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I asked last year General Westmoreland in Vietnam. I said General this is The War Room not what is it. It's of course is war. Then why do you kill your boys when my boys very slowly. If it's a war let's have a war. If not let's pull out and quit. He said where your sentiments exactly is mine. But that's exactly what a kid. Why kill your boys in my boys school if we have no intention of winning it. Let's get out and say we are defeated. We surrender. Which is it. That was Dr you know John Yang a master at large from the Republic of South Korea speaking at the twenty sixth annual Institute on world affairs conducted as a special feature of the instructional program at San Diego State College the institute is dedicated to the use of the free academic forum for the presentation and discussion of current and continuing
issues of international significance. The institute consists of a three week series of public lectures and panel discussions by eminent authorities in the field of world affairs. The main theme of this year's Institute is expressed in one word revolution to introduce our speaker at this session. Here is Professor Minos generalise director of the Institute on world affairs. Reza to you John Young Master of Lod of Korea. Few of you may know that Ambassador Young trained in American medical schools and hospitals. He received his M.D. and his bachelor of surgery at Boston University back in one thousand eight hundred twenty two intended New York post-graduate hospital New York lying in hospital in the Harvard Medical School and then became involved in the politics and events of a more current nature in his country.
He served as Korean ambassador in Washington D.C. from 1951 until he resigned in 1960 and then in 1965 he was appointed ambassador at large of Korea which is the first appointment of this kind made by is country we've had a couple of ambassadors at large in the United States a verbal Hiraman is one OK but large was another. Although Ambassador Young was stationed in Washington D.C. years have been of course in connection with his responsibility making many trips for his government. He's also credited to the United Nations assemblies as a representative of his country and who serve there as he the chief delegate or as alternate chief delegate. He has received many commitments of honor honorary degrees Doctor of Laws at Hope College in Holland Michigan doctor of humanities at Rollins College in Florida doctor of laws from Alfred University in New York
and a number of other grants of Ana that are natural to a man of his particular capacity. He's going to speak to us on the subject of communism and revolution in Korea does us great honor and pleasure to introduce to you once more Ambassador Young of Korea. The General distinguished guests and my dear American friend it is a distinct pleasure and honor for me to speak to you this evening on the subject of Korea and communism in the Far East. If I go into the subject matter I would like to tell you that I always
have my address prepared as you can see it here. There are two reasons why I do it there. One is. Frequently I misquoted. And secondly I find the English language one of the most difficult languages still master. Let me give you an illustration of that. A Korean young lady studied English with a dictionary in Korea. The missionaries thought she was proficient enough to go to the United States to pursue a higher education so she landed in San Francisco there she was met by a group of American ladies with beautiful complection and their beautiful complection. She said all ladies you have beautiful high. They corrected her and said we don't say hi. We said skin.
She was quite embarrassed but willing to alert and kept on substituting skin for high end skin and then explains that took us to a chapel. The first hymn they're saying was Hide me hide me. Says that I'm going back to Cleo. You don't blame her either. First of all I want to tell you some of the beliefs that we Korean people firmly hang on to first believe is that Korea must be modernized and industrialized to stabilize our economy and to increase our standard of living. That's first really. Secondly to safeguard human rights and democratic freedom.
You must be willing to fight if necessary to defend who we believe. That when the United Nations defines a country as an aggressor that aggressor should be removed from the territory hoochie has unlawfully sea and occupied and fourthly to prevent war 3 with unlimited amount of fire and destruction especially with nuclear and thermonuclear war. You must be willing to fight a limited and
carefully restricted. War with limited destruction and liability. Those are more of our beliefs. With that in mind I want to bring to you this idea that a genre today is a tinder box. Elaborate to explode at any moment and escalate destruction and fire whether it is in Korea Vietnam Burma Lauer's Cambodia India Thailand. Don't you see if this far east and southeast Asia
goes into communist orbit. The ultimate goal of the Communists is to isolate the United States of America. The last sort of double of democracy and eventually defeat and takeover of the industrial facilities and the rich deposits under the ground. Then where are we. Where are we. You are not interested in war neither we are. And yet the communists keep on repeating that imperialist United States and South Korea are the warmongers. No we love peace so much.
In Korea when we say goodbye we say me you go in peace. When you welcomed them you say May you come in peace. And we said May you sleep in peace. Everything is peace. I think if you carefully study the history of Korea you'll find we have never attacked anybody and you neither did you. And I think we were the first isolationist. Therefore we will call a hermit kingdom. We Koreans never wanted war. All we were interested is to develop art culture and history. Let me give you an
illustration. Who were these Koreans are. What did they do. Did you know that the Koreans invented and use the metal tape. Two hundred twenty years before Gothenburg discovered it. Two hundred twenty years before Gothenburg discovered a movable type with Koreans invented it in used it. That's one reason why we have more British literature in career than any other British country today. Let me give you another one in 15 I did too. Admiral Lisa Unsinn invented the first metal covered some marine like vessel was in total shape
total back shaped iron clip. Vessel and he was very effective in using it against the Japanese. A mother which invaded Korea and 59 had to buy a Toyota mi Hideyoshi and I understand that the naval tactics that he used in 59 had to work and release them soon is still standard method by the Navy people in the world. I think that's rather amazing. It was in the naval magazine recently. And we have a simple little bit phonetic Elop of it contains twenty four letters one of the finest in the world. Fourteen consonants and ten Vols. It could produce any
sound. Even the barking of the dog. It's fantastic. And also our scholars and researches were able to formulate the calendar very accurate calendar by observing the stars and the moon. Through mathematics even today one of those observatories stands in killing you which is about fifteen hundred years old still standing. So you see our people were not warring
people. The Communists believe if they keep own repeating their lie somebody is going to believe it. To my great amazement year before and last year at the United Nations the communists all marched up to the podium and say that the you know the imperialist United States of America and the South Korea are the aggressors in the Korean War. You know history is immutable God in man cannot alter it. And yet they keep lining keep straight faced and in March up there and tell the story that we're the one who started the war and yet the United Nations branded them as aggressors.
That's history. But ladies and gentlemen the future history is in your hands. What you do today will determine their future history. Now what are we going to do. We're going to submit ourselves to the Communists and say take us all will subdue us makes lazers of us all why you want to stand up and show the spirit of 1776. That is the question. What are we going to do. I sometimes don't understand this particular philosophy. They said don't bomb the north don't do this.
Now how would you like. I understand you have a very good football team here. The charges send charges and the coach sends a team out and you say now boys I want you to go and win this game. And at same time you tell them don't cross the 50 yard line. How in the world are you going to win that game I don't know. Well that's exactly what you're telling your fighting men don't cross the 50 yard line. I asked last year General Westmoreland in Vietnam. I said General. This is The War Room not what is it. It's of course is war. Then why do you kill your own boys when my boys very slowly. If it's a war let's have a war. If not let's pull out and quit. He said where your
sentiments exactly is mine. But that's exactly what a case why I killed your boys in my boys school. If we have no intention of winning it let's get out and see if we are defeated. We surrender. Which is it. Surely we don't want to kill our boys you don't want to kill your boys either but if you are HIS it paid and if you pull your boys back there will be more deaths. And in the eyes of the world you're not the Mike used in the richest country in the world. Your prestige will go down and if your procedure goes down always will go down with it because you will be on alterable ally of the United States. We stand by you because we Koreans have a long memory. Whether it's a friend or four and your elf rings you came
to us and saved us. All right. We never forget. You know we have cause sometimes we are Irish of the Orient. I don't know where there's a compliment or not. But we have a name for the Irish too. We call them the Koreans of the accident. So we do speak out. And if we can speak out frankly and honestly I don't think you want any friend it isn't. Now in case of this playable instant. We don't agree with it with you do we think you should be a little more determined and strong and sure the common is that you
want that ship and it is through crewmen back. Now there's only 80 to one die. Since two days after he was captured January 23rd I was put on a special TV program in Washington. They asked me at that time what would you do. And I said this is what I do. I would issue an ultimatum to the Communists and say you returned our ship and 83 crewmen. Oil some folks suffer the consequences. One of the senators said to me What if they don't back down. I said they will back down. I think I North Korean psychology better than you do. There is no I don't want to do but to back down however.
And then he said well what about taking to the United Nations it will accomplish nothing but the common communist propaganda. Then he said what about palming Germ. I said There again you're facing the communist and communist will never give up because they are interested in building up their Morro their morale is the lowest ebb today in North Korea. Now they came down to murder President and his family two days before they captured hijack. And the international waters. And all saw his top aides then sent down 31 agents. Why did you do that. Because South Korea is making tremendous advances economically in every
field industrially. And they want to break that high spirit. Morrell in South Korea to show them that your government cannot help you. And a great power the United States cannot help you. Therefore you better stick with us. That's the psychology. Then what happened after the incident. You all remember doing it. Lol. In Vietnam that is the Lunar New Year. What it did do they came down in mass and went in attacked every village and city in South Vietnam causing a heaven killing a lot of innocent civilian people. Why did you do that. Don't you see this is all coordinated.
All the Morrell of the people not the spin within a government not to stand with their own soldiers. This is the psychology the communists thrive on creating havoc disturbance and crises. That's their tactic because their belief here is divide and conquer the other part through all infiltration solution and propaganda and they have done very well. Now I sometimes wonder again. When the Communist from North bombed into South and destroyed over 30 million dollars worth of American planes and killed many American boys
didn't any voice in the United States rise up and protest that. I never heard not a single voice. And never in any other part of the world. On the other hand the United States in retaliation by beginning to bomb the North ever body including high level officials in the United States say stop the bombing stop the bombing in and all now is it two standard one for the Communist and one for the United States. I just don't understand. In other words a Communist can do anything they even detect. The American Embassy in Saigon. You know that
internationally diplomatically. That's absolutely wrong. Do it take an embassy and destroy the property and kill people. But they did and know what to protest. Why is that. And we did. Is it alright for Americans to die. But the communist must not must never die. Well that's a psychology that I got out of it. Why do we not speak up. Ladies and gentleman recently. I was going down to North Carolina to speak at the public college. Evidently did publicity. One day the FBI called me up and said don't go Mr. Ambassador.
I said why. They've had threats on your life. Well that's more reason I'm going. I'm not scared to die. But they can never shut me up to tell the truth about the communist scheme to enslave all of the free peoples who were they said all right and we'll do the best. Well when I land landed in North Carolina I was surrounded by security offices. And came to me. But I told them it's nothing new. I've been receiving those threats for years. But as long as I haven't a voice left in me I am going to try to tell the truth. Yes I will tell the truth because we
know what communism needs. Sometimes your greatest enemy is your complacency. Nobody has ever dropped in your backyard or front yard. God forbid this thing ever happens here. But sometimes I fear may be that we wake you up. We know. Because we have actually experienced the communist subversion in attack and it's happening every day in Korea today in spite of the ceasefire agreement that we both side both sides that in 1953 July 27 to be exact when they were going to sign this ceasefire agreement. I said please
don't. You know all because of that. I almost was declared a persona non grata from your gut by your own government. I went to the State Department and I said I'm not scared to go back to Korea. If you think I'm wrong you can say get up and I will. But they said they never said that. But it was in the New York Times. I don't know who is lying but as a truth. Then at that time I said Good. If you carry out the cease fire in Korea I am not a prophet but I'll predict that you'll have a bigger were all more expensive and more sacrifice of American boys lives in Vietnam.
In fact one of the State Department officials recently came to me at the Hilton Hotel. At the reception he said Chan How did you know. I said well it was so plain. And now may I predict again I said if you carry out the same type of agreement in Vietnam today because you don't want your boys to die May I predict the next place that you'll have to send your boys to fight there is in Thailand. And besides you will have about at least a hundred thousand American boys sitting in the jungles of Vietnam. If I was an American boys sitting on the hills of Korea today. Since the cease fire how long is this going to be 10 years
20 hundred years. Well let's think about it. I'm not trying I'm not an alarmist. I am not. But I'm realistic.
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