away in the road to Bethlehem. Toward the bright star. Each one talked. Amos told him what he should do for the care of the several flocks. And yet.
Wanted to turn back a moment to talk to Amos before they reached the dip in the road which led to the city of David and it was said see the new glories of the throne of God. And you Amos. Nameless paid no heed for he thought to himself. One shepherd the last will not matter at the throne of God. Nor did he have time to be troubled that he was not to see the child who has come to save the world. There was much to be done among the flock. When Amos walked between the sheep. And made under his tongue a clucking noise it was a way to get into his hundred and to the others. It was a sound finer and more friendly than the voice of the Bright Angel. Presently the animals ceased to tremble and began to graze as the sun came up over the hill. Where the style. Had been. For she.
Said in the tombs of. The angels shine too much. The shepherd is better. With the morning. The others came up the road from Bethlehem. And they told Amos of the manger and of the wise men would mingle there with the shepherd. And they described to him the gifts gold frankincense and myrrh. And when they were done they said. And did you see wonders here in the field over the sheep. Amos told him. How. My hundred. One hundred and one. And he showed them a lamb. Which had been born just before dawn. Was there for this a great voice out of heaven. Asked the eldest of the ship and. Amos shook his head and smiled. And there was in his face that which seemed to the shepherds a wonder
even in a night of wind. And he said. To my one. That came. A whisper. Yes. Nelson Armstead was narrator with Milton Katims and the NBC symphony orchestra in this performance of he would be a Christmas story. The shepherd with music by Don give us our completely out of season but hopefully interesting Christmas program continues now with music from a score I did a couple of years ago called joyful and
triumphant. Thanks. Thanks thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Hunk. A it. Thank you. Thank you. With. The him well
enough. With. The Illini. The.
Naive. Was the only way I was was. Was. Was. Will. In a way was was was. Was was. Sure.
Earth. Earth. Miller.
Yeah and
thank you. You were at. Yes sure. You will. Do what. You want. Yeah.
Yeah yeah yeah OS. Yeah. You. Know OK. OK
thank you. Hey. Yeah. OK OK OK OK OK. I think a meet and greet. Thanks babe. Thank you. Hey get a
date. OK. OK. Saying. I am. A low grade three. Way
and that I was OK. I. Think us. With his music from joyful and triumphant. We've come to the end of this out of season Christmas program. Frankly I enjoyed hearing the Christmas type of thing at a time when one doesn't generally expect to hear any Christmas music at all and I hope you did too.
We'll be back next week for more music go down the road and I'm going to. This program is brought to you by the National Education Radio Network. This is doing your thing. Thank you for listening. And so long until next week. One. This is the national educational radio network.
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The Music of Don Gillis II
Joyful and Triumphant
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This program features performances of the following Gillis compositions: Selections from Joyful and Triumphant; The Shepherd; music from Coming of the King; and Prayer and Hymn for Peace.
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This series features the works of Don Gillis; hosted by the composer himself. Most of the performances are conducted by the composer.
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Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Host: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
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