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Now when my two boys and girls to listen I was your son's lady brings you another. Let's find out. How boys and girls fruits contain the seeds of plants. Don't play. You found that out last week didn't you. Good Did you find any fruits that have the seeds on the outside instead of inside. Did anybody remember as Dr. Berry who or are the seeds of a strawberry. While a strawberry is a very special kind of fruit most fruits have the seeds inside. Well how would you like to see how a very young fruit tree looks as it grows from the seed. You can if you're careful. Plant some fruit seeds and find out.
We begin right now. All right. Mr. Farmer Do you have everything ready there on your table. Good. Mr. Gardner Are you ready to help Mr. Farmer show all the boys and girls in your room how to plant trees. Well good for you. First of all let's look at the soil. The garden soil is this soil loose and fine. Well let's be sure there are no big lumps in that soil. If there are break up the lumps with your fingers. Miss Gardner go right ahead there and help Mr. Farmer break up the soil. Be careful keep it in the box don't spill any on the table or on the floor. Just hold your hand right over the box and make it fine as you can by squeezing it or are loosening it between your fingers. Right now it shouldn't be too lumpy. Are you getting it broken up. All right because you feel damp to your
finger. Well I hope it's not too wet or we'll have mud here before too long. All right do you think you have the big lumps broken up. All right stop you can break up some more later if there are still too many lumps. Mr. Farmer will you pick up one of the paper cups that you have there. All right now take it over him and hold it over the box of soil and fill it up. Fill it to the very top with the garden soil. Don't pack it in too tightly just let it fall into the cup until the cup is full. All right now Mr. Gardner While Mr. Farmer is doing that look at the seeds that you chose in there do you have some apples seamed. Do you have some orange sea. How about some grapefruit seeds. Well I hope you know which seeds are which do you. All right you may have seeds from a lemon or a pear or some other fruit I don't know what kind you chose to bring
today. But Mr. Gardner which kind of seed would you like to plant in this first cup. Choose one kind and pick out two or three of the seeds. Have you decided all right Mr. Farmer Are you ready with a cup. Is it full of soil. Good. Put the cup down on the table so Miss gardener can plant the seed she's picked out. Listen Miss Gardner push each C down into this soil not too deep and not too close together but push them down into the soil in the cup just a little way just so you can't see them. You've got a molly in there you'll have to work fast because we've got lots to do. All right now with your fingers pushed the so out over the seeds cover up the little holes that you made and push the soil over all those scenes. All right you got it all screwed up. All right now with your fingers close together press the soil down in
the cup not far just press it down so that below the rim of the cup the edge of the cup. Don't pack it too tightly to be pushed it down a little bit. Right. Are you already Mr. Farmer will you hold the palm of one hand over the top of the cup and tip it over on its side now listen again. Put your hand over the top of the cup in which Mrs. Gardner just planted the seeds and tip it over on the side. Don't let any soil fall out now with your other hand pick up the pencil. Now with the point of the pencil punch a hole in the bottom of the cup. Punch it close to the center of the bottom of the cup I think if you do it quickly you can punch it through in a hurry right now. Turn the cupped right side up again. Why do you suppose we need that hole in the bottom of the cup. Can anyone guess.
Who said to let the water drain out. You are right. If we did not punch a hole in the bottom of the cup we might get too much water in the cup and then the seeds wouldn't grow. It would be too wet for them they'd just rot. Miss Gardner find one of the saucers are the aluminum pipes plates and set the plate on the table away from the rest of the things that you're working with right now Mr. Farmer. Put the cup into the little saucer are the plate. Good. Miss Gardner. Have you got a bottle of water there are a pitcher of water. Good. Pick it up and pour a little water over the soil in the cup. Just pour enough in to wet the saw oil. Now if some runs out the hole in the bottom of the cup it will run into the plate that way. The soil in the cup will not be too wet for the siege to
grow a good way to water your seeds from now on would be to pour a little water into the plate. The soil will soak up the water from the bottom that way this feeds won't get too wet. Oh how are you going to know what kind of seed you planted in this first cup. Could you Labor look up. Someone could write the name of the seed right on the side of the cup couldn't you. Will you do that. Or you could put a big A for apple seeds or an old for orange seeds you decide after a while how you're going to label those cups. Maybe your teacher will help you help you label them right now. Now have you got another cup Mr. Farmer. Which seed would you like to plant in another cup. Oh all right pick them out. And Miss Gardner When you put soil into another cup for Mr. Farmer
feel another cup with so I'll just as he did for you go ahead fill it all the way to the top don't press it down now just fill it up with that loose soil. Hurry up now so we'll be ready here. Mr. Farmer Are you ready. Has Mr. Gardner filled the cup for you or I put it down on the gas can Mr. Farmer plant your seeds put them in. Push him down not too far now just so they're underneath the level of the soil and spread this soil back over the holes and put your fingers together now and press the earth down so that it is just below the rim of the cup. All righty. Now you want to put your hand over the top of the cup and tip it over and punch a hole in the bottom with a pencil. All right you ought to be able to do this fast because you did it before. Punch a hole
right in the bottom of the cup. Are we going too fast. I'll let you catch up your seed tearin and you press the earth down and then you tip the cup over and punched a hole in the bottom. All right are you ready to turn the cup right side up again. All right Mr. Gardner Can you find another saucer our little aluminum plate their pie plate. Will you put it over near the cup that you planted right now. Put the cup in the little plate. And then Ms Gardner I wonder if you'd like to add a little water to this one to put a little water on the top don't let it run over the cup. Put enough in so it'll stay inside the cup. Now have you got any other kinds of scenes. Remember you're going to label this one after a while can you remember which cup and which seed in it. You have to do the remembering because I don't know just you who have planted the seeds will
know. All right do you think you can go ahead and plant the rest of the seed you have in there as it would in as many cups as you have. Do you have some markups. Well now what do you suppose is going to happen to those little seeds in those cups. While I'm talking to you if you have more cups and more seeds to plant maybe you have some great big see from some other kind of fruit some seeds will grow there quickly and some will take a long time to sprout. Now I wonder if you'd just like to find out for yourselves. I'm not going to tell you which ones of those seeds are going to sprout first because I don't know what kind of seed you have. You may have orange seeds are an Apple C or somebody may have brought a great Big Avocado C.. Did anybody bring an avocado see. There are great big things almost as big as a ping pong
ball. Did anyone bring a peach seed or a cherry see. Or are there lots of seeds of plants that you could bring and that per some of you probably brought when our plant is many different kinds you can and will you keep track of which ones sprout. The first sprout bee before any of the others sprout. Now it may be that some of them will grow in just a few days. Don't be disappointed if your SEE do not begin to grow for a long time. How are you going to keep them in a good place so they will grow. Keep them in a place that is not too hot nor too cold. And remember not to give them too much water. If water stands on top of the soil in the cup you know that you have too much in there
so let it dry out. Don't add any more water but add a little bit of water whenever you think this soil is too dry. Now remember if you put too much water in the seeds will rot. If you don't put enough in they won't grow at all he'd need water to grow. When you watch your plants carefully your seeds carefully and see which one grows. And I wonder. I'd like to know when your seeds sprout. I'd like to know what you think they look like. Do you suppose a tree seed sprouts and looks very much like any other kind of plant. Would it be fun to find out all right now if you are still working. Maybe you will help some of the other boys and girls. It would be fun if each of you in your room. Would you each like to plant some kind of a fruit seed in a paper cup or maybe you could
do that. You wouldn't have to do it right today but maybe you could remember to bring some more seeds from home and a paper cup. And plant a seed for yourself. Plant two or three in each cup so that at least one of them will grow. Will you try that and will you let me know how soon your seeds sprout and which ones sprout first. Good for you. Don't be disappointed if it takes a long time will you keep them watered and keep them in a warm place so they really will grow when you do that. All right. Let's find out imagine night in the studios I'm playing against L.A. The St. Louis Board of Education radio station.
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Let's find out, grade 2
Some seeds grow indoors
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This program seeks to educate children about the types of seeds used for growing plants indoors.
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In-school series produced for release in Fall 1960.
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