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A nest of singing birds three centuries of English verse with a doctorate from just. Romeo and Juliet. This is the second program on this play a play which is of particular interest is verse as well as drama. Our first program concentrated on the relationship of Romeo and Juliet to the contemporary love sonnet. We also examine the poetic and dramatic techniques which allowed our dramatist to create for us a meeting between the two lovers inside the framework of a sonnet. If I prefer saying with my own when it is time this holy shrine the gentle finiteness thinks my lips to blushing pilgrims ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. Your own hand too much. Which man's devotion shows in this. The Saints have hands that Pilgrim's hands do touch and palm to these holy palmists keys have not the same slips and holy promise to
him was Do you know then they are saying to let lips do what hands do they pray. And ground to our left Faith turned to despair. Saints do not move. Still grant for prayers see you in my prayers. In fact I take to respond to this playfully as drama and as verse you have to let it work on us both at one in the same time. This means that one part of the mind reacts to the verse writing as if it were non-dramatic is it adequate or even more by the standards with which we judge the Fairy Queen or Paradise Lost or Sidney sonnets of Esther fell and Stella are the words accurate and appropriate are they musical or do they
express a complexity of meaning with more economy than prose. Oh she does teach the torches to burn bright. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night as a rich jewel in anything obscene. Beauty too rich for use for Earth too dear. So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows as yonder lady of all her fellow show. I measure and watch her place of standon touching her nose make less see my rude hand. Did my heart a lot of children forswear its sights for I never saw true beauty till this night. Romeo despairing of a response to his love from the Adamant Ross Aline has caught sight of Juliet not knowing who she is but he knows she is for him knows that she overshadows every beauty he has ever sighed for in her
spiritual as well as her physical attributes. Heres our second criterion for the art of this play. Does the speaker need the beautiful poetic words. Are they a necessary part of the action. By means of which he tries to achieve his aim his purpose his objective in relationships with others. Poetic Felicity in drama is not a satisfactory end in itself. The verbal techniques must communicate for the character in the best way possible. If they are to be dramatic Romeo's do this for him. Every word is required to let him communicate in action. The effect on him of seeing Juliet for the first time in the barren desert of his life and part of that effect is his determination to know more about her to make contact with her to make himself blessid in her love. Let's reconsider the meeting from this point of view. We've already examined his sonnets and talked about his verbal techniques in the earlier program.
What happens to them as human beings to Romeo and Juliet I mean of course. He takes advantage of what we might call social convention. It is the custom for young men to pay lavish and apparently sincere compliments to young women whom they meet at a masked ball who are lying on the anonymity of the mask and it is the custom for young ladies to delight in these compliments without taking them seriously. So if you really have fallen in love with a girl at first sight you can say what you really feel and know that she will assume it is a conventional compliment to be enjoyed but not taken seriously. She won't be embarrassed or insulted or outraged at hearing intense passion from a stranger provided that is the tone of the approach is witty polished and sophisticated enough. The first balcony scene develops out of that first meeting in the summit. He teases her so sweetly not declaring his identity but giving her a clue with a dear saint almost as if Saint has become his loving nickname for her.
To scream tonight so stunned based on my council name I know not how to tell you who I am. My name say hateful to myself because it is an enemy to the had I written I would tear the world. At first Romeo indulges in a tender fantasy that the light comes from Juliet to his delight and surprise he finds it does. But he must worship from afar. And then he hears that she too has her fantasy in which she persuades him to give up his name and to take her. At that he addresses her. They don't know they're going to die tragically. They're young lovers just getting to know one another. Life is full of delights of gayety of the promise of every sort of fulfillment for them. He teases her affectionately. She is overcome with wonder at her own capabilities. Beatrice and Lara may be ideal but Juliet knows what she can do for her man. He jests at scars that never felt a wound
but soft What light through yonder window breaks. It is the east. And Julian has the song. Or rather he's famous and kill the envious mood who's already sick compare you with grief that though may not be far more fair than she'd be not homemade since she's envious festively varies but can green in them but food is two way. Good cast off. It. Yes I played oh it is my love. Oh that she knew she what she speaks. Yet she says nothing.
What about her I discourses I will answer it. I am too proud just not to me she speaks to the fairest stars in all the heaven having some business to intreat her eyes to twinkle in their spears till they return. What if her eyes were there they had brightness and she could shame those stars as they like but the land her eyes in heaven would through the area regions streams so bright birds would sing who think it were not. Now I. See how she leaned her cheek upon her hand. Or more than I would a glove upon that hand that I might touch things which. She speaks. Oh speak again Bright Angel for thou art is glorious to this night being
on my head this is a wicked messenger of heaven and to the white upturned and wondering eyes of mortals that for back to gaze on him. When he bestrides the lazy pacing clouds and. It's upon the bosom of the. Oh me oh. Me oh well. Or not Romeo. Denied I father would refuse the name. But what if that would not be but sworn my love and I will no longer be a calculation I hear more than I speak at this despite the name that is my enemy. That I self the most in Montague Montague. It is not hand or foot nor on no face no idea apart belong to a man. Or be some OTHER than they. Might seem. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So Romeo do he not room you will retain that dear perfection which she owes without that title.
Round hero doth by name. And for the name. Just not part of the Tate settled I hate by word corny about love and opinion about Thomas Henceforth I never will be Romeo. Must be screened not so stern based on my time so my own name I know not how to tell you who I am my name is saying this is painful to myself because it is an enemy to the had I written I would tear the word my ears if he had not drunk a hundred words of thy tongues out of him. Yet I know the sound. I'd not go and Montacute neither made either the distance came started. Telling him Raffo. The orchard was a high and hard to climb. At least that's considering what a lot of any of my kinsmen find the here with labs like wings did I will purge these walls for stony limits cannot hold love out and what love can do
that does not attempt. Therefore my kinsmen I know stopped me. If they do see that they were mad at the fact that lies more peddling by Niven 20 years their swords the habit suite and I'm proof against their enmity. I would not for the world they saw with the here I have knights cloak to hide me from their eyes. But that will have me let them find me here. My life was better ended by their hate than death row row get one take of thy life was done action films that have this place but I love the first to prod me to inquire. He let me cancel and I lent him I guess. I am no pilot. Yet what the how as far as that vast shore washed with the father see if I should adventure for such merchandise that knows the mask of night is on my face. Else would a maiden blush pink my cheek for that which that was heard me speak tonight.
Fain would I dwell on for one thing. Fame deny what I have spoke. But how our company does that love me I know that I would say I am I will take my word. Yet if that's worse than most prove faults but love whispered you say Joe loves gentle Romeo dust love pronounce it faithfully well written things time to quickly one I from. Don't be perverse and say they made some of our crew but it was not the world. In truth Fairmont AQIM too fond and therefore thou mayst think my Hevia light. But trust me gentlemen I prove more true than those that have more coming to be strange what I should have been more strange I must confess that overheard step I was aware of my true love passion therefore pardon me and not impute this yielding to light the love which the Dark Knight had so discovered by yonder blessing the tips which serve only as fruit tree times so not by the moon in constant moon that monthly changes in her circle
doth less that I love grew likewise variable What shall I swear by two months where it all or itself would swear by thy gracious self which is the God of my idolatry and I believe it. If my heart's Dearlove do not swear. Although I join the I have no joy of this contract tonight. It is too rash to another rise to sudden to like the lightning which have ceased to be I one can say it lightens. Sweet goodnight. This god of love by someone's writing breath may prove a beauty is flower when next we meet. Good night good night. Has sweet repose and rest come to thy heart as that within my breast. Leave me so unsatisfied. What satisfaction counsellor have tonight. The exchanges I love space without a moan of the mind. Before that it's requested.
And yet I would it were to give again and was there withdraw it for what purpose love but to be frank give it the again with the ring. Oh my. Bunty is as ponderous as the sea my love as deep the more I give to be the more I have. For the night I saw my sweet deal after deal. Sweet Montague will be a true statement at all. I will come again. Oh I see. Let's ignite a feared being a knight who was his but a dream too flattering Swede to be substantial. Three words derail me on good night indeed. If the bent of love be honorable thy purpose marriage send me word tomorrow
by one the topical to come to the right hand what time that will perform the rite and all my fortunes at the foot I lead and follow the my law throughout the world. I come along. But if that means not well I can be snatched back home to CST I seem to need me to my grief. Tomorrow I said. So thrive my song of the thousand times could not go a thousand times the worst the world the highlight. Love goes toward love a schoolboy's from their books but love towards school with a heavy look. Sed me out. Sed. I. Oh I have good news for all of this tassel gentleman back again. Bondage is hoarse and may not speak aloud else would I tell a cave where Echo lies and make I added tongue more hoarse than mine with a repetition of my Romeos
name. Oh me. Mice old house filled with sweet sound lovers tomes by night like soft music to attending here. Oh my love. I've got to talk to mother. Shall I send to the White House at night I will not fail. It's twenty. Yeah it is still there. Forgot why I did Cooley better let me stand here till I remember it I shall forget to have the student stay there remembering how I love thy company and I'll still stay to have these two again forgetting anyhow. This. Song was mourning. I would have the gun and yet no further than a wantons bird that lets it happen little from the hand like a poor
prisoner in his twisted jives and with the symptom thread packs it back again. So loving jealous of his liberty. I would I were hyper squished so would I. Can't type would Kili with much cherishing. Good. Night. Good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow. Sleep. Dwell upon the knives. Peace in my breath. Would I was sleep in peace so sweet to rest. Hence was I to my ghostly father sell. His help to cry here and my dear. To tell as we noticed in the first programme on this play Shakespeare has worked wonders with a conventional theme of summiteers
the lament of the lover that hears metaphorically banished from his lady by his lady very often but actual banishment separates Romeo and his Juliet. She is separated from him as well as he from her. Shall I speak of him that is my husband. Oh my lord what tongue shows you the name when i like three hours wife. But wherefore villain did so kill my cousin. That Dylan cousin would have killed my husband. Pack foolish tears back to your native spring your tributary drops belong to which you mistaking offer up to Joy. My husband leaves the tip would would have slain and tipples dead that would have slain my husband. All this is comfort.
Wherefore we buy them. So murder was worse than to bust. That murdered me. I would forget it fain but oh it presses to my memory like Don not guilty defense to sin as mines to boot his dead and Romeo I banish. That banish had that one word than I should. Have seen ten thousand temples. Was that well enough if it ended there. Oh or if so our world delights in fellowship one need we will be right without the grave so I followed not when she said to me at that time. Well my mother. Was Would you mum lamentation might have moved bowed to the real would following peoples deadline we always said.
To. Me that we were father mother. Oh me oh do you. Get 0 0 0 0 0 0. Yes I'm sure. That is my limit. Nasha beyond. It's 10. It's OK. Romeo is also crushed by this one would banish this torture and not mercy.
Heaven is here where Juliet lives and every cat and dog and little mouse every unworthy thing live here in heaven and may look on her but Romeo may not murder liberty more honorable state more courtship lives and caring and flies than Romeo. They may seize on the white wonder do you Julia Child and then steal immortal blessing from her lips. Who even in Puritan festal modesty still blush just thinking their own kisses soon. But Romeo may not. He is banished shared this mayflies to when I from this must fly. They are free men but I am banish it and say its now yet that exile is not death. No no poison makes no sharp knife no sudden mean of death don't near so mean but banish it to kill me. But I mean she. Oh oh friar the damaged use that word in how howling it turns it. Have a stout heart being a divine a ghostly confessor a sin absolved and my friend professed to mangle me with facts.
The fact that he has been banished is the foundation for what is known as the second balcony scene. The lark is called the herald of themone is this poetic decoration or dramatic writing. And Harold uses his voice to announce somebody as a rival before he comes. But Harold of themone means the bird which sings before morning to announce it for Romeo it means more than this. It means the bird which warns us that day is almost here that I must go. His next words are look alive. Want to be a streak today's the severing clouds in yonder East he sees streaks of light in the eastern sky emanating from a split in the darkness the light of the approaching sun the streaks are crisscross like the crisscross of laces holding together two sides of a garment. All the uppers of a shoe or boot. But this lacing doesn't hold together. It pushes the two sides of darkness further apart. It is envious.
It begrudge them their time here saying look at those streaks of light crisscrossing the splitting darkness in the east. But where as laces usually hold things together. These pushed them apart as it begrudging us our time. What about knights candles and jocund day standing tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. Again these words are not decorative. They are a part of Romeo's action. He insists that the short lived week lights of the night have burnt themselves out. This is something stronger and longer lived. The sun and day day full of energy and happiness is putting the tips of his toes on the mountain tops which are still in darkness. Misty how Romeo hates the approaching light how he resents the joy which day brings to everybody else. To them it brings banishment and sorrow. Why does he give in to her and say he will stay and die if she prefers that. This is entirely consistent. His
actions from the first have shown a willingness to give up life if it is without love. He almost wasted away from unrequited love of mine. Then we have on the balcony. My life were better ended by their hate than death procured wanting of my love. Later with table dead with the sentence of banishment upon him Romeo tries suicide death with her were better than life without. When he thinks her dead he resolves to die and kills himself before she wakes. But what about going to Xena's your perverse and super drama. Friends that would be gone. It's not him it was them and then not the lock that kissed the hollow. I knew. Rightly She seems a young punk and that she. Was a very lucky it was the nightingale it was alive. But her all of them or no nightingale looked like one and abused drugs to lace the severing clouds in yonder East
lights candles burned. And Jock and day stands tiptoe all the misty mountain tops. I must begone and live or stand by the light is not daylight I know it I. Am just a meteor that the sun makes. Say to these night to torch better. All right the only way to mentor. You have for stage yet. Don't worry it's not to be gone. LET ME BE tell you. Let me be. Today I'm content so that I would have it so. I'll say on Grey's not the mornings and despite the pale reflex of Cynthia's brow. Well that is not the lie whose notes do beat the ball to heaven so high above our heads. I have more Qantas today will to come down and welcome. Julie It was so.
How is my so let's talk. It is not there. Who is it. Hence the gun right. It is the luck that seems so out to seem strong harsh discords among pleasing shops. Some say the luck makes weak division this definite silver she divided us. Some see the Lock n Load the to change his. Own. Now I wish they had changed voices to Sudan for man that forced us a friendly hunting dance with hunts up to the day. Now be gone more light and light it grows more light and light more dark and I watch that performance. And as in the other scenes from Romeo and Juliet we were listening to Elizabeth Shepherd and Barry
boys. This is Bertram Joseph inviting you to be with us again next week. This program was produced by Radio Broadcast Services of the University of Washington under a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This is the national educational radio network.
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