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And the time is coming up to 531 sound a look at the latest news from Michael Dimock of the World Health Organization is taking urgent action to combat the cholera epidemic among East Pakistani refugees in India. They're flying out a million doses of antibiotics and more than 200 tons of rehydration fluid needed in the treatment of the disease in the next few days and nearly the half doses of vaccine are being sent from Britain. The seventh is striking by the makers of Birkenhead have decided to go back to work on Monday. That unofficial stoppage has brought the camel Edouard to the verge of closure. In Lisbon the native countries except France have decided to hold a special meeting to discuss how to deal with the Soviet Union. On the question of reducing troops in Europe each country will be represented by its deputy foreign minister or someone of similar rank. A court in West London has been told that a boy of 16 tried to get £250 from Pan-American after reading about the blackmailing of an airline in Australia. He wanted the money to buy a motorbike. The bae was remanded on bail for three weeks. Thank you Michael and now to the steel strike. As you know the biggest drug corporation made an offer
to the striking National Union of blasphemous men yesterday sold of pens. The meeting that's now going on of the national executive of the National Union. If there is no settlement of course a lot more of this will happen this week where we see this weekend. Well Mike McCurry is down in the radio at the executive meeting of the National Union of M.A. one so Mike what's been going on. The situation is that the 18 man executive of the Union are still meeting after three hours. No sign of a break yet. One unofficial word was at the meeting sometime after 6 o'clock. For me the general secretary it's a fairly tough meeting I gather and talking purely from impressions one's been able to gain. He seemed to be giving the impression that he had something to offer to his colleagues and wanted to persuade them that he had some sort of basis of negotiation but from muttered remarks as I say the feeling was that he was expecting a fairly tough meeting and a pretty hard job to try and convince them of that. So it's obvious you know walk away without accepting your cooperation offer right
away. It's not a walkover but as I say I think the main point to Smith is anxious to convey to members is that he feels they've demonstrated the strength of their membership now and I think this is what has been a bit of a surprise to him of course he's a fairly new man to the industrial disputes seen at this level. He is anxious now I think to conserve that strength and to get around the negotiating table that as I say is on the basis of impressions one has been able to form from remarks on the side of the mouth more or less. I thank you very much indeed. Who was Catherine Walters. Mabel gray garbage of the you remember claimed de Merode. They were widely famed in their time as does Leading Women of pleasure or kept women or just plain strumpets if you prefer out on Monday is a book which catalogs their stories and the reasons for their successes. The book fanfare of strumpets by Michael Harrison deals with what one might call the golden age of strumpet. The years 1861 to 1911 when these redoubtable women knew great fame and ruined not a few of the men who lavished money and attention upon them. Sue Macgregor has been speaking
to author Michael Harrison about that era. She asked him Where do they come from these strumpets originally they came from the lowest classes of all a very famous actress who married the count. Her name was told they changed it to the rather grand their Socratic told me she was quite a good actress. She was certainly greatly admired her mother she was illegitimate daughter of a class but they now say and as the French have always said she was a bottle washer. We came to Paris. No one quite knows how and suddenly she emerges not merely as a woman acting on stage but also as a woman of tremendous polish and education. They all had education Heaven knows how they got it but they did because if they hadn't got it they wouldn't have landed their princes and their dukes and the emperors and their kings. They were genuinely
amusing people to be with. They were witty. They knew how to run a house. It was certainly well-read because some of their lovers some of their exalted lovers were not any pleasure seekers of the body but they were also pleasure seekers of the mind and the deep. Who got in her clutches. Well he was one of the most intelligent men of his day. He was the illegitimate half brother of the Emperor Napoleon and a man a playwright poet and the most intelligent man he would have wasted five seconds on an illiterate Hauf wit. They actually set fashions too didn't they. Yes and this extraordinary thing there was a woman who was a daughter of a Newcastle collier a captain must have been a pretty rough diamond in those days. Her name was Catherine Waters she was called Skittles because in her youth she was supposed to have been employees setting up skittles in the skittle alley in Liverpool. She became a leader of fashion.
She introduced the pork pie hat with a feather and the pile of the loose clothes made by Poul most famous tailor in the world in those days of Savile Row Skittles was certainly a world leader a fashion book by a hat with a feather and so on was not only covered by other women who would like to have achieved success you know but also the queen put her little daughter's into it. Alice in wonderland of course is dressed like that if you will see. And also there's a very famous picture of M.A. called her first little tiny gallery sitting there on the bewildered in a church clutching a prayer book and dressed rather like a miniature Skittles. One hopes of course of the child that eventually Why did this all end. Well Baroness Agnes just she was a friend of Queen Mary's and she's seen every court in Europe for about 90 years. She said that these men ruin themselves and these women
tame this dominance over men because it became the fashion they were a status symbol whores this is what they were. And barrenness says this. She said When the carriage with its tremendous power Nash with a match in the glittering of years of paid work and the lack of the coats of arms and all the rest of it. When that went in the motor car took its place. They couldn't be paraded Vanderbilt gave love a lot. Half a million Jews in one week. Now that you love a woman and you don't care tuppence about Monday you don't give half a million pounds in a week and you don't want her to be seen so proper in an old fashioned military wrapper up looking like somebody is going to visit a bee skep you don't get your value. That is what she says. It's an idea I think as
a matter of fact it's income tax a lot of other things have come in the way. I have known one or two successful since but the great day of the strong paid lasted from the death of the prince consort to the death of the Prince of Wales. The first one I disliked. It's enormous today and the second one it was the seventh was probably the greatest single supporter of the strong bit as an institution in the world's history. When he went they went and when he went they went. I hope they shed a tear for him. It's gradually dawning on the western world that a major tragedy is in the making on the borders of East Pakistan and India. Mr. Raymond field director of Oxfam was just back from a spot tell us on the world today. If we delay by one day he might be one day too many. We count to arguing now on politics or any other thing we have to act and we have to act very quickly. The view of Oxfam and to increase awareness of the situation here the Bangladesh movement in Britain is on the move. They've been demonstrating outside the offices of Christian Aid this afternoon in London.
The woman section of the Bangladesh Liberation Movement the bangle Women's Association marched on Downing Street with a letter of appeal to the prime minister and about now the remainder of the movement is entertaining a special envoy authorized by the Indian government to speak on their behalf to world leaders. Roger Cook asked Shaikh Abdu'l Mehta one of the members of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh movement what sentiments. The letter to the Prime Minister sought to express in a nutshell. The letter contains an appeal. From the Bengali living in this country to come to our rescue. You see you know some babies and children. In numeral numbers of the students being killed every day. They are taken to the concentration camp and blood taken out of their body and then thrown into the river of being shot at. So your proof for this sort of thing. Yes we have letters. We have dispensers. I have passed one of the letters to the Home
Secretary. And a citizen of the United Kingdom. I have a particular role to play in rescuing and saving thousands of innocent children and babies. Who are being picked up. Either taken to concentration camp brutally murdered. Well how do we fulfill this role. You see the association men will womans Association they feel they can get a great response from various women organization in this country. They're going to appeal to the prime minister. And also appealing to the masses to come forward with support so that this message is stopped shortly. Are you happy with the way the Indian government has responded to your people's needs. I have no words to express admiration for the humanitarian response to our sufferings
movement. Our movement will only die when we achieve complete independence. It shall never die until destination and onto the island of Capri where a mixed British Italian film set up seems to be in trouble. Apparently the crew of 50 of the film of the unit pounded now Hotel and their equipment confiscated because them unable to pay the bills. Reports say that apparently nearly finished work on a film called the play room which was going to start with then it is going to still starring. Can undo Tracy in a walk. Don't Adams and Jack walking anyway to find out more about Jones and the telephone the film's director missed a can and a can last in what's happening. Well we'll certainly see the production run through our house. Yes the ground to our house yesterday because the suppliers of the equipment both in England and it really just said the pay cash was right. I'm sending that as they could start
with the fact that we're not allowed to come to you anymore. This naturally upset the credit the credit and the credibility of the U.N. and know how the local supplier this time. Naturally said that they were right they were. So how come the curacy I guess I guess. The party all of a sudden. We are actually sitting in there not physically stop moving and I able to carry on shooting and I'm able to move because we have no money. Why have you run out of money then. Probably because the financial in England who we haven't been able to find of anything. Why is that. I don't know I mean I'm I'm just the producer and director of the bank right making I think
the best thing that I've made for the last 15 years. We've sold eight minutes of it. There is only five days shooting to go. Now what's going to happen now you can stay in the hotel perimeter a lot. Well we understand that they have been meeting in London. See I see the overhead of the eyes you see I could see you. At the request of the unit Yes they ran there was no no return. Thank you very very very high on the scene making him cry the best they have with the with the company with the company providing the fine. We have had it all back right. I believe that the Finals the air on Monday if it is Monday I would like to have. We had cable even yesterday when we were
writing on it right. Don't start any cups at the right time. Please give me a picture of the car. I couldn't in any way carry on. When the generator was cut by the time when the British had to withdraw all the equipment can someone stuck it seems in Capri. Nice swimming there though. Another And probably the penultimate round of talks between Britain and the six nations of the common market opens in Luxembourg next week. So Mr Jeffrey rippin is off again on Monday. But before he left he had another talk today with Mr John Marshall. New Zealand prime minister. New Zealand interest of course a vital remaining factor in the negotiations between Britain and the six and Dick Tracy asked Mr Marshall how his talks with Mr Evans had gone. I've been talking to him about the presentation of the
case. Which he will present when he speaks to hopes to be happy to say that the British negotiators are equally determined to get a sense. Tree arrangement and he did. It presumably yesterday sugar agreements giving you what love was. Yes it has because it doesn't recognize the principle of continuity of present value. I've tried and that's precisely what he's in this wanting continuity of. At present but I would never trade in butter cheese and lamb What about the interest that a lot of British people have taken in the New Zealand case a lot of people have been very touched I think they have and well. It's been. Deeply they thing for me and for all you see that is to see the response which the British public the British press the House of Commons is showing in their determination to see that he's ill and doesn't let down. That we didn't
get a satisfactory arrangement that will enable us everlasting continue to produce the good quality low priced food that we are just sent here for generations. In both London evening papers the main story is this morning's raid in the city in which several banks were seized as they were being delivered from a security van to offices of the National Westminster Bank the Evening News describes the culprits as 10 bungling bandits. He says that after the holdup they're now counting their troubles. The trouble is that the money described in banking circles as mutilated is perforated and torn and is easily recognizable to anyone it's passed. And the bandits missed tens of thousands of pounds of good money which was left in the security van. A police officer is quoted by the paper. This is a proper clanger dropped by the robbers. The information at source obviously from an underworld tip has been completely inaccurate. The Belfast Telegraph comments on the award by a Northern Ireland court of £7000 to
annex granted a guardsman for partial loss of sight due to a riot injury. Telegraph says there will be many more such claims. Some may argue the death or injury is all in the day's work for a soldier on active service. No claims could be made for injuries or deaths in Cyprus or Aden. But this is a completely different operation. If police are claiming for injuries British soldiers doing the same duties have every right to similar treatment. The pity is that money paid out cannot be claimed back somehow from those who throw the stones of the shots. The London Evening News has a note on the solicitor who is one of the action against his local council because his rubbish wasn't collected during the dustman strike. The London bar of Kensington and Chelsea was ordered to pay Mr Adrian white leg damages of 25 pence a day for 49 days. Good for him. He struck a blow on behalf of the poor public which is always the victim of strikes and is left to sweat them out while the quarrel goes on. Now what about the season ticket holder in a rail strike or electricity user when the power man fall out or that important letter that never arrives.
Finally the London Evening Standard cartoonist Jack has taken as his subject today. The story that old people are being offered very cheap off season holidays in Spain by a travel firm his cartoon shows to Chelsea Pensioners walking down a sunny Spanish street with their arms around the waists of three new bile Senor eaters representative of the travel firms with them and he's saying for another £4 48 you could have brought your wives with you. That's leaving papers in the uproarious garden leaving stand at the Financial Times Index was out point three two three a three point two and yes I'm driving you Steve. Yes this is for West Yorkshire owing to road works and heavy traffic motorists are being delayed on both the A1 Dunkers the bypass and the 18 motorways. Drivers are asked to slow down and approach that area with caution if possible because they use an alternative route and in Staffordshire road works being carried out on the overtaking lanes of both carriageways of the M6 near junction 14 Stafford turning approach that with caution too for the next three months and that's it have a spiffing weekend and of course don't forget the world this weekend on Radio 4 on Sunday between well
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