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Voices of Europe produced and recorded by Milton Mayer in cooperation with the University of Chicago under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters and now Milton Mayer in the pantheon that it voiding out which hand is why Ronnie and near Florence I am interviewing cry fundin Chalon my grandson and heir to the title of the famous Baron von mean child and Germany will raise the fine art of telling lies to the level of literature or the present Baron and early middle age is one of those Europeans who has lived so many lives that he made any American and he made me feel like a small boy VeriFone with me. There are so many out there. What is great
in Europe in your life your mind I am Jean. I mean believing in me. When I was a boy. And what do you believe in him. Nobody looked at me in any way. I came back a man nobody believes in them but they don't believe in anything. How did that change come about. I mean it came about because of the Gulag lot because I think that nearly everybody in your in God took your life. Now there are war. One thought because of the need to be paid. Who are the type and because the people are nice. About up
to the EU and I think that everybody realizes there. And go everybody. More and more could be thought to be and probably didn't know he believes that we are alive. More and more than that all the younger would be so easy. Act like gang. Act. And that they have nothing to do with humanity and nothing to human in the end but they think all the other picked on and we don't have much to do that. And now they're around another. But a related question. One of the great changes which are occurred in your own life there or your life. When I was a boy I mean to be and everybody had.
It will actually gain can be good to be true. Nobody I believe and more and I I'm much more going to get in and which I don't. We're funny. I wonder if you could give us a short biographical development of your own thinking and your own experience in your letter. Begin with the attitude that you had in your. Yes but with a world in which you were the one I grew up. One of your peers brought them home because I want a trike not my own good company because I was young when I lived in Italy and I grew up in Italy and I go out to battle plan with other kind boy that laid on me to eat. Lesion no
idea the game back down you're in I thought of leaving them. And Leon I thought that through that law you know the goal well then we even type the more I think about them. Which war did I fall. Well let it go back to the first floor. How old were you one when it got then that it was only the public first world war yet period which I suppose really affected you. Yeah I got that much from you. And enough to learn it. Good good. Among the European nations. But I after what I realize more and more that been nothing that would really rather not. We're I'm the one out on one with him to be very important for me when I want to
try that plenty of it. We have a great Louis a man in your arm and this man very good man. Here you only got more for our car and we have two million men and probably among them the back of the book of if you dare. And our war crime can be seen only by the leak of the man. If that man were delivering the word we would have a different way. But they won't normally be in this time and this is what a great leader. And in this time when you were 15 nearly 18 years old in Germany after the first world war. How are you living it. Where and what were your are at today.
Here I was living partly here it'll be gone and my mind up on this power would withdraw from your phone. So I was already in contact with people who are different. Me being a mountain Grand Canyon that I've been on me but the part of me I will always live on top living in yummy and that would be much cooler. Which meaning great impression on me and which I liked that much and I can live that now. Nor let the poor little green many times that I am. But. One last time my driver would walk and leave the money to buy a van. Happy economic year. In between 29 and got really Poppy
and Victor you make a great impression on me. I want a boy and I'm with you more than a year to go. Things that have gone up now would mean I'm your I. My idea in the time we dream great we employ in a commune. We got there we are. There seem to be in that time when the solution economy to the normal one and do not interact with one or the other one and I act are going to conduct their 19 on the dog leash when Hitler went to Paul. I mean even the PA community to me in between a lot of power or the lack of love and occupier of me to come and that naturally. Then I became in the loop. Oh Glenn come all the whole Bible great.
By the great fact that you have or who are crappy and good for one thing and with economic and political will in that age I was a young man and I quote could not be behind the scenes. I thought being active seem to be I could not see the background of being with their parents or communism and they're totally get that vote. OK but you know two years you went from communism and they have your vote. You think this will be the period that you will get. I believe that both thought that men are going to live in our community and we are good because the theory of childhood. You know they are the feel everybody should have. When you're a little boy
all I mean is the trial at 9. They are mourning you then lead on you and me and not go not thought that you can get this here and we're going to get it out. One of them lead on but neatly. Yeah and kind of get the belief. Would you feel more like the don't be about to do that part of the beacon get out and go up. Well but they always have to try it if I'd be up all put it down when I thought they could come out on the other hand here or think me that that that experience which you went through with one with all people go even in there you did seem to me you must have
had something of a radical nature radical attitude to begin with or you would never have become a communist or a National Socialist or at least certainly you would not have become a communist. I can see where in Germany after Hitler came to power where a young man an ordinary young and might be influenced to become a national socialist. But how would you with your background have become a communist if not all of the other young people in your time and place all thought that he had found one. If not it would be good like Dream it. I think when a young man it's a boy. Get me a great cook in and I am the devil because we are between groups in the US. And there are. Those that men of God. There
you go again bought a little one. Young people dream we can and literally having no only care if they are in pain. The book Bill if you are in the military very often they are wrong doing your god being born who guard the question why it will be the poor people who have the edge people are and should be that. But it is going to hurt. I mean we are in a war. If it be connected I think with eight of those who are who will guard the question. I mean if that goal up that natural and man had
their way and have given from the viewpoint of the young man did you at the time of your transformation from a communist go away if you really cool thing in the end that of one another that that they were there with the arc of the communism or if you see they were related. I probably really did come out how I thought only by your ideal You seem to be in kind of both of them but I thought that in the mean time coming in the door and got to where I will always be given that feedback that by coming in because I have your dog and I think how can we learn from them and get back in there you know really the
idea of me and a good attack. And I mean you never yet in between 19 on that and thought the time went by I havea acumen naturally not a matter of fact because the net was no more powerful being an OC I couldn't. And nothing other than people have told me when I've got to be calm enough to be in a net for that. At the time you became in there what with your hair through door leaving why why on what basis did you give up her in the front and back and have a go at directly I mean. I believe it would come in. Doing Hitler went to power and I think that that the con party party impact governing what
are your role in the national party and well being gay is a big issue for me. There is no doubt if you know all about it appear in the underground and then your article which are the book on parking and other party and therefore capital mean capital to me because more people handle John Lee Hsien landing on them and don't we. What we do know that including the army and a part of your work be it would have been in each draw to be the man who led the free parking in that media. The more that is wrong on any time. Yeah but
the body here and having that all leak. Yeah but within two years after that when you were eager for a communist revolution against National Socialism you found yourself a national not indeed to hear it he'd go yet. How did your transition with the new day play how did you buy that. I must admit entirely by that bind up that he'd love hand even if you think the economic He proved and give me the green I like to get the unemployment unemployment in fact on one hand. The greed took that he had in point
but on the other hand would you say that at both of the period. Let me think now in 1933 How old were you in 1990 I was at school to me when you were at 20 your own unit 20 who you were an old story in the one I call the international. The not so clear he had no men in the other. I thought the man who written that not too clearly a few can win Iowa. Now let me ask you because I think there I understand now looking back at all of the experience. How do you see communism and how the U.S. National Looking back now. Yeah nothing bad now. Yet I would pay you a national tour of the room. I think because I think we passed
away with glee. I am now with me is no more. At a time when I know that. You could be they are all part of young people but invalid more or less clear to all people then we are not in that great big. They are not go because they are leaving the out door because they have that they can act differently. But it's not like not believing the digraph not that you know can you not. I don't tell them. But that you more John. No they don't believe anymore in Newton and will not believe any more. Every communism all told they would not believe in.
And then you see my way when you were right it would not be you in they would not believe in the one form. Coming here because it is a lot of thinking it be thought of mentality which is no more up to date. And now looking back at the experience of your you can you say that you think you now think what with Rahm. If there was something wrong with both the international. What are only we that believe in having a modern form of thinking will that mean that form of thinking. We all believe in and this is a good thing that the individual.
Had it all right and they all regard the individual at the moment of the family and now he never will and it will not be thinking a thing though anymore that important. Do you think that the whole direction of our area yet have no future either in Europe or America or anywhere else. I mean you've got good great European amat in America you know that and Europe and not in your your brain where the very air. And I actually mean there. If you allow me to belittle Larry if I compare our. Annika and I would like to see
the country. I couldn't come. It might seem that green you but I might underline it then I think our common ground. You were the only giver would do they ever think your plan would that ever let the Unite be a much more community than one way or being more common of Unite. He is a big family dog power between you and I get the god of war between the car you can see by the word not be the leading important car. People done that would
rot dropping in on a few people. Then the opinion of a few people. One of the two plants helping in on the work relation and the bat is now the big guy but not in a prayer. But in the night United did exactly what given the united we can unity be from the origin on go that will be in your in the earth that I know and I think you might be a type of the but I have more about what I feel now. If everybody can't get through me it will be you can be of the view and not currently in the war. To Dawn we left behind everything you had before you lacked the power that they've gone
that it will lead and on and here I am to be united with that idea to start a new line and hiring new life now. The wool population of the United States is a big gap between many of the pollution of all war and the own lack behind them. Everything they haven't caught yet and there I am you know without any idea who got in your life in common with the other one and don't give a damn how a community got with communistic idea. Even if we are not calling on the guy here but at the back of that of back here where our community guy. Yes and it being in MC got all legal on all of the war very happily and
Bill meant what communism. But there are rotten. We have not the need for come in because they happen dear. Women want properly who who who would power up here on their own and be happy to deal with your population which is only in your little story. And gordie can't have that. The rich in America what we do have because everybody he fingered and that happened in the night the Dark One idea that they are not would feel idea in a half you know and that they get better. But now they're rugged when between you are out there. Read the Russian community and demand community and they're different with if you go out here then in America
that public opinion and I feel that you will be. We lack the by all of us if we let me. You know I had to be let be by all of the been good. And that they didn't know it. Meet me much more in the back of the lectern and by the book that the effect you are in. Why the communism in the United. We have much more. You can then have the Manhattan back up north to let in the United big if not who are coming. But if you're gone and I feel that now we want to give you a crown jewel and you might my dream because those who. Are doing
that that and then more calmly begin to live off the wall because they are much more warm a life the author of the new life that mean that illegally in Russia more than here in America and they mean that a man in a mall on on on. But before we shouldn't further their problem and then come when there are enough. But now let me be or where. For my opinion and that can be really propounded to be coming in and around the re this to there we agree there are too long to me but they are
not either too weak and mean mean that that man can I do believe that will be gone. How can we develop our own and there are not one or two people that are preaching and I hate the knuckle and will come here every day while you look out for you like I don't know if it can you get on not because they are all if we are on your revenge. Can you and your be can be that all on and we don't know to what do we call it. But go on our own evil to leave the community college. I will tell you why none had been taught the more that have it
you can move any more we get there. You can't move your own life that way but I got up at how the way I did that position for D before communism because we can't really guard it because between them and get a car and a car. Then I thought of two hundred and twenty million of that American. Read their economy and drop the our police force. How do we get in and the car fleet can move forward. Go it now honey. But that a man can believe happens to be the great adding New Orleans and let's go back out to Connally and the
Voices of Europe
Baron Von Munchausen
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This program features an interview with the grandson of Baron Von Munchausen.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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