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A nest of singing birds. Three centuries of English church with a doctorate from just. Themes. Our programs of three centuries of English verse have really been fairly superficial. We have gone in depth into a few poems or parts of poems and plays but our selection has been only a tiny sample of what was written. Even so it is possible to recognize a certain number of recurring themes about which our birds could have been singing death be not proud. Those Some have call it the mighty and dreadful for thou art not so death in time. The strong and stately tirades fall in time. The Rose and silver lilies die in time the Manics captive
bar and thrall in time. The sea and rivers are made dry time. Say that I should say I love you. Would you say tis but a saying. But if love in prayers move you. Will you not be moved with praying. Love when 40 winters show besieged by Bravo and dig deep trenches in the beauties field. Die you sprout liver a sow gazed on Ruby a tattered weed of small age. Of course the same issues and interests do not dominate verse writers to the same extent throughout our three centuries. It seems to me that in Germany to 18th century our poets agree in the belief that they live in a divinely created universe ordered by Providence.
They believe that there was a fall and that what is wrong in the world and in human nature is the result of that for mention of course treats the fall itself his treatment of Eve after eating the apple is enough to establish what it means to him. The pressure that eyes of operation blessed it in and I said is to know and create. But henceforth my early care not without song each morning and do you praise shall tend the and the fertile burden ease of life branches off food fried to all to die or to bite. I grow matured in knowledge as the gods who all things know that others envy what they cannot give for had the gift been
theirs it had not here thus grown experience next to the best guide not following. I had remained in ignorance in its wisdoms way and gives to access though secret she retire. And I perhaps am secret. Dryden also remembers the fall in Absalom and Achitophel what cannot praise effect in mighty minds when flattery Sue says and when ambition blind desire of power on earth a vicious weed yet sprang from the highs of celestial seed in God to His glory. And when men aspire to use but a spark too much of Heavenly Fire. All those poets who have been permeated with Christian teachings on the fall of Adam and Eve see evil as chaos conflict and
hatred and good order harmony and love cease then no order imperfection name our proper bliss depends on what we blame. Know thy own point. This kind this view degree of blindness or weakness. Heaven bestows on the submit in this or any other sphere secure to be as blessed as thou canst bear. Safe in the hand of one disposing power or in the needle or the mortal our own nature is but not unknown to the all chance direction which thou canst not see. All discord harmony not understood all partial evil
universal good and spite of pride in reason and spite. One truth is clear. Whatever it is is right. The Christian poets are sure that it all makes sense even if they cannot see how this is stained by a certainty that all things are under the control of Providence. We've just heard pope's confession of faith. Here is one of Milton's when I consider how my life is spent half my days in this dark world and wide and that one talent which is death to hide lodged with me useless though my soul more bent to serve there with my maker and present my true account lest he be returning chide Doth God the exact day Labor Lite denied. I fondly ask.
But patients to prevent that murmur soon replies God does not need either man's work or his own gifts. Who best bear Here's my old yoke. They serve him best. His state is kingly thousands at his bidding speed and post store land and ocean without rest. They also serve who only stand and wait. Dan was equally certain of the power of God through Providence. He was not certain however that he would avoid damnation batter my heart three person God for us yet but not breathe to shine and seek to mend. That I may rise and stand or throw me and bend your force to break blow burn and make me new.
I like a news tower to another do you labor to admit you know and reason your viceroy in me me should defend. But he is captive and proves we are untrue yet dearly I love you and would beloved fade but I am Botros done to your enemy. Divorce me untie or break that knot again. Take me to you imprison me for I accept you and throw me. Never shall be free nor ever chaste except you will ravish me in a different mood but one no less religious. Dun exults in his confidence in his own immortality. Death be not proud though some have called it the mighty and dreadful for the arts not so. For those whom thou thinks thou
dost overthrow di not pour death nor yet kill me from rest and sleep. Which But die pictures bee much pleasure then from the much more mist. And soonest our best men with the rest of their buttons and so it's to do with. That slave to Fate Chance kings and desperate men and dust with poison. War and sickness dwell and poppy or charms can make us sleep as well and better than die stroke on ice wells than. One short sleep by us we wake eternally. And there shall be no more. Thou shalt die. As I pointed out in an earlier programme surely abandon Christianity.
But here's ode to the west wind is permeated with an awareness of the Christian assertion that as Dylan Thomas said over a century later death shall have no dominion hoes who chatter yetis to their dark wintry bad the winning seeds where they lie cold and low each like a corpse within its grave until dying out is your sister of the spring shall blow cloudy you know the dreaming. And Phil driving sweet buds like flocks to feed in a living hue and odors play. The forerunner of that clarion comes in guns at the round with imagined corners. Blow your trumpets and angels and rise I rise from death you numberless infinities of us and to your scattered bodies go.
Gray has a few words to say on death and immortality can storied and or animated bust back to its mansion called the fleeting breath Can I was a voice provoke the silent dust or flattery the dull cold ear of death no but human beings can achieve some pale substitute in being remembered by those who have known them for who don't forget fullness I pray this pleasing anxious being resigned left the warm precincts of the cheerful day nor cast one longing lingering look behind. On some fond breast the parting soul realize some pious drops the closing I require even from the tomb the voice of nature cries even in our ashes live there wanted fire.
How different is that resigned humility from the proud confidence of Spencer. One day I wrote her name upon the strand but came the way it was and washy did the work. Again I wrote it with a second hand but came the tide and made my pain's his prey being mad and said she the dust in vain that's a mortal thing so to immortalize for I myself shall like to this and eke my name wipe it out. Likewise not so quoth I that they saw things devised to die in dust. But you shall live by faith my verse your virtues read Charlotte. And in the heavens writes Your glorious name where
when as death shall all the world do you our love shall live. And later life renewed. We have heard Shakespeare make a similar promise. Dividing time. Blunt thought of the lion's paws and make the earth devour her sweet brood pluck the keen teeth from the fierce Tigers jaws and burned up Long live Phoenix in her blood make glad and Saudis seasons as I pleased and do whatever their will to swift footed time to the wide world and all fading sweets. But I forbid the one most heinous crime. Carve not with Die hours my love's fair brow nor draw no lines there without an antique pain him in thy coarse untainted to allow for beauty is patent to succeeding men yet do thy worst old time
despite diet wrong my love shall in my verse ever live. Here's a slightly different treatment of this theme. When I was thrust my pen strives to return I said the age rules my lines with a grin close in my face. Where in the map of all my misery is modeled out the world of my disgrace. Why is it in despite of tyrannising times in India like I make the young again proudly that was my world out wearing rhymes and murderous virtue with Callie disdain. And though in youth my youth and family perish to keep thee from oblivion and the grave ensuing ages. Yet my rhymes shall cherish where I and my better
part shall save. And though this earthly body fade and my name shall mount to upon eternity the lover doesn't always promise his lady anything more than his own undying love which will be unaffected by the ravages of time. And this gives me an excuse to hear one small those three beautiful sonnets by Samuel Daniel. But love whils that thou mayst be loved again. Now whilst I may have filled my lap with flowers now whilst I beauty bears without a stain now use the summer smiles or winter flowers and whiles those spreads down to the rising sun the fairest flower that ever saw the light. Now the joys I had time before was I sweet to be done. And Delia think why morning must have night
and that my brightness sets at length to west window will close up that which now thou shows. And think the same becomes thy fading best which then shall most in veil and Shadow most men do not waver stalk for that it was when once they find her flower glory pass. When men shall find I flower thy glory pass and thou with careful brow sitting alone receive it has this message from bi glass that tells the truth and says that all is gone. Fresh shalt thou see in me the wounds of our midst those spent by flame in me the heat remaining I that have loved this US before thou fades. My faith shall waxe when thou art in thy waning
the world shall find this miracle in me that fire can be when all the matters bent then what my faith has been by self shall see and that thou wast unkind now may strip and now Minister repent that thou hast scorned my tears when winter snows upon by sable hairs. When winter snows upon by sable hairs and frost of age has nipped by beauty is near when dark shall seem like a day that never clears and all lies with that was held so dear. Then take this picture which I here present the limbed with a pencil. Not all unworthy here see the gifts that God and nature lent to the
hearer read by self. And what I suffered for the vase may remain the lasting monument which happily posterity may cherish these colors with Die fading are not spent. These may remain when thou and I shall perish if they remain. Then thou shalt live there by very will remain. And so canst not die. Shakespeare says all that very succinctly in the first line of Sonnet 1 2 3. No time Thou shalt not boast that I do change. Of course rally shepherdess refuses her swains invitation partly because she knows that youth and summer do not last time drives the flocks from field to food. When Rivers range and rocks grow cold and Amelle
become dumb the rest complains of cares to come. The flowers do fade and wanton fields to where world winter reckoning a honeyed tongue a heart of gold is fancies spring but sorrows fall right down. Shoes dyed beds of roses that I kept by her to a land that I posses. Soon break soon with or soon forgotten in folly right in reason rotten thy belt of straw and Ivy buds thy coral clasps and Amber studs is in me no means can move to come to thee and be that I love. Back to Kuta you asked and labs still breed had joys no date no age no need then these delights my mind
might want to live with me and be the Elizabethans are very aware of the passage of time not only in individual human lives but in the course of the world from creation to Doomsday in time. The strong and stately tirades fall in time. The Rose in silver lilies died in time the Manics captive our thrall in time the sea and rivers are made dry the hardest flint in time doth melt asunder. Still living faith in the entire Earth fade away the mountains proud we see in time. Come on and we see in time the sun in time forgets for to retire from out the east where he was wont to rise. The basis thoughts we see in time aspire. And greedy minds in time do
well despise. I pointed out in an earlier program Tresidder interesting Tresidder has a similar vision of time when she assures travelers of her faithfulness. If I'd be false or swerve a hair from truth when time is a rude and half Fogarty when water drops have worn the stones of Troy and blind oblivion swallowed cities up and mighty States characterless are graded to death in nothing and as we know traitors has already doubted if any woman can be constant. All that I thought it could be in a woman as if it were presuming you to feed for I lamp and flames of love to keep her constancy in flight. You outliving beauty is outward. With a mind that the three new swifter than blood decay.
Or that persuasion could. But that's convinced me that my integrity and truth to you might be affronted with the match and weight of such a winnowed beauty and love. Done nothing expectedly has a poem on this team. Go and catch a falling star. Get with child a mandrake root. Tell me where all past years. Oh who cleft the devil's foot. Teach me to hear mermaids singing or to keep off envies stinging and find what wind and all these mind bees bowing to strange sides things invisible to see ride ten thousand days and nights to lay some white hairs on the dial when the returns will tell me all strange wonders that befell the. And swear nowhere lives a woman through and
in thought finds one let me know. Such a pilgrimage was sweet. Do not I would not go that next door we might meet though she were true. When you matter and last til you write your letter yet she will be fought to two or three. What about a more idealistic attitude to love and women. We could start with Adam's need of Eve. She disappeared and left me. I wait to find her or for ever to deplore her loss and other pleasures all of sure went out of hope. Behold not for such as I saw her in my dream adorned with what all all heaven could bestow to make her amiable it is appropriate to remind ourselves here
that John Donne wrote a number of benedictions to his wife. Here is the last of the three stanzas of a valediction of weeping. O more than Moon drawn autopsies to drown me in thy sphere. Wait me not dead in the now but forbear to teach the sea what it may do too soon. Let not the wind example find to do me more harm than it purposes. Since thou and I signed one another's breath who asked size most is crudest and tastes the other's death. Another of duns that addiction starts as virtuous men pass my flee away and whisper to their souls to go live some of their sad friends do say the breath goes now
and some say no. So let us melt and make no noise. When Dunn had said farewell and was ready to cross the stormy sea for Germany. This is one of the poems he wrote a hymn to Christ had the author's last going to Germany in want torn ships soever I embark that ship shall be my emblem of thy Ark wild sea soever swallow me that fly shall be to me an emblem of thy blood though thou with clouds of anger do disguise they face yet through that mask I know those eyes which though they turn away sometimes they never will despise us. I sacrifice this island unto thee and all whom I love and who love me
when I have put our seas twixt them and me. But thou thy see Betwixt my sin and the. As the trees sap and seek the root below in winter in my winter I go where none but the eternal roots of true love. I may know the North I really must control the amorous news sub and harmonious but thou wouldst have that love die so as thou art jealously. So I am jealous now love's not still from loving more than free myself. Whoever gives takes liberty. O if thou cares not whom I love alas loves not me. See you all then this bill of my divorce to all on whom those fainter beings of love married those lives which in
A nest of singing birds
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