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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Nothing. With cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. WE PRESENT. News. H is for joy with. With. You know. With. Oh and the first four programs of the series we've talked about the drugs of addiction marijuana cocaine and the derivatives of opium heroin morphine codeine and allowed it. We also mentioned the synthetic drugs such as Doniphan and methadone. We express to you in our own words and in the words of authorities on drug addiction the
sensations experienced by the user of narcotics. Perhaps what was said was adequate and comprehensive. But we don't think it was. Something is missing. There is still a point of view to be discussed who can better describe the effects of narcotics than one who is addicted to them. Today on H is for joy you'll hear an addict tell you his story his story of joy. We met him. We talked to him. We listened to his story. We felt ashamed and ashamed because in a way we are guilty of his situation our lack of interest our apathy and our refusal to learn about the problem as directly and indirectly aided human degenerates to enslave other humans. But what of this man. When the interview with this man was recorded the day was cold snow dirtied
by city saw a play on melted on the ground. The man's clothes were old and shabby. The overcoat he wore had long gone out of style. His crumpled pants had cigarette burns caused by his falling asleep after affix his scarf a greasy rag in his curious mixture of junky and jive talk he mentioned stealing clothes $100 suit shirts pants but nothing was ever kept. All was sold and he might buy enough drugs to feed the screaming monkey on his back. This addict finds in his ancestry Indian French Negro and Irish blood. He was born in the south but reared in Chicago. In school his grades were far above average. He skipped the sixth grade and took both the seventh and eighth in the same semester and graduated near the top of his class.
He made friends some good some bad influences worked upon his life. They too were good and bad but somehow it seemed that the good outweighed the bad. And then because of his race his color he was denied the greatest desire of his heart. Something good something that if he had been allowed to complete may have prevented him from leading his present drug twisted life. How did it happen and where did it begin. The time was summer in Chicago. Sometimes cool uncomfortable sometimes hot sticky oppressive that someone who wants women to get drunk. And then after that I don't have any other plans but him and I started running back around with this a tiny kid. He was a kind of little who you know
they were a burglar smoking crack. The dilemma thing you know I started running around with him and you know I guess they saved you did he do a lot of things that to be cheap you know. And I started doing everything they did and tried to outdo them and what they did and you know I wish we were there. I would try to smoke and you know we drank and drink more and we stole something I really wanted to. The biggest change to will eventually I got accepted and that was my thought on Saturday in the world. Just to start not get so deeply involved that he couldn't break free. Remember marijuana or pot is not physically addicting. But he didn't break away. Because to him he was now accepted regardless of his race his color. He had been accepted as an individual
but now the pendulum had swung in the other direction. The ruling majority was now bad. What happened then. And we won a little. By then I had a glad he said I had a quiet A do you have to be with the denizens of the fittest and that made me thought of another world cared I guess because then I look like I strive to get the name of No. Which I regret now because I don't think every individual as well as she comes I believe her. And I don't care where you go somebody knows me and which is bad but then I thought it was some of the mileage you know. Or you can junk that I started using young and 19 furnished junk I had was in 1913 and I
said I'd acquired a Mac to be with the dentist of the citizens were there was a fellow the guy kind of hero worship and he was a big wheel he had about 11 prostitutes. Both races go in that way. He had one of those big purse arrows and me he was a band like this. And so one leg in particular if they were going to a guy that could cook. This guy owns his own home and we're going down in a very nice man that's basically has laid out you know nice big plush carpets and still shares though he had the big balls you know like a guy could call Hassocks. But I were big bars and they're all around big soft pillows and they're out of one of rug on a floor that Eilish leave asleep while this guy comes in and he says this contraption are out in the cellar the thing and he's got his little
twirling me twirling them up and what that make the law story sure he was cooking up this house passing the pie to he pull up their power blow them take another one. Nothing happened. You know thinking the door wow I've come to myself you know and that I have the most amazing dream. Sure. I couldn't describe the ring I would think to well you know but in a way it was a wonderful sensation that when I came to I was ill last year sales so I had to haul me in one night and that was was a great association. Have those experiences with some of them. We had been down death row we had been there
and he and I we went down to Sunday and we came away it was Tuesday afternoon. And when I walked out to Joe we walk allow I remember the welcome that I would have to be looking now. And I'm walkin and his crew stick with him in the street you know and then you should just saw me step and I step better had I definitely think it looked like a big blow you know and I asked them about this you know and he said I would still have this though. So I went home and I went home I went to sleep and I was the first time I ever actually experienced Don't have been before that I smoke. What do you just heard described as this attic story of how he was first introduced to smoking opium. It was a ritual almost religious in nature but its result had no relation to our religion.
He told us that this was the first and last time he ever smoked opium. It made him sick but not sick enough to destroy his desire to escape from the reality of life. Next he took another step toward deeper addiction cocaine. You know like I say I used to follow the theatrical field. Yeah a bit down I had aspirations then to want to be the same so I started running around with the Sunset Strip crowd you know and they were called on it you know. So I asked I was Chanel and I learned Spanish and we see that it does not in this that I thought you would but it was also honest enough that it's not me and I got to be you know. Real Cokie the way I started we had all chipped in 800 hours together and about 200 apiece and we bought an ounce bottle of rock
cocaine this is really shooting cocaine I mean it's not the beach no I don't because you couldn't you know grind it bad enough so they won't cut you know you know. Well I didn't know it at the time you know I guess they did with the you know the pig shot. There's other men because they're used to it and I wasn't you know. But anyway I got me and you know they had to buy a relative on it and we should take the China sauces you know you're going to put the stuff red in the song take it a little strong you know the celluloid straw you couldn't have it. Well if you've ever had occasion to bussin it by year end in that crowd you noticed that they always have a priest solenoids on the path. Well that was dead quill you know like I said full of dollar bills and what not only will I mean $100 bills
we used to so I know I just wrote it was bad. Got me a big plate here interested in me taking my time to have initiative love good ideas you know humiliation and I wanted a guy look choppy and rolled him over him frantic and whatnot and I don't need it now and you can leave one man did and one man going to take a deep breath and look like all of my brothers room right in this office and you know I got a slew of the blood he thess that cursed little low good feeling when I'm getting ready to take this and throw it out and I said it's knows how to get slim over who had got away you know who would you go and do it then you know something or thought you said you were I said none of us that case knew it when I do drink it here with him and he takes this AC and he goes in the room he comes
back I need to get the outfit you know I dropped by a wedding that he takes about dropper wanted me put it in this blood you know there's a lot of goodly it's a piece of cotton in the draft and you know me. Drugs Yeah. Just think I would love this label show what you do to see the day that I stepped out of my head. He hit me with it as well when the blood of many shoes and on the very day I was glad we have the medication so that was really good. Created from marijuana to opium to cocaine to what we've just started. More will follow next week. Perhaps there's only so much you can stand.
Our friend's story doesn't get any better. Are we being too realistic. He doesn't think so. He's lived it. He's the one with the needle punctures in the veins of his body. He's the one deathly afraid he won't be able to get his next fix. Not you. So why should you be concerned. Why should you worry about who becomes an addict. About the one who ends up spending the rest of his life seeking hunting and finding some H for what he calls. Joy. This recorded program was written by Edwin a production by Bill Goldberg. This is Ted Seeley speaking. The preceding programme was made available to the station by the National Association of educational
broadcasters. This is the end Radio Network.
H is for joy
An addict speaks, part 1
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Moody Bible Institute
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Episode Description
In this program, the first of two parts, a drug addict of long standing relates how he got started using drugs, with his introduction to marijuana, opium smoking and the use of cocaine.
Series Description
A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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