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Boy I am a low your farm sure is great. Just feast your eyes on that rolling countryside. Tammy my magic job doesn't help you say that Gavin is white guys who dresses in the worst. Sure man smell that clean air a place did you see that here. Oh I don't know for a flat. Panel grazing at twilight you know sometimes I think I'd like to work with Mother Nature I don't know just with my bare hands. Yeah write to me and kero happiness Route 1. But you now cause map. I prefer your place in 79 still. Produced and transcribed in cooperation with the State University of Iowa the National Association of educational broadcasters through WIC y presents Alabama How's the family.
If you see the city still exist in the Johnson's yet be just 1 25th stop by the far speaking city folks may want to customize listening on the line to you haven't heard it click since we started talking. Why. Well I heard it. Well you know it's almost sad to go to city. Who do you mean you don't want to say right out but what's that I didn't hear anything. I somebody picked up his phone. Did you hear it. What were you saying. It just is. If this person is planning to move himself and his family off guard still don't know who you mean be with their farms right next to you. You mean a lot. You're talking about. How did you find out. Not a bit surprised b. Personally I don't see how they've managed to stay as long as they have. If I had to share my farm with those two old codgers they got us back that long ago. Why do you know how long it took before they could get grandpa and uncle Joel be careful maybe somebody might be listening. It took
years before they got indoor plumbing and electricity in their house. Not only that many but when they finally got the electricity those two cultures insisted on wiring the barn up first while the house started had a string along. Don't think either one of them ever thought in terms of a house and family. Maybe when Grandma lived but they haven't fixed the house at all to speak of that she died. When is out you know even for the city it's not definite yet. Just heard by the grapevine that he had something lined up there. Getting stuck and working at a factory that needs machinist all he has to do is go and take a job. You know who always whites took us inside. Well I sure hate to see that leave. They're wonderful people. But as I say I couldn't stand living with those old codgers in house. Well I guess everybody knows our business by now. What you don't know you can find out on the party line.
We're leaving Claire. Chad this is the last straw. You know what Uncle Joe and Dad decided now they're buying another new tractor with the money that we planned of not on the house re modeling money. Not only that but they're trading in a perfectly good combine and thinking about building up the mission of the barn. Why didn't you tell them about our plans for re modeling. We've been saving for you. Course I did but I was outvoted again according to Uncle Joe and dad you just can't plow with the House and remodeling doesn't boot profits. But we've got to live and the children are getting 2 0 0 0 or moving to the city I'm going to take that job that we talked about. Well I'm glad Chad it's finally definite After this I don't think I could live here another week. I just wanted to be sure. We'll go ahead now and do what we've been dickering about for the past month. Definitely moving to the city children where through just talking about it.
Golly that's wonderful. We made me a new dress before we go if I have time daddy. What kind of a job you taken again Dad. I'm going to be a machine operator and you should be good at that dad. Well they're going to train me a little at first I guess. What do they make. Well I'm not just sure exactly cousin Ed tells me it's a small factory. Yes they do what they call bright work. Never heard of that kind of work before. That's something to do with chrome plating. Heard a manufactor dashboard trim on cars make kinds of display cases and and trim on juke boxes things like that doesn't fit you. What then. How dad can give up being a farmer to work in a factory. How can he stand to be cooped up all day. You never had a boss before dad. How about grandpa and uncle Joe. Well at least you could watch things grow here. And part of it was yours. Well sometimes Vernon you've got to do things you just rather not do the city. All those stories. It was places to go and things to do. Oh that's all you care about. I'd rather stay here. Why can't I stay.
Vernon I thought we'd thought of that too. Maybe maybe I can put up with grandpa and uncle Joe. I tell you what Vera and you come with us to the city and stay here until you finish high school. Then if you still want to come back I I won't do anything to stand in your way. Well I guess that's fair dad. Fine. Well now suppose we start thinking about. VERNON. Just take the pictures down up there. Be careful not to scrape scratch the dressing table when you take the mirror. Better leave enough dishes out for practice tomorrow daddy will Mother Mary dear. I don't think I want to leave the farm after all my daddy why I'm going to miss everything so much. I'm sure you will. But as my friend and I
and that little girl. With a grow you can come back and visit all but that's not like having those things around you all the time. I'm going to miss them today but don't worry we'll make new fans when you go to school. Sorry Mom I'm even going to miss them in the city everybody's telephone sounds the same. I know Clara anything I can do to help tonight. That's kind of you. But the house is pretty crowded with just the four of us or your father in law and Joe aren't helping you will you know how it is. It's a shame if you ask me. They pay Chad for his share in the farm didn't they were Yeah if it just wanted you to know that my husband I'll be over in the morning to help pack the truck. Oh he shouldn't feel he had to do this magic player but I saw you this afternoon. I forgot to give you those strawberry preserves. I see you're busy but if you're not if I grab guys later tonight honestly you too you shouldn't bargain I don't bother.
What are neighbors for if you haven't got other plans Claire. Why don't you and the family kind of my place for breakfast before you leave tomorrow would be wonderful Nellie and that invitation goes for anybody else on the party line. We'll give the Lawsons a big sendoff. So they won't forget us in this city. I don't know what to say. You're all so wonderful. You and Chad will do the same for us. Definitely just Steinberg's Kyra. It's time for reminiscing now. I'm going to miss you all. We won't forget you. I should say not. And if you ever get tired of city CLARE Well you're welcome back here and anytime. Well we're on our way. I wonder what it's really going to be like I bet will want to come back
in a month and let's not worry so much about you and your city life hardly any different than what it's been on the farm. I'll never get used to it. Not with that kind of attitude. And what if you don't like your job Dad. Well boy I'm looking forward to it. I don't have to worry about the weather no risks like dropping market prices. I'll have regular hours here can feed the country and chrome trim dad. Everybody can't be a farmer and the only thing that worries me is that in our apartment we don't find a house that we like pretty soon we'll use up all the money we got from grandpa for our share the farm. I figure Claire we should be sure of everything before we buy a house and apartments are right for a while. Now don't you worry about anything. If we all try to get along I am sure we won't have any trouble. I am I went to another five stores today.
What did you do when you're not in school or go to the libraries in all those parts. Alright I'm convinced. I'm still not used to all that noise out back. When you close the wins. Sure. What did you do today. Clare I thought of visiting the neighbors but I'm still learning how to do the housework. Have any more trouble with that automatic washer. I didn't use it today. Bet Mom you never thought you'd be supplied with an automatic washer just by moving into an apartment. Probably the only way I'd ever gotten to use one would say that Clara now that we're on our own we've got to get a lot of new things. People probably farmers never see things like automatic washers. Let's forget the farm. I'm having too much fun to get sad don't you miss our pony in the broken and the long bus rides to school where it's nice that school is so close we can walk to it here. Yeah there's so much to look at on the way. Cracks sidewalks and dirty gutters and so much space between houses. But you do enjoy your spare time now don't you burn. Nothing to do dad. What are you
saying Vernon. Never known myself how it felt to work just eight hours a day and then have some time to myself. When you look at the pilot light on the stove Chad it doesn't seem to be burning right. You've been clear now that you could use a couple cabinets here over the sink too. Would you like to help make it burn. Well Donnie and I thought we'd go to the movies tonight. So when we all go and make a party of it that sounds like a swell idea. See how fast your father is changing children back on the farm we couldn't budge him to the movies. Well that's because I had to get up at 5 am. Here I'm a man of leisure. Oh come in you're here early I hope you'll excuse the way I'm dressed but I go that's all right. Come in. It's not too early.
Not with all the cleaning we have to do. Let's go to into the kitchen first. Your apartment is just like ours all really. Do you want to wash or dry the dishes. Oh well. Well I wash and you can wipe and put them away. Fine. I really meant to come yesterday but there's so much for me to learn here in the city. I wasn't ready for you yesterday anyway. So you know we're Yes we just moved in from the country. Mrs. Ramsey didn't mention you were from out of town. Mrs. Ramsey. Yes my regular cleaning lady. Well I don't think I've met her. Oh you must have. She recommended you recommended. Aren't you Miss Kelly. No I'm clear Lawson. Your next door neighbor. Oh oh oh. Oh I'm sorry Mrs. Lawson. I was expecting a cleaning lady. I hope you'll forgive me. That's all right. I guess this is an inconvenient time to call but I wanted to
ask a favor. I forgot that maybe other people might have things to do. Usually I don't do any of the heavy housework but since Mrs. Ramsey has left I have to break in somewhere new. Well. The reason I came so early. I'm having trouble with the pilot light on the still. I was wondering if you looked like Dodi and usually takes care of those things. Why don't you call him. Thank you then I will. I'm sure you'll find people just as helpful here in the city as in the country. Mrs. Lawson drop in again sometime. I think that's very funny. Clara was taken for a cleaning lady. You just never mind chat. You do your cabinet making and the worst part of it. She didn't even tell me her name. I think it's a bit funny. After this I'll be afraid to go back in back. What you expect from people. Not fair to say that Vern you'll find those kind of folks in the
country cue on me. Look at her she's gone to the movies again like it's still dinner almost two weeks now and she hasn't even got it right. Well two weeks isn't very long you should just give her time she'll find friends. The trouble is you've got to adjust yourself to the city. Stop sawing burn all get it. Hello. But but but but. All right. By the way I think they're one of the neighbors downstairs. Oh do you want to get acquainted. Well not exactly a car you see. I better not hammer anymore Verne. Why not the neighbors don't like it it seems our neighbors here aren't separated by a couple hundred acres. Fact of the matter is they almost have their legs under our kitchen table. The. The.
What are you showing tonight. Where I started slip covers for the sofa in the easy chair. Well the title brighten up the place a little. Don't you sit down chat instead of pacing around I care. It's a fine thing that you're a man can't even build a kitchen cabinet. That happened weeks ago. Here I've got all this time and nothing to do. I don't know what I'll do when I run out of things to sell either. At least you have a job. So John I thought you were happy with it. Come on player let's get out here let's go for a walk. I can't stand being cooped up all day. This is a fine thing. Having a soda with my own brother. What's eating you daddy. Well we've been here for two months and there's only a week left of school and I haven't even had a date yet. Don't take it so hard. Look around you. The bright city all the places a go in the things
to do. Isn't that what you want to be serious Vern. It's not fun doing those things by myself. Sure I know it's tough. Maybe if I could get a couple of those pretty dresses I've seen in the shops the dresses MOM MAKES YOU are nice. And another thing. Look at my hair. What's wrong with it. Look how long and straight it is. It's not short curly like yeah but I like it. I get it cut maybe have a permit if we can afford it. That's the trouble seems we can't afford anything. No wonder I'm not invited out any place. I haven't seen you inviting anyone to our place but I've just been. Waiting for them to invite me first course if you need money you could always do what I'm going to do this summer. Oh did you get the bank messengers job. Yeah I'm going to work full time during the summer and after school and Saturdays next year. I even get a uniform. Oh that's wonderful. That will give you lots of spending money. No sir I've got more important plans. I'm going to save my money and go to agricultural college. But I thought you were going back to the farm. I've been thinking it over Daddy. If
Dad couldn't put up with grandpa and uncle Joel I don't think I could either. Does dad know about all this. Well not yet. I meant to talk to him about it but he seems kind of restless lately. I noticed that too right. I wonder what could be bothering him. What are you doing Chad. How come you're over here. Want to get a breath of fresh air. But you feel good. OK who's got a new machine here. What's the matter with you man. We gotta catch up with the night shift. Still a couple hundred units ahead of us. Would you want that bonus running great man the bonus. Well I for one been counting on it. My wife is after me for a new TV set. When we got only
17 and yeah here look come on let's get to it in a minute. I don't know I can't figure it out. Why do we get all the little things I was told he couldn't last a day. If it weren't for Dan I'd go back tomorrow. Got to be something I can do here in the city would be fine if it weren't for the job. Same thing day after day and what's the purpose. I gotta get outside. Very noisy in here. Can't feed the world on chrome plating. I just gotta get outside. I thought it was wonderful to mother. I'm not so much pleased about Verne's job as I
am about his decision to go to agricultural college. I think that was very wise to Vern. Well I'm sure it's what I want to do dad seems like very in here has adjusted to the city better than the rest of us. I recall that he didn't even want to come. Please pass the green beans. Well I made a pretty important decision myself and it's probably going to make us all a lot happier. What do you mean dear. I'm going to change jobs here. That's great dad. I didn't know that. What kind of a job are you planning to get me to decide chant I'm all set up with a factory. Lots of guys have done it for years and don't mind but it's not for me. I just can't stand the monotony anymore. And this competition with the night shift. So I decided I'm going to find an outside job. What kind of a job Dad. Well I found lead on a job in the greenhouse nursery business. Figure I should be pretty good at it. Heard there's a place on the edge of town looking for a man. I'm going out there next Saturday
if it's all right with that. That's wonderful dear. And maybe I'll even be making more money. Maybe I can get a few dresses and a permanent. If you buy all your dresses daddy what will I have to do. I'm twiddling my thumbs right now. If you think you're lonely you should be around here during the day. I can't find enough to keep busy now. Maybe you're like Doug's mom. Maybe you should try harder to make friends. Well Claire if this new job works out one of these nights we'll all sit down together and talk about buying ourselves a house. Do you really think we could cherish it certainly something for us to plan I'd like for us to have our own home. Chances are then we'd all have more to do. So you see Mrs Stone when my son pointed out to me that perhaps I wasn't doing all that I could to make friends. I decided to volunteer for this community draft.
Well I won't guarantee that soliciting funds will make friends for you Ms Lawson but you will certainly meet people. That's something I need to do. I'm not very good at it I'm afraid. I didn't even know you lived in this building. That's as much my fault as it is yours. That's a funny thing about the city Mrs Lawson. You can live right next door to a person and never talk to him but you may go five miles to see someone who has the same interests as yours. Maybe that's my trouble. I've been staying too close to home. What a lovely slipcovers. Where did you have the maid. I made them myself. Why they're beautiful. I wonder if it wouldn't be asking too much Mrs Lawson. Would you come down and show some of us how to do something like that. We'd be very flattered too. Of course I mean after the campaign. Do you have a regular sewing circle Mrs Stone. Well we like to call it that. We enjoy getting together to exchange ideas whether they're about sewing or just anything.
Sounds fine. Why don't you come into the kitchen out heat the coffee while you tell me some more about it. You're all right dear. I still can't remember where everything is in this place. I thought that Bingle store would look there the home permanents I was telling you about me we buy one. Do you still want me to do it for you. You say it's easy. Let's try it now. But tonight is Friday night. Oh and aren't you going and now the girls are just going to move. You still haven't met a nice boy. Don't mention boys. You see that one down with the vegetable bins. Oh yes it's rather good looking and he knows it bit every girl in school is after daily. You won't catch me even noticing he thinks he's too smart for his real loud clothes. And you ought to see the
way you are sure you haven't noticed him. He's looking this way let's go mother. Don't you want this. Come on. Don't push me he's almost here. Hey wait a minute. Oh hi Wolf. I didn't see. I don't e.g. I've been around. Walter this is my mother you know. Hi Mrs Lawson if you'll excuse me I'll be over to meet count. All right mother. Nice and what we try to say well I was just I was just wondering if you'd like to go to the movies with me tonight. Me. Sure if you want to I mean well you don't have to laugh too but you have a date tonight. Now what's wrong. Only small Don't get me on pins. It took me a couple of months just just enough good enough courage to ask you why were you afraid I'd bite. No no of course not. Well I don't know. It's cool you seem kind of aloof a number of fellows were giving him the eye but well you seemed all sorted to yourself anyway. I
just had to ask you for a date. Will you come tonight Donny. She will swell then I could pick you up at 7 if you like and that would be fun. Well I've got some more shopping to do. I better hurry. See what somebody by well to do so soon did you bring a permanent weight kit. We can pick it up another time. Tonight I've got a date. Horse gardening isn't farming Claire but then there are other advantages to city living. I think you'll like this in your speech Chad Mr. Bernstein seems very nice smart to you told me quite a bit about planning. Aren't you wondering why we came here today. What is the price you were talking about. Be there in just a second. It's not exactly a surprise so don't be too disappointed.
I wouldn't worry about that. This is a nice neighborhood. I'm stopping for a cup there. That Corner House. Do we know somebody that lives there. What do you think of it. Kind of cute. Who lives there. Forgot his name. Whoever it is he's moving. See that sign over there. Kind of hidden behind those bushes from this angle. Chad are you thinking about buying this house. Well I just wanted you to see it like to know what you think. It's not far from the nursery Chad Lawson and it's kind of cute and like you said we can't go on living in that apartment forever. Let's go and take a look at it. But can we just barge right in. The owners expecting us. How do you like this nice big yard. The land's pretty good for gardening too. You miss your garden don't you claim that chair. Had you been just for surprises since we came to the city. I figure if we decide we like it we'll be better off to buy than to go on living in that apartment. I'm just so surprised. Nothing to be surprised yeah. We talked about it do you realize
Chad what you're asking your family to do. We just got settled in one place and now all of a sudden you want us to adjust all over again. Well I guess I'm sort of. And really you want to know something. I for one wouldn't mind adjusting to a house one bit. Come on let's look it over. Here now to comment on today's program is Dr. Harold Saunders chairman of the department of sociology and anthropology at the State University of Iowa migration has been an important factor in both the establishment and the development of our nation. With the decline of immigration cities have become more and more dependent upon the rural areas for recruitment of the labor force and population maintenance internal migration was greatly accelerated by World War 2. But the
basic long range factor at work is the impact of modern science and technology improvements in transportation and communication have been greatly responsible for making mobility today faster and more free ranging than in earlier periods. The large and continuing volume of rural urban migration is a result mainly of the spread of mechanized and commercialized farming. At present 60 percent of the American population resides in towns and cities with only 15 percent of the labor force now engaged in agriculture. One of the more important recent developments is the rapid growth of population in the suburbs of our larger cities into what are now called urban fringe areas. The total amount of family migration is unknown. But the probability is that at least one significant move will be made in the marital life time of each couple.
How's the family
Home: Route 1 or 79th Street
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