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And I'll walk again my boy. If the weather be fair I'll call my Washington State University presents a wandering ballad singer Barry Tobin with songs that vividly describe the history and folklore of a pioneering country. And. We've got the wide world singers together again today for some more songs from around the world. Our first one is this courting song from India with the pock singing the verses in Hindustani. It carries the usual optimistic outlook of most cording songs and like most Indian music it has no harmony. Even the chords of our guitars are out of place for that reason. So we've had to sacrifice some authenticity in favor of familiarity. Here's the song it's called Goree Goree. Go to go back to Charlie Company. God
not god oh god. Gutting hockey johnny johnny jump on a cart on the road you know dimwit like God they are taught not to go not done the need to go to a good job I am going to go. Well hockey jersey. John I'm not that kind of goody goody goody. Many guys I know going to be joining John John I gotta get in the hot dog man.
That's a goody goody goody goody. But then I'm going to go to John and I was going to be behind. Here's another one from India this time a lullaby. This kind of song is probably the most universal expression of mankind at least you can usually tell a lie by when you hear one regardless of the language. Here a mother sings a song with a little story always returning to the chorus which means the same thing in any language. Come here. Go to sleep. I'll out loud
Me me. Me me. The next one is a song picked up some time after he arrived in the United States. So to him it's a song
from the other side of the world. So many of you know it I'm sure it was picked up in the Catskills some years ago and got to be very popular in folk circles since that time. Authentic sounding verses have been added by one and all so that now the song serves as a receptor for all sorts of good natured criticism. It's called putting on the style. Driving like not I'll. Just not let down.
I'll look around. Young man in a restaurant smokes a dirty looking like a punk. Only have to smoke and drink and get all that. There's nothing in the world to love but not as much as we all are young folks out here. I'll look around me to smile to see some young men just from college makes a big display with a great big job that you can hardly say it can be found in Webster's and it would be for a while but everybody knows it but not all the young thugs like you.
I'll look around in this mine to see some young man in his charcoal gray in his button. That's right in style today. Sitting at office desk with an optimistic smile. But we all know it might not lead but not in the style. That's what I'll call it. One does not look around to see so many congressman from Washington wants to go back there I grant you calls himself a farmer in the flag but we all know is no longer around in his mind to see some
preacher in the pub but shouting with all his might and a hollow with the Be bold enough right. You might think it's a coming up but a preacher or young dogs are doing it all over. I'm just smiling. Here's a song from Germany called us to go in or Laban or the gypsy life. It's supposed to be an authentic song from the days of the young boys who wondered about Germany camping out and singing for their meals along the way. In the late 1800s early 1900s this was the German equivalent to the grand tour one of the most important parts of a student's life and education. If I have my.
Body I have. What am I going to have I have no. Hope you all joined in on that one for the courses anyway. Here's another one with an easy course that you can sing read along with us. A leader usually a friend of mine from New York named Seeger sings a little something like this. And you all come in and then a little bit more and you come in as loud as you can. Well try saying it wants a bomb boss at a
nicotine Atchity rhetoric will follow that you're taking this all down. Will it be and on the end now now now let's put it all together. Let's put it together a little bit higher. OK let's go. I married a wife in the month of June and carried her off by the light of the moon. But once a year she claimed her broom was much to do us any good to get into the holiday with her hair but once a year with every rank she gave appearing on the show recently Roslyn I'm not going to turn to turn by itself.
There is bread knife upon the shelf bristly Rosalind I know not if you want to cheat you can catch it yourself. Aggressively rock the hand I'm positive a negative and I get a random holiday well of a wallop in out on out. Oh good Here's a song we like to use for a farewell. It's one the Buddhist Sunday school children sing at the end of their services in Japanese it means goodbye everybody time goes she good job of Mo zoom in my shit da ya sighs Yeah yeah yeah I knew you mom or not it man who initiate all of the GTA Kayu much Gnome Sajjan I mean as I don't know you again you know a sign you're not Santa and said Oh da Eugene I'm on oh she's gone gone on to know him my bank sigh and I doubt that's it for now see you again soon and I'll walk the road again my boy walked over to listen again next week when Barry
token the wandering ballad singer returns with more songs in balance the preceding was transcribed and was produced by the Radio TV services of Washington State University. This is DNA E.B. Radio Network and walking the road.
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The wandering ballad singer
Around the world
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Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program includes more ballads collected from various parts of the world.
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Folk music series hosted by musician Barre Toelken, who collects folk songs and has worked as a dance band musician, a Forest Service employee, and prospector.
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Host: Toelken, Barre, 1935-
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
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