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We. In Europe or is it wrong again. Acts of musical or historical interest and here were contemporaries of its builder. Our ladies want their our church Groningen Holland is the home
of the organ teacher today our broadcast of ancient European morning like the instrument in the economy of CPS church for earlier in this series. The organ was originally built for and directed in another organ now in our Lady's church came from the groaning and roar for the University Chapel running. This is another one of the great snooker organs which has been preserved for posterity. Our passionate girl whose dates are sixteen forty eight to seventy nineteen was without doubt the greatest organ builder of his time although his home was in northern Germany. He built various instruments in the province of Groningen and in 60 91 economy doubt a renovation of the organ in the martini church in the town of dawn again in northern Germany. Their organs built by Schmidt carry and copy down. This was a renovation done in 16 85 and in the Jacoby church in Hamburg. Fame as an organ builder is spread far and wide he built
instruments for erection in England Portugal Spain and even far remote Russia from our latest church in Groningen Holland organist Helmut Victor plays try to man's call around Partita bear in einem got. The end.
I knew a shy Timmons chorale Partita Lobban all I know him got played
by organist. How much Venter it was interesting to contrast different instruments by the same builder for manual and pedal organ of sixty seven stops erected insane Jacoby's church in Hamburg by our passionate care is another one of the outstanding surviving instruments by this great builder. The Almighty's church organ in going to Holland was erected in 79 to say Jacoby instrument is nine years older and was 11 years of building 16 82 to 60 93 points Wunderlich is now heard playing an excerpt from the how to say the fantasy and Fugue in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Especially revealing the intense brilliancy of the full organ and the unusual clarity of the pedal section or accept begins with a quiet section played on the soft of our nation stops and continues to the end of the fantasy trying to say from the fantasy infield in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.
The A.
Pool. Of Naing with. A fragment of the fattest say from the fantasy infield in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach played on the Chicago organ and St. Jacoby's church in Hamburg attempting to show the similarity between this instrument and one by the same builder in our Lady's church in a groan again in Holland. The chief subject of our investigation today. Sniggers organ building activity it was no doubt demanding and required more time than one man could possibly devote to it. Thus he enlisted the help of his two sons. They built and erected two large organs of considerable renown. One for St. Michael's Church in Zavala and one for St. Lawrence's church in
Alkmaar. The organ in our Lady's church in-grown again was originally housed at the university toppling grown again from 17 to until 1815 in 1015 it was donated to our Lady's church by King William the First J.W. to buy the Groningen organ builder was engaged to move it. The original case in the grand baroque manner was the work of the Groningen cabinet maker Meyer. But when the organ was moved to the church the case was greatly altered. The sculptor of Wallis was in charge of the work. He removed the ornamental tops from the grate and choir organ case and replaced them with classes sized sculptures and ornaments. The original instrument as it was moved to our Lady's church in brown again has thirty three stops distributed on three manuals and in 1980 and again in 1857. Alterations and additions were made by several builders. The number of stops increased to forty one. The sum of the original instrument can still be duplicated fairly accurately if the organist
selects the proper stops. Plans are under consideration for the restoration of this fine old Dorgan to its original condition and total character. To conclude today's broadcast from Dodd church ingrown again Holland featuring the three manual and pedal organ built by option of going 17 to organist William Van Beek plays Young's wailings variations on Psalm 116. We.
feet very well. Her. We have heard organist William Van Beek perform Iams wailings composition variations on Psalm 116. You're listening to another program in the series ancient European organ.
Instruments erected during the period from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 18th century. Together with facts about them and the structures in which they are housed and music performed on them by their contemporaries. Today's broadcast explored an instrument built in 17 2 by the Great weekend century cracksman Ark Snicker's. Three manual and cattle market. Thirty three stars. Are housed and there are. More ladies. Running in the colors areas where these programs are recorded by numbers or a. Broadcast. Of. Space recorded by Rocky and later like. Program was prepared and written by one of our producers at the University of Michigan. Making. The list again next week at the same time another program of ancient European market. This is the national educational radio network.
Ancient European organs
Der Aa Church
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features recordings of the organ at the Der Aa Church, Groningen, Holland. Performances include works by Scheidemann and Sweelinck.
Series Description
Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Host: Fidell, S. A. (Sanford A.)
Performer: Winter, Helmut, 1926-1983
Performer: Van Beek, William
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-7-20 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:56
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