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The National Education already own network presents a law in the news with Professor Joseph R. Julan associate dean of the University of Michigan Law School Simon and Schuster has recently published a book authored by Marie tide bloom. The title The trouble with lawyers. A recent review of that book and I perhaps should immediately suggest the source of the review is a review by a lawyer printed in the Chicago Bar Association legal journal. A recent review of that book begins as follows. Mary Ty Bloom a non-lawyer freelance professional writer but only proclaims at the outset that he intends to show how the American middle class is victimized by the American legal profession. He then proceeds to update old material and piece together a rerun of his old magazine articles sorted out under chapter headings to make it appear he has written a book.
Now whenever I see a review of such a book whenever I see a les authored article How to avoid probate of the like it brings to mind a colleague of mine Richard Wellman Professor Wellman for a number of years has been developing together with others a new uniform probate code. Recently in the National Observer there was a headline lawyers designing the code to speed probate a Will Dick Wellman is with me now and I'd like to simply put the question Dick. When is your new law going to affect the man on the street. A great deal will depend upon how badly the man in the street wants this law to be in effect and how much he can communicate to his state legislature tors his sense of urgency and of desire for this new law. Our drafts should be approved by the national organization hopefully this July. But after that has occurred
it depends upon the political machinery in each of the states. And as to how quickly that can be mobilized to support this and to get it into an act meant before I can relate tell you. When it all hit the man in the street. The man on the street in this sense really doesn't have much of a lobby but there is an organization which we're all aware the American Bar Association there are other organizations of lawyers are these organizations prepared to lobby for your reform. I think the answer to that is that they are becoming prepared to lobby for it I would not say that any organization has yet gone on record as firmly in favor of this one of the problems is that this code is over 300 pages of fairly intricate provisions and the lawyers as is their custom in their training want to know what it is they're supporting before they would support it. And it takes a lot of time to
get the information of the detail and of the implications of the detail across two organizations. But the lawyer organizations that have looked at this carefully and their spokesman who are reflective I think of the wider opinion once it's triggered have indicated support for this. If you had 45 seconds what would you tell a layman about this code so that he would support it. Though I would say to him that this code would make it possible in the long run for him to cease worrying about probate. This code is designed to tell the average person that his estate will pass at death by the law as well as he could arrange to have it passed by will or by will substitute and that there would be no cost delay or other unfairness or outrageous interference with the passage of that property at his death. I think this is a cause worth supporting. Is it likely that the layman if the POWs drafted
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The Trouble With Lawyers
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This program focuses on a book called "The Trouble With Lawyers."
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This series focuses on current news stories that relate to the law.
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