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And if you were over there some regret then a vast influx of consoling based on the trial of the Saturday and then a smiling tomato within a span. Are the lines familiar. Can you place the speech. Name the play. Recall the tragic story of its hero is hatreds and his love. What say you. Macbeth Othello. King Lear or the hunchback Richard. Surely this is one of Shakespeare's mighty heroes of poetic tragedy. Correction please. The drama is
American. The playwright George Booker born in Philadelphia and Otis Skinner the great American actor triumphed in this play titled From chance which we bring you now. Program 10 of America on stage. The character of a nation as seen through its theater. America on stage is produced by the Wisconsin state broadcasting service under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters consultant for the series is Jonathan W. curve a professor of speech at the
University of Wisconsin and a specialist in the American theater. Here to introduce the program Professor curve and the author of Francesca rennen A The Patrician George Henry Booker of Philadelphia once wrote to a friend and an aspiring writer this advice get out of your age as far as you can. That phrase sums up buckers conviction that the American dramatist should turn his back on the crass materialism of 19th century American life. And seek inspiration. Not in what the roll had called the here and the now but rather in the more congenial more glorious times and places far away. We're backstage at the Grand Opera House. It's a hot summer's night August 21st 19 1 to be exact here tomorrow night. The stagehands are struggling with this. I see what looks like marble pillars. With velvets and tapestry. There's
a fountain for a garden seen massive carved furniture you waiting to see with my. Right. This way. Me the dressing rooms are back here. From the right. I hope you don't mind I'm just practicing. I have to play this thing in the last act. He's laid to rest your weary when life runs low on the heart where you can find. His jolly jolly they say they say but I never try to. Here we are. Good. He's expecting you to write in Mr. Skinner Oh yes this is Mr. Constantine member of my cast to sit on that trunk if you like. Patching up last minute things. Yes you're getting the hang of that dagger business. I'm not half so worried about the dagger as I am this
magnificent all the pageantry of medieval romance don't go we run through some of the lines as soon as I get this make up I know and call Francesca please write you're familiar with the play of course for everyone. I'm reviving it by demand you know and by Jove you know it's older than I am. Written in 1853 five years before I was born. Magnificent brilliant tragic. Head to head like Byron wrote this play in 1000 days. Of course he's dead now. Pity he can't see this production. Ambassador to Turkey Russia statesman philosophy. But tragic actions a poet tragedy of his life that this play was not appreciated when he went into diplomacy. Every Socratic family tradition. I never really believed the creative life he wanted. When this play was finally a success it was too late. I don't know down in the original Italian George broker and he would tell you I had to find old classical education. No
wonder he wrote like Shakespeare but the story of this play comes from Dante. As Paolo and Francesca through eternal purgatory by the winds of their illicit love she Francesco was the white brother. One day they read a book together they kissed. They read no more that day. In the successful production by Mr Barrett 20 years ago I played Paolo. Well I take it that now you are his brother the villain. Oh my dear sir you do not understand. I cannot say how I feel about this part. This this this hunchback LANCIOTTO I loved him as his brother Paolo love. He's a great warrior or a gentle knight and a lonely lonely man. His father makes peace with their enemies by arranging a marriage with Francesco. Neither has seen each other it is a marriage of political convenience.
Mr. Constantine if you please. Yes the line where lunch Otto's father breaks the news to your movie Charlie isn't that it. Yes yes. You don't get a wife to teach you not your wont to mock me. I'm not given to just the price in pledge of future peace. Who is the lady I am bartered for I just got those TalkTalk from each other before I have a new trial not be not just to look at what you had to carry on your business and how you started out for lack of prints. When my brothers are your sons I will slay your enemies. Francesco No 10 names they trimed together like sweet marriage so proper match. He said she's beautiful and he is the delight of very many. I am a soldier from my very birth haven't cut me out for terror
are not prone to greed. If you do not through and through simply scooping my express commands you would at once know I have a bridegroom. Heaven was I not cursed more than enough when thou didst fashion me to be a type of ugliness. I think by whose comparison already holds it's beautiful. There is not a knave so spindle shrank so rife faced so infirm who looks at me and smiles not on himself. She is not. Must I follow the shuttering glances about the fair wife Francesco whom the minstrels sing about. Now in battle if they give Ellen cry. Right he punched back. I can trample him under my stallions hopes not to be pitied.
A stain crossed in by kindness with a sort of smile. Stand. My lord. We'll change our titles when your bride's bells ring told you of my marriage. The messenger from Guido has returned and the whole town is reeling over him. Some pity you and some of the bride. But I could see at. Least that guard Malatesta sent me to the tower to have the bells rung for your marriage knew. How he said not so why I thought fit told the deaf sexton to ring out a mill How do you like it far I tell you to risk their breaking half of my love. Party respect next Cox someone has changed my music. Fan. The bells jangled only give him time and I'll be sworn he will ring your bell out yet but have I shook you rudely. Here's a floor no matter what is my merchandise without my honor.
Your hand upon my coat and you feel pain. You'll Bluster away upon my life if I should smite you on the cheek. Nice walk or to demand. Your life. How this road before makes them on our show. Change helmets to coxcombs swords to bubbles to fit your discourse civil right. Thanks for your lesson. Curses heartily limping beast. Feet stray contest a natural man like me. You marry fuck. You get a race of elves whether she crocodile and keep within the limits of your nature. Here we go tripping along to meet our promised bride. Like a rheumatic elephant. Yes yes. Be sure you ring the bell through the curtain saw it so my friend isn't doing well and the vicious court jester goes off with the limitation of his masters.
Now we see shadowy moves his own wretchedness overwhelms him and he toys with his dagger like Hamlet longing for suicide. Your entrance. All right. Brother what is this. LANCIOTTO you mad kind Heaven look here straight in my eyes. Dare you bend your wicked hand against a hard tight love shame brother shame. Why why are you saying Oh I am wretched at a writing to a strain it is portentous things find tongues against this merry way with this that cup your face with gold trim yourself for the young bride the velvet golden gems do wonderful or rather be your tiring men for what men call me gentle courteous brave they are I not so harsh on the car.
How do I know. To cast my devils out upon the earth I trow this laughing planet what a hell of envy malice cruelty and scorn it has forced back to canker in the heart of one poor cripple cripple tell you not to shop but what I never breathed to man before. Who are a miracle of grace feel what it is to be a wreck like me. Paolo look at me. Find me the man or beast or tree or rock or nameless thing so out of harmony with all things else I'll go raving with bare happiness. Hi Mary Helen of grace and swear i do our own our own shadow you are not Apollo nor yet so are you a second Pluto. Could I change with you my graces for your nobler qualities should be for not to an empire I am but just let me beseech your brother to look with great favor on
yourself. To Ravenna with your bride love your cruel delusions of domestic peace. I know Francesca will be proud of you. Women had my heroes who were a VERY know Noah in Rimini they know me and you come on star and exposed to curious wonder when they look how can I tell it is the bridegroom's face that draws their eyes I will not go to please you all I don't marry but to please the wonder mongers over Havana. Haven't you had a go to bring Francesco and speak of me. Not as I ought to be but as I am you may say I pity her for what. For Wedding me. She don't need it say that I would be a better oratory on your behalf without your prompting
and my dear Paolo if she please your eye and move your heart to anything like love when you yourself stand as firm by such a big 8 ply me with jokes. I'd rather see you smile knowing I would find another wife more on my level II and Empress brother were honored by your hand. You are by much too humble in your reckoning of yourself look up. Heaven has been made. But look God their fortunes to a perfect drive. My heart is beating with pulse
tomorrow. For the person to come to her father's palace to his brother's. Child. Jessica watches from her window first but then Francesco told how her father permitted her to pick up the dialog where you discover this is not to be your husband but brother Paolo his brother. Oh yes yes. You know. What makes me mad when I think how safe I kept this little heart of mine
and Paolo he's an honorable man. He cannot speak of his brother's deformity. He turns away her questions and only with his eyes with his own heart speak. She goes back with him to remedy for the wedding day the cruel jester watches launch out of his face as the two beautiful young people approaching. He's brother and his wife to be a puppet. They sing the verse that begins that see Lady turn she turns to her and she turned to look gallant gallant knight who ate. At his father's power. She turns from me turns off with horror as if she had seen what simply me Francesco's whiter than the dear Lady Francesca my little dear
lady I know the feelings that possess you in our oh you do know my lady don't I rather leave this to me. Pray do not send him off. He comforts me indeed. Do you need come forth. No no pardon me I take you will not speak. You are a stranger to me and Barlow I've known so long since yesterday but has not been said of me either by Count Powell or your father. Yeah but nothing detriments No a hint as to my my ways my feeding man of his or her eyes as I was saying to my parson. Nothing has do that to your person. Francesca when my brother left I charged him as he loved me to conceal nothing from you that bore on me. Now if you object to
anything in me go I release you. But rather than his peace shall not be paralyzed. She until you do me little honor Amy's justice would you cast me off for the world. Honestly I take the right to have concluded that I remember meeting. Would you withdraw. No. How are you dealing fair I have said now I will speak plainly. For a choice like Dian implies such love as woman never love me. Then monsters beget miracles and heaven provides one means for sure maybe I worship if I grow mad because you smile on me. Think of the glory of my lot. Know how hard it is for such a one is I to gaze on Shaken on divinity and it wavers. So does NOT my home. Bravo. Not in every way a soldier joins wife her
father Hark. What what means names that this fair lady though I gave release two hundred to one I placed the liberal hand which I restart to have back in my own of her own free good father I am happy you should share my happiness reverence gushed with wine show multiply the joys of this week. There's not a person in the couple of life I have not touched the bus I begin the practice of deceit where I go and heaven knows what all right. I have betrayed them. But the deceit will not be long. His lovely bride trembles and nearly faint beneath his wedding gifts and enemy forces reported at the border and seizes the excuse to dash from the palace off to the wars. In the beauty of the Royal Gardens.
Paolo and Francesca sit alone. He reads aloud from the love poem of Lancelot. And so Lancelot with gentle start to put by the ripple of her golden hair. Gazing upon her with his lips apart he marveled human thing could be so fair. Each heart was listening to the other beat as twin born lilies on one golden stark drooping with summer in warm languid meat so met their faces. Down the forest walks a landslide looked he looked east west north south. No soul was nigh his dearest wish to book. She smiles he kisses her full partner. I read no more. Are you mad. The tortured of the number
of dollars is 0 0 the straining cord is broken in my heart right its in free delirium or Heaven and our story Greg is the love. No no I did it all again for that one kid. Oh you take me all her body and so do the women of our crime to never give away but half a heart I did not pull up your dear papa we are holding in soapy safety. Oh no. No Forces onward but my heart is sick with coming feeling like you my case is back to the chest. The sun is sinking low upon the ashes of the evening started stealing after being fixed like a beacon on the prow of night the world is shutting up its stir and bustle of todays home what shall we have a priceless future when the present whisper.
Jester has seen the lover and the stricken Francesca if you please. The scene just before launch out of his entrance. Paulo dearest has resolved where we all go. I cannot anywhere out of this remaining hole that I call life is bounded envy. Do not leave me for some good cause to perish in something a man might die for. Looking in God's face I would pray but Heaven Gere's it it I must go thou canst but stretch the trial no no. Paolo dear Ruth I hold it is for thy sake and launch Ianto as I am a cipher in the reckoning how Carol maybe you would all believe me. How. Can one can take a break between us. Low heaven is just denying it but the words say so you
know why. And I believe I do not believe you if I might speak for what you know not be Speak for yourself. Do you do not know how you and this nameless deeds confess as friend choice God whom I love. It's why woman what harm did I do to the sport loved me when I saw the come like a descending enjoyed parrying peace into my lonely life. Paolo was there up to say my boy's voice has often hung with silken arms about my arm and neck in days oh not forgot me. Trust brother my brother speak. And yet there's the movie and this is beneath me. There stands a misty shape that one time was my wife. And there are a shade of person h the man whom I love most of Maine.
Here is the dagger. Look at me our sakes let me. Hold both I think you know we're prepared to put power on our part. Sure sure cause I pray they bother me to our side right there. Have I not gone away. Oh God bless. So what I thought I learned upon my bill was this week when I was first broke like I am about to go off without me. Strike again.
This way. I've heard the cry he loved to cook who it is rather. So Cain was asked. Come here old man you soldiers run to your sky. Oh my word. That's the load Daro not part of your knees. You began this tragedy I finished it here by these bodies Let us reckon up our crimes together. Why I post here. They live a moment since they walk and talk in case they fired me to my face dishonored me. They had the power to do it but no poor soul who then than eternity father the honor of our houses say oh no what's not
to me you know. Oh great thing father. Betty you all know. Well I'm a Sharia court and I cannot treat myself with what I love. More good on the Morgan life it is in my power to talk court. Here let me read US didn't go to Waco so. Here again is Professor Jonathan curve as we have heard Francesca to Renee brings poetry to the theater good theater poetry too graphic speakable.
Not until the mid 20th century after many decades of prose drama we're playwrights again to turn seriously to poetry and to test his magic hold upon the imaginations of theater goers in a way they have indicated Mr. George Henry Booker. Well though they might not even recognize his name the name of Joseph Jefferson on the other hand stays in the memories of all who are lucky enough to have seen him play Rip Van Winkle which America on stage will present as the eleventh in the program series. Program 10 of America on stage produced and recorded by the Wisconsin state broadcasting service under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio
Center. The programs are distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters consulting for the series is Jonathan W. curve and professor of speech at the University of Wisconsin heard in the cast where Marge Schaeffer Ray Stanley Tom De teen Carl Schmidt Cliff Robertson can ost music composed and conducted by Don vaguely guitar by Cliff Babylon script by Jay Helen Stanley production by Carl Schmidt. Yeah. Yeah.
America on stage
"Francesca da Rimini" by George Boker
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This program presents a radio play of Francesca da Rimini by George Henry Boker (1901).
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Selected American plays written prior to 1900. Each is an expression of contemporary popular sentiments. Radio adaptations of theatre performances, using selected excerpts.
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