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This is music from Finland. Classical contemporary and folk music from the 70s festival and the 50th anniversary of Finnish independence celebration. In a series revealing some of the current music and activity in Finland. It's the biggest festival of 965 and the 50th anniversary celebration of 1967 presented considerable quantities of music by outstanding composers other than some bad yes and from a wide variety of historical period. This third series of programs of music from Finland is based on recordings supplied by the Finnish Broadcasting Company for production by the University of Michigan. I. Heard first today on music from Finland is the quiet tame US conducted by Howard. I'm just saying in the performance of the saying I'm sorry. Some are sweet by Niels and the folks decked folks that is remembered in Finland chiefly because of it but in career as conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra a career which ended abruptly with his death in 1981 at the age of 51. Folks that was a composer of some ability but as many activities as a conductor allowed
little time for him to exploit his talent in this area. The quiet contained less now sings sand and side by needles and the folks that the conductor howled under sang. You're. Right. Oh.
Oh. Oh.
That was saying insanity by needless at a kook step performed by the choir contain most of the remaining portion of today's broadcast of music from Finland will be devoted to a performance of Solomon Honasan Symphony Number two. The Finnish musicologist say po I can Hyman has this to say about the composer Salomon Han I believes in the symphony and its vitality as a musical form of expression and as the successful reformer of the symphony he has proved that his belief is justified
so much as one of the very youngest of successful Finnish composers. He was born in 1041 studied composition at the sebaceous Academy on colcannon And later in Vienna under George Ligeti and in 1964 he earned his master's degree at the University of Helsinki in 67 he earned his Ph.D. in musicology at the present time Selman Hora as a lecturer at the Institute of Music science of the University of Helsinki is also a well-known music critic in Helsinki. So man has three symphonies musicologist point out the unite in an interesting and independent way the composer's distillation of his studies of the symphonies of Sabet Yes and the influence of his teacher George Ligeti. Love a bit run now conducts the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in a performance of the Symphony Number two by the symphony is in three movements Adagio. I like ROH and Adagio. A.
am Hey. I am. I am. You're. At the.
Through. The.
Grass. The boy.
With thought. Yeah.
Bill. A.
Why. Little. Little.
Good. One. Who. Were her. And.
Her. And. No.
The Symphony Number two by someone hot on the Finnish Radio Symphony
Orchestra was conducted by Pablo background. You have been listening to music from behind things going recordings of my brother and broadcasting company or production by the University of Michigan. Graham written by Harry well over at Burroughs speaking and inviting you to listen again next week for another program of music from Finland. This is the national educational radio network.
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Music from Finland
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Music from Finland is a series of programs focused on classical, contemporary, and folk music from two musical events in Finland; the Sibelius Festival of 1965 and the 50th Anniversary of Finnish Independence Celebration of 1967. The series is based on recordings from the Finnish Broadcasting Company for production by the University of Michigan, and was distributed by the National Educational Radio Network.
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University of Maryland
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