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You're listening to music. You know was. This it was speaking to you from the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas to welcome you to another broadcast of music brought to you through the facilities of the national educational radio network this week at least on the show we're going to have Christmas and Christmas is already over with where you are. Well let's just revisit that shall we. And if it isn't there yet. OK. Here we are back in the Christmas shows almost any time and I hope you'll enjoy this one. I want to get to the mad side so that we might use segments of it. For them the limitations of 30 minutes spent the week together and I hope you enjoy it in the spirit of the holiday as represented by this wonderful short
story of the man. When you came in when the possibility of using this story as the basis of an op on the panel. Because it was so representative of the Christmas. I made only one minor change in the story on both sides where the religious element. Kero the adoration of the man. Listen to this first section we're going to hear and then the storyteller presenting himself. Christmas will then meet and by almost. At this very special Christmas together. You know every year about this time I pick up my copy of overhead
and read it on all over again. And then a sense of not so many words. But along the way you get the idea that I know. Something more just this. Gifted than takes place in New York. Back in about 19. And we learn that O'Henry is not a. Very fine young couple. They live in a small not too you know crack in the ceiling. But it was the best they could do. He worked in an office and 20 dollars a week.
And $20 didn't buy back in those days and even though it took for groceries and. Most of the time they weren't just because Jim was a very bright batter husband. They had a little more money even by being at the growth market. He hadn't been able to save enough even a little. To say nothing about. It. Never helps anyone besides you know it always makes.
Things like what I want. Well that's different of course. What did you have. Come on Della take it. Going to die.
And I'll beg rather have an old leather watch. Just because a dollar. Now that's a different story. It seems to me that in order to get him something that will make him. Know about you you won't. Feel the same way toward. Taking him down. Don't cry. There that's better. Now just listen to me for a moment. I learned a long time ago that if. You can find a way to get by even back now why don't you just sit there for a little while and put on your thinking. You're listening to music by Don Gillis and we're listening this week in part of my when I
get to the Manta and the section where the storyteller visit for a while the young fellas husband and his office downtown. That's. General. Problems. Once he takes a notion to do something. About. I wouldn't say that got a job. Heaven help you have a very. Yes but what. Role.
It's a beautiful watch. But it doesn't help to keep staring at it and knowing you've only got an hour to give your wife a Christmas.
First Christmas together. Tell me about. What. The way you tell it.
She's the very best. Now you see why I'm so upset. She's a girl who deserves the honest only. There's much worse things than being broke. What if you were broken didn't have Della there wouldn't be much to live for. I would like to give her those for Christmas and those things are hid like a you know back where I come from folks used to say where there's a will there's a way. That the fellow who made it I've never run into a case like mine. Well if I were in your I'd take what money I had in and I'd hurry to because Christmas and the stores do get sick all the time with the. Music that on give us continuous as we hear more of music from the you know to the match
the storyteller strolls now from Jim's office or to the town square. And there he meets with a group of Carolinians are saying what do you want for Christmas morning. I am.
And the final scene of the person you're.
Able to wait until Christmas morning things change. Yes. Open their presents with you and Ray in the class. Genius of a great storyteller has arranged for them to know in order to demonstrate the completeness of the Christmas spirit of giving and. What.
With that. I bought you a Christmas.
Right. I just had another. One. I really
watched. I just had to do it. So I could have this watch. Of the better than anyone ever did. I'm not. But when you're when you're the one I was. Well.
You know. We've been listening to sections from I want to probe based on oh Henry's beautiful short
story. They give to the man. I hope it was a pleasant thing to hear during these holidays. Christmas for me is one of the loveliest times of the year. The time to share the blessed and bless day of love and one to be loved on a day to be remembered and a day to remember for children. It's a day of thrilling as are soft and it's a day of too much food to be eaten and candy canes and mistletoes and Christmas trees as mellow and sweet cedar and clear. Tim's a little brightly colored light and it is a time for the mind and soul to look upward to God but. The time for prayer to be thankful for all of the blessings of every day life and for the very special blessing for him the whole of the Christmas is celebrated. Yes I hope your holiday time is a fine
one and during next week this is done. You know saying so long from the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. And Merry Christmas. Music by Don Gibson is brought to you by the national educational radio network.
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The music of Don Gillis III
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Southern Methodist University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program features composer Don Gillis highlighting some of his favorite pieces from his oeuvre.
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This series spotlights the works of American composer Don Gillis and is hosted by the man himself.
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Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Host: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: Southern Methodist University
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University of Maryland
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