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Commemorate my trial with the service of the pitch. Everyone drinking has come. When I was facing judgment on that one flagging across from me the eldest of the event just charging me with. It was his eloquence that saved my life persuading Pelosi in the chair with votes cast the vote for which some of the. Posts under the Tribune. Unfair influence mean such a vicious frenzy that I ran back for help again. Despair fell down upon my knees and swore to starve myself to death. Lest the God who would ruin me would risk. His voice over the good in my part. Of the Toreadors their optimism was common in heaven but horn on their
hands. To be sacred. Suppose. That and. Help me to do this thing to fill his mission. Help me sister. Once I've carried home these two hands the image of the Goddess I am rid of madness and I urge you with a gift of rugged rowers rowing your home to August my sister for our family's sake help me to save that family and ourselves unless you help me take the image back this very day our family's name shall die. How I had dreamed long long before your coming of you and of my country. How my prayer joins yours for the renewal of our breed even of his whose hand reach for my blood. Now that no blood of yours stains my own hand. I have no anger left but only hope that in your life the family name shall live. But if you leave
me taking out a mess when the king sees the empty pedestal what can I say. How can my life be saved unless with one quick stroke seizing the image we flee together to your leaping deck. If we succeed what happiness for me. But even if I think all you need not failed. My life is little I would gladly die to earn your safety and your reaching home. If a man die or how some name is lost but if a woman die what does it matter. When my mother died you know you also would have died because of me. Whatever happened we shall share one fate alive in Greece or here together. Dead by all the signs the gods are on our side. If Ottomans were not why should be her brothers Oracle commanding me to bring her image back. She wishes it here in her temple in her very presence has come the ermine of
my finding you. Yes. Who are being guided by the gods. The king will kill us if we steal the Statue. Then why not kill the king of the gods again. He has been caught. Not to save our lives take chances with the God. I like your boldness but it cannot be. What if you hit me somewhere in the attempt to steal out after dark since I must steal the day for honest men the night forthy guards around watching sours aout of my. It might what we might make use of your misfortune. I shoulda nun's you was a matricide you serve any good you find in that is one worthy to be sacrificed. Understand but not how it would serve us you are unclean cannot be purified will that do for us except by deep sea water beyond stain father must sure spot our mission you forget the statue. The reason for our coming here. She too having been soiled by your approach must be washed clean the image too.
I see it now. The inlet where the ships trains the leash and you will bring the image that you're saying nobody ever touches it but me but Bill it is. Is he on murder too. He aided you. He also must be playing a story for the gods or for the king. In any case I could not keep it from him. So he shall hear it and shall be persuaded if to start or are waiting for the word. That is a part of that I leave to you. I have but one suggestion to the HIIs women realize how much their loyalty might mean. Women know women. Make your plea to them. And after that we are in the hands of heaven. O friends who have been near and dear to me. It may depend upon your carefulness whether or not I reach my home and kin. A woman knows how much her weakness needs the sympathy and help of other women their understanding and their loyalty. I ask you only
this that you say nothing of what has happened here that you keep silent. The stillest tongue can be the truest friend. We three must take a hair's breath chance between capture and death deliverance and home. But if we do escape then we shall work for your deliverance for you to share our happiness at home in Hell us all of you. I ask you by the love of your parents and by the love of the children you left behind. Who will say yes to me. Who could say no when it might cost my brother's life and mine. Rely on me dear Lady hand on me we shall do everything we can to help by Zeus We pledge silence and loyalty may Heaven reward the hearts behind those words. Dear brother the King will soon arrive and will be asking whether the strangers have been sacrificed. And so for your part arrestees and for yours Pelle it is inside the temple at once.
Can and goddess having saved me once had all this from my father's deadly hand CV with me now my brother and his friend Mr. Phoebus be disputed because of the immense forsake His own calm and gracious mite away from this bleak place. Only from love really liked. At. Sandhurst ocean. Heard in the phone low by the rocky ledge singing a note unhappy hearts can hear. The sound of separation from the Army. Moment of separation. I have no room to suit. You. But I can sing a song like you. A song of separation from mine. At home in headless now my kinsmen gather. Where Artemis is due to bless
the new born from her Cynthia Hill. And to the mothers with the coon poem and the baby and olive tree. There was a tone I love the wind nice trees and watch the rounded who's white with a song like motion of the Swan. Unless befalling to is the towers fall and. The king of all time. A les the clang of. Right in the news. Which drove me captive to an alien ship whence I was sold away to be in exile here. Ahem maiden with Agamemnon's Dawson. Doomed to the bloody lights of. Us hand out this old head where the sacrifice is not of sheep. But men. I envy those on happy from their birth. Or to be bred in fees and in misfortune is to be honored too it. Is something in the pen of change. More than the heart can bring.
On Happiness. Remember when. Ladyship is here to take you home. And in the rosy years pan shall be sounding all his pointed notes Ridge Mountains echoing to his little lead and Phoebus on his lawyer shall strike profound the seven streams and seem to love as he shall sing to you of home and lead you to the Lord. Then carry. Us. All After all I shall push the empty waves wider and wider. The less lonely. Leaving us here with out. And forward over the NCC the sail faster run every feeling with the unspent wind to fly swifter than the wind you'd song upon his Does Ling Trek not to let my golden light be folded until I touch my house. Move. My
room from which I used to go to Nobu marriages. And take my place in the bright company. Give them my hands and circle round and dance and always try to be the loveliest under my mothers gaze my unrivalled radiance of attire and the motion of hands and feet broidered veil I would hold closely round me as I dance and bowed and hid my cheek under the shadow of my question. The earth. Shook. Where is my guardian of the migration goal. Well the photos and I too late to see the sacrifice of the victims bodies being but already she is coming out herself and she will tell you what does this mean daughter of Agamemnon.
Well have you moved the goddess from a brief to Kings time back stay back beyond the threshold but do what does happen to good call for this back from contamination. I am abrupt and I'm good to me. Well the offerings you sent us for the Goddess are impure. How do you know what makes you think she turned away from them. She moved when they came near. Mightn't it be a little richer because the earthquake that moved her she moved to her own will. And even for a moment she shut her eyes because their hands were blood stained. Was it that it was her divination of their guilt. Do you mean they had killed the Turion on the beach. Their guilt was with them when they came. The crime of killing their own kin but King mother of one of them a murder they had planned the greater part of. What barbarian would do the thing these groups of done Greeks once but now disowned by Greeks driven
from hellish. So why bring the Goddess out defiled. She must be purified be cleansed again by the touch of her own sky. But how could you know what sort of crime these fellows had committed I saw her turn away from them. I asked them why you are a Greek which you did True Grit. They are Greek to try to propitiate me with welcome news of my brother news of Orestes. They thought they could leak or knew that my father is alive or you were firm. You let your children what should I feel towards any Greek but hate. Yes how should we deal with them. By temple rule. Something decided the picture in the ninth complete immersion for us unlike theirs in the bubbling spring or salt water best sea is the absorbent of all evil. Caterina says the sea eyes see the sea.
Breakers are handy just beyond the world. But these are special rights are secret right. Then to your place no one to trespass on you and I shall have to wash the goddess to what can of God has been defiled the same as people. Why else did I have to bring her from the temple. You pious woman and I thank you. Then you will issue orders from the first have the strangers bound with rope but Why where could they go. Beware of Greek soldiers but of buying them and have them brought to me. Britain the above cover both their heads with heavy call to keep even the sun from seeing them since soldiers with Pick up pick up them and have a herald tell all Torreon for heart to stay indoors till this is done. One step outdoors and they would be polluted by matricide God. Go tell the Herald this indoors they stay
by people who do but the one I am most concerned about who has helpful work to do inside the temple had to or a fire put pine smoke from torch. Yes the temperature for your it when they come out. Watch I do hold up your sleeve and she'll just think from the contagion. And if I should seem delayed or how should I tell. Feel no surprise be patient. Carefully everything the goddess wants I trust that I can serve her wish. And here they come. The spring angels and blondes whose blood is used instead of them. And burning toasters in the instrument needed for purifying them and. Tori ends to turn away from the pollution. Tenders open the gates
then wash our hands. Men want wives women who want children avoid kill Dejah keep away away. To God as if the waves can wash and purge the taint from these two murders and wash them be the tarnishing of blood dyed dwelling be clean and be less. And the old one. One day a golden child brother of Artemus Phoebus the darling of the veins of little fingers hovered on the hearth and pulled from his birthplace to Parnassus top the mother brought her lawyer Di and I says there is a serpent with the brights gives him
blood red eyes a creature born of the cave that has all of his people leapt up out of his mother's arms a little child and struck again his prophecies Phoebus having won the Golden Throne of the truth the very center of the. Chords to hear wisdom. And voice conveyed accompanied by. The deepest prophecies that ever Earth heard whispered out of heaven. But Earth had wished to say they are up to 15. And see. And not a bad dream. Which in the night should be a regular. Hotel. Room. And. Parable didn't you. Listen to his prophecy and the baby God went hurrying to Zeus coaxed with his little hands and begged of Zeus to send the brooms away. And Zeus was very pleased to have his son come straight to him with trouble.
His great browed decided with a nod that Phebus have his prize restored to him in spite of angry earth his throne his listening throng his golden voice ropes of night to be stricken straightway mute and plague mankind no more shapes of night no longer hold their power to foretell the flu and haunts men's aching hearts that men be freed from the prophetic darkening every shrouded form and listen only to the lips of life. The Temple ministry and some temple guards. Where does King toss open all your gates uncorking tell myself summon the king. Am I allowed to ask why so much noise. The two young prisoners have broken free with Agamemnon's daughter joining them. Taking Autumn is aboard their
ship. You have gone mad to dream of such a thing a little likely story. If you want a king he has left the temple. Go and look for him. Tell me which way because I have to find him. I do not know which way. None of us noticed. Go look for him. Tell him your crazy story. Picturesque women. You are deceiving me. You're in the plot yourselves. You make no sense. What are these men to us. Go try the palace till I know what's happening right here. Not till the keepers of the inner shrine of answered me. You were inside the door is the key. Tell him to hurry. Tell the soldiers out here with bad news while you're making this ungodly up bribery ones in a panic. These women lied. They said that you had left. They lied to me tried not to let me find you what do you mean. Why should they wish to do that I can read or listen or listen to me listen to this. Your priestess you for tonight. She's freed the prisoners who they still want Artemis the ocean ceremony was a trick
by should she wish to be playing tricks on me to save the rest of the three Steves. Yes I said arresting a rescue is not her brother whom we had brought to you for Ottomans but that's impossible. Conquered I grasped the reason time to grasp it. You must say what's to be done about it. You must order galleys to cut ahead of them and catch them. There is no escape problem. So tell me how it happened. Everything it was just when we had reached the bend of shore hiding their ship that I came in one's daughter made signs for us to drop the rope which bound them in to leave them and fall back. She said that she was ready to begin the rites and like the mystic flames to bless the sea. But when she took the cord and led the boys beyond the cove we had a sudden feeling something was wrong something wrong. We didn't know what to do. We heard a voice call high mysterious words we never heard and thought this must be the prayer she had to use for cleansing sin. I see. Completely understandable. And then we waited a long time. At last we were afraid the men had broken loose and killed her and escaped. And still we waited because you had
forbidden us to look. But we suddenly decided to find out and hurried to the inlet and there. There we saw the ship from hell who's swinging at the beach and put it in the tolls were 50 or so like feathers on a wing and the two youths were waist deep by the stern sailors held poles for keeping the bow steady. Others hold the anchor up. The rest had hands along the ropes of a ladder hanging from the rail to help the priestess. But we seized her in the water tugged at the lighter ripped the rudder away from them to cripple him and cried to the fellow facing us. What kind of man are you stealing our priest isn't our goddess. I am Morris son of Agamemnon. I am her brother I know you have the truth and she is bound for Greece out of which land I lost her long ago bound home. We're trying to hold or tried to drag her from their hands which is the way I came by this morning. And this song let me see you struck my face first one side then the other. They had no weapons. We had none. We used off this and they
their fists and some their feet with kicks well aimed at us from where they stood above us and our hands and a heart to heart and fought till we were winded. Then with bruises and cuts and blood filled eyes we climbed the cliff and from above we pelted them with rocks could work with the Greek archers and brought up their bows and arrows kept us at a distance then. When a giant wave bore in on them. Orestes quickly lifted up his sister out of the rush of it holding her high on his left shoulder plunging stride by stride Econ. a ladder climbed aboard the ship and said are safe on deck you're born and she she she had it still. The statue out of heaven. The image of the daughter of hi Zeus doctor we heard a guy voice ringing through the ship. Oh noes of Hellas gripped bureaus and clipped the cedar foam. Oh let your arms be strong we have warned every one what we have set out to win.
Soon we shall leave the jagged clashing rocks behind the cliff you know when you shout of joy resounded and the ship quivered with dipping oars and shot ahead but this was only while the shelter lasted for at the harbor mouth the shop when through high on a heavy swell show would again been rallied strained but every time they made again a great wave drove a backpack and I commend nonstarters toward and prayed save me Artemus from this place. Help us all home to help us and forgive them of the images by brother's bidding as he is dear to the so mine to me. The sailors roar their echoes to a prayer and bent their bodies and their great bare arms and shoulders swinging like the seed of the boats ans cry. But closer to the cliff closer they drew and closer still and some
sprang out into the water and began trying to fasten hold on the sharp rocks with ropes and then our soldiers sent me here to tell you what's happened. Quite right I'll bring coordinate chains oking for if the CST is rough there's not a chance that they can get away. None whatever. Come citizens and be uncivilized. Keep on your horses with them to the beach. There we can wait in the Bills said mellows. Then go up to them and hunt them down and breed them dog all of them do this right off the most and some of you who don't rebel you lets one man of them should die young tortured and run them down by sea or land. Go catch club crush Tom Cruise involved. And as for you you miserable women come from the punishment which you will then by judgment by punishment can wait but this to do but oh when this is done. All right. King told Weiss. What is all this tumult. Oh the chase back
and listen to Athena hold all your soldiers back on her back. Now. HARLOW said Orestes to your country to set you free from the avenging ordered him to run Oracle during the denial home weekend August and the sacred statue home to her own land. You have over 30 years want to dish the fact that this arrestees you were trying to sliding on a comfortable seat. Beside me and Orestes dogs are herded any distance. Though you want far away you still can hear me. Do this. Take back your sister in the stack to safety. Pause it. God will bend time to continue to be in the bag and find a holy place close to the wreath to make whole wheat
there. Build it. They're settling in a way that men make love to her with happy here. I mean it for sure. To immortalize her flight from home. Your rescue from the fury go penitents and your delivery. And let this be the last. When they observe festival. The priest show you never hear the sharp blade of his knife against a human. Probe and draw one drop and notice grave reminder of her former way. Yes. If the denial. Steps of cutting Rocka Rolla put a shrine to all of us you shall reside as keeper of the keys there and out to a death you shall be buried there and honored in your tune with spotless gifts garments on worn woven by hundreds of women who honorably died giving
birth. And taught. As for these loyal aides. I command you. To send them back home. Orestes. Once I save you when I was abouta on Aries Hill and BR. Hope the tide voting in your favor. Now let it be the Nordic one than evenly divided it wins his case. Therefore all safely from this. Side Of Life. And you enjoy the. Man who thinks he ever stood a chance against him. And so I hold no Sunday's grievance to the Redskins if. They may keep the statue any dignity in challenging a dog. So off a limb may Artemas be happy.
That. I bit the wimmin Ozols. His I have to. Have pleasant chat. We're home for a moment. To go back. To my years. In doing as you must you learn a law abiding on God as well as upon me own winds of that speed Orestes home and I will guide him on his way to acting. And will save my life. Artemus my sister you lose. You lose. Yes.
You have just heard of a giant in Taurus by Europe a days as but used by the University of Michigan Broadcasting Service. The translation was by Witter Bynner and published by the University of Chicago Press. Original music was composed by Jerry Billick and conducted by Henri and Dolly. Appearing in the title role of Division III was Susan Heller and Marvin Diskin was her brother Orestes. Others in the cast were Richard Leavey as Pitta days Charles Lopez Isaacs as King tall ass rhino saucy as the herdsman Jack Zoloft as the soldier and Nancy heist or as the goddess Athena the members of the chorus were Ellen Whitman Cherie Levy Winifred Pierce and Elizabeth Robertson consultant for the series of classical dramas as Professor Gerald else chairman of the department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. Today's introduction was by William Arrowsmith professor of classical languages at the University of Texas
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Classical drama
Iphigenia at Tauris, part 3
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This program presents the third part of Euripides' "Iphigenia At Tauris," in a translation by Witter Bynner.
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This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith, University of Texas.
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