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You were listening to music by Don give us. From the division of music in the School of the arts on the campus of Southern Methodist University here in Dallas Texas the national educational radio network presents music by Don Gillis to the composer at this very instant in time being your word talker or in words of several syllables you're host and commentator on this 30 minute frolic which for want of a better title we have called Music by Don Gillis. The music is music which I've written and I'm also going to talk about it and the music I'm going to talk about first is a brief piece that has begun in a few short years almost my own private prelate in C-sharp minor and that one my name is mentioned people say oh he wrote the short overture to an on written opera. So it is with mingled reluctance and also pride that I offer you my own work titled The short overture to an on written opera which in this instance is
played cause by the interlocking national high school orchestra and of the time of Dr. Joseph E. Maddy the short overtures to an on written opera a. You
all through. That was short overtures to Iran. And what we're about to hear next on Music
is music of Don get us being interrupted by voices. This one man protest a mine a sort of solitary demonstration is a diatribe against such things that you're about to hear happened in the following few moments as we hear music to be interrupted by airport announcements. Recently when I was in the Minneapolis airport between planes I was suddenly struck by the fact that the music coming out of the loudspeaker was being interrupted so much by the announcer giving flight information that one simply couldn't tell what music was even being played. The composition would start and be immediately interrupted by information that a plane or just arrived. Then it would play on a few majors only to be interrupted again by still another bit of vital airline information. Well the thought occurred to me that if I were a composer whose music was being made such a verbal I wouldn't like it very much
and I commented vaguely to my wife that what they really needed to do was to commission a few compositions which were designed to be interrupted by announcements. We're getting the matter momentarily I was dreaming peacefully about told wealth and world fame a few nights later when suddenly my dream shifted right back to the Minneapolis airport. And it was strange because in my dream I seem to see a full fledged Symphony Orchestra sitting right in the middle of the lobby right near the newsstand and not only that people were coming up to me to tell me how much they were looking forward to the premiere of my latest masterpiece. Even if it was a dream I was still a bit surprised but I decided to have some of my music was going to be played I was ready to listen to it as I am not one to want to miss even one tiny note of one of my compositions asleep or awake. But dream or no grain I should have missed this one. Or as the orchestra
began tuning up. Claiming to be one of the right climbed up to the podium and spoken to a microphone to bring you music. I still hold the world's record on any plane ever get on a mission to write one of his musical compositions and we are going to give it here today. This was also news to me as I didn't recall reading anything about it. Although once I am called on the combined international airlines retired Symphony Orchestra and the music to make announcements in airports.
The audience will kindly refrain from smoking until after take off. I stood terrified. Was this actually a dream. It didn't seem like it. The musicians seemed real and all dressed up and cute off the shoulder stewardess outfits and crisp Captain pilot's gold braided uniforms. The conductor who was using a sort of bent propeller from a world war one by plane for about gave a downbeat. And I bent both of my ears forward a bit to listen and hardly had a big. Airlines announcing like the green concourse incoming passenger planes come to the ticket counter. Excuse me Mr guns make.
Your laws guy Capps report has accidentally been placed on flight 28 and vice versa. American Airlines counter there is a lady here claiming to be your mother. Airlines flight team is ready for departure and of course will the passenger holding paid up insurance kindly get on board. And good luck everybody. Right Airlines Flight nine thousand nine
Bangkok an airway for the departure of the New Haven London 23 leaving for London passengers must go through customs. Albuquerque Phoenix and intermediate stuff all aboard. We paid no the less good. Oh thank you all for Gander bedroom.
The. Passengers holding space in car 5:2 bedroom any of the Santa Fe Super Chief. You're in the wrong terminal. My music before the loudspeakers dim as the planes in the planes. But just as the final bars of my work approached. Will the lady who left me a live armadillo on flight 23 Kindly check with a ticket gatherer of Far Western airlines by this time. You have been to the world.
That was in case you tuned in late and wondered what the heck kind of a program you got mixed up with was a sketch called music to be interrupted by airport announcements with and was offered here on music by Don Gillis is a public service so if you are public and it served you well then I am a success indeed. As for me any protest against the use of music for the single purpose of doing nothing more than to prevent silence in public places is indeed a pretty where they protest and so I just did a protest that is next music about a national symbol of
heroism. The Alamo. The scores played by the National High School orchestra of Interlochen in this performance with the composer conducting often now as the major work on this week's program. Music by Don give us the Alamo. Why.
why why. Why. Why. Why.
Love. The boy.
But this performance of the Alamo played for us by the National High School orchestra in Iraq and
conducted by the composer. We come to the end of the 8:00 broadcast of music by Don give us brought to you each week by that fearless and intrepid group the National Educational Radio Network. I'll be back again in seven days with another such show this time to bring you the Pioneer from my symphonic suite for band title saga of a pioneer. And for our major work we are here shindig a ballet of the wild and woolly West. And in the weeks ahead we'll be offering a wide variety of music and commentary which I hope will titillate your sensibilities and send you scurrying back to your radio set. For more of same. Because I go I'd like to direct a word of thanks to Gene Darren's of NBC New York and also to Keith Donaldson same address for their magnificent dramatic artistry as evidenced by their work and the airports guess also I'd like to apologize for not having had time this week to mention my new book The unfinished symphony conductor which now having just been published I should have mentioned sorry that we didn't have time for it. I don't have time to say goodbye however and so I do.
Adding also that music by Don Gillis came to you from the division of music in the School of the arts of Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. And it's brought to you 30 minutes out of whack by the national educational radio network which shall be nameless alone.
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The music of Don Gillis III
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Southern Methodist University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program features composer Don Gillis highlighting some of his favorite pieces from his oeuvre.
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This series spotlights the works of American composer Don Gillis and is hosted by the man himself.
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Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Host: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: Southern Methodist University
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University of Maryland
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