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Whoa wait. Tonight Has Mr. Assad been bitten to something against a neighbor. Now law they met again dunce. But my stubborn thoughts drive me from company and Dr. Maddow with their watchfulness. Continual trouble of my muti brave and feeble as my body is excess of brick. And nips me as the bit of north east wind to check the tender blossoms in the spring. Well as the man now in his
skates to taste the table's not with suspicion. And he but prions amongst his delegates whose troubled mind is stuffed with discontent. My Golden Time was when I had no go though when I wanted. Yet I stept secure my daily toil to get a night's repose my night's repose made daylight fresh to me. But since I climbed the top of the tree and sought to build my nest among the clouds each gentle study Gale does shake my bed and makes me dread my downfall to the. Act where the death of contemplation carried me. The way I seek to find where pleasure is hedged behind me that I cannot back but needs must on although dangers gate then perish by that decree for Green Death and we make my harvest nothing but pure call on.
And for his pains I'll hide him up awhile and I have to smother him to have his wax. Such be as green must never live to stain. When they shall see me sit in Arden seat they will insult them if I need. Offering me my detecting of his in. That. I can cost a bone to make these pluck out each other's throat. And then have my soul ruined my No. Yet mistress. Yeah but she's myself and Holy Church rites makes us two but one. But what for that I may not trust you have this you have supplanted for my sake and Willock step in me to plant another disappear for sleeping in a sup and that I will keenly rid my hands of MAS but here she comes. And I must flatter. I guess it's all gone.
How sad and passionate make me partake of thy pensiveness divided with a less awful. But I would that fire in my breast too by the force thereof my part consumed such deep catalogs like to a cannons bust discharged against ruinated wall breaks my relenting heart in a thousand pieces was beyond gentle Alice Sato is my song. That Knows did well and there's nae policy to forge distrust for looks to wouldn't a breast well eyes a heart that dies when the lot sad it is not love that love is do and love. Last I knew that I would dearly love to me and then could see hear the rest. What is too bad. Less that my words be carried with the wind and published in the world to both our
shame. I prayed to be let our springtime with our harvest bells will yield but loathsome we forget. I pray he what has passed between us for now I blush and trim blue purple heart. Are you changed to my former happy life again. From title of an odious tramp its name to August. Why yes our newest way was to start her strife with me of that one made Miss laundress to all my can even in my forehead a design name engraven not to walk that loop or name I was which to morrow work the hapless hour and all the causes that encountered me in a if you bad let me breathe curses forth and if you stand so nicely at your fame let me look at the credit I have lost I have neglected matters of import to put a stake in me above by
state force load advantages and spun the time of my fortunes right hand must be awful so. To take I want to buy the next to last me. I left them at age of an honest mate whose diet it would have weighed on all by wealth whose beauty and I'm enough on exceeded this some good I lost for changing bad. I wrapped my credit in that I happen to have. I was but which that is no theme of the line but I will break my spells in exorcisms and put another site upon these eyes that showed my heart already even from the top of the rock not fair you did not tell no no I'm not going to not I do they not. The Raiders were beaten off by guilt by worthless Champa shows the contest. It grieves me not to see how far a lot but Matt Smith that I'm right told the fatter you. Get the guy to push right for that happening now. But I am gold to be the life saver right.
How do I know I see. And to soon find it true. Which often have been told me by my friends that must be loves me not but for my wealth to with Regulus I now believe I'll sue for credit sake I was leaving they hear me speak must be a word or two but my tongue speaks bitten look on me must be or I'll kill myself. Nothing to hide me from that stormy log. It was cry Whoa there is no peace for me I will do penance for offending the in this prayer book. What I hear you is the only word that has converted me so you must be. Get away the leaves and all. And in this golden cover show very sweet phrases and by letters dwell in their own will I chiefly meditate and old no other sect but such to vote. Don't look look is the love oh well we cannot hear what Mel is stop sign you know
once I'll start. It has been cited as the years in the hood as quickly as the overhead and spoken smoothly as an auditor. When I have been in and out though sensible in none of the. Way or my good to hold it and I desire have not Mosby's mighty looks offensive trouble does not thickens to be clean again. I don't need any more trouble with the I am a base officer. My wings off feather for a lowly affright you know if I know not for $1000 made a lot to you. It is unpardonable. We beg us must not breathe Gentles was to be is as gentle as a cane. And I too blind to judge him otherwise.
Plastic sometimes green in its weeds in God means roses grew in thought. So it's WHO AM I AM I was this what you sell is vanity who'd going to buy his way. Oh you women can insinuate a trespass with your sweet time. I will forget the scrotal until Alice provided I'll be tempted so I will. See you in the booth. And you made it. And now we wait. The news of my stuff that makes him laugh in day that live now he must leave today that we may know
and you know what his life but and loves to last as long this life with me and why. So before my deep calm let us begin to shun suspicion. Will he like jewels be you know a nice you know I padded dangle life leads to like you know us we have my nose be on my face or whether my tongue
be frozen in my my client or George Strait bag best when the only integer is how many pistols I've got going and whether I love the smell of gunpowder or dead by the noise the dead will make. Well we'll not with good flashing of the fly. Well I pray to shake bag that there's on Sunday that I have took more prestige you know don't write them down that any valid hand-raised pistols are not a life. Oh I am paid that was picked Maury not throng like should I brag what beauties I have took I think we have a press that is more than nine would manage to a great I some my money than I do that a little like you know would you want to know means I am as I had Tao that Kennedy and Connally net times kids had no tiene weapon in that and oh no you didn't talk about it just not from I know not how bad it is why straight brag. RJ said that cannot be done. I'm not going to brag of nothing was done by seven Jack I'm famished you're much Saudi Prince Philip ULLMAN I was like that who any that guy get em all out in easy in Egypt I just can't.
The only time backer of your peer pressure you says this to Aesop's talk show Posey was to stock dogs was trying to put a bone there comes a curtain story from the both so while you stand striving on these terms of man owed adn escapes us and deceives us all why even God can't find your way are you right where you go if you're standing. On one small line where your tweaks to catch this with Dean here don't write them down. I'll leave you at your bank's discharge make towards like the longing water dog that touches to the fowling piece be off then sees it on the play with eager mood. My tae see him stretching for Pete's limbs as I have seen them beat their wings and wine at their shout see if he comes east Why yes that he'd up shake back I want to think. I've brought him up when I am gone in any case let's be sure to speed him when he comes and in that hope I leave you what I tell you child.
Last year last year my goal to have a base that I went back to Rochester my whole school started right he would not good he traveled in such pain to fetish him removing of a shoe. I'm a happy healthy well get your back to Rochester. But see you don't take us and we come to write them down. What will be better later we get home stuff right quick. Let us recall saying oh my god. And so death will and shape bag that thou shalt never go further than reign him down and therefore have I lamed my horse on purpose because I would not view them as he could. Come on come on get up. Master Frank as we write your raining down I think you own words with your
tail like I do or show us how you tossed me much heavy blood is gathered at my heart and on the sudden is my wind so Shorter's Hindraf the passage of my speech so fierce and quelling it near assailed me hostile Franklin just go on softly dost or I'll submit to Asia did I come up with you why didn't do you remember where my tale did leave the gentleman did check his life. She being reprehended for the fact witness produced the talk with the deed her glove brought in which there she left behind and many other assured arguments her husband asked her whether it was not so hot on Saturday no wonder how she looked having foresworn it with such vehemence loads and typically instant so approved upon. Pardon me I can no more. This fighting at my heart makes short my wind come.
We are almost now it raining down all the pretty tale beguiles that we had a way to tell how much strength coach will hear him coming and to reach and be resolute. Roster that I have longest day to speak with you about a stranger man in the Isle of Sheppey. Coming from London a neta man with coming off. Here is my only friend Frank came along with me my Lord Protector's man I take you to be and I am a GOOD LORD Cheyney therefore highly to you. You want your friend to come to the Isle of Sheppey and sup with me there. Pardon me I have made a promise to a gentleman my only fetish of this evening. Right then you come to morrow and dine with me and bring your own his friend along with you. Most willingly will level the diesel trucks black
for Rose Press rate you will. Always be hanging can't hang God save your own. I am your beads to pray for you. I think that in all my life. One of your democratic rights Thank you for this kind of life. Can muster. Let us be going your way and by like 4 miles together. Right calling the next up for miles and soon as I could kill myself of any He's lordship Cheney chops me in even when my gag was levelled at his art. I would he's crowned Some doctors now I just wonder how do you like to. Do that way Stan. Welp I'll discharge my pistol at this guy. But by these boards. Oh it might not die. I know this. Oh. Well this is you
dispatched. Oh I you know told everything. I think generally yes. Well I said when he was ready to show comes reload he's gained a lot of Heaven of preserved faith the Lord training has preserved him and big seem to a feast to his house it shouldn't but by the way once more I'll meet with him. And if all the Chinese in the world say no on I but I did his rest ere long therefore come green and lead us on to Federation and excuse ourselves to Mistress I am. My son Michael C. Hall says Be ready. All right Master Franklin ride to the ferry this morning across the shoulder to the Isle of Sheppey
that's a dog of mine old shape. He still said I tell you this year we're ready we was. With you good morrow. I think we can some special that makes you that's cut short the time of references makes us rise so early but as i told us tonight we go to the Arctic should be there to dine with us always all of it come out of such a kind husband seldom want excuses home is a wild cat to a wandering wit. The time has be Would God it were not passed that on us time to the north come on could have done so from the mine. I pray you let her go along with us. I'm sure it is on a will welcome her and thus the bringing her along content so subtle your mistress nag I will last you know big favor that it's little thanks. If I should go our house would run away or else be still poor I'll stay
behind there you see how mistaken you are. I pray they go oh no not now. Then let me leave you satisfied in this time you know pretty small persons all to me but that I hold the love of my life that will be seen by you all quickly tell her that she'll be on I-25 if this reminds Come my good I don't like your horses already but I am not ready for I have lost my penance with six and thirty shillings in it. I pray you that and let us go the whole whilst he stays behind to see us go to last several Michael see where we shall cross to me either Shepherd right. So fair where that often you know. Before you black will shake bag me about Betty in the broom Coast clothes for you they will be your
main long. Line. My way I'd watch out here is missed my friends is mystical. Like to a good companion Smokey Bray that was half drunk were pretty but the Scala were open to me.
What's that i opinion of this Mr. Oh you think just like a curse twice. Never have driven him outdoors with a what looks sort of fire or someone who speaks this divine own experience. Perhaps no for my wife it was although we used to say the moon the moon is a flu and then by this reckoning you sometimes play the man in the moon. Best not to meddle with back scratch you by the face with whatever stifled with this fog. Come back and sit up at him and as we go.
Let us have some more of your old human body my troth for. But black. Oh well my wife was right behind us sound. Roger get your on my feet. He better run away with another man's wife or not to find well for John. Never wanted almost But imagine never don know shopping that can go like. That shit oh we'll. She said I was tossed. It's not all that hard to find life I find his companion be thy name I actually lose there why as we have done
God let's go on like a couple of pilgrims. Or words for that. Well now we know. Well you know for everybody I know you come to this date. I beg Come on you know you know. Who this is and anybody could be right if I could follow you are well enough to go without such whether it is what companies have passed your faith is nearly none but a couple of gentlemen that wish to dine at my door. But they returned
home. S. by not killing as much ice or will you have any letters carried to them No said Get you gone. Did you ever see. Such a for was really rather be hot then get on as a way to gently remind you know. What your friends might pray you. Well Black will black or black will be old to see him one day. Well see that's cleared off now we. Think we should never do it.
Let us give you three will we be angry for what you have lived in London this 12 years where I've made some wooden legs for taking a wall on me say Blackwill wife cracked as many as you know. A bawdy house is a paid tribute. There's not a horse that agreed with me for a cross word about TAPS. I've pierced one barrel of Troy another with a gun held in by the years in chemistry a Bruins car it was like to run over me. No more ado but went to the Clark cut all the notches obvious I and my company have taken a constable Rummy's watch and carry about a field on our cult's central his own mace and plain old to my list with my sword and buckler all the men would stand every morning with a quart pot in there and saying to me
drink sure could include what have I not done yet cannot do this place by miracle. Kind of like like what's the use with you mistress. At it my master sent me to bring you that Master Frankie goes with Bradshaw. Adam followed the flower with his friends will come and sit with you at your house this night. After that they had visited the Fashion Fair. Can I come back again and when my husband walks into the path. Did he steal away and come to me and this night. And does the ghost tell John Cook I guess a bit him lay it on the spare for no cost. Yes mistress that is. A joint shake back here and black will
suck and welcome shall you be. How mistress of your purpose yes tonight. Lucky me wrong already just what you said. No false yesternight been slain for every drop of his detested blood I would have crammed in emails and by fits and can stay till the end my patience yourself we get out of it but green and we will dog him through the fire and stab him in the crowd and steal away. It isn't possible but here comes he that will I hope invent some surer means so it must be. Tell me how long shall he live. Alice no longer than this night. Blackwell and shake back will you to perform the compact I have laid me I mean rather than usual want to help mark so you Master Greenfield come with me to the fair. Their usual single Frank in fourth and holding with a long tail a strange new that he may not come home till supper
time I sort of in the meantime I'll talk to mass to persuade him to come home where we like friends will play a game or two at the tables here. But what of all this you say you'll play at backgammon. How should he be slain. Blackwell and shake bag locked within the country. Shallow to watch what give him rush full of chill the watch would be. Now I take you there that will be the word. But come not forth before in any case why weren't you. But that will I do promise to go along with me see all things ready Alice again to become take no care of that. Send you home. Back when and shake back how like you this say when you do it says bravely to mock my device placed most baby a stranger in that chair. Let your husband sit upon this door and I may come behind him cunningly and with a towel put him to the ground. They've released freshly as I say about
that done shake back and I will bury him beyond the Abbey that there was that find the mud it may suppose some slave or other killed him for his gold which I now devise give me the key which is the country house. Here is the door. Now in with you and I would stay and didn't get it. But I know how resolute you are. Chae sure to fight don't you. We must do when this door opens next look for is dead. What do you know that it might open this mystery as to his coming home. Who comes with you. That's when I go pitching the table to backgammon and when the has done stand before the counting house black will is locked with you. But what shall he do. Michael but shall not Susan know where she will be as secret as I
suppose but it's pretty huge here at the tables for backgammon. But Michael talk to me later too. When my husband is coming lock the street door he should be good to have the guests come in. And here comes must a MUST be with my last letters. Yes it will go by then you have played a game like that. Take this story now. What stake shall we play for the game was for a French crimes and they don't. Let me know. Take aim you have to want us apart is that not you it will take your video will spy me as I'm coming off the next one race or else I lose again. So.
I can take you. Yeah why what could you will that's what would go behind you when you tell them poorly to hell so I can know what may seem possible. Michael I misspoke but you do not annoying but take you upset nothing out that is for the pressing on you told me off. Now I'd love to breed there is for the forest. Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh OT groans now. Nay then give me the weapon. Take this not even knowing must be love in my soul oh. Oh. Oh my. Ah. Just so that villain Michael Ware the traitor Saltash for him not he will be secret I don't think I will betray myself or shift for yourselves. We too will leave you and out comes a great day. But first can be the body to the people. So
will you take heed and either. Go with them I cannot respect this just wouldn't do you see this now. Which makes me fear that what steps will be supplied to the snow will cover them again and if it not be done Have they become like oh take his hand tell them his knife and quickly throw them both into the well. Hi mistress that with. Alice the guest at the dog. Park and then oak What should I let them in. Yes must be got out of bed in company. Yes but that's the table Portier was not. The plan. Keep us to the ground. Well not all the time with I didn't use just the right way that minute. If they and I strive for is to rush is on it can you not.
You must be part of that. Nothing must be said Be not known. Keep it close and tis possible I was you know flamed by me so many me above all the child off a long tormented gentle my husband think no more of him. Now we. See male guest among them Adam follow the thought of losing a child with him. Well come on Mr. Weevil husband is abroad so late a couple of rough incertain to be us tonight and she also is afraid he should be nice. She'll be here or not like you any good Master Franklin. Oh I must agree. Did you see my husband. I do not like his being out so late. Mr. Franken why did you leave my husband.
We walked together but no invasion or not he'll come in on that meantime. You may do well to meet his guests I must send you there. I pray you guide you to be content to have my will most a most big city you in my husband seat a sort of Michael all the returns they give us a cup of beer. MR. Yeah. Well what ails you woman. Crisis. Oh neighbors came on my heart. My husband being false torments my mind. I know something's amiss he is not well or else I should have heard of him and mistress. He's well enough to tell not me I know he is not well. He was not wanted to stay out this late. Good Master Franklin go and seek him fall off and if you. Find him send him home to me and tell him what to put me I like not this
God will get well I will seek him out and find him if I can my thanks good Master Franklin. You know my guess. I pray you will be marrying. Let someone play upon the Virginals to protect the time. My God must come about and I'm sure that he will come anon. And let those who will tables Yes and I. Will spend the night in dalliance and in support. Just like the man coming towards our house with I've said look I'm not coming out of the park to speak over the pile of wood. And from one side that is the next way to betray myself. Take me here cause suspicion I must agree with that must be
done until tomorrow Sweetwater's off and see you confess nothing in any case but cleave to you. Hark. Hark a knock. Go Michael let him in. Yes mistress. Let the judge and juries do their worst. My house is clear. And now I feel at. Home now must have you brought my husband home. I saw him coming to your house an hour ago. He wanted to see if it was a. Mistress. No you're not one of those called Black will I know Nonesuch. What mean these questions. I have the Consul's one to apprehend him. I'm glad it is no worse. Why must a man I think you are harboring any such we are informed but here he is. Therefore pardon us for we must search isearch and spare you not to every room where my husband told me you would not offer this.
The frightening What mean you become so sad. My husband and my friend is slain. Oh why who. Master Frank and can you tell I know not behind the idea that he lies that in most pity his case. Oh Master Franklin Are you sure. Does he. I am just a man what God would see to find out the mudras let them be known so they shall some of the watch go to the about a loose and be and dream apprehend them. I don't arrest that villain Michael who has said I don't. Come you along with us. Yeah we'll show you where police do you know your this hand towel in this night. Well my friend told you what it felt like for the both of. You but with thoughts day you find out the murders I mean you will prove one of
them yourself. I'm one of them. What mean such questions. I feel he was murdered in this house and carried to the fields from that place backwards and forwards me you see the print of many feet within the snow and look about this chamber where we are. I will find part of his guilt this blood or in his lips show did I find some rushes which argue with he was murdered in this room. I look at the place where he was wont to sit Sri Sri here's blood. It has to manifest the kind of wind that Michael said it is his blood which strumpets doll has shed but if I live now and I compasses which have conspired and wrought is dead shall row it. See whether what we're reading in the prison was big green up Meiji murder adn study not pronounce up not down his purse and goodwill found that our beds paid witness sufficiently you did the deed.
I'm fists this fall will fall to and the penitent hard black really shake back Ruffy it's both her baby. When I looked up this Moto-ST those rough young shall not scape. I look to London and get the council one to Africa but Mistress I'm good enough to Buffy. Then the villains have let me know not to not comment that he didn't convey me from the presence of that's come to light but the I could never be you know strumpet what kind of opportunity to fire upon women there shall be my song. But bands for I have lived too long not MUST be any age I don't know that all the prisoners too long gone straight to speedy execution with them all. Thus have you heard the truth. Now let me tell the
sentences prescribed about he's mad at us. Must be it was born to London and Smithfield was executed this result. They did take to Canterbury and their house sentence was she must be but Michael in favor some did suffer death. And green nearby and also was he hanged as to the ruffian shake bag and black will shake bag took sanctuary and being sent for out was murdered in Suffolk as he passed the granny age where the Lord Protector lay Blackwill was so pursued with use and cries for pity robberies that he had done that he was fain to go on board some voyage of the watch at Sitting Bull and should take him and in some oyster boat he came to Holland. But there was flashing on a stage but the race is to be murdered in that plot of ground which he by force and violence from Greene
and in the grass his body's print was two years and after the deed was done. Gentlemen we say again. We hope you will pardon this naked tragedy wherein no pilot points well-poised it in to make it gracious to the simple truth is gracious enough. And it needs no other points of closing stuff. That was odd fish from an anonymous 16th century
play first printed in fifteen ninety two and now revived for BBC World Theatre. The part of Alice Arden was played by June Tobin and must be by Hugh Burton Thomas Ogden of fashion by Godfrey Kenton and the matter is black will and shake bag by Valentine dial and Norman Shetty. The play was adapted and produced by Raymond breaks these welfare programs are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for the eunuch farcical Roman comedy by Terence. These programmes are prepared for broadcast in the United States by WITF FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio network.
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