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Four years ago on the plains of Marathon Greece a prince passed a lighted torch to a young American lad that small flame has from that time to this represented the spirit of the worldwide Boy Scout movement. It has recently been rekindled for over 12000 scouts and their leaders from a hundred and five countries of the world. The 12th world jam brewery was a living exemplification of its chosen theme for a friendship. Do you know who you are. You are. The special report was prepared under a production grant from State Farm Insurance for the national
educational radio network in the next 60 minutes we will bring you recorded highlights of the 12 the world as it was held August 1st through August 9th at Farragut State Park Idaho. Your host will be frank Jamieson who served on the public relations staff with rather red. Good.
For nine days and I don't host a park became the focal point for the more than 22 million who make up the worldwide boyscout movement along with 12000 scouts and leaders over 80000 visitors came to see scouting in action. Hubert Humphrey vice president of the United States was there. I know your friendship is not only a great subject but when you go back to your respect that you preach that a lot of that you practice a lot as best as you can. Only of Lady Baden-Powell whether one of the founder of Scouting was there it is no for us since you had your
great jam in Greece where you know it was decided that the mix would make you think Medica because you know a movement would buy to the world to come to me and serve a foreigner I've been looking forward to this week. I've joined me in a good mood minuteness and gatherings of the Scots of the world. Commander Scott Carpenter United States astronaut and former scout was there. So great pleasure to see so many boys from so many countries working really well a card with you. Whether it's an inspiring sight type of a monumental undertaking James Stewart a distinguished actor and scholar was there I think this is a pretty amazing thing you've got 12000 kids together and everybody seems to be getting along all
right. But you couldn't do it with 12000 grownups. But these people came because of the boys and the boys came for many reasons. I talked with a group of Canadian scouts about their reasons for coming. Well all of us right here join together like like we're from the back and then you can't even that we find friends from all over the world from scouts and we get their names and addresses so we get to know their activities and the ways they can get in and get to know them personally and then after that when Tammy is over we write to them by letters and correspondence. You think this may help you in school next year. Yes I do because it gives you a wider experience in social studies and history in Iran. Baden-Powell Avenue I'm speaking with Brigadier General Kim. General Kim is the chief scout for the Boy Scouts of
Korea. General Kim how many boys have you brought to the jam. We brought. So already six scouts and seven leaders here why did you bring them to the world jam bery since nineteen fifty nine. We didn't attend these kind of world. We try to know how much Big how to jam body. We likely see many experience. Yes I know there are things that that they have found here that are quite different from scouting in Korea. Can you give me an example. Yes of course we
all must see history. Your Country Boy Scouts of America. But we tend to be like this large boy scout. I think we we should learn about the disco and jam buddy. We can receive many many from your scouts. The theme of the 12th world jam bery is for friendship. Do you feel that that theme has been carried out. Yes of course. We did many nice friend. We know each other. Yes. Pray about us things
campers were encouraged to participate in the many planned scouting scale activities for the first time in any World Scout gathering. There was a full aquatics program in nearby like Ponder a activities included boating swimming canoeing and even fishing in a section of the lake specially stocked with 20000 pan sized trout. Early in the jammer e the y game drew great interest. One of my Canadian friends described this unique activity but there was each sub count was given two letters and you had to make the word friendship with Scots of a different sub camps and different nations and you'd stay together the whole morning with your friends as you and your locked arms as you went around the camp and reported to one of the sub camp headquarters and received a badge and your stamp on your card and got the names of the other scouts. There was also a full program in archery as well as hiking along the adventure
trails and demonstrations of outdoor conservation skills for Scouts of every country church services were scheduled 30 for religious leaders led services for all major faiths and outdoor chapels and campfire areas. The Protestant service was conducted in six languages. Astronaut Scott Carpenter exhibited his keen interest in Scouting by his presence throughout most of the January. He had been a scout in Colorado I was a boy he told me about the value of this early training. As we chatted one afternoon. Yeah I think it helps a boy prepare for his life regardless of what he does later on in his life.
So effective way to. To learn at an early age how to get along with people how to cooperate how to use his time to his own best advantage. It's a great contributor to this important period in a young man's life. Why do you come to the Damrey primarily because of my interest in scouting and and its potential for creating and hopefully maintaining a peaceful world situation. You have been here now for several days. What's your reaction to the Danbury at this point. Well again my reaction has mainly to do with the international flavor that's that's everywhere evident here. It's a great pleasure to see so many boys from so many countries working in harmony and accord
with each other it's an inspiring sight. On top of being a monumental undertaking I know you spend a great deal of time with the boys. I think our audiences would be interested in. Knowing an addict daughter too do you have any special stories that you will take away from the Danbury had. Lunch with a group of Scottish boys of course lunch was followed with tea and somebody put salt in the Sugar Bowl. About 20 of us got salt in our tea before the air was discovered they were very barren. I'm sure they were it's not at all an uncommon sort of thing at Scout camps in this sort of thing it's the big joke of course. Well Scott where are you off to from here. I leave tomorrow morning for Los Angeles. Then he was still in New York and Washington activist.
A busy man taking time out to share his adventurous life with boys living another kind of adventure. If the tambourine was anything it was a blend of world cultures and this blend was most graphically portrayed in the music of the scouts where the boys sat down. There was music before very long but you just wander from one camp site to another and listen in. I am here
now I am happy I am free I am here I am. You know like.
The songs of the people of the valley of Katmandu. Now you'll see Mr. Kerry Mr. Kerry.
Son I wanna play live.
I am I am.
I am. Oh ok that was only a sample of the talent brought to the jam brewery by our scouts. We'll sit down on an international jam session a little later in this show but it occurs to me that you might be interested in some of the physical arrangements necessary to accommodate this city of 12000. Protection Service is normal for a city of this size included safety inspectors and a traffic control team of 45 supported by the Idaho State Police and the local
sheriff's office. Complete twenty two man fire group from the Idaho Forest Service had been on duty with their equipment at all times with backup crews on standby in nearby Korda lane and Sandpoint Idaho. A man made swimming facility a new sandy beach was built in a small bay and lake pond or a the swimming area is about 400 feet long 100 feet wide and a maximum depth of about eight feet. After the jam bery it becomes a state park beach for public use. It will accommodate 500 persons at a time. And the scouts had six one hour swimming periods daily feeding a city of 12000 was a highly unique operation. A food issue cooking and eating was done by patrols usually a group of eight scouts Plus a leader. The larger contingents were organized into troops of four patrols each. This means there were over a thousand patrol kitchens in operation for each meal.
In most patrols the scouts rotated jobs daily. A scout was head cook for three meals and would then become a kitchen cleanup fireman or assistant cook. Here's what one of the food service advisors had to say as we waited by the roadside for the evening delivery we have about forty seven foreign countries in our section here. A whole area of the park and marathon is divided into AB CD with the drop 10 AB CD and aside from my duties the food boxes have been distributed in the commissary. Headquarters at the then three times a day we come down here and see the place get their box of food. And of course they always want substitutes for some special diets and free. Time I'm not right. Some might know right. Some don't like
happy some remembering now. We have time but by and large I think this has been the most successful experiment that ever been taken into consideration or even attempted in this wonderful USA of ours. Only of Lady Baden Powell was an energetic visitor throughout the week. She is a member of the world committee of scouting and as founder and chief of the international Girl Guide or Girl Scout organization. In a press conference she told of her fond recollections of scouting with her husband the revered BP say to her love you how to mend the night you know I am to be allowed to come not in your life but he'd like you to come to this magnificent gem be it is no for you since you had your great Gendry in Greece where nature was no it was
decided that the next time we would take place in a few States of America because you know a movement would buy kid the world to come to me and serve up for you I do looking forward to this week. I'm joining in again with these momentous and stirring gatherings of the scouts of the world. As you may know I have been connected with scouting for over 50 because although I wasn't actively in Scouting at first when I met it I was looking after my husband certainly but it was after the first world war that we began to travel so much. We went round the world several times together and of course I was fortunate in being with him that all the generals and the big functions that took place in those early days. So now when I am in drawing and I think that's a wonderful time of this Gemini. I look back in my mind and I see in my
mind's eye these other great gatherings. The first 19 20 in London the Limpia which of course we were thinking off when we saw that badge of Olympia on the stage when we open the jam would be you know this week so that a limpid with a very historic one in being with us. When you were all elected and chose my husband to be your chief Scott though then the years went by and we had the next jam Marie was in Denmark. And pulled with that it was a very great success it is simple and managed a huge success and then the next one after that was in England something called field that was in 19 no sudden go if you were missing I mean 57 wasn't it. They were the next one is twenty nine I mean after the ETO Pok and that that jammed really there were about 50000 Scots It was a very big one and it was
I think Bernard Fall and that to have such a very great number of boys together was rather too much because they didn't have time to get to know one another and that his wife is a very wise and very thoughtful. That's where this generally the numbers were limited and there were no regrets that one had to leave the number that have many more than it is as well not to be hunted in this way. A few in numbers are able to get to know one another more easily than if they were invariably crowd. Well off to the general you had at a park. Then of course they had the further wanted by the show and then there was the marvelous one verbal and sung in Holland which was the last one that my husband was able to attend. Since then as you all know we have had well jam bullies in the different places and the buddy schall dramedy in Austria was particularly interesting because as you well know that was the time when Austria wasn't at all well and their
movement is very small and yet they manage it and really largely it was thanks to the work done by United States Scouts because you supplied the hospital arrangements and a good deal of the commissariat and help the Austrians to fulfill their obligation as the host to the jam but he well I don't think perhaps I ought to go on talking about all the different Gemini because this one is important when we're connected with the Can Can something to do with the day and I didn't quite sure that this one was carried out as being an album to get about cation each and every one of them single bedfellows was coming from their own home. So it's all small though. And big cities all from country areas. Literally every corner of the globe. And so I do wonder by your humility too often my pretty warmest congratulations to this setup.
I had been around a camp a little bit already doing these last few days and it is most impressive to see the happiness the Chelton is and the way it is all being so wonderfully organized for the well-being of the boys while they are here and so they would go away stirred and hue and stimulate he'd be able to do we now own own lands. Everywhere that lady BP went she was cheered her touch point with the founding of scouting made her a walking legend and proved to be a source of inspiration to those she met and talked with. But back to the boys who were the jam bery. Here's a group of Norwegian Scouts that I found singing one evening. Their song has a truly international flavor. A Yiddish folk tune being sung in English by the boys of Norway.
For friendship
Jamboree, part one
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