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From Cincinnati My hearing's sports fan divertissement spy suttee which will be played in the snow by Jean Kirstein on today's program. Twentieth century music yeah. KERSTEIN is an internationally known interpreter of contemporary beyond music and earlier works. Also a member of the artist faculty of the University of Cincinnati. I'm Myron Bennett on this program I talk to interesting about music you will hear. We turn now to a quite different type of personality. That is Eric Saatchi. Who has for a long time considered a minor composer on the fringe of Impressionism who made satirical comments with this market positions and hardly seems to have taken music seriously. This isn't true. I don't think it's true he went to school after he had been
composing for many years and worked on a degree. He wanted to. I suppose and you know learn more I'm from south. And the funny part of this was that when he had finished a major composition that he worked on he went right back to his small satirical pieces several years ago. I don't think. Anybody had heard of such except maybe the three pieces in the form of a para but recently. His complete piano works have become available on recordings and composers and critics are beginning to speak of the influence of society. Why this sudden interest. In such a man a contemporary of the Debussy and Ravel who as we say was little known up to this time. Partly this is an age of revival but also audiences and performers are more ready now to accept the ideas of society. We also hear much about his eccentricity in the music and the prominence just humorous that the markings in his music range from with much illness.
These are musical directions to play light like an egg. I slow down politely and in the first piece of the pieces I'm playing he has an an appetising corral which is dedicated to all those who do not like him into this. I have put everything I know of boredom. These are the instructions. So he wrote a short piano piece which was to be repeated for 18 hours. The actual piece I think was like 16 measures long has anyone ever performed liberating. Yes it was done in New York City at Carnegie recital hall by a team of pianists who took turns every few hours and there was no fee charged for admission but a fee charged for exit I. Think I remember correctly. The longer you stay the more it cost you. And I understand from those who were there that it was a psychological as well as a musical experience. These things might seem to be merely novelties but I understand as we noted before that many people are taking the CETI very seriously.
You see that important. Yes he had an immediate effect on the U.S.. You have to remember that French Impressionism still contained much of German romanticism and such he was the first French musician to purge impressionism of this influence. The late works of Debussy show a satirical element which could only have come from settee and Ravel said that of all the composers that influenced his works as such he was the most important. And other more recent composers influenced by society. I think me on Hanukkah and in this country John Cage and a great many of his followers. Aside from the humor in the searcher What's the most important element in Sardi's music the melody the setting himself declared the melody is the idea. His simple rhythmic ostinato serve only to throw the melodic line into much sharper relief. The chords do this by such simple triads and seventh chords but their relationship to each other is often very strange. He thought the purpose of harmony was soley to cast light and
shade on the melody. He got around conventional form and harmonic schemes by ignoring them not by creating new and. These works that are going to play with a pianist uke. Yes. They're very pianistic but those little vignettes not appeal or stick in the censorship no. Less. For the performance of this music by society that we will hear Gene Gerstein is assisted by Emily had learned who will read the words of a Saudi in French and English sports. Under what is meant by Sauti. That sector because you it cost to trade the stick. There's some music that back to this side if you give it back they tie their tie this plea that Patty musicale your present their power they plant they plant. Say did Patty I mean the honest soul farmed out to an album. Sure can say defeat this or leave undone do I imagine a
super young calf said you never dare father Izzy colonial powers OTA shows this printed work consists of two elements of art drawing and music. The drawing part appears as lines funny lines while the music is shown as dots black dots these two halves brought together in a single volume form a whole or an album. My advice is to look through the book with a friendly smiling eye for it's just a work of whimsey nothing more. For the dough and the dried up I have written a serious and respectable Koran. It is a sort of bitter preamble and austere non-frivolous kind of introduction in it is everything I know about boredom. I dedicate this corral to the people who don't like me and I disappear and an appetising chorale surly and Shirley to be played
hypocritically in places written before eating on May 15th 1914.
I see this. Time. Will it want to come back to my brain.
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gallons. Just gotta make the Italian Polish and stack expounds the charms of Army life. Says he. We're pretty sharp. We frighten the public and we have a gay time with the girls. And that's not all. It's a great life.
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Kaiser You need a plan. We miss you sea bathing. It's filled with water. The Carnival the confetti flutters down. There's a mask of melancholy. The tips pretends he's sly graceful girls in dominoes appear. Everyone pushes forward to see them. I think pretty Look I'll never make a mask leaked
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the octopus the octopus is in her cave playing with a kayak. She chases it. She swallows it wrong. Upset she wobbles about on her feet. Then she drinks a glass of salt water to make her feel better. That helps and changes her mind. I am. The races I am the crowd waiting in. There out of sight.
Here's the pussy in the corner. They kept quiet. Michelle. Was. Like Lassie. The picnic. Everyone has brought very cold below. You have a lovely white dress. Oh no it's a stone.
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So. If you take the show this week it was if you do go pee you should not pay to flirt. Nice to you. I wish.
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