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Doctor tell me how are holes in the heart opening a route for blood. Because answering questions about your health is an important part of your doctor's services. The Minnesota State Medical Association presents doctor tell me. Here to ask the doctor your questions. Is Jennifer Hughes dead. Today or health questions will be answered by Dr. Nathan K. Jensen a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon from Minneapolis. Dr. Jenson How successful have been experiments to create new blood channels to the heart. They've been very successful exams and brings me back to your original question how are holes in the heart open in Iraq for blood. Actually the holes in the heart are kernels which are made through the heart muscle leading from the surface of the heart the end of the heart muscle and back on to the surface again. Tunnels and hinged two inches in length placed in areas of the heart muscle where the blood supply it has become inadequate and in these towns new vessels are
placed with side only ones in the vessels. And is the I to run from food in vessels it gushes out side opens into the sinusoidal system of the heart muscle and nurses the heart muscle. Are these experiments being carried out in humans or only in animals. These experiments were started in animals by Dr. Fineberg of Montreal Canada in 1946 and eye nine hundred forty seven doctor published in a Canadian Medical Journal. The observation that he could Reeve ask you arise or bring in a new are true blood supply the heart muscle by making tunnels from the heart to main arteries into these tunnels. This was a step forward attempt to try to solve the problem of a scheming disease or coronary heart disease where the coronary arteries which bring the blood to that are opposed are narrowed by calcium or our cholesterol deposits. That
Vineberg work has been extended now into many different kinds of animals and has been applied widely in Mammy and we've asked those Ace for the heart. What forms of cardiovascular disease could be treated by using this procedure. This procedure is valuable and useful as long as heart muscle has not died. The forms of cardiovascular disease it can be successfully treated by Reeve Asquith ations are the farms where the bun supply is in adequate to the heart muscle. Either the heart was not supplied with the right number of coronary arteries which we see in children and where this procedure works well in congenital absence of right coronary artery for example we can put the internal mammary artery and it works fine. Aaryn acquired now in of the carnage heart disease due to harden in the arteries that occurs with middle and
advancing age. If the heart is still strong the muscle still good not replaced by too much scar and it can be successfully. We vascular ised what steps are required to to form the new blood channels. The first step of course is to acquire or develop a good artery from someplace. And since factories are usually needed where they are. It limits the choice you can borrow one from the stomach and running it through the diaphragm. You can borrow the artery from the spleen. P as you do without just going quite easily and running it through the diaphragm. But more commonly we borrow the arteries from the back of the breast bone. These are called the internal mammary arteries. There's one on each side of the back of the breast bone and they're there to nourish or to bring blood to the breast of the nursing mother. So the very
large arteries Unfortunately by the time you have coronary heart disease you're not nursing babies. And even more fortunately men have them just like women do. So it's a nice handy. Pair of arteries that aren't needed after these are developed and the tunnels are made in the heart muscle and the arteries that run through these tunnels. We keep the heart beating we don't use the heart lung machine. And it's relatively simple procedure. Thank you very much stacked again. The Minnesota State Medical Association has presented Dr. tell me recorded in the studios of KUNM at the University of Minnesota. Gen. Hugh stead has asked the doctor your questions. If you have any additional questions. Write to Dr. tell me Minnesota State Medical Association 375 Jackson St.. St. Paul Minnesota. 5 5 1 0 0 1. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Doctor tell me
New blood channels in the heart
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Program number 335 asks how successful experiments have been to create new blood channels to the heart.
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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue.
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