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If the national educational radio network resents the BBC World Theatre if. We present when they're not feeling Beatrice holding Benedict Ralph Richardson the dog in Much Ado About Nothing. William Shakespeare. Music by David. Much ado about nothing.
The action of the play takes place in the city of Messina at the Palace of man Otto the governor. During a Spanish occupation of Sicily. Many many years ago. John roll that again comes this night that he is getting the ideas he was not three leagues off but I left him and all the bridges reconciled. Good Saturday if you have a job you fall together. Don Pedro Don job. How many gentlemen who love you but few of any assault and not of men when a victorious try to cheer when the accuser brings world number I find Yeah ARE THE DOT Pedro have pursued much. Ana you have a lot of deep cold can all of you who much deserve it on his part and he could have remembered by Don Pedro. You have Paul himself beyond the promise of his age doing it in the Figo up and down at the feet but he has an ugly
get in this you know that would be very glad of it. I have already delivered him letters and that appears much to join him. Do you regard him to greater measure. Well I kind of just don't know for you she is truer than those that are still work. How much because we do have to we put joy back to Joy. We play. I do you know this is DAY TO DAY. You know how to handle the tender the love I know I know none of that name a Lady Beatrice. There was none such in the army and it is sort of what it is you that you are not do you think you know how do you how do these are to this pleasant if ever he was. I mean many of the killed and eaten these were you know many happy kids. But indeed I probably read a lot of his faith needs a you Signor Benedick too much. But here we are not loyal. I doubted not that he has done good service lady in these wars. You have not the needle that he has up to what he did. He did that intentionally. You have an
excellent young and a good soldier too Lady good does it do. Hey what do you do a little bit a lot too in the order a man to a man will stop with all of you good to eat is there indeed he is known as the top man. But for the stuff if you turned me nice. We are all more or less a day are you New York. You must not state my views and there is a kind of many wall between Geno been a dick and they give a beat but they just grab each of which between them yet nothing like you know loss. What is five weeks when to hold the knot and now is the man governed with one so that if you have to keep himself warm loving then the difference between himself and his thought. But it's all the wealth that you have left to be known a reasonable creature. Whose companion he had every month a new sworn brother just possible. Here we have it.
You know young. Company even hung up on him like a prince. If you have caught the Benedick friends with you you will never know. Not to know.
Never came trouble to my house in the likeness of the trouble being gone the company should remain when you depart from me sorrow by unhappiness takes place to be if you were to be consigned to the prince your brother. I don't want to take a break. I think this is your boy this minute. Mother though she lost her she never really did know of her then you want a child to have a full benefit. We guessed by this what you are being a real lady fathers a self be happy lady you were like an honorable father. You're not. Seeing your father would not have his head on over all others like it was yours.
I wondered if you would still be talking Benedict. Nobody Moxy I say you are yet living it but the disdain he has such Meek will defeat it is Benedick get this convert to disdain if you coming up. It is good to see a turncoat. But it is certain I have loved the whole it is only you accept it and I wish I could find it in my heart. But surely I love the idea of happiness to women they would else have been troubled with a pernicious suit that I thank God for that. I'd rather hear my dog bother to croak than a man's love God keep still in that mind so some gentlemen or others are escaping pretty distant scratched face scratching did not make it less and with such a face as yours. OK you oughta read a bit of my tongue is better than a beast of yours. I wish to buy a horse at the speed of your tongue and so good to continue and indeed in particular God's name I doubt you will be there does it.
I know you will and that is a song. You know you know better nick my dear friend I have invited you over. I tell him with the amp he potty break some occasion may detain us long. I dare say he has no have a great praise from his heart. Well if you are not people you will have only enough pieces together. Did stone know the door through securely or not I know I did not
but I looked on the issue of a modest young lady me as an honest man should do by simple judgement. Would you have me speed up to my customers being a professor. I don't do this you know I'm crazy speakin sober just. Why. I think she's too low for a high brace to brown rice. And too little of a great praise. His commendation going to uphold other where she other than she did she went on handsome. And being no other. I think it's time i pray tell me truly how unlike you with your biology we can the world by such a view. Yeah and a place to put it into my mind I she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked and I can see yet without spectacles and I see no such matter. There's a cousin and she went up possessed with a fury exceeded as much in beauty as the first of made up the last of December but I hope you have no intention to turn husband. I would scarce trust myself though I have sworn the contrary if hero will be my will would it
come to this invasion. Has not the world one man but he will wear his cap was suspicious and I never see a bachelor of three score again. Go to evasive I want needs must I make it a yoke Well a printed and style way Sundays. Concordia that has the tenacity of what she could have held you here if you father not to Leonardo's I would your Grace would constrain me to I charge the dying allegiance. Here comes out here and I can be as secret as a dumb man of everything but on my legions Marquis this on my legions. He is in love with who. Now that is your gracious about Mark how short his answer is with Leonardo short daughter. If this were so so learned how to tell my Lord it is not certain but indeed God forbid it should be. If my passion changed not shortly God forbid it should be other Amen if you love for the lady is very well worthy your speakers to fetch me and my Lord by my troth I speak my
full time in faith I spoke mine and by my two faiths and so it's my lot I spoke mine. But I love her I feel that she is worthy I know that I know how to feel how she should be loved all know how she should be whether it is the opinion that fire cannot melt out of me. I will die in it to this day I was never an obstinate heretic in the despite of beauty and never could maintain his part but in the force of his will that a woman conceive me I think that she brought me up I likewise give a most humble thanks but that I will have a retreat winded in my thought or hang my bugle in an invisible Bowl of all women job pardon me because I will not do them the wrong to mistrust any I will do myself the right to trust none and the fine is for that which I may go fine or I will live a bachelor I see the air I die you look pale with love with anger with sickness over the hunger of my Lord. Not with love. Prove that ever I lose won't but I would love that I will get again with drinking pick out my eyes with a battered maker's pin and hang me up at the door of a brothel house with a sign of a blind. But if they're not out just full from this faith would
prove a notable argument. If I do hang me in a bottle like a cat and shoot at me and he then hits me let him be clipped on the shoulder and called Adam. Well last time shall try in time. The savage book death bed the yolk of a savage bull may but if ever the sensible Benedict bad it pluck off the bull's holes and set them in my voted and let me be violently painted in such great letters as they write here is a good horse to let them signify and on my side here you may see Benedick the man in the way. If you will temporize with the allies in the mean time just in your benefit. Repaired Leonardo's commend me to him and tell him I will not fail him at supper. For indeed you have made great preparation. I have almost matter enough in me for such an embassy. And so I commit you to the tuition of God from my house if I have the 6th of July. Your loving friend Benedict that the body of your discourse is sometimes guarded with fragments of the gods about slightly pasted on.
And you flout them. Examine your conscience. So I leave you. My liege Your Highness Not only that I was lying to. You. You're not a child but here she was only at. Effect. Claudia my lord when you went on with on this ended auction I looked upon it with a soda as I liked but had a rough a task in having to drive like into the name. But now I am returned in the thoughts of left their places. In their rooms come thronging soft and delicate designs to me how fit young hero is saying I like to I don't run presently anti-O the hero with the book.
If the love train and I would have felt happier was not up against the story how sweet of you to minister to love that no love's grief by his complection but left my liking my need to bridge much broader than the flood. The fairest grunt is the necessity. What was that one and I will fit with the remedy. I know you have read tonight. I would assume some disguise and tell thing here know I am Claudio and clasped my heart I'm taken here in the prison of course I'm strong and then off the brake and the conclusion is. She shall be but in practice it is pretty presently.
What good do you know my lot. Why are you with us out of measure sad. There's no measure in the occasion the breed's of other centers without limit. You should hear reason when I have heard it but presume because it if not a present remedy at least a patient sufferance. Being as dark as they as they are apt to born under Saturn go is the bow to apply our modern medicine to a mortifying mystery of I cannot type what I am I must be sad when I have colds and small moments just eat when I have a stomach and we don't know bands of sleep when I'm drowsy Intendant no man's business laugh when I let the employer know. UK. But you must not make the full show this to you may do it without control of it. You have of late stood out against your brother and he have taken you newly into his grace. What it is impossible you should take true root but by the fair weather that you make yourself
it is needful that you frame the season for your own harvest rather big I can go and I hitched on the rolls in his grace and it better fits my blood to be disdained of all than the passionate carriage door problem for me in this. Cannot be said to be a flattering honest man it must not be denied but I am a plain deviant. Oh I am trusted with muscle and then franchises do without clogged the pot I have to create my cage. If I had my mouth I ignored the fact. If I had my due to my liking. In the mean time let me be that I am not woman and you make no use of your discontent. I make no use of it and I use it on the. Earth. But like you I came from a great son. Of the prince royal and today
I can tell you I need it and you're going to look at it. Your right the post me this is from a squalid home and you're the daughter and heir. Thought up a few as I was pretty sad. For. My address. I'm pretty sure. Having a. Gun can.
Make my displeasure that young. I can. Show. Me. To the deaf. My my my.
I never. Wanted to like me. It's really good money enough and it. Would win any woman in the world when the barman throws need never never get your husband. If you have time for the week's blessing I don't mind. I cannot endure a husband with a bit of money. But draw the line on the wooden male I don't know. Making my way to. That but he did.
It even more than me. He that is less than a man. I am not. Well I hope you wonder if it was. Not till God make men of some other metal in. The earth.
Do you. Really. Love it. Do you know that you know that and then
that you never. Will. You know me. My. Brother you know.
Him but you. Know you. And. That I. Think. This isn't about.
Me. Can you go with me. Even to the next about your business. What about you. You must wear it one way or the Prince got your hero books. What do you think of the blind man was a boy. Or a. Total. Creep into. It. Yeah. Even I go under that title because of.
The demise of Rome. I'm not so reputed. It is the base the bitter disposition of bitches that puts the world into her person and just gives me out. Well I'll be revenged on the card I said cross my lord I have played the part of Lady play. I found him here as a melancholy as a margin of water and I told him and I think I told him to let your Grace have got the good will of the young lady and I offered him my coming to a willow tree either to make him a garland of being forsaken or the bottom of a role was really to be whipped. What do you suppose the transgression of a schoolboy being overjoyed at finding a bird's nest shows it to his companion. And he steals it. I make a trust a transgression of the transgression is in the steal or get it have not been amidst a lot of been made on the Garland for the Garland he might have worn him self of the rod he might have bestowed on you. As I take it I've stolen. I will but teach them to sing and restore them to the owner.
If they're singing also your saying. But I think you say honestly the Lady Beatrice have a portal to you. Oh the gentleman but we told her she is much wrong. Yeah you. Oh no she misused me past the enjoyment of a block and OK with that one green leaf on it would have I think visor began to assume life and skull with it. She's not thinking I'd be myself but I was the Princess Jester that I was in a great hall rattling just upon jest with such an impossible conveyance about me that I stood like a man at a mock with a shooting at me. She speaks boneyards every word stands. If you read that as terrible as nations that had no living you know she would in effect to the north stop. I would not marry with her though she were endowed with all ADD and I had left him before he transgressed. Look here he comes. With your grace come on me to any service to the world's end. I will go on the slightest
evidence of antibodies rather than hold three words confidential you have to desire your good company. Yes I love not I cannot endure my lady come Lady come. You have lost the heart to see your benefit. Indeed he wanted me alive. You had double hot. Night once before he won to me with. Me Well let's put him down lady you are putting Yeah why would you do me this thank you. I have brought come here what do you think. Why and wherefore I said. Not so father sick. Neither will the candies neither see nor speak normally but feeble to simulate an army and something of that gentle
lady I think your blazon to be true. Well I'll be sworn if he be so his conceit is false. I won't invite name and hero is one. I broke with her father and you will obtain through me my daughter my fortune. Gives great and all great. Silence is the perfect joy. Oh. I give away myself for you. To put. You. Where you cannot
still be you have a merry heart my lord I thank you for Lyons. Let's go there everyone to the world will not die on Sunday. How do you know if you look older and driving a Lady Beatrice I will get you one. I would rather have one of your fathers give you and your grace not a brother like you your father your excellent love than you know me. Come back when you have me. No I'm allowed I did I might have another working days your grace is too costly to wear every day you feel that I received your grace Pardon me I was born this way. I think no matter your silence most offends me and to be merry best becomes you fall out of question you were born in a no show oh my lord my mother. But it never started. And I'm in the Bible.
Will you look for those things I don't love. I'll tell you let me see if I might throw a pleasant spiritedly. Yes there's little of the military element as you never sad when she sleeps. I'm not even sad then but I have heard my daughter say she has often dreamed of unhappiness and wait to serve up with love a challenge you know to hear tell of a husband. Oh no by no means no no no. She mocks all the wars out of should she would an excellent wife of Benedict. Oh lawdy lawdy if they were a better week maybe they would talk themselves mad. Country audio mean you to go to church tomorrow. Time goes on crutches to love or not til Monday my dear son would you answer just some night all the time too brief to have all things on my mind I love you shake the head of the long breathing Waterman's Claudio the
time shall not go dully by us. I mean it to take one of labors which is to bring Benedick and the Lady Beatrice into action I don't know if you free will but Minister such assistance as I shall give you my lord. I am for you and your children. Like crazy because of a new word on the street by your eyes in the field or with Benedict but he's in love with you is no
longer not the only. One. Who. Do you know. Who. Well. You know.
A. Lot. Of it is the US. I've. Got a 12 yo so met at the dock where they are not yet my lord. But I can cross it. In any cross in seem to be medicinal to me. I'm so sick of just pleasure drained and whatever comes of course he's up next and reaches even there with mine. How was this marriage. No not honestly I mean. Show me briefly how I think. Yes it is how much I mean the favor of Margaret the waiting gentlewoman to hero. I can at any unseasonable instant of the night Point Look out ladies chamber window.
But life isn't that. To be the death of this minute. The poison of that lies in your temple Go you to the prince your brother. Spare not to tell him that he has wronged he's now around rodeos estimation who might. Up to a contaminated stay such a one as you what proof shall I make of that proof enough to misuse the Prince to vex Claudio to undo hero and kill me and I tell you for any other issue only to have his pipe them over and over and go then find me a me hour to draw down on the cunt Claudio alone. Tell them that you'll know that hero loves me. Well intend a kind of zeal both to the prince and Claudio as in love with your brothers Ana who have made this match and his friends reputation who is just like to be cousin with a semblance of a maid that you have discovered. Thus they will scarcely believe this without trial. Of other instances which will bear no less likelihood than to see me
at my chamber window. Hear me call the great hero. Here Margaret tell me by rockier and bring them to see there's that very night before the intended wedding ring I mean. I will question the matter that he had Rochelle absent and there should not be such seeming disloyalty Genesee something called assurance and all the preparation of growth as to what that was to have the practice. Be cunning the working of this and I feel it is the opposing buckets. To the accusation that my country shall not Cheri really come.
I do much wonder how much of a manager who when he dedicates his behavior will he have become the argument of his own school. Man is Claudia. They.
Made me. One woman is fair. Yet I am well. Another is why I am well. Another virtuous get well. But be it one woman one woman Grace. Rich. That's why the choice of a cheap fat. Mild good musician and I will be gone.
We hear this music. Yeah not good not it are still as hushed Benedick. We'll hear that song again. Again.
If. I make. A good song. And. Just well enough. That it does I hear that I pretty good music. For tomorrow night at the lady hero's chamber we do the best I can handle of do so well. What was it you told me off today that your niece Beatrice was in your benefit. I did never think that lady would have loved any man known All right high that both wondered if you should so do it don't you know
Benedict who in all outward behavior of all sorts by metros and a lot of I cannot tell what to think of it but that you love to be with them you read fiction. It is part of the Internet of thought maybe she does but counterfeit like in God come to feed. There was never count defeat of passion came so near the life of passion she discovers it. Why. What effects of passion Shoshu. Well what does it mean. When she will sit you or your daughter tell you oh she did indeed. Oh ha oh I pray you can see you. I would have fought her but it had been invincible against all assaults of affection and I would have sworn it had me lot especially against Bennett. He said.
You have to be in friction hold it up. Has she made her affection known to Benedict know and swear if you never will. That's true indeed so your daughter says shall I say she that have so often come to him with a scroll right through him that I love in this sense you know when she is beginning to write to him. But you'll be up 20 times a night and there when she sits in her smock to see her put a sheet of paper. My Don't attendance all of them now you talk of a sheet of paper I remember a pretty jest your daughter told us all. Oh a cup when she had picked it I was reading you know that she found Benedick and Beatrice between the sheets about her she told you a thousand times railed at herself that she should be so mean modest right to one that she knew would not say here that I should float him to be like oh I love him I should then down upon her knees she fought with sobs. We talked to her as I have praised cursed you.
Ben what do you mean. She does indeed might my daughter the ecstasy has so much of the bone that my daughter has sometimes appeared. If you do a desperate outrage to have fed it true. Well good to Benedick you of it by some other. If she were not discovered it would make a sport of it and torment the poor lady and he sure did what it was to hang him. She's an excellent sweet lady and out of all suspicion she is virtuous and she is exceeding wise in everything but in letting benefit by lot of wisdom in blood. Combating in so tender a body we have to improve the blood at the picture. I'm sorry for her and I am just cause of being God. She had bestowed this company. I would have death all other respects and made a HOF myself. I paid. Benedick off here but it was a
good thank you. Here I think surely she will die when she says she will die if you love or not and she will die if you make a law and she will die if you would rather than she will bate one custom cross if she should make tender love tis very possible he'll scorn it's for the man as you will have a contemptible spin. Oh he's a very proper man. He has indeed. I would have been forgotten in my mind that he was Spock like and I take him to be valuable as Hector and in the managing of quality as you may say he is wise. Well either he avoids them with great discretion or undertake some with a most Christian like God and I must never to maybe keep peace. If you break the PC or to enter with fear and trembling and so will he do for the man and God i see whether it seems not in him by some jests he will make. Him sorry
for your niece. Shall we go seek Benedick and tell him. No never tell him I let her wear it out with good counsel. Nay that's impossible. But humane when oh well we will hear further of it but I don't think that that is why. I love Benedict well and I could wish she would and modestly examine himself to see how much he is unworthy of so good a lady I don't want to walk I did not is ready if you do not dote on it Upon this I will never trust my expectation. Let that be the same that spared her and that must your daughter and her gentlewoman Academy of Sport will be when they hold one an opinion of another's do teache and no such matter. You would see which would be merely dumb show. Just send it to court he meant to deny think you have a dog to meet me and not be touched.
This can be no trick. The conference was sadly all. They have the truth of this for a hero. He seemed to peak in the 80s. It seems her affections have therefore been. Me. Must be requited. I hear I am sentient they say I will bear myself proudly If I perceive the love come from. They say too that she would rather die than give me any sign of affection. I did not think to marry. I must not seem proud or. Happy Hour they can hear that attractions and put them to mending if. They say the lady is fair because in truth. I can bear them witness. And. Virtuous just so I cannot prove it. And wise. For loving me. But
that is no great addition to which. Nor no great argument of a folly for I will be horribly in love with. You. Chance to have some odd quirks and remnants of wit broken on me because I have railed so long against marriage but. Not the appetite old. A man loves the meat of his youth that he can of injuries age. Quips and sentences and paper bullets in the brain. All are banned from the career. Well it must be people. When I said I would die a bachelor I did not think I should. Come here. My dear I am said to be do come into.
Play. I took no more pains to those things than you take pains that if it had been I would not have gotten you take pleasure in this you. Just so much as you may take upon a nice point and show the door. You have no stomach Senor fare you well. Against my will I am sent to bid you come in to dinner as I took no more pains with those Thanks The New took pains to thank me as is necessary any pains and I take from you is easiest. If I do not take it and if I do not love her I am a Jew. Have a good look at her picture.
I'm. Home. By. Train. Hard to praise him more than ever magnetic. I talk to be not be how Benedict is sick in love would be free of this matter is a little crafty Allen made that only wounds by hearsay. Now
begin to look where Black Prince. Will run close by the ground hero wins. How. Come. And you know we knew it. Yeah you know we say that we live for it. No truly US your life. She's too disdainful. I know her spirits are as color and wild as hard as of the rock. Sure the Benedick loves Beatrice so time so says the prince and my new trophy. Lol. And did. You tell me it might one day getting treat me to acquaint her of it. But I persuaded them if they love Benedick to wish him wrestle with affection and never to let Beatrice know that why did you say you are not the gentleman desires of us will want to matter bad as ever Beatrice shall come. Oh god of
love I know. Deserve as much as maybe you did to a man but Nature never rang a woman's heart of prouder style than that of Beatrice disdain and scorn by and sparkling in her eyes is surprising what they look on and how which values itself so highly that to her on that rail seems we have she can not take no shade nor project in that section. She is so self indeed he's. So therefore certain that it was not good she knew not. As she makes you do what you speak true. I never yet saw a man how was how noble young how rarely featured but she would suspect him back when he felt things she would swear the gentleman should be have this do you know why. Why natural daughter magic made it for you. Low and a very bad because people have learned we don't give silence while blocking you. So turn she every man the wrong side
out and never give you the truth and virtue that which doesn't lead to punches you sure it's not called being knocked down nor to be so. All done from all factions and Beatrice is going to. Be common double but her dad telling us I don't know if I should speak she would come in drag Oh she would know me out of myself. Present to death with sweet meanness has his own therefore let Benedick like covered fire consume away inside his waist inwardly and what a better death and die with mocks which is as bad as die with a clean yet to it so you know what she will say no rather I will go to Benedict and counseling to fight against his passion. And truly I devise some honest Londres to stain my cousin with one does not know how much an evil word mean poising like a guru who do not do your country such a wrong. She knew so much who got the job.
How do script and excellent a wit and she used to have to have some hair. Jeff you see that he is the only. Why do you always accepted my idea. Claudia I pray you know that you're with me madam speaking my fancy. Dick Cheney for documents brother goes formers did report to me. Indeed he has an excellent use excellence did. Oh yeah he had it. Oh yes when. Why. Are you mad at him. Well I'm going every day tomorrow I can go you know the summer time. And have that council which is better for court and me. With true.
Own. So. Couldn't. School. Content. And maiden provided you behind the back. Quite a while you didn't. Need to buy a loved up you know you know.
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